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QM Transaction Codes

Transaction codes are like functions in other programming
languages and implementing a transaction code is equivalent to
calling the respective function. Transaction codes are combinations
are four characters and are unique. There are two different types of
transaction codes, namely report and dialog.

Report transactions collect selection parameters from the
selection screen and generate the list formatted outputs.

Dialog transactions lead to more than one interactive screen called
a Dynpro. At times, these transactions need some preselected
information for triggering them. These are also called as parameter

Frequently used and very important transaction codes with their
purpose are given here:

Q000 – Quality management
QA00 – Quality inspection
QA01 – Create Inspection Lot
QA01A – Create Inspection Lot
QA02 – Change Inspection Lot
QA02A – Change Inspection Lot
QA03 – Display inspection lot
QA05 – Job planning: Periodic inspection
QA07 – Deadline Monitoring of batches
QA08 – Collective Processing of Insp. Setup
QA09 – No. range maintenance for insp.lots
QA10 – Trigger automatic usage decision
QA11 – Record usage decision
QA12 – Change usage decision with history
QA13 – Display usage decision
QA14 – Change UD without history
QA16 – Collective UD for accepted lots
QA17 – Job planning for auto usage decision
QA19 – Automatic usage decision
QA22 – Change inspection point quantities
QA23 – Display insp.point quantities
QA32 – Change data for inspection lot
QA32WP -Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QA33 – Display data for inspection lot
QA40 – Auto. Usage Decision for Production
QA41 – Scheduling UD for Production Lots
QA51 – Scheduling Source Inspections
QAC1 – Change insp. lot actual quantity
QAC2 – Transfer stock to insp. lot
QAC3 – Reset sample
QAS1 – Download Insp. Specs. (Obsolete)
QAS2 – Download Basic Data (Obsolete)
QAS3 – Upload Results (Obsolete)
QAS4 – Upload UD (Obsolete)
QC01 – Create certificate profile
QC02 – Change certificate profile
QC03 – Display certificate profile
QC06 – Immediate delete of cert. profiles
QC11 – Create cert. profile assignment
QC12 -Change cert. profile assignment
QC13 – Display cert. profile assignment
QC14 – Create model
QC15 – Create cert. profile assignment
QC16 – Change cert. profile assignment
QC17 – Display cert. profile assignment
QC18 – Create model
QC20 – Certificates for Deliveries
QC21 – Quality certificate for the insp.lot
QC22 – Quality Certificate for Batch
QC31 – Archive display: Delivery item
QC32 – Archive display: Inspection lot
QC51 – Create certificate in procurement
QC52 – Change certificate in procurement
QC53 – Display certificate in procurement
QC55 – Worklist: Certificates – Procurement
QCC0 – QM: Direct Access to IMG
QCC1 – Direct Access to IMG: Notification
QCC2 – IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Notification
QCC3 – IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Inspection
QCC4 – IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Planning
QCC5 – IMG Direct Selection: QM Bus. Add-In
QCC_STABI – Copy Stability Study Customizing
QCCF – QM standard forms
QCCM – QM std. settings: Qual. notifs.
QCCN – QM standard number ranges
QCCS - QM sampling schemes
QCCT – QM standard texts
QCCU – QM standard settings: Environment
QCE2 – Edit Communication Support
QCE3 – Display Communication Support
QCYF – QM standard forms (general)
QCYT – QM standard texts (general)