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A very good morning to English teacher and my fellow friends.

Today, I would like to
talk about Isaac Newton who is one of the greatest scientists in the world.
Isaac Newton isn’t a name that is new to us. As we all know, Isaac Newton was an
English physicist and mathematician who was widely regarded as a key figure in
the scientific revolution. He discovered the law of motion and the presence of gravitational
According to what we had learnt in our physic, there are 3 important concepts that
Newton was discovered.The first one, Newton First Law, the second one Newton second
law and the third one Newton third law. Newton first law sometimes referred to the law of
inertia. It stated that when an object is at rest, it will tend to be at rest. When an object is
moving with a constant velocity, it will continue moving with the same speed unless it is
acted upon by an external force. While for Newton second law state that the rate of change
of momentum is directly proportional to and in the same direction as the resultant force
acting on an object. Newton third law stated that for every action, there is an equal reaction.
I believe all of us know very well on these three laws since we have learnt that in the
beginning of the year when we first studied physics. But, do all of you know how the
gravitational force was discovered by Newton? I shall tell you all briefly about the story. In
1666, as tradition has it, Newton observed the falling of an apple in his garden, later
recalling, in the same year he began to think of gravity extending to the orb of the Moon. In
1678, when Newton was 36 year old, he suffered a serious emotional breakdown in the
following year after his mother died. Newton’s response was to cut off contact with others
and engrossed himself in alchemical research. He was always trying to investigate the
hidden forces of nature.
He began to think along the following lines: The apple is accelerated and therefore
its velocity changes from zero as it is hanging on the tree and moves toward the ground.
Thus, Newton's 2nd Law also stated that there must be a force that acts on the apple to
cause acceleration. Let's call this force as "gravity" and "acceleration due to gravity". Then,
imagine the apple tree is twice as high. Again, we expect the apple to be accelerated toward
the ground, so this suggests that this force that we call gravity reaches to the top of the
tallest apple tree. This is Newton most excellent Idea. How succeed was Newton to discover
the presence of gravitational force.
That’s all from me. Thanks for lending me your ears.