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NEBOSH NGC1 Local Exam Paper 31

March 2014
1 An accident has been attributed to the failure of an employer to implement an appropriate permit-to-
work system.
(a) Identify the key elements of a permit-to-work system. (4)
(b) Outline FOUR types of work situation that might require a permit-to-work system,
giving reasons in EACH case. (8)
(c) Describe the actions that an enforcing authority could take in this situation. (6)
2 Outline ways in which the health and safety culture of an organisation might be improved. (8)
3. An employee who works on a production line has notified her employer that she is pregnant.
Outline the factors that the employer should consider when undertaking a specific risk
assessment in relation to this employee. (8)
. !ith reference to "ection # of the $ealth and "afety at !ork etc Act 1%&, outline the general
duties of designers, importers, manufactures and suppliers of articles and substances for
use at work to ensure that they are safe and without risk to health. (8
' An organisation can monitor its health and safety performance using a variety of means.
(a) Identify FOUR active monitoring methods. (4)
(b) Identify FOUR reactive monitoring methods. (4)
#. (a) Outline SIX possible defences to a civil law claim of negligence. (6)
(b) Explain the circumstances in which an employer may be sub(ect to vicarious liability. (2)
&. Identify the information that should be contained in the )arrangements* section of a health and
safety policy. (8)
+. ,n relation to a risk assessment undertaken to comply with the -anagement of $ealth and
"afety .egulations 1%%%/
(a) Identify FIE criteria that will determine whether it is )suitable and sufficient*0 (5)
(b) Outline !HREE circumstances that may require a risk assessment to be reviewed. (3)
%. (a) Outline the reasons why accidents should be reported and recorded within a workplace. (4)
(b) Outline factors that might encourage employees to report workplace accidents. (4)
11. (a) "ive the meaning of the term ‘health and safety audit’. (2)
(b) Outline !HREE advantages A#D !HREE disadvantages of an e2ternal auditor
carrying out a health and safety audit. (6)
11. (a) Outline the purpose of employers* liability insurance. (2)
(b) Outline SIX costs of a workplace accident that might not be insured. (6)