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Jitu Virwani - An article published in ChinaDailyAsia.

Indian property developer Jitu Virwani has risen to riches in the IT spice of the southern city of
Bangalore by renting office space to major IT firms and creating landmark highend residential
The chairman and managing director of India"s #mbassy $roup has a way with land and choosing the
right pieces! I believe the land speaks to me% he says% and I get a response from it when I ask!
&ast year% Virwani was ranked '(rd richest in India by )orbes maga*ine% with an estimated wealth of +,
billion! It didn"t come easy% though% for the -.yearold who hails from bustling /umbai!
Virwani"s father% /ohan% was in the real estate business in /umbai in partnership with his brother% in
an enterprise named #mbassy 0onstructions!
But /umbai"s tropical weather did not suit the senior Virwani% so when an offer came up to work on a
project in Bangalore% which is known for its pleasant climate% he sei*ed the opportunity and brought
his family along!
1t this time% the mid,2.3s% India was e4periencing an influ4 of multinational IT companies! They were
following in the footsteps of Te4as Instruments% which set up base in Bangalore in ,2.'! 1nd for the
construction and property industry% including Virwani"s father% that shift created a new wave of
opportunities to build and rent out office space!
In the years since then% Bangalore"s flourishing IT parks have turned the city into India"s 5ilicon Valley!
1t the time of the family"s move to Bangalore% Virwani was a ,2yearold student! 6is classmates may
have been skipping lectures to go to movies% but Virwani followed his father to construction sites! /y
father opposed my eagerness to go to the sites because he wanted me to focus on my studies% he
7hen he was growing up% Virwani was fascinated by his father"s construction business!
I always had this fire inside me since seventh grade to make my own money some day% he says! The
whole idea was that I wanted to be in a good position when I grew up and got married% not to be
dependent on anyone% and have my own financial resources!
1fter his undergraduate studies% Virwani stepped into his father"s office% eager to start work! 6e was
given the position of liaison officer in charge of going to government offices to arrange construction
permits! 1s the years went by% Virwani began helping out with site management! 6e would arrange
the schedules for the contract workers his father had hired for a project! 6is father personally
purchased the materials% and Virwani followed suit! 8ltimately% he was allowed to manage a
construction project independently!
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