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BUS 620

Marketing Management

“” 1st
Bangladeshi Search Engine
Group Members:
FARZE-AN-ISLAM (ID- 121 0481 060)
ABDUL MUMIT (ID- 121 1328 060)
MD. RAJIB UDDIN (ID-121 1048 060)
M SHAFIQUR RAHMAN (ID- 081 590 060)
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Dr. Mohammad Baktiar Rana, Course instructor of BUS 620

Section-1: Brief description of product/service and its introduction into a new market……. 3
Section- : Consumer profile ………………………………………………………………… 9
Section-3: Market profile …………………………………………………………………… 12


Section-1: Marketing mix…………………………………………………………….……. 18
Section-2: Financial evaluation….………………………………………………………… 33
Section-3: Implementation………………………………………………………………….35
Conclusion …………………………………………………………………………………38
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Brief Description of Service and its Introduction into a New Market

Bangladesh’s first search engine,, was set to debut on the eve of Pahela
Baishakh (the first day of Bangla year) on 13 April . A group of students from Shahjalal
University of Science and Technology have introduced the first bi-lingual web search engine ,
Pipilika, in Bangladesh . A team of 11 researchers and developers from the computer science and
engineering department, in collaboration with Grameen Phone IT Ltd , have formally launched


Professor Muhammad Jafar Iqbal was the project director • The team was led by Ruhul Amin Shajib. on November 11. there are 30 more students. Many search engines prevail in the world. Actually. 2012 for Mongol Dip – a bilingual screen reading software and won first prize at the National Software Development Competition on September 2011 for the Bengali search engine Pipilika. Worldwide famous and the topest search engine is Google. Asst Prof Ruhul Amin Shajib has been researching on the search engine since 2009 along with his team. Bangladeshi developers made different kinds of softwares' or website in the worldwide but its an engine which is for the first time only for Bangladesh. developing the Distributed Web Crawler. on the basis of whose' thesis this project has been created. • Muhammad Mohiuddin Mishu . another developer and researcher • Mahbubur Rub Talha has been involved with the search engine since his student life. He was also conferred the. 4 . which was later integrated into Pipilika. Prime Minister Award. it is the new journey for the Bangladeshi developer and engineers’ towards the worldwide completions.In addition. Masterminds behind ‘Pipilika’ • Renowned writer and chairman of the department of electrical and electronics engineering.

• Md Maksud Hossain started to work with Pipilika from June 2012. • Ashish Pal’s association with Pipilika has been since 2011. Bangla stemmer and natural language processing. An international award winner Maksud hoped that Pipilika will help us to fulfill our dream of a digital Bangladesh as announced by our prime minister. file structure indexing. • Asif Mohammed Samir researched on. Bangla word sorting. researching on systems such as. snippet selection algorithm. text categorization of machine learning and page ranking algorithm implementation. information retrieval.• Madhusodan Chakraborty Opu. 5 . an ex-student from the Computer Science and Engineering department of SUST and has been involved with the project as a researcher since the second year of his degree course.

6 . then automatically the Pipilika will try to give as suggestions in the name of the place by Bengali. the Pipilika will automatically find the correct spelling of a word that runs through the search results and the user does with his words were spelled wrong. • There are also some parts of searching. If a user has an incorrect spelling of words. this search engine automatically analyzes the data and save of Bangladeshi main Bengali and English newspapers news. and the search for Bengali Wikipedia e – data cell. and the classbased (category) search.General search. Forhad Ahmed. and the class-based (category) search is available for Bangla Version • Bengali dictionary has been used for the Pipilika Bangla Search. Md Touhidul Islam also worked for the development of the search engine Features: • Pipilika has 4 different types of search facilities of data. • In the first stage. But location-based search.• Baker Hossain. location-based search. blogs Bengali and Bengali Wikipedia. Mohammad Sazzadul Hoque. News search. • It’s a free web service that helps the country to search for the latest available data. correct it with a search has been executed • If a user Location based on the search space in case of a name into the search box and try to write in English. blog search.

On the other side. • It also has a unique business directory. • Pipilika is being updated day by day to keep up with the trend.• Users can easily search their information on District wise latest news according to the category. Bangla wikipedia. science and technology. sports. machine learning. for Example – crime. Avro (Bangla font). agriculture and information. Bangla blogs. and government information. since the website supports Bangla language besides English. and trade. collected by crawling websites and this automated system updates itself by crawling and indexing news from the nationwide dailies. is the default input system. with profiles of 60. the search engine uses Bangla as its default language and the search can be filtered in time periods. such as the last 24 hours. information and technology. • In the beta version. 7 . business. week or month. which uses an English keyboard to type Bangla phonetically. information retrieval and information extraction in Pipilika. business. • In addition. • The use of natural language processing. is aimed at helping users to find necessary things and contribute to further future developments. it is also user friendly for Bangladeshi’s in comparison to popular search engines . • The search engine explains and uses reports from the main Bangla and English newspapers of the country. the search for category base pipilika the news. international. entertainment and sports as a category for six.000 companies.

Google. Undoubtedly Google is the market leader holding 45% of the market share. Among them very few are globally used. where others make up the rest. 8 . Even after the case as above many countries use their own search engine and through the introduction of Pipilika we have started the journey of our own search engine. Throughout the world the search tool that are used for searching variety of features are called search engine. The driving force of this technological query is "Internet".Experiencing a New Search Engine! The most dominant force in the world at present is information. Fig: Search Engine Usage globally Any Strategic Role Played? Without any descriptive analysis the strategies adopted by Pipilika are• To emerge as a search engine in Bengali beside English. Opera etc are mentionable. Enormous technological advancement by scientists and acceptance by the global consumers who are information seeker has empowered this the most. Yahoo.

The people involved with this search engine project were not concerned about the whole market as many people of the world do not know Bangla and they don't need to. Section: 2 Customer Profile Consumer Segmentation: As search engine industry is a part of service sector it is hugely dependant on consumers' demand and satisfaction. So choosing the right segment of customers is very important. Here useful points about consumer segmentation for the project are mentioned- Type of segmentation: "Niche marketing" is chosen in this particular case. It may attract any local or regional project to enter the same segment. • Specialization on Bangladesh perspective.• To be designed to search about Bangladesh predominantly in correct Bangla spelling. whereas other global search engines using English as their language for the search of almost every available features about the whole world. Again people interested only about Bangladesh would use this. Though Google is also available in Bangla but still there are some limitations. • Customer has a distinct set of needs • Not likely to attract any global giants. 9 .

• Buyer-seller similarity: Bangladeshi and Bangali. Also the cultural aspect of the particular segment has worked as an active segment. 10 .Base of segmentation: Here the geographical segmentation has come into play. As it is created considering the convenience of the Bangladeshi people. Major segmentation variables: • Industry : Search Engine • Location: Bangladesh • Specific Application: Convenient web search in Bangla.

4. The targeted segment is accessible. 2. That means that this this segment can easily be reached and served. At present with the resource available. The targeted market pattern is determined by this specialization. Here the initiator. Justification: 1. Again "benefit" work as a special behavioral variable for this segmentation. the company can primarily target this segment. The projects overall attractiveness is surely there for the targeted people. 3. People of Bangladesh are becoming more aware about internet. Megamarketing is effective in this case as Pipilika is co-ordinating economic. Companies objectives is to serve the Bangla knowing people more than the past.Customer characteristics: From the above discussion we have already got an idea of customer characteristics of the targeted segment for PIPILIKA. user role of the Bangladeshi people inspired the Pipilika team to come up with such project. People would not stop using Google in Bangladesh but they will rely on Pipilika for searching in Bangla. 6. influencer. 5. and public relation aspects to gain the entrance or operation in this industry. decider. political. Appropriate selection : As the project is created only with a view to own service specialization of search engine industry in advanced Bangla language facilities the target segment is the Bangladeshi people. Service specialization of search engine industry in advanced Bangla language facilities. 11 . psychological.

Mobile adoption is another factor that is further accelerating access to the internet. Bengali is the main language spoken in Bangladesh (around 98% of the total population of Bangladesh speak Bengali as a native language). The ‘Pipilika’ will help to use search engine more effectively and many people who are more at 12 . Creation of a huge archive of Bangla content will allow the developers analyse data and usage pattern of the Bangla speakers. With nearly 200 million native speakers. So it is high time to have a Bangla search engine for the greater interaction of the bangla speaking more people of the world. information in the world (videos. the rapid growth of digital technology is fundamentally changing the world as we know it.9 billion people and is expected to grow to 5 billion by 2015. It is unsurprising that with this in mind. Bengali is ranked as the second most spoken language. Bengali is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world (it is ranked fifth in the world). Global internet penetration in 2010 stood at 1.Section-3 Market Profile The launching of a Bangla search engine ‘pipilika’ the capacity of which is four terabyte with more than 600 gigabyte of RAM. music. documents etc. Besides this. This search engine not only for finding Bangla content in the world wide web but also it will help to build a archive of Bangla contents across the of course a good idea. 2011).) that is stored online is also projected to grow from 800 exabytes to 53 zetabytes (eMarketer. in India.

Computer and internet can open a gate of information and knowledge so that people live in the third world no longer remain in dearth of knowledge or information. Students. internet cafes and multiple users accessing the internet from a single household. Local industry estimates suggest that in 2011 access to the web was closer to 8 million users. likely driven by heavy usage in offices. researchers and newsmen will get notes from the site. spend their time and as a result it will lead to significant changes in the way we go about our daily lives. Bangladeshi surfers will be always on the site. 3 key trends that can help show where the internet in Bangladesh is going. Feb 2012). Market Analysis: In Bangladesh. having grown 300% since 2010 and 13 . with mobile subscribers just over 92 million and mobile internet access over 25 million users (BTRC. However. March 2012).ease in Bangla can take full advantage of it. to have their required information. Future development lies in information technology as it has created a world without border. Pipilika can enable surfers to find the accurate information as quickly as possible. the internet will increasingly become where people. instead of other international search engines. that these "pocket computers" will be the first entry point into the internet for many people in this country.5 million (BTRC. total desktop internet users in Bangladesh is actually far greater than that number. it is fair to say. of all ages and demographics. As access to internet explodes. Now a country without such search engines is out of imagination if the county needs digitalisation.Internet consumption is accelerating The internet subscriber base in Bangladesh (excluding mobile) currently stands at just over 1. 1.

The frenetic popularity of global platforms like Google. The rapid development of the online space in Bangladesh is very exciting and promising. Such users are actively seeking information and content online and this is only going to grow further as more local websites and web applications start to enter the public domain. but also through the proliferation of increasingly affordable laptops. such as through WIMAX modems.While usage of social networks and email services account for a considerable portion web activity. 2010). Those with access browse a lot Until now.expected grow a further 500% by 2020 (BCG. localised online tools and ecommerce which indicates that the internet will have an increasingly positive impact on the daily lives of people in this country. 3. desktops and tablets. with usage peaking during the morning hours. This acceleration of internet consumption is undoubtedly fueled not only by the growth in access. it wasn't clear how people in Bangladesh actually spend their time on the web on a daily basis. Fridays represent substantially less traffic. the Bangladeshis also spend a lot of time browsing the web. a total of 4 different websites are typically visited during these sessions. Web usage varies considerably by day of week Internet traffic among local Bangladeshis peaks on Mondays and is generally higher during the working days. Facebook and Twitter as well as the innovation and growth of local websites. Bangla content. The average user accesses the web on 3 separate occasions throughout the day. 2. 14 . In addition. but it is worth noting that internet consumption remains high for non-resident Bangladeshis visiting local Bangladeshi sites on Fridays.

065. 15 .990 0.841 0.1 % N/A ITU 2007 450.000 134.050.300 158.* Usage Source 2000 100. In this context the journey of pipilika as bangla search engine is promising.000 156.5 % US$ 700 ITU Note: Per Capita GDP in US dollars.824.535 3. It has the potential to capture a huge market world wide among the bangla speaking people.4 % US$ 624 ITU 2011 5.883 0. GDP p.570. source: International Monetary Fund. The total number of Internet Subscribers has reached 30390.000 0.501.493.c.Internet Usage and Population Statistics: YEAR Users Population % Pen.4 % US$ 574 ITU 2010 617.3 % US$ 466 ITU 2009 556.609 158.374 thousand at the end of February 2013.000 137.

000.52% 0.000 msn 325.000.42% 0.000 Aol 130. So. google will be the direct competitor of pipilika in the global context whereas yahoo and others will be the indirect 16 Search Engine Estimated Monthly Unique Visitors Google 900. But google is the only “real” search engine in Bengali : Wikipedia 350.000.000 Ask 125.3% Rest In Bangladesh also the most popular search engines are google and yahoo.000 Search Engine Google Yahoo Ask Aol Others Market Share May 2011 82.000.8% 6.Competitors: World’s most popular search engines are shown in the tables from two different perspectives.000 Yahoo 500.

competitors. As bangali fought for their language it is expected Pipilika would be useful site with rich local content 17 . and E-books. website. A developed search engines and having information posted in local language can keep surfers to the search engine will be one of the challenges of making the Bangla search engine useful. However. Google already has a Bangla search option attached to the biggest site of the world. The engine is for Bangla blogs. Challenges: Finding rich Bangla contents on the Pipilika (www.pipilika. it has no bright future until rich local and Bangla content is available. The site also has userfriendly Bangla word list for its users. wikipedia. Auto-correction option is available to click on.

These two are the color of Bangladesh National every time internet search users click on their site. So. it gives flavour of the Bangladeshi Nationalism to its users. Pipilika categorizes their products into Advertising solutions and Business Solutions. Pipilika. They help the customers to set up their site as the volume of visitors to the customer site’s increases. they offer textbased ads that are precise to the search on the site of the user and the customers pay Pipilika. It is proving searching solutions to the users first time in Bangladesh using Bangladeshi search engine. It is basically the first search engine in Bangladesh.Part II: Marketing Strategy Section-1 Marketing Mix Product Product Description: Product is the first P of marketing. In their Advertising solutions. 18 . which provides service also in Bangla to its users. Pipilika. Pipilika’s’ business products offer services to their customers such as advertising and providing their search technology to solve companies’ search problems within their intranet. Pipilika. They have used mainly two colors in designing their engine: Red and has it’s product to market and to offer to the customers. Pipilika. The products they offer fall into industrial offers services as a form of it product to its is one of the examples that Bangladesh is developing in is still not very spread in Bangladeshi users.

The work involved in Pipilika. Good website positioning is fundamental to achieving a constant and numerous flows of visitors to an internet positioning can be divided into three facets: a) Creation of quality content.Positioning: Pipilika. It strives to help people find ads that are relevant and deals with website positioning of their product. b) Optimization of the texts by means of keywords. 19 . One of the things that makes Pipilika. It makes money by giving advertisers the opportunity to place clearly-marked ads alongside of search search especially valuable is that it’s completely free. c) Obtain quality external links.

Many advertisers use more than one ad platform. Pipilika’s Data Liberation Front provides Step by step instructions for how 20 . results appear in the middle of the page – and those links are never paid (they are sometimes called “organic” or “editorial” search results). Differentiation and Unique Selling Proposition: In their Business Solutions Pipilika offers a Search Appliance to companies who need solutions to the search problems that their employees conducting within their computers by bringing in Pipilika’s search technology and intranet to their clients.” Although everyone now expects advertisements to be differentiated from organic search Data Openness and Portibility facilities are provided by Pipilika. Pipilika make it easy for advertisers to move their ad campaign data out of Pipilika’s services. and always clearly marked as “Ads. Pipilika provides both the hardware and the software to the customers.When someone does a search on Pipilika. Advertisements appear on the right hand side and sometimes at the top – and those links are paid.

Pipilika is a Bangla word so the name itself bears the identity of Bangladesh and Bangla. For example: Pipilika’s first page bids helps advertisers understand how much they’ll need to bid for a certain keyword in order for their ad to appear on the first page of results. Pipilika.advertisers can export their ad campaigns via CSV file. 21 . In their logo Pipilika has also used the color of Bangladeshi flag. Pipilika is working to provide advertisers with more transparency and tools to help them manage their also brings information for the users from the deep. It has used Ant in their logo. Advertisers also have the ability to export their ad data through its Application Programming. It is first Bangladeshi search engine which makes easier for the users to search the bangla articles and files. Ant usually goes deep into the soil to search and bring it from the deep. So while branding their product Pipilika. values of Bangladesh. culture. culture and independence: Green and Red. Also it provides other facilities which other search engines provide. Alothough it has not enough apps or links like yahoo or google has but it is still a unique product from the perspective of Bangladesh because in Bangladesh we have trading websites now but search engine is first in Bangladesh. Branding: Piplika means an Ant. Bids simulator helps advertisers understand how their ad will be affected by changing their auction always considers the nationalism.

mail etc.99% of the revenues is coming from the advertisement. Victory day. 22 . Independence Day. Most of the future business will come from brand extensions. Branding is about change. Great brands usually begin with personal inspiration and only later worry about the satisfaction of is not very keen on market research because initial success is driven by technology and innovation in this business. not yet started innovative branding techniques that other search engine does. Pipilika should look at long-established brands and realised early on that today's unlikely brand extensions are tomorrow's cash cows. not consistency. Puja. At the special occasion like Eid. Christmas etc it can bring slight change in their branding by changing the design or picture of the logo.Few things Pipilika. From its sparse home page to a logo that adapts to reflect national events. Pipilika should break the traditional rules of branding to deliver on its promise to consumers. It may extend its business by adding Bangladeshi believes in Branding:  Focus on the user and all else will follow  It is better to do one thing really better  Fast is better than slow  Democracy on the web works  Users do not need to be at the desk to get the answer  Money can be made without doing evil  There is always more information out there  The need for information crosses all borders  Great is not just good enough Pipilika. roads.

The original product targets are limited on broad. Perform keyword research and analyze search queries: The idea behind the keyword research and testing is to make sure each product was properly segmented to the proper category. The entire bidding process was manually adjusted on a daily basis based on impressions and performance.Product Strategy: Focus on bidding and test to optimize the product images: The first order of business is to focus on bidding. so Pipilika is deeper involved creating groupings of product targets. Bid performance is judged primarily on the "return on ad spends" metric. Expand the product targets: Product targets are more of a group. Pipilika focused on bidding primarily based on price tiers so that it wouldn’t bid too much on lower-priced products. and too little on higher-priced products. The goal of aggregate targets was to catch more impressions and also fill gaps in coverage. Pipilika also created aggregate targets by combining multiple related products into a single target. The entire keyword segmentation process is similar to pay-per-click advertising Analyze search queries:  Where the products show up in particular searches  Number of impressions on a particular search  Where the customer clicked  Whether non-targeted phrases are getting clicks 23 . Beyond just expanding the product targets.

As soon as the finance department receives the financial information and it is approved. such as Pipilika. yet it is important to remember that consumers are also interested in the products value. payment periods and credit terms are items that work together to set the price of its merchandise. Marketers promoting a product need to take into consideration payment period offered to its costumers. take into consideration list price. discounts. Item such as list price. Price is also an important tool within the 4 P’s of the marketing mix. allowance. the ads begin to run. Pipilika. This is based on the credit history of the customer. There are different ways in which a company can set the length of time required to pay a bill. allowances. The organizations. New customers located in specific locations need to make their payments with a credit card or by direct debit payments. Pipilika takes special consideration at the different parts involved in setting its prices. Pricing Price: Price is another component of the four Ps of the market mix. For instance organizations can set the time based on the requirements of its competitors. yet if a customer has a long and positive relationship with Pipilika its financial department might be able to set a monthly account. In many instances if the product does not deliver value the product will be doomed for failure. discounts. and payment period and credit terms as relevant elements to consider when setting the has effective pricing.Continue to optimize the entire process: Optimization is important in this process now that Pipilika is a paid platform — ensuring that you have the right product show up at the right time by analyzing all of the different segments that you’re trying to target. 24 . regardless of its price. Pipilika’s payment period is based on its relationship with its customers.

Two major types are trade-in and promotional allowance. Discounts are another element of price setting. Another necessary item to set price is Allowances. Quantity discounts are offered to consumers for buying in bulks or in large quantities. yet in many instances the price listed could increase or decreases as costumers select options. trade and cash. Cash discounts offered to customers for the punctual payment of their invoices. It is the basic price offered to prospective consumers. Promotional allowances are. 25 . The price difference will depend on the amount of advertisement per day that the consumers are willing to pay and the amount of times individuals click to see the ads and how high these ads rank on a search page. however it can go as high as $50.00 per day. Pipilika at the moment is not providing its customers with discounts nor allowances in its Pipilika program. “Promotional funds provided by a manufacturer to other channel members in an attempt to integrate promotional strategy within the channel. The three types of discounts are quantity. Pipilika’s price is set on the amount of advertisement per day it provides its consumers. At the moment Pipilika is offering consumers the discounts mentioned above. In Pipilika’s case the list price is at five cents per day. yet it includes extra items not covered by discounts. Trade-ins are commonly used in reducing the amount consumers must pay for a product by recognizing the value of a used product.Pricing Strategy: List price is one of the fundamentals components of setting a price. Allowances are very similar to discounts because it also offers to lower the list price.

We must need to know where we should launch the product to get huge response. Already a facebook page is 26 .Distribution: For marketing mix place is one of the very important key element. proper pricing and smooth sales process will help this new search engine to be popular among their targeted customers. It makes the product easily available for targeted market. Marketing campaign . Pipilika is a search engine and that’s why its distribution place is internet.  Like other bengali websites Pipilka can first starting their distribution through other websites and specially in social media like-Facebook ( Distribution channels are very much important for launching any product/ service. Just like that specially on those sites that are clicked by most number of viewers. So that people click the link and know how to use the first Bangladeshi website’s ad in various / Ajkerdeal.specially in benglai websiteslike.where they can advertise various product and service and when people wil going to see the ad of any product they will automatically get to know about this new search engine. Fig: Facebook page of Pipilika.Ajker. 27 .E-prothom-alo etc and also as an ad beside Facebook’s logo can be post in various It is very much necessary to make people remember the logo to create the brand. Active response in social network with important information will be helpful as a distribution channel. But are not that much active.Bdjobs.Bdnew24.created to promote its  We have already seen that can also be worked as an advertisement website.  Pipilika.

mobile apps or mobile search etc. Smart phones are very much popular in people now. New applications –like. Google and yahoo have already have lots of apps to attracts their customers in many ways. Fig: Various Apps of Google and Yahoo  Another distribution point could be via mobile internet. so a small mobile apps of Piplika will people to search anything or gain information in a very short time span in Bengali. games etc could also help to make the site known to all. Promotion: 28 .mail service. cloud computing system.

The way an ant search food from anywhere or any place which is not easy to reach . BUS etc will also be helpful. banglapedia and national e-information in Bengali from anywhere. 29 . blogs. which has already done in some places. Communication objective of Pipilika is to find out news. Billboard can also be an advertisement media for Pipilika. Till now there is no key communication message made by Pipilika. Stickers behind CNG. Elder people mainly read newspaper and on the other hand young generation will have idea on online and on social network. Promotional Mix of Pipilika. social network.“বববলবয় ববশ খখবজ” It will be clear to all then it’s a search engine which will help Bengali people to work easily to search any information. similarly Pipilika search information from anywhere. but it could be create in a way that would identify it’s targeted customer and as well its mission and vision. like-Face book. In front of schools. university. In city area lots of people travel throughout the day for work/education etc and this stickers will create attention. colleges. in big highways this billboards should be placed. Twitter etc will be helpful to know about the product to mass media.Communication objective and key message of communication: The communication objective of Pipilika is to find out the recent news throughout the world in Bengali. online websites. Something  Advertising: Advertisement in newspaper.

Victory day.  Public relation and publicity: With collaboration of GP Pipilika could organize some kind of concert/ cultural event in special occassions for attracting customers or may create any event only for GP Star subscriber to promote their product. Independence day. Sales promotion: Free T-shirt distribution having the Pipilika logo on it can be raise awareness among people about this search engine. or doing online interactive quiz contest or IQ program Pipilika could market their search engine directly to mass people. 30 . They can also sponsor children competition on art/literature/Science fair/debate etc in various school. In Bangladesh cricket tournament Pipilika’s free gifts could be provided in stadium. Martyrs day etc.  Direct marketing: By sending SMS through GP aout PIpilika. Free cap or handfan having pipilika logo on it can be distributed among people in Pahela baishakh.

Some type of fancy dolls can also be introduce/rally on some special days – like pohela boishakh. advertisement in bengali restaurent/colony etc.26th march may also help. eid. Interactive marketing: Some kind of awareness program like.helath education/energy saving concept/clean your city concept/providing safety information for natural disasters on TV/Online/ Campaign in various institutions may also help Pipilika. In foreign countries Pipilika should market their product for Bangladeshi people through blog. This dummy dolls can also be placed in various tech fairs or in big shooping mall or in any university for a certain period of time just to amuse people and to give information about Pipilika.about their experience.  Word-of-mouth marketing: Pipilika can also create a database where customer will gice their feedback regarding the search engine.16th  Personal selling: 31 . 21st feruary.

Section 2 Financial Evaluation IP Address: 54.395 daily visitors and has the potential to earn up to 167 USD per month by showing ads.199 in United States.amazonaws. Domain name: pipilika. Free campaign can be done to attract the targeted customer. Young generation will grab this idea fast if the service/ product is presented at their doorstep.199 Daily visits: has 1.Face to face information about the site could be provide in university students/ in any kind of technology related fair or may be in some interactive conference or seminar.225.211.compute- Reverse DNS: 1.395 32 .211. Hosted on IP address 54. This IP belongs to organization/company Amazon Technologies Inc.

Facebook Statistics Report shows how popular is this website on social website Facebook. likes and income: 167 USD Website value: 6. 33 .026 USD Web hosting Amazon Technologies Inc. It shows the number of facebook shares. organization/company: This website in hosted on web server located in United States. There is a bubble on the map below indicating the approximate location.

Facebook Shares 1775 Facebook Likes 4560 Facebook Comments 897 Total Likes 7232 SECTION-3 Implementation First of all we need to do a SWOT analysis of Pipilika. apps.sites sites 34 Development Opportunities Opportunities . Strength Strength Weakness Weakness FirstBengali Bengalisearch searchengine engine First New innovation New innovation Englishversion versionmay mayalso alsobebeused used English Can be used in web and mobile Can be used in web and mobile Strongsupport supportfrom fromeducational educational Strong institution institution Collaborationwith with GPIT Threats Collaboration GPIT Threats Only Onlytwo twolanguage languageisisavailable available No apps are No apps aredeveloped developed Less Lesspromotional promotionalactivity activity Less R&D in this sector Less R&D in this sector Booming Boominginnovation innovationofofother othersearch search engines engines Low Lowmarket marketshare share Server Serverthat thatPipilika Pipilikahas hasand anditsitssecurity security Less penetration of Bengali internet Less penetration of Bengali internetusers users Goodresponse responsefrom fromall allover overBengali Bengali Good community throughout the world community throughout the world Partnershipwith withGP GP Partnership Localnews newsportal portaland andsupport supportfor for Local breaking news breaking news Growingrelationship relationshipwith withGovernment Government Growing organizations organizations Developmentofofnew and based on this we have to a proper marketing plan which should be implemented.

com Overall marketing plan will be as below- Fig: Marketing plan steps for (image retrieved from-http://masterfulmarketing.Fig: SWOT analysis of 35 .

Facebook.akhoni. Currently throughout the world Bengali people are able to use the search engine.which are actually popular in Bengali people. Currently the internet penetration is not higher in some region and in rural areas.Mission and Vision: Pipilika’s mission was to create the first Bengali website to serve their service in Bangladesh. bus etc. They should hire more high tech people to do R&D in this sector. They should develop software for large data gathering system. news. As well as they should design demographical search sites. etc . online pages .com. 36 . useful databases and servers to evaluate and to improve their search engine.cellbazar. Pipilika could expand with free Wi-Fi in those areas. Identify ideal client: Pipilika’s main target was the people who are using internet and mainly the young people. To be successful in their vision which is to serve all over the world Piplika should have R&D of various browsers. advertise etc.print media. so that client can get huge amount of data just by a click. Stickers of this logo should be provided in CNG. Identify brand: The brand with a tag line should be advertise properly in Developing core message: To operate in Bengali Pipilika should create more bengali apps-like: email.

37 . key ring. They should continuously focus on enhanced advertisement targeting. Execute track and measure result: Always Pipilika should keep an eye on their competitors. shopping places. seminars. Secure distribution with spyware system should also be introduced. Create sales tools: For direct sales various campaigns should be done in university. advertisements program should be introduce in proper time.Free gift hampers . independence day. Pohela falgun.Pohela boishakh. SMS service regarding the site should be sent to the clients. Which advertisement media is giving the best response this should also be considered. victory day and on martyrs day etc. hand fan etc should be provided in benagli occasions. Based on the earning proper advertising media should be chosen. in proper places. technology fair etc. like. like T-shirt. Determine market budget: At one or two year the advertising should be done such a way that it maintains a budget. road shows. Select activities according to strategy: Different press conference. Various sales promotions could be introduced. -পপপপপলকক | বকবলকদদদশর পথম সকরর ইপঞন http://www.Conclusion: Pipilika is just stepped into the new business and therefore at first they should analyze the current market scenario very carefully and then promote themselves with a proper .facebook.castelarhost. The company should be focus on new innovations and prepare to compete with their competitors with their strength by launching and adding new apps and services according to customer -Marketing Management (13th Edition) [Philip Kotler.https://www. Kevin Keller] 38 .Google 4 P's Marketing Mix Introduction http://articles.http://pipilika. Strategic Planning .facebook.hupso.htm . References: .com/pplika .com/www/ Case Study.

39 .