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Dear madams, sirs


You have been previously notified of certain problems in
your performance as an employee, which problems appear to
Any further violations of company policy or failure to
perform in accordance with our standards shall result in
immediate dismissal without further warning.

If in doubt regarding any potential breaches of above requirements, the employee should
immediately consult his/her superior or the Compliance Officer

We strongly believe that with your assistance in this matter will create more leverage and at the end
will create value for all parties.
We strive to be upright yet humble in our activities. We take our profession and hence our principals
interest seriously, but in some cases we are obstructed by barge personal in doing so.

. In order to attend we request the Barge Captain to inform our suveyor 1.5 hour prior mooring
alongside vessel. Sometimes they just bluntly refuse this or they say they wil

We would like to recomend a letter from you written to Barge personel/ suplier personel which we
could hand out to our surveyors. They could serve this letter as they atend for survey.
With such a letter Barge Personal will be informed and warned that in case of deliberate obstruction,
or fysical or verbal threaths, faul language, or any other form of miss behaviour to our surveyor or
Vessel personel..

In order to protect our principals benefits/ rights we request full compliance of professional nature.
We need to measure and monitor the bunkering from the beginning
If in doubt regarding any potential breaches of above requirements, the employee should
immediately consult his/her superior or the Compliance Officer.

Violation of Odfjell’s standards may create situations that are dangerous for personnel, environment
and property and negative for the Company. It is therefore both important and an obligation for all
Odfjell employees to bring such violations to Management attention as quickly as possible.
Should an Odfjell employee be aware of any violation or suspected violation of this Code of
Conduct, other company policies, procedures or any legal or regulatory requirements, he/she shall
raise the issue with a superior. If the employee is uncomfortable using regular channels, he/she shall
report to Odfjell’s Compliance Officer or, if available, to local personnel specifically appointed to
handle compliance issues. The employee raising an issue or submitting a report should identify
her/himself. If the employee feels uncomfortable with such identification, he/she can choose to be
anonymous, but shall still report. All reports and communications will be treated with discretion.
No employee shall be discharged, demoted, suspended or in any other way penalized as a result of
reporting such violations or suspected violations (whistle blower)

Odfjell shall employ necessary means of internal control in order to monitor that this Code of
Conduct is being fully complied with.

All employees are expected to comply with both the letter and the spirit of relevant competition
laws, and breaches thereof may give ground for disciplinary actions and/or legal processes.
Formal or informal agreements with competitors seeking to limit or restrict competition are illegal.
Unlawful agreements include but are not limited to those that seek to fix or control prices; allocate
products, markets or territories; or boycott certain customers or supliers.

Conflict of Interest
All employees shall avoid any action that may involve a conflict of interest with Odfjell or the
appearance of such conflict.
Odfjell employees shall not have any financial or private business relationships with suppliers,
customers or competitors that may or may appear to impair the independence of any decision taken
on behalf of the Company.
When in doubt, immediately clear any issue of potential conflict of interest with your superior(s) or
the Compliance Officer.

Protection of Odfjell’s Property and Assets
The use of Odfjell’s time, materials, financial assets or facilities for purposes not related to Odfjell’s
business is not allowed without appropriate authorization. The same applies to the removal or
borrowing of Odfjell assets. All employees must protect Odfjell’s property and assets against loss,
damage and abuse.
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