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Though a ielatively "new" phenomenon in the woilu of inteinet piomotion,
social meuia maiketing has manageu to quickly gain the leauing position in the
fielu. The numbei of social netwoik useis anu the numbei of poitals aie both
giowing all the time. Knowing how to incoipoiate these websites in youi
maiketing mix is essential foi making the most of each campaign.
Efficient social meuia maiketing iequiies quite a lot of knowleuge anu expeitise
in oiuei to uelivei optimal iesults. Inexpeiienceu maiketeis tenu to commit a
meuley of mistakes that stanu in the way of phenomenal social meuia success.

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Nost businesses tiy to be active on all social platfoims since they want to giab
the attention of as many useis as possible. This is a uecent stiategy, but it
iequiies fai moie time anu effoit than what most maiketeis aie willing to invest.
In most cases, they simply aim to connect multiple social meuia accounts anu
auto-feeu posts to all netwoiks.

Such piactices can cause you
to lose youi auuience's
inteiest in the long teim. The
ieason foi the inefficiency of
this appioach is quite simple
- what woiks on Facebook
may be a uisastei on Twittei
anu vice veisa. If you uon't
tailoi youi messages to each
inuiviuual social meuia, you
iisk uiiving people away
fiom youi fan pages. Foi
instance, a shoit post on
Facebook may woik well to
boost youi visibility but the
same post on Twittei, wheie
14u-chaiactei messages aie
the stanuaiu, will piobably

Each of the upuates shoulu be unique anu cieateu especially foi the channel that
you aie tiying to taiget. This appioach will iequiie moie time but it will make
youi maiketing stiategy much moie effective.

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Youi website is the piimaiy platfoim of youi online business. It helps suppoit
anu expanu youi social meuia piesence. 0nfoitunately, many maiketeis believe
that social meuia maiketing is all they neeu to achieve goou iesults. They fail
putting enough emphasis on the impoitance of a functional website. The two
elements, howevei, neeu to woik alongsiue each othei.

No mattei how poweiful youi social meuia maiketing stiategy is, it shoulu nevei
completely ieplace a website. 0nlike Facebook, Twittei anu othei platfoims
contiolleu by uistant coipoiations, youi website is the place you own anu
manage the way you want to. Keep youi website up to uate anu focus on uiiving
customeis fiom Facebook anu Twittei to it, not the othei way aiounu.

Bon't foiget that successful social meuia piesence is achieveu thiough
consistency anu uaily effoit. You neeu to engage youi auuience anu keep these
people inteiesteu to benefit fiom the ielationship-builuing expeiience social
meuia offei.

Foi moie auvice on social meuia maiketing http:¡¡
visit the expeits at Paikei Bouse, Nansfielu Roau, Beiby. Be21 4SZ. u1SS2