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NEBOSH NGC1 Local Exam Paper 19

May 2014
1 (a) Describe the legal requirements whereby employers must prepare a written statement of
the health and safety policy. (2)
(b) Explain the purpose of the ‘statement of intent’ section of the health and safety policy. (2)
(c) Identify the main content of the ‘statement of intent’ section of the H&S policy. (8)
(d) Outline the typical responsibilities of a managing director that should be included in the
health and safety policy. (8)
2 (a) Identify TWO main functions of first-aid treatment. (2)
(b) Outline factors that should be considered when selecting an employee to be a first aider. (6)
. !n relation to health and safety" outline the role of the following#
(a) $mployment tribunals% (4)
(b) &riminal courts. (4)
'. !n relation to a ris( assessment underta(en to comply with the )anagement of Health and
Safety at *or( +egulations 1,,,.
(a) Identify FIVE criteria that will determine whether it is ‘suitable and sufficient’% (5)
(b) Outline THREE circumstances that may require a ris( assessment to be re-iewed. (3)
. Outline the strengths and weanesses of using a chec(list to complete a health and safety
inspection of a wor(place. (8)
/. 0 hospital is to be refurbished.
Outline the criteria which could be used to select competent construction contractors to
underta(e the tas(.
1. Outline how the following techniques may be used to impro-e health and safety performance
within an organisation.
(a) Safety inspections. (3)
(b) $2ternally led health and safety audits. (3)
(c) 0nalysis of accident statistics. (2)
3. Identify published information that may be consulted when dealing with a health and safety
problem at wor(. (8)
,. Outline the factors that should be considered when setting health and safety performance
ob4ecti-es. (8)
15. (a) Explain why an organisation should ha-e a system for the internal reporting of
accidents. (4)
(b) Identify the reasons why employees may fail to report accidents at wor(. (4)
11. 0 new process has been introduced into a wor(place. 6perati-es" super-isors and managers
ha-e recei-ed information and training on a safety system of wor( associated with the
(a) Outline FO!R benefits to an employee of pro-iding information and training. (4)
(b) Identify FO!R benefits to an employer of pro-iding information and training. (4)