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Value Focus: Familial Love

August 1, 2014
Six 1 7:40 – 8:30
Six 2 6:50 -7:40
Six 3 8:30 – :20
Six 4 11:10 – 12:00
Six 5 :20 – 10:10
I. Learning Objectives
• Use tag questions with do, does, did verbs
• Complete sentences using appropriate tags
• Show love and concern for family members
II. Subject Matter
! "opic: Using "ag #uestions with $o%$oes%$id Verbs
&! 'eferences:()LC ** +
Learning )nglish by $ungo%Santos pp! ,-./,-+
C! 0aterials: 1Show 0e &oard2, printed materials, paragraphs%te3t
III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Review
'ead each sentence carefully! Choose and write the correct answer!
4Show the board5
,! 0y sister 4do, does5 paint pictures! 4does5
6! 4$o, $id5 you attend the party yesterday7 4$id5

8! 4$o, $oes5 boys plays with dolls7 4$o5
9! :e 4do, does5 errands for our elders! 4do5
.! ;e also 4do, does5 wash the car! 4does5
2. Motivation
<roup 'ecitation 4. seconds5
)ncourage pupils to answer these questions! "eacher =ots down
the answers!
Listen to each question carefully! nswer with >es or ?o
a! $oes a wriggler come from a butterfly7
b! $id <od create man on the @
c! $o all animals have feet7
d! $oes the sun rotate around the earth7
e! $id 'iAal write ?oli 0e "angere7
3. n!oc"ing o# $i##icu!ties
:ord (uAAle <ame
rrange the class into sub/groups! <ive each group a cut/out
word puAAle! "he group assembles the puAAle using the clue given by
the teacher! "he first to assemble the puAAle correctly will get the points!
"he group with the highest number of points will be the winner!
%!ue &u'b!ed (ord Pu))!e
a5 a special occasion 4birthday5
b5 une3pected 4surprise5
c5 chooses 4prefers5
d5 most liBed 4favorite5
*. $eve!op'ent o# Lesson
1. Presentation
Silent 'eading of the te3t!
*t was teCs birthday! s a surprise gift, our family went on a
whole/day trip to 0anila! te was so e3cited! She told us many things
along the way which she thought would maBe everyone happy!
10ichelle wanted to see Luneta first, didnCt she72
1Duya prefers going to the mall, doesnCt he72
1?ow, where shall we go first72 she inquired!
Eoey smiled and said, 1Eust rela32! 1:e all want to see the Aoo first,
donCt we7 :e donCt want to miss the chance of seeing our favorite
animals, do we72 :e en=oyed going around the city till midnight! te
was very happy!
2. %o'pre+ension %+ec" p
a5 :hy was te e3cited7
4*t was her birthday% "he family was going to 0anila5
b5 :hy did the family go on a trip7
4"hey wanted to maBe te happy because they love her
3. ,!icitation
a5 'ead the e3act words of te about 0ichelle!
40ichelle wanted to see Luneta first, didnCt she75
b5 <ive the e3act words of te about Duya!
4Duya prefers going to the mall, doesnCt he75
-. Ana!ysis and $iscussions
'ead the questions raised in the paragraph!
,! 0ichelle wanted to see the Luneta first, didnCt she7
6! Duya prefers going to the mall, doesnCt he7
8! :e all want to see the Aoo first, donCt we7
9! :e donCt want to miss the chance of seeing our favorite animals, do
a! :hat verb is used in sentence F ,7 *n what tense is it7 4wanted/past5
b! :hat condition is e3pressed by the stem7 4positive5 :hat verb is used
in the tag7 *n what tense is it7 4didnCt/past5
c! :hat condition is e3pressed by the tag7 4negative5
d! Can you recall or name the parts of a tag question7 4stem and tag5
$o the same with sentences 6,8 and 9
.. /enera!i)ation
a! positive stem needs a negative tag! negative stem needs a
positive tag!
b! Use did%didnCt if the verb used is in the past form!
c! Use does%doesnCt if the verb used is in the present form with a singular
d! Use do%donCt if the verb is in the present form with a plural sub=ect!
%. Post Activity
1. App!ication
<et a partner! "ogether, write a sentence using a tag that fits the
situation portrayed in each picture!

2. ,nric+'ent Activities
a! Supply the missing tag!
,! )agles soar high, GGGGGGGG7
6! <od loves us, GGGGGGGGG7
8! :e donCt eat grass, GGGGGGG7
9! Hur heroes died for us, GGGGGGG7
.! "he boy worBs for a living, GGGGGGG7
b! Supply the missing part in the following sentences!
,! 0onBeys love to eat bananas, GGGGGGGGGGGGG7 >es, they do!
6! GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, does it7 ?o, it doesnCt!
8! ?oli en=oyed the game, didnCt he7 GGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
I0. ,va!uation
'ead each sentence carefully! Underline the correct tag!
,! "he tourists stayed till evening, 4didnCt they, donCt they57
6! Eonas did not submit his pro=ect, 4does he, did he57
8! "he sun rotates on its a3is, 4does it, doesnCt it57
9! * stayed in the province for a month, 4did *, didnCt *57
.! (olitics causes tension, 4does it, doesnCt it57
0. Assign'ent
Fill in the blanBs with the appropriate tag!
,! (laying gives pleasure and en=oyment, GGGGGGGG7
6! Children and adults aliBe, love it, GGGGGGGGG7
8! :e have various activities that we can engage in, GGGGGGGG7
9! &oard games and outdoor games are some! &oys usually prefer
outdoor games, GGGGGGGGG7
.! (laying with dolls gives more en=oyment to young girls, GGGGGGGGGG7