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This study encompasses the study of organization from multiple viewpoints, methods, and
levels of analysis. It states how people as individuals and as groups act within organizations
which involves the study of the structure and functioning of its department. Organizing or
organization is one of the important functions of the management. Generally, the entire
organization is different but, they have certain common features. They are group of people
linked together by formal and informal relationship, in hierarchical order that is engaged in
co-operative activities and everyone has identical boundaries. So the study of people in
organization is important for future mangers.
Whenever people interact in organization, many factors come into play. This studies
attempt to understand and model these factors. Like all modernist social sciences, this
organizational study also seek to control, predict, and explain. It is vital to study the structure
and functioning of successful organization so they will guide directorial towards successful
and profitable functioning.
The swift changes in the field of science and technology has revolutionized the
organizational system. Such changes have become inevitable to achieve the basic objective of
the firm. Organizational functioning is an important factor for any organization to achieve the
desired goals and objectives. This requires co-ordination at all levels for smooth functioning.
This report aims to understand the function of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS relation.

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1.2 Scope of the Study:
The study is being conducted for FYRSTA INNOVATIONS, and this study tells us
an overall view of organization and functions carried out by different departments like
Manufacturing, Maintenance, Marketing, Human resources, Sales and Finance etc...
1.3 Objective of the Study:
The organizational study was carried out at FYRSTA INNOVATIONS ( INDIA) PVT LTD
to achieve the following specific objectives:
1. To understand the organizational framework and its functioning.
2. To understand how the key business processes are carried out in an organization.
3. To gain knowledge about different departments of the organizational and the
4. To study the interdependence of different departments.
5. To understand the growth and diversification strategies, portfolio structure of the
6. To study overall performance of the organization.
7. To make a SWOT analysis of the organization.
1.4 Limitations:
a) There were difficulties in obtaining data from executives and managers due to their
busy work schedule.
b) An in-depth study of the company could not be carried out due to shortage of time.
c) The reliability of data used for study is largely depends upon the companies reports
and the information given by executives.
d) The company has the limitation to disclose their financial details, so a detailed
analysis of financial performance of the company is not possible.

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1. Founder : Siddharth Nair
2. Type :Privately Held
3. Company Size :11-50 employees
4. Website :
5. Industry : Health care /pharma
6. Founded :2011
7. Headquarters :Chennai
About Fyrsta Innovations India Private Limited
Fyrsta Innovations India Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 08 October
2013. It is classified as Indian Non-Government Company and is registered at Registrar of
Companies, Coimbatore. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 1000000 and its paid up capital is
Rs. 1000000.
About Fyrsta Innovations India Private Limited
Fyrsta Innovations India Private Limited is a Private Company incorporated on 08 October
2013. It is classified as Indian Non-Government Company and is registered at Registrar of
Companies, Coimbatore. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 1000000 and its paid up capital is
Rs. 1000000. Fyrsta Innovations India Private Limited's Annual General Meeting (AGM)
was last held on N/A and as per records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its
balance sheet was last filed on N/A.

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Fyrsta will be the most credible system providing systematic and innovative technological
solutions which would lead to important novel transformation initiatives globally. Also
provide a big platform to young Engineers to showcase their talent and prove themselves to
the world.
Become a creditable globally acknowledged enterprise for our valuable client and become a
Innovative and Technologically advanced Engineering powerhouse with International Quality
Designs to serve the world and make it a better place to live.

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ReLive E
- Electrotherapy
- Variable Intensities
- Single Fixed Frequency
- LED Indications
- Disposable Electrode (2 Sets)
- Standard Electrode(Optional)

ReLive NL
- Phototherapy
- Fixed wavelengths
- Variable Intensities
- Single Fixed Frequency
- LED Indications
- Standard LED Pad
- Customized LED Pad (Optional)
ReLive NMV
- Combination of Electrotherapy and Vibrotherapy
- Variable Intensities
- Single Fixed Programmable Frequency
- LED Indications
- Disposable Electrode (2 Sets)
- Standard Electrode + Standard Vibropad

- Phototherapy, Electrotherapy and Vibrotherapy
- Fixed Wavelengths
- Variable Intensities
- Re- Programmable Frequency
- LED Indications
- Standard LED Pad
- Standard Electrode + Vibropad
- Disposable Electrode (2Sets)

ReLive Stroke
- Customized device (NMVL) for stroke patients.
- Variable Intensities
- Re-Programmable
- LED Indications
- Standard Electrode + Vibropad
- Customized Electrode (Optional)
- Disposable Electrode (5 Sets)
ReLive Ultimate
- Phototherapy, Electrotherapy and Vibrotherapy
- Customized Wavelengths
- Variable Intensities
- Multiple & Re-Programmable Frequency
- LCD Display
- Battery Operated

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Job description
Designation - customer associate
Reporting - store manager
Location - Delhi
Eligibility - any graduate or final year appearing student
Additional requirements excellent communication skills
- Pleasing personality
The profile of a customer associate at a FYRSTA INNOVATIONS, store would
Include the following operations
1. Selling up selling, cross selling.
2. Replenishment
3. Visual merchandising
4. Cashiering
5. Inventory management
6. Report generating
Working relationships:
Store Manager, Other store staff,
Retail Operations team of the Region

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Consumers, Promotion Agencies.
Role expected at the store-
A Team player with a Can Do & Will Do attitude
Willingness to Learn
Excellent communication skills
High degree of interpersonal skills
High energy and enthusiasm
Flexibility of relocation
Interest in Retail as a career option
Pay emoluments Rs 10,000 12,000 per month CTC + sales incentives based on targets at
the store + medical reimbursement of Rs 9000 for a period of 3 years. + Rs. 10,000
reimbursement on all the FYRSTA products in 1 year.
BE THE ENGINEER is the career progression given to all the associates who have been
good performers consistently & completed their 2 years of experience, out of which 1 year
with FYRSTA ltd is compulsory.
In this test all the eligible candidates have to undergo assessment at 2 levels regional &
national. The candidates clearing the rounds in both the levels are eligible to become store
managers after 6 months of OJT (on the job training). Thereafter the ladder of the success is
performance based, depending on which the person can become area retail manager, area
sales manager & so on.

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Mr.Siddarth Nair
(Managing Director)
Mr . Vishal
(Executive Director)
Naresh Kumar .R
(Exectuive Director)
Nageeswar A.S
(Executive Director)
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Fyrsta is constantly looking for young and talented individuals who are looking for a great
opportunity in the lifestyle sector. A healthy working environment and a professional work
culture characterize the company.
Fyrsta is focused on offering its employees an excellent work experience.
New employees will get an exposure to the latest technology and ERP systems.
Your career at Fyrsta will grow with different products and brands and you will get
opportunities to work in different regions of the country.
The work culture will encourage every employee to offer the best customer service
and assistance.
Designers can also explore a career in this company.
Employees with outstanding performance will get promoted easily and gain an edge
over the other employees.
Experimentation and innovation are the key reasons for the success of Fyrsta.
With so much to learn, your career at Fyrsta will take a new turn.
The following are the positions you can apply for:
Marketing manager
Design specialist

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2.5 Company Landmark's and Awards
FYRSTA has won numerous awards for its quality, marketing and product excellence
from Tata Young Innovator Award 2014 for new invention for society .
Received Young Entrepreneur award from CNN
Achieved CE Certification in manufacturing Bio medical Equipment
Received Calibration Certification From Thomson Labs
Received Best Design Award From IIT Roorkee

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3.1 Purchase Department
Since the company is exporting its product to European Countries it should meet out CE and
ROHS compliance so the components has to be purchased in following specification
EC- Declaration of Conformity
The DoC is where you make the required statement of conformity of your product with all
applicable EC directives. Its the manufacturer that issues a DoC, not the test house or
Notified Body. The DoC is a liability statement, and must be founded on solid proof of
compliance, such as a conformity certificate from a test house, or a test report issued by ce-

3.2 Production Department
Quality control inspectors make sure that everything from raw materials to finished products
meets quality and safety standards specified in the purchasing documentation. All production
processes, whether large or small, require elements of quality control and all inspection and
testing is carried out to specified requirements that have been agreed between the purchaser
and the supplier.
Quality control inspectors normally work in a laboratory, workshop or office. They visit the
factory floor to take samples of products and inspect production, and to discuss problems
with colleagues.
They also inspect products purchased by their company from suppliers and maintain records
of supplier performance. This data is important in helping suppliers to improve their
performance and for making decisions regarding which suppliers can be relied on to meet
specified requirements,
Inspectors regularly check and test samples of a product, as it would be impractical to test
every single item that leaves a factory or workshop.

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3.3 Human resource department
Your Companys unique talent brand Building Winning Businesses. Building Business
Leaders. Creating Value for India backed by its strong corporate equity, has enabled the
attraction and retention of high quality talent. This talent pool and its strong alignment with
Companys Vision, has contributed to enhancing your Companys standing as one of Indias
most valuable corporations. The innovative engagement initiatives with premier campuses
and effective use of social media has enabled your Company showcase the career and
leadership opportunities available and has attracted both high quality entry-level talent from
premier technology and management institutes as well as talent from the market for middle
and senior-level opportunities. Your Companys unique Management Trainee programme has
over the years, developed a robust talent and leadership pipeline that has enabled rapid
growth of existing businesses and entry into new businesses as well. In addition, your
Companys comprehensive talent development strategy has enabled the enhancement of the
competitive capability of each business. Your Company believes that the achievement of its
growth objectives will depend largely on the ability to innovate continuously, connect closely
with the customer, and create and deliver superior and unmatched customer.
value. Towards this end, your Company has assiduously built a culture of continuous
learning, innovation and collaboration across the organization by providing cutting-edge
learning and development inputs to its employees, along with a judicious blend of coaching,
mentoring and on the job training. Your Company has been able to galvanize its human
resource to become more agile, leverage change, stay ahead of competition and win in the
market. Your Companys human resource management systems and processes are designed
to empower employees and enable them adopt innovative approaches to creating enduring
value. These processes aim to create a responsive, customer-centric and market-focused
culture that enhances organisational capability and vitality, so that each business is
internationally competitive and equipped to exploit emerging market opportunities. The
strategy of organization lays great emphasis on developing and supporting distributed
leadership and this has ensured that each of your Companys businesses is managed by a
team of competent, passionate and inspiring leaders, capable of building an organization
anchored in a culture of learning, innovation and world-class execution. Your Companys
performance management system has been instrumental in creating a strong performance
culture. Your Company firmly believes that alignment of all employees to a shared vision and
purpose is vital to win in the market. Your Company also recognizes the mutuality of
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interests of key stakeholders and is committed to building harmonious employee relations.
During the year under review, your Company successfully conclude long-term agreements at
several of its manufacturing
units and hotel properties and also ensured smooth commencement of operations at green
field locations. The collaborative spirit across all sections of employees has resulted in
significant enhancement in quality and productivity, further bolstered by continuous
investment in contemporary management practices and manufacturing systems. Your
Companys human resource believes that the drive for progress is in being never satisfied
with the status quo. Your Company is confident that every one of its over 200 employees will
relentlessly strive to deliver world-class performance, innovate newer and better ways of
doing things, uphold human dignity and foster team spirit and discharge their role as
trustees of all stakeholders with true faith and allegiance. Your Company is committed to
perpetuate this vitality of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) its growth in physical terms
and also its growth as a great institution so that your Company will continue to grow and
succeed in its never-ending pursuit of value creation.

Fyrsta Privacy policies:
1) FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) Limited welcomes you to its website and looks
forward to be a meaningful interaction with you.
2) FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited respects your right to privacy. Any
personal information that you share with us, like your name, date of birth, address,
marital status, telephone number, credit card particulars and the like shall be entitled
to privacy and kept confidential
3) FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited assures you that your personal
information shall not be used/ disclosed by it, save for the purpose of doing the
intended business with you, or if required to be disclosed under the due process of
4) FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited assures you that in the event of your
personal information being shared with its subsidiaries, business associates etc, such
sharing of information shall be for the purpose of doing the intended business with
5) FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited reserves its rights to collect, analyze and
disseminate aggregate site usage patterns of all its visitors with a view to enhancing
services to its visitors. This includes sharing the information with its subsidiaries, and
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business associates as a general business practice.
6) In the course of its business FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited may hold on-
line contests and surveys as permitted by law and it reserves its right to use and
disseminate the information so collected to enhance its services to the visitors. This
shall also include sharing the information with its subsidiaries and business associates
as a general business practice.

7) If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy issues, please do not
hesitate to contact FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited at
8) While FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited assures you that it will do its best
to ensure the privacy and security of your personal information, it shall not be
responsible in any manner whatsoever for any violation or misuse of your personal
information by unauthorized persons consequent to misuse of the internet
9) Cookies: - To personalize your experience on our website or to support one of our
promotions, we may assign your computer browser a unique random number called a
cookie. "Cookies" enhance website performance in important ways like personalizing
your experience, or making your visit more convenient. Your privacy and security are
not compromised when you accept a "cookie" from our website. FYRSTA
INNOVATIONS INDIA Ltd. does not use cookies to collect personal information.
"Cookies" cannot read data from your computers hard disk or read cookie files from
other websites
10) FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited reserves its rights to revise this privacy
policy from time to time at its discretion with a view to making the policy more users
11) In the design of our website, we have taken care to draw your attention to this privacy
policy so that you are aware of the terms under which you may decide to share your
personal information with us. Accordingly, should you choose to share your personal
information with us, FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA Limited will assume that you
have no objections to the terms of this privacy policy.

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Policy on Human Rights

FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA believes that all its employees must live with social and
economic dignity and freedom, regardless of nationality, gender, race, economic status or
religion. In the management of its businesses and operations therefore, FYRSTA
INNOVATIONS INDIA ensures that it upholds the spirit of human rights as enshrined in
existing international standards such as the Universal Declaration and the Fundamental
Human Rights Conventions of the ILO.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA upholds international human rights standards, does not
condone human rights abuses, and creates and nurtures a working environment where human
rights are respected without prejudice.
The Corporate Human Resources function of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA is
responsible for the Human Rights Policy design, implementation and updation.
The policy is implemented at all locations of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA through a set
of separate policies and procedures covering each of the main constituents of human rights
applicable at the workplaces.
Monitoring & Audit
The assessment procedures for different constituents of this policy are defined against each
specific policy.
Consideration of Human Rights Impacts Across the Supply Chain
As a large and multi-product enterprise whose products are benchmarked nationally and
internationally, FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's main supply chains can be grouped as
For all its operations, technology, machinery and equipment are sourced from reputed and
globally benchmarked suppliers/vendors who are expected to follow internationally accepted
norms and standards on human rights.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's major businesses are vertically integrated across several
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Divisions. A substantial part of the supply chain is therefore internal through strategic
backward linkages. Common values relating to human rights performance are shared across
this supply chain.
Being a major bio medical-based company, the agriculture sector is a major supplier of inputs
for its operations. The bulk of bio medical commodities are procured from state controlled
trading platforms and the open market.
A very small proportion of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA business consists of supply
chains comprising local vendors and suppliers. The policy framework for such entities is
enunciated separately in 'Policy to Ensure Respect for Human Rights across the Supply
Policy to Ensure Respect for Human Rights Policy across the Supply Chain
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA provides products and services of superior quality and
value by sourcing its technologies, equipment and inputs from reputed international and
Indian manufacturers and suppliers. Common values, relating to human rights performance,
are shared across the entire supply chain because FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA is
committed to the importance of a socially responsible and accountable supply chain.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA nurtures an internal working environment which respects
human rights without prejudice. Likewise, it expects its business partners to establish a
human rights compliant business environment at the workplace.
The responsibility for implementation of this policy rests with the Divisional Chief Executive
of the concerned business and the Unit Manager. The policy is communicated internally
through policy manuals and intranet portals, and externally by the HR personnel of concerned
units to vendors/suppliers.
Monitoring & Audit
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA has established a policy intent for mapping/monitoring
progress and performance of existing and potential vendors/suppliers on human rights
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Policy to Prevent Discrimination at Workplace
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA acknowledges that every individual brings a different and
unique set of perspectives and capabilities to the team. A discrimination-free workplace for
employees provides the environment in which diverse talents can bloom and be nurtured.
This is achieved by ensuring that a non-discrimination policy and practice is embedded
across the Company in line with corporate principles and benchmarked business practices.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's approach to its human resources is premised on the
fundamental belief in fostering meritocracy in the organisation which, pari passu, promotes
diversity and offers equality of opportunity to all employees. FYRSTA INNOVATIONS
(INDIA) does not engage in or support direct or indirect discrimination in recruitment,
compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on caste,
religion, disability, gender, age, race, colour, ancestry, marital status or affiliation with a
political, religious, or union organization or minority group.
The policy is communicated to all employees through induction programmes, policy manuals
and intranet portals.
The custodian of this policy is the head of each operational unit and Divisional Chief
Executives of the respective business.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's complaints resolution procedure is premised on the
freedom of employees to approach higher officials beyond his/her immediate superior. For
the unionized employees, compliance of the policy is ensured through a robust grievance
handling procedure and the presence of a union that brings violations to the notice of the unit
HR head
Monitoring & Auditing
The accountability for the application of the non-discrimination employment policy rests with
the Unit Head who reviews anti-discriminatory complaints annually or on a case-by-case
The Corporate Human Resources function conducts non-discrimination reviews annually on
a sample basis with unit heads and through on-site assessments.
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Policy on Freedom of Association
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's culture is characterized by cooperative relationships
and high employee involvement that relies on building partnerships and interdependence.
Adhering to these principles has helped build, sustain and strengthen harmonious employee
relations in the organisation.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) respects the employees' right to organize themselves
into interest groups as initiatives of the workers, independent from supervision by the
management. In keeping with the spirit of this Policy, employees are not discriminated
against for exercising this right.
The policy is comunicated to all employees through induction programmes, policy manuals
and intranet portals.
The custodian of this policy is the HR head of each operational unit who reports directly to
Unit Head on such issues.
The actualisation of this policy is evident from the joint agreements and minutes that are
signed between the union and the management.
Monitoring & Audit
Each FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) Unit has appropriate systems and checks to ensure
compliance with the Policy and statutory provisions, including means for filing of grievances,
collective bargaining agreements and minutes from worker meetings.
Compliance with the Policy is regularly monitored by Divisional and Corporate HR.
Policy Prohibiting Child Labour and Preventing Forced Labour from Workplace
The foundation of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's "No Child or Forced Labour policy"
is based on the Company's commitment to find practical, meaningful and culturally
appropriate responses to support the elimination of such labour practices. It thus endorses the
need for appropriate initiatives to progressively eliminate these a buses.

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FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) does not employ any person below the age of eighteen
years in the workplace.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) prohibits the use of forced or compulsory labour at all
its units. No employee is made to work against his/her will or work as bonded/forced labour,
or subject to corporal punishment or coercion of any type related to work.
This policy is publicly available throughout the Company and clearly communicated to all
employees in a manner in which it can be understood through induction programmes, policy
manuals and intranet portals.
The responsibility for the implementation of the policy rests with the Units HR Department
and the security staff who do not permit underage persons to enter the factory as workers.
Employment contracts and other records documenting all relevant details of the employees,
including age, are maintained at all units and are open to verification by any authorized
personnel or relevant statutory body.
Compliance with the policy is evident in the transparent system of recruitment and the policy
of exit interviews which are undertaken by a manager not directly connected with the
employee. For the unionised employees, compliance is also ensured through a robust
grievance handling procedure and the presence of a union that brings violations to the notice
of the unit HR head.
Monitoring & Audit
Sample checks of the records are undertaken annually by Corporate Human Resources
Audit and assessment is undertaken annually by Corporate Internal Audit and the
Environment, Occupation Health and Safety function.
Policy on Information and Consultation on Changes
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's core values support an employee engagement process
that aligns its employees with a shared vision and purpose of the Company in the belief that
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every individual brings a different perspective and capability to the team. FYRSTA
INNOVATIONS (INDIA) thus harnesses the creative potential of all its employees by
promoting a culture of partnerships to unleash relevant synergies between different groups of
All major changes in operations involving work processes, manning norms and other
productivity linked issues are carried out after discussions with the employees and the
recognized unions at each location.
Business plans are shared with employees at all units through a series of formal
communication meetings, and through the intranet portals. Unionised employees at the
concerned units are informed of all major changes well in advance through their
The responsibility for the implementation of the policy rests with the Unit's HR Department
in the case of unionized employees and with the concerned Divisional Management
Committees for other employees.The employees are given enough time to consider the
implications of change and an opportunity to discuss their apprehensions, if any, with the
The Policy is actualised through consultative meetings with representatives of employees,
culminating in joint minutes/agreements.
HIV/AIDS: Policy Guidelines
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) is committed to providing a safe and healthy work
environment to all its employees. These policy guidelines on HIV/AIDS are an endorsement
of this commitment and, in particular, of the Company's commitment to specific programmes
and actions in response to the HIV epidemic.
The Company's position is based on scientific and epidemiological evidence that people with
HIV/AIDS do not pose a risk of transmission of the virus to co-workers by casual, non-sexual
contact in the normal work setting.
P a g e | 24

Policy Guidelines
The Company's policies on HIV/AIDS with regard to its employees will, at a minimum,
comply with all relevant Central and State legislation and the Company will implement all
policies and directions of the Government regarding HIV/AIDS whenever issued.
Prevention through Awareness
The Company will provide to all its employees sensitive, accurate and the latest information
about risk reduction strategies in their personal lives, with the objectives of reducing the
stigma of HIV/AIDS, encouraging safe behaviour and improving understanding of treatment.
Safe and Healthy Workplace
The Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to all its employees. It
is the Company's objective that employees will have access to health services to prevent and
manage HIV/AIDS.
The Company will not discriminate against any employee infected by HIV/AIDS with regard
to promotions, training and other privileges and benefits as applicable to all employees.
A HIV positive employee will be allowed to continue to work in his/her job unless
Medical conditions interfere with the specific job being done, in which case reasonable
alternative working arrangements will be made; or The employee is incapacitated to perform
his/her duties and is declared medically unfit by a medical doctor, in which case the
employee will be assisted to rehabilitate himself/herself outside the Company.
The Company will not make pre-employment HIV/AIDS screening mandatory as part of its
fitness to work assessment. Screening of this kind refers to direct methods (HIV testing),
indirect methods (assessment of risk behaviour), and questions about HIV tests already
taken.HIV/AIDS test will not be part of the annual health check-ups unless specifically
requested for by an employee.
Voluntary testing for HIV/AIDS when requested for by the employee, will be carried out by
private or community health services and not at the workplace.There will no obligation on the
part of the employees to inform the Company about their clinical status in relation to
P a g e | 25

HIV/AIDSInformation on clinical diagnosis of an employees' status in terms of his/her
HIV/AIDS status if advised to the Company, will be kept strictly confidential.
3.4 Marketing department
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) had launched nearly all the products range off
Bio Medical equipment ; they are very aggressive in their distribution of such products. The
existing network of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA.
The pricing of the FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) manufacturing division depends
upon the Customers demand schedule, the cost function and the competitors price. The
pricing of the company is such that it caters to the need of all income groups of people but
special provision has been kept for Low and middle income group, and their pricing are
competitive with respect to other players like Siemens, Toshiba, Philips . The company
follows the Going rate pricing that is the price of the product depends upon the competitors
price. The firm chooses pricing more or less the same as Market leader
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) Promotional activities
A particular budget is allocated for the promotion of the products, the local promotion
scheme is decided by the Area Sales Manager, it give its suggestion to the District office and
that is forwarded to the Head Quarter in Chennai .In another promotional scheme for Bio
medical Equipment maintain ace a particular number of cases is given free service according
to the amount of sale they make, this was a drop down promotion
Buoyed by a strong distribution network FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) is likely to
retain its market share in the bio medical equipment. the ban on advertisements is likely to
work in favour of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) thanks to the recall factor.
P a g e | 26

BCG Matrix

Question mark

cosmetic equipments
bio waste management
Cash cow

bio medical equipment

fyrsta infotech

P a g e | 27

3.5 Finance Department :
Finance plays a vital role in organization since the company was established in 2013
Currently company doesn't have any financial statement company using Tally 9.1 ERP for
filing the accounts and Capital invested in company is Rupees100000 by the Directory and
company is planning to raise its share capital by angel investors .
3.6 Research & Development
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) is committed to delivering world-class products and
services. This requires a clear focus on continuously striving to create a higher value to
customers by achieving excellence in all Company's operations. Business excellence calls for
a passionate focus on technology, products, services, processes and an operating environment
firmly anchored to an impregnable foundation of Quality.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) firmly believes that quality is not a specifically
assignable task. It needs to be firmly rooted and institutionalized in the culture and value
system of the Company. FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) nurtures a culture of striving
for continuous improvement in quality, be it in products, services, systems or performance.
The Company is committed to the establishment of systems and processes to promote
organisational creativity and innovation.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's development of its Integrated Quality Management
System (IQMS) is based on its strong foundation of implementing ISO 9001:2000, ISO
14001, Likewise, FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's strategic initiatives for developing its
people have been based on participative management concepts like QC (Quality Control),
TQM (Total Quality Management), KSS (Kaizen Suggestion Scheme), 5S, Six Sigma.
(PQRS). The Leaf Tobacco and Printing & Packaging businesses have achieved world-class
ratings in the 'International Quality Rating System' (IQRS) for business excellence in which
key processes are rated against international benchmarks and certified by accredited 'third
party' independent assurance providers.

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FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's Research & Development Centres

At FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's Research & Development Centres at Chennai
,Australia, Dubai . Siddharth Nair and Nagesswar , the Company has assembled a pool of
world-class scientists focused on providing the requisite r&d support to its established and
new businesses enabling the Company to consistently attain internationally benchmarked
quality standards and constantly offer product innovations.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) r&d Centre at Chennai provides systemized service to
the entire range of FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA 's businesses through Product
Technology Cells, Common Service Modules, Advanced Research Initiatives and
networking with national and international r&d centres.
Product Technology Cells (PTCs) are product-specific. Each PTC caters to the needs of the
businesses through Market Intelligence, Product Testing & PQRS services, Prototyping
services through advanced pilot plants, flavour and fragrance development services, periodic
audit of factory quality systems and Product Knowledge and Training Workshops.
PTCs assist businesses through sensory evaluations by highly trained and specialised
panelists. Common service modules like Packaging and Advanced Analytical labs offer their
services across all businesses.
P a g e | 29

FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) r&d Centres are manned by highly qualified and trained
scientists specialised in their fields. The labs and pilot plants have ultra modern, state-of-the-
art testing and prototyping facilities. The laboratory at Chennai has obtained accreditation
from ISO 17025 for key testing protocols.
FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) Corporate r&d located in Bengaluru undertakes research
programs for multiple FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) businesses built on a common set
of core competencies. The initial sets of core competency areas identified are: Plant
Breeding and Genetics, Agronomy, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Silviculture, Cell
Biology, Proteomics, Genomics, Biochemistry and Ingredient Sciences. The facility aims
to create 'Centres of Excellence' in these areas.
Consumer buying decision
The main driver in attracting the consumers is Quality of the product itself with
nearly65% of the people surveyed citing it as the main criterion for choosing the product,
followed by past experience of the consumer with the brand (17.6%). Price was third criterion
with a percentage of 11.7% of the people surveyed gave importance during buying. An
effective advertisement will attract more and more customer to buy, helps in the brand and
image formation, and informative in telling the USP of the product.

P a g e | 30



P a g e | 31

The following points on customer buying behavior shows the internal and external
factors affecting the market opportunities for FYRSTA INNOVATIONS INDIA . This
SWOT analysis also shows TC internal strengths such as their experienced management team
, a competitive product line, a global marketing realm, and the continuous efforts by their
research and development to research trends in the industry and to be creative in exploiting
the trends, some possible opportunities noted in the SWOT analysis are the growing market
for specializes advanced technology in reducing size of equipments .
Although FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) has many strengths, a few weakness
lie in the fact that the company . A few of the threats must stay aware of reliability of its
product line, the almost pure competition in pricing for is products, and the quickness of
technological advances causing existing products to be no longer the most advanced.
1. Strengths
Management: Experienced, broad base of interests and knowledge.
Product line: Unique, customized solution, competitive price and convenient.
Marketing: Diverse and global awareness.
Personnel: International , diverse positions.
International ,diverse positions: High sales revenue, high sale growth, large capital base.
Manufacturing: Low cost and liabilities due to outsourcing of bottling.
Research and development: Continuous efforts to research trends an reinforce creatively.
P a g e | 32

Consumer/social: Huge market in the healthy products and growing market for specialize d
foods for ethnic groups.
Competitive: Distinctive name , product and packaging in with regards to its market.
Technological: internet promotion such as banner ads and keywords can increase their sales,
and more computerized manufacturing and ordering processes can increase their efficiency.
Economic: Consumer income is high, more tend to eat out, convenience is important to U.S.
2. Weakness
Management: Large size may lead to conflicting interests.
Product line: New products have no existing customer base , generic brands can ,make
similar product cheaper
Market: May lose focus, may not be segmented enough.
Personnel: Possible conflicts due to so many people, possible trouble staying focused.
Finance: High expenses may have trouble balancing cash-flows of such a large operation.
R&D: May concentrate too much on existing products, entrepreneurial ship may be
Consumer/ social: More expensive products than Philips, such a high price may limit lower
income families from buying an FYRSTA INNOVATIONS (INDIA) product.
Competitive: Not entirely patentable, constant replicability by competitors.
Technological: Computer brake downs viruses and hackers can reduce effieciency and must
constantly update products or other competitors will be more advanced.
P a g e | 33

Economics: Very elastic demand , almost pure completion.
3. Opportunities:.
Entry into Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
Collaboration with foreign players because of a national brand.
An opportunity to diversify its operations in e. retailing.
As company of India can go globally.
4. Threats:
Employee shortage and attrition due to rapid growth in the holl market.
Impact of slowdown in consumer spends to be felt in FMCG market.
Opening up of economy for free entry of foreign players.
P a g e | 34

4.2 McKinsey 7S framework

Most of us grew up learning about the 4Ps of the marketing mix: product, price, place,
promotion . And this model still works when the focus is on product marketing. However
most developed economies have moved on, with an ever-increasing focus service businesses,
and therefore service marketing. To better represent the challenges of service marketing,
McKinsey developed a new framework for analyzing and improving organizational
effectiveness, the7s model: The 3Ss across the top of the model are described as Hard Ss:
Strategy: The direction and scope of the company over the long term.
P a g e | 35

Structure: The basic organization of the company, its departments, reporting lines, areas
of expertise, and responsibility( and how they interrelate).
Systems: Formal and informal procedures that govern everyday activity, covering
everyday activity, covering everything from management information systems at the
point of contact with the customer (retail systems, call centre systems, online systems,
The 4Ss across the bottom of the model are less tangible, more cultural in nature, and
were termed Soft Ss by McKinsey:
Skills: The capabilities and competencies that exist within the company. What it does
Shared Values: The values and beliefs of the company. Ultimately they guide employees
towards valued behavior.
Style: The leadership approach of top management and the companys overall operating
In combination they provide another effective framework for analyzing the organization
and its activities. In marketing- led company they can be used to explore the extent to which
the company is working coherently towards a distinctive and motivating place in the mind of

P a g e | 36

4.3 Findings:
Comparative Study of Brands
Poor firms ignore their competitors; Average firms copy their competitors; Winning firms lead their
Competition can be defined as A market in which rival sellers are trying to gain extra business at one
another's expense and thus are forced both to be as efficient as possible and to hold their prices
down as much as possible.Competitors, on the other hand are, those firms or individuals who seek
to satisfy the same customers or 14 customer needs and offer similar products or services,
close substitutes or brands to them . CP inner circle mainly consists of international brands like
philips,toshibha,seimens which majorly cater to the same target segment as Fyrsta and thus count as
competitors for the brand. Since Fyrsta is a complete customized solution with its brand RELIVE.
Actual Competitors
Philips, Siemens ,Toshibha .
Fyrsta Innovations private limited can concentrate R&D since the medical field is wide and
can introduce low cost equipment. to make the revenue into the organization company can
focus on bio medical equipment servicing to improve its capital

P a g e | 37


P a g e | 38

Your Companys Board and employees are inspired by the Vision of sustaining FYRSTA
INNOVATIONS INDIA s position as one of Indias most admired and valuable companies,
creating enduring value for all stakeholders, including the shareholders and the Indian
society. Your Company has created multiple drivers of growth by developing a portfolio of
world-class businesses Each business within the portfolio is continuously engaged in
upgrading strategic capability to effectively address the challenge of growth in an
increasingly competitive market scenario. Effective management of diversity enhances your
Companys adaptive capability and provides the intrinsic ability to effectively manage
business risk. The vision of enlarging your Companys contribution to the Indian economy is
manifest in the creation of unique business models that foster international competitiveness of
not only its businesses but also the entire value chain of which they are a part. Inspired by
this Vision, driven by Values and powered by internal Vitality, your Directors and employees
look forward to the future with confidence and stand committed to creating an even brighter
future for all stakeholders.

P a g e | 39

4. Marketing management by Philip Kotler millennium edition " BCG matrix " page no 176.