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(Common to EE, EX, CS and IT)
B.Tech. (Electrical) 3rd e!e"ter Ma#. Mar$": %&&
3' E#a! (r": 3

)NIT %
I*tr+d,cti+*: Review of structures in C, accessing members of structures using structure
variables, pointer to structures, passing structures to functions Structures as user defined data
)NIT -
I*tr+d,cti+* t+ Pr+.ra!!i*. Paradi.!" :( !rocess oriented and "b#ect oriented)Concept of
ob#ect, class, ob#ects as variables of class data type, difference in structures and class in terms of
access to members, private and public $asics of C%%& Structure of C%% programs, introduction
to defining member functions wit'in and outside a class, (eyword using , declaring class,
creating ob#ects, constructors ) destructor functions, Initiali*ing member values wit' and
wit'out use of constructors, simple programs to access ) manipulate data members, cin and
cout functions
+angers of returning reference to a private data member, constant ob#ects and members
function, composition of classes, friend functions and classes, using t'is pointer, creating and
destroying ob#ects dynamically using new and delete operators Static class members, container
classes and iterators, pro,y classes -embers of a class, data ) function members
C'aracteristics of ""!. +ata 'iding, Encapsulation, data security
O/erat+r O0erl+adi*.: /undamentals, Restrictions, operator functions as class members v0s as
friend functions
"verloading stream function, binary operators and unary operators Converting between types
)NIT 4
I*herita*ce: $ase classes and derived classes, protected member s, relations'ip between base
class and derived classes, constructors and destructors in derived classes, public, private and
protected in'eritance
Relations'ip among ob#ects in an in'eritance 'ierarc'y, abstract classes, virtual functions and
dynamic binding, virtual destructors
)NIT 1
M,lti/le i*herita*ce, virtual base classes, pointers to classes and class members, multiple class
members Templates, e,ception 'andling
,..e"ted Readi*."
1 $alaguruswamy E& "b#ect "riented !rogramming in C%%, -c2raw 3ill Education (India)
4 Sa'ay& "$5ECT "RIE6TE+ !R"2R7--I62 8IT3 C%%, ",ford
9 3ubbard, 5o'n !rogramming wit' C%% , -c2raw 3ill Education (India)
: Rambaug' 5ames etal, ;"b#ect "riented +esign and -odelling;, !3I
< $udd, Timot'y, ;7n Introduction to "b#ect "riented !rogramming;, !earson Education
= >enugopal, ?R, -astering C%%, -c2raw 3ill Education (India)
@ Ravic'andra, +, !rogramming wit' C%%, -c2raw 3ill Education (India)