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Section A
Points (150)
1. What is Isotropic Antenna? Explain and draw figure. (10)
Ans: An isotropic antenna is an ideal antenna that radiates its power uniformly in all
directions. There is no actual physical isotropic antenna. However, an isotropic antenna
is often used as a reference antenna for the antenna gain.
2. What is 3db point? Explain and draw. (10)
Ans: power is 40-60% of total transmitted power.
3. What is constructive and destructive interference?
Ans: Intensity increases CI or vice versa is DI (10)
4. What is multipath? Explain coverage with levels. (10)
Ans: path which is created due to reflections fading shadowing clutter etc
5. What is BER & quality? Explain Quality Range with description. (10)
Ans : number of bits lost / total number of bits transmitted. Quality is
BER+constant value , range is 0-4 good 4-6 fair 6-8 bad
6. What are Power Spectral Density and EM Wave Field Intensity and how
they are related to coverage? (10)
Ans: PSD total power conserved in spectrum.
Field intensity is magnitude of EM wave measured at a point .
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Number of flux lines passing through unit area.
7. Suppose we have an H-Plane Horn Antenna mounted at 25m with Azimuth
of 45 degrees. When Tilt is found to be equal to 180 degrees then sketch
rough Radiation Pattern. (10)
Ans: board
8. Assume that the antenna mentioned in Question 7 has Total Radiated
Power of 60Watts. What will be the power at 3dB Point? (10)
Ans: 40 % of 60W
9. A Cosine Signal has peak value of (4,-4) V in an oscilloscope. What will be
the power of the signal? (10)
Ans: P=(A^2)/2.
10. A GSM System is being operated at an estimated frequency of 918 MHZ. In
this system, calculate the Wave Length?(10)
Ans: c=fʎ
11. There is FREE SPACE between Sun and Earth. Assume that there is no other
planet around Sun and there are no magnetic fields and inter and intra
galaxy movements affecting the orbit of Earth then how EM Waves and
Light Packets are transferred from Sun to Earth? (10)
Ans: transverse electromagnetic ways and rotation between E & H fields.
12. What is Critical Angle? Explain with figure. (10)
Ans: Angle of incidence for which angle of reflection becomes 90
13. Suppose that we have E-Field along Y Plane and H-Field along Z-Plane what
will be the direction of propagation and why? (10)
Ans: direction of propagation in X-plane. As E and H filed are orthogonal to
each other.
14. What is Electrical Tilt? Explain with respect to Radiation Pattern. (10)
Ans angle between E and H plan (Ψ)
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15. Speed of Light is 3 x 10
. Suppose that a signal has Wavelength of 3
KM. Calculate the Operating Frequency.(10)
Ans: c=fʎ

Section B
Points (100)
1. A customer is located 20 Km away from last operational site geographical
attributes of the village are as follows
a. The village is surrounded by mountains.
b. There are corn fields in the village.
c. Village has mud houses.
Explain what will be situation indoor and how it will affect call drop (10)
Ans: there will be poor coverage indoor due to absorptions and slow fading.
In outdoor due to multipath signal will be fine at some places and there will
be coverage holes due to multipath fading.
2. According to busy hour stats there is 20% congestion on a cell for last 7
days. TCH availability is continuously 40% .Suggest actions and your
feedback. (10)
Ans: As there is congestion and TCH availability is just 40%, so the issue will
be reported to BSS to improve TCHA.
3. A customer is located at 33.1269 73.2310. The serving cell is 42131.
According to whole day interference stats there is 33% band 3 interference
.Suggest your actions. (5)
Ans: Due to interference customer is facing call drop and distortion. The
issue will be reported to RAN with stats and RAN will conduct spectrum
analysis activity and report it to PTA.
4. A customer is located at Abpara and complaining about call drop. There is
100% TCH availability, no hardware issue & no RTC and BSS drops. Suggest
actions and analysis.(5)
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Ans: Due to tunnel effect. There is issue of indoor coverage. The issue is
being due to NULL as site is 800m from Abpara. We can change the azimuth
but it is not feasible as we cannot create coverage hole in markets due to
one customer.
5. A customer is located in Saidpur village complaining that there is no
outdoor coverage just beyond Dais Pardes. Why? Explain, draw & give
examples. (10)
Ans: There is no operational site.
6. A customer is trying to call from the back side of LokVirsa Museum in
ShakarParian Hills National Park. The physical attributes of the area are as
(a) Thick forestation
(b) Ditches and Muddy
(c) Water Body at Kanwal Lake
Our site is located at H-8/4. Suppose that our site was located just at
Garden Avenue Chowk then why still customer is not able to make calls?
Ans: Due to forestation fading is maximum: even if the site is relocated to
garden chowk. The fading will remain due to Shakar Parian jungle.
7. A Customer is complaining about congestion. His address is House no. 23,
KhambayWaliGali, DhokGujran, MainGirja Road near Girja Police Chowki.
According to Stats, TCH Availability is 100%. TCH User Blocking (Exclude
Handover) is 0.8% and SDCCH Blocking is 0.001%. Explain the nature of
problem and analyze. (10)
Ans: Due to multi server environment, MS is confused and facing the issue
of handover blocking.
8. A customer is complaining about EDGE Connectivity. According to OMC,
EDGE is enabled and carrying Traffic. Level 3 stats show that Cell is not Zero
PS Traffic. Customer says he is using iPhone 5 and has done settings from
CSC. Analyze the problem and suggest solution. (10)
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Ans: We will check IMEI and find out customer is not using iPhone 5. In fact,
he is using a cheap mobile which is not even EDGE compatible.
9. A customer is facing issue of low coverage and distortion at Bismillah
General Store, Gali no. 16, DhokeKhabbanazdWasa water tank. Write
down steps of Analysis and suggest actions. (10)
Ans: Due to Tunnel effect.
10. 40 Complaints were routed to Level 2 by Level 1 regarding Mute and Silent
calls from NavakaliMardan. Analyze and suggest actions. (10)
Ans: The issue will be reported to RAN and RAN will check CICs.

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