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Derico Eugenio

IV- Salcedo

In this first quarter, I have learned many things about advanced
physics. We tackled many lessons about lights, standing waves, behavior
of waves, the nature and properties of waves, fundamentals of physics,
index of refractions, mirrors and etc. I have learned about the physicists like
Galileo Galilei who discovered the mountains and crater on the moon, the
phases of Venus, and the four largest satellites of Jupiter: Europa, ol,
callisto and Ganymede. I also remembered that why do we need to study
Physics? Because it one of the most fundamental of the sciences, its also
the foundation of all engineering and lastly, PHYSICS IS ADVENTURE!
I also learned that all waves must refract, diffract and reflect. Their
parts and types. The angle of incident is always equal to the angles of
reflection and it is called LAW OF REFLECTION. The fixed end boundary
is not moving and the free end boundary is same as the incident pulse.
Others call me math genius, I’m proud of it because it flatters me but
sometimes I’m being lazy and I’m always being scolded by sir sonny but I
know that sir sonny only do that for my future so and he cares about it. I
don’t hate sir sonny because of it instead, I feel lucky because I have a
teacher like him. I always enjoy having class with him because he always
and goof around but I learn even if he jokes.
Sometimes this is the whole thing i learned on physics changing your
thinking changes nothing out there, in the vast universe surrounding you. It
changes something inside of you. Changing your perception, your focus,
your emotions and your thinking from negative to positive (from what you
lack to what you want) has an enormous effect on your motivation, energy
and creativity and that’s why you will then be more efficient working
towards your goals. It’s that simple.

No electromagnetic waves emanate from your head, magically
transforming the universe. No mystical vibrations affect your surroundings.
Changing your thinking does not change the quantum states of objects
around you in any reliable, useful way. The universe doesn’t stand ready to
grant your every wish.
Rather, you change yourself and THEN you change your
circumstances. It works through a combination of entirely non-mystical,
psychological and rational mechanisms, including confirmation bias,
positive thinking and optimism.
The advanced physics offers precisely one hundred percent of
enjoyment and learning many things, for example the song that sir sonny
discussed to us, all about waves and light waves. Learning physics with
songs is the most enjoyable technique I can memorize the whole thing
about physics with singing the song, learning advanced physics can help
me in my future because I want to take engineering in the near future.
I realized that learning physics gives me confidence that my future
will be good because if ever I tackled advanced physics in college it will be
easy for m because I had a good mentor.