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(Department of Business Administration)
Internship is a compulsory component of our MBA Programme. The student after
qualifying 15 courses of the MBA Programme can apply in writing to the Chairman
!epartment of Business Administration for underta"ing the internship acti#ity for a
period of si$ to eight wee"s.
A student is required to su%mit only one copy of his&her internship report for first
e#aluation to the !epartment of Business Administration AI'( Islama%ad. The student
may %e required to impro#e the report accordingly. After qualifying all the courses of the
MBA Programme the student should su%mit fi#e final copies of the report following the
The student should prepare internship report according to his&her speciali)ation in the
MBA Programme. The internship report should %e single space typed on A* si)e +5
gram paper with %old headings and su%,headings with margins set as top %ottom and
right 1 inch whereas left margin should %e 1.5 inch. These typed pages should %e hard
%oard %ound in %lac" color consisting of -. to +. pages. MBA Programme/s
0peciali)ation current mailing address roll num%er registration num%er and telephone
num%er should %e clearly mentioned on the title page of the internship report 1as per
format attached2.
Internship report should not mention indi#iduals %y name and there should %e no
attac"s on personalities. Copy&re,production of any report or document shall not %e
accepted %y the !epartment of Business Administration. In such cases the student will
ha#e to repeat the whole acti#ity in some other organi)ation assigned %y the
MBA Internship Report Format
(HRM Specialization)
Title page
Internship completion certificate 1from the organi)ation2
3ist of contents
3ist of ta%les and illustrations
12 4$ecuti#e summary
52 '%6ecti#es of studying the organi)ation
72 Introduction to the organi)ation
*2 '#er#iew of the organi)ation
 'rgani)ational structure
52 'rgani)ational structure of the 8uman 9esource Management 189M2 department
-2 8uman 9esource Management Process in the organi)ation:
5.1 8uman 9esource Planning 189P2 and ;orecasting
 89P process
 ;orecasting 89 requirements
 Methods to forecast 89 needs
5.5 4mployee recruitment and selection
 0ources of candidates:
a) Internal sources
b) 4$ternal sources
 4mployment selection process
5.7 Training and de#elopment
 Training <eed Assessment
 4mployee de#elopment
5.* Performance Management
 0etting performance standards and e$pectations
 8ow performance reports are written
5.5 4mployee compensation and %enefits
 Types of compensation and %enefits
5.- 'rgani)ational career management
 4mployee 6o% changes
 =o% changes within the organi)ation
 Promotion
 Transfer
 !emotion
 0eparations
 3ayoff
 Termination
 9esignation
 9etirement
+2 3a%or Management 9elations
>2 Critical analysis of the theoretical concepts relating to practical e$periences i.e. relate
the theoretical concepts with your practical e$perience during your internship.
?2 Conclusions.
1.2 9ecommendations 1the recommendations should %e specific. ;or e$ample if you want
to recommend impro#ements mention what why where how and when2
112 9eferences and 0ources used.
152 Anne$es & Appendices.
Specialization$ Human Resource Mana%ement
Su&mitted to$
!epartment of Business Administration
Su&mitted &'$
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Mailing Address:
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(Department of Business Administration)