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Maricris M.

Reflection in Advanced Physics
Grading Period)

Physics is one of the major subject that is so hard to surpass. For me Physics is so hard
because it has many applications that need to be apply in order to learn. Confucius said that
“Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.” In life, you will not learn if you only
want is easy method or thing. In Physics, you need to challenge yourself in order to learn
because in this subject it takes a minute, second, hours and etc to answer the problem that you
need to answer. I admit that physics is so hard but it is only simple. It has only many formulas
that we need to memorize to answer all the questions that the teacher will give. Sir Sonny De
Leon is a kind of teacher who exert effort just to learn his students so his students will not be
idiot when they go in their college life. This subject helps a lot to all the students in Honorato C.
Perez,calar calar Sr Memorial Science High School for the near future. In the first day of
Physics, Sir Sonny gave us a question that is familiar to us because we already talked it under
Sir Nicolas Bayan so in that day we are not like an idiot that doesn’t know the answer. I’m so
great eventhough not all my answers are correct but I’m so thankful to God because he give us
a chance to answer that easy question. It’s not an easy I mean that we are familiar to all the
question that our teacher gave to us. The advantage of this test is to flashback all the things that
we learn. In the other day, Sir Sonny thought us a lesson which is all about negative scalar and
KE’s which stands kinetic energy. In the other day, he thought us the science of physics which
include the meaning of physics and you will find physics challenging and other. In this topic I
learned a lot of things like what is physics, what is the ting in physics that we will find, what the
universe consists, career physics, why we study physics, Physicist and their contributions in our
society. In the other day, I learned a lot of waves which has two kinds the mechanical and
electromagnetic and based in the movement of particles in shot the naure and properties of
waves. I learned alL the parts of a waves which has 6 parts like rest, amplitude, normal rest
position and others. In the other day Sir Sonny thought us how to calculate the wave speed and
all the formulas to find the answer about the wave speed. Sir Sonny gave us a seatwork about
this topic but the result was so sad. I got 6 out of 20. I was thinking in that day that I will give my
best to study all the topics that I need to learn n order to get a high grades. In the other day, sir
Sonny thought us about the wavefront and the reflection. Refraction, diffraction and interference
. I understand he lesson because eventhough I am writing the lecture but if you will listen also to
your teacher you will better understand the topic. In the other day, sir sonny thought us the
standing waves that produce when the two waves with the same frequency interfere with one
another while traveling in opposite direction. The two kind of nodes which re antinodes that the
areas of maximum amplitude and nodes the the areas of zero amplitude. The harmonics modes
also which I easily understand. I still remember my long test about this topic because in God’s
will I got 22 of 50. I’m so happy for that result eventhough I’m not able to get a half of it because
I know to myself that the score or grades is not a measure of intelligence. The most important
you are good enough to learn new things that will help you in the near future. Sir Sonny thought
us how to solve the kind of problem that he show to us. I focused in the lesson so in the
seatwork I got a perfect score which for me is an achievement already. In the other day, Sir
Sonny introduce another new lesson that the title is “How do you light up my world?” In this title I
sung in my mind which is one of the song of One Directon. Sir Sonny thought us if what is light,
primary source of light, real nature of light and I still remembered that the real nature of the light
is dualistic in nature. There are many things that Sir Sonny thought us about light. I’m so happy
because as student if you understand the lesson that the teacher gave to you, you will be happy
because you will not be afraid or what if the teacher gave a seatwork, quiz or long test. I’m so
happy also because our teacher always put his lesson to the powerpoint but not all the lesson
and I followed all the things in the lesson so I don’t need to copy the lecture about light in my
classmates that has a lecture. In the other day, Sir Sonny thought us a plane mirror optics and
the two of this parts such a 2 sheet o glass on front and thin layer of reflective silver on
aluminum of the back. He thought us also the image of the actual mirror hat I that mirror we
have reflected that has two parts such as specular and diffuse. I learned also if what is the size
of a mirror to be able to see your whole body. The answer of our group is whole but the answer
of other group is half. The correct answer is half. In the other day,Sir Sonny discussed spherical
mirrors which until now is our lesson. All these lessons will be fully understand if all of the
students will give their best to learn. WE ARE THE MASTER OF OUR CHOICE. If we choose to
be lazy then don’t expect to have a high grades that you are expecting. Nothing in this world is
easy so if you want something make a way to get that. EDUCATION IS VERY IMPORANT SO
know I have still chance to study well in physics. I WILL GIVE MY BEST TO SURPASS THIS