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This report has been prepared for partial fulfillment of 14 weeks internship period for
MBA program. Organizational attachment. During the organizational attachment
period the report named Competency Based o! Ana"ys#s and Pe$%o$mance
&ana'ement o% Non(&ed#ca" )ta%% at Apo""o Hosp#ta"s* D+a,a.- was assigned b
Mr. Debashish !aha" D#M$%& 'e() at A%D 'Apollo %ospitals Dhaka) and appro*ed
b institution super*isor !ed Alamgir +afar at ,BA " -ni*ersit of Dhaka.
As being one of the biggest hospitals in Bangladesh" Apollo %ospitals Dhaka is at the
forefront of medical technolog and e(pertise and pro*ides a complete range of the
latest diagnostic" medical and surgical facilities for the care of its patients. The
hospital is ha*ing all the characteristics of a world$class hospital with wide range of
ser*ices and specialists" e.uipment" / technolog" ambience and ser*ice .ualit.
But the .ualit of a hospital ser*ice is not defined b the appearance of its facilit.
&ather the ser*ice .ualit depends more on the sincerit of the hospital and its human
resources to ser*e the patients.
,n Bangladesh" the health care sector is not et de*eloped. A large number of people
go abroad for treatment due to low .ualit of medical facilities in Bangladesh. And
the main target market of Apollo %ospitals Dhaka is the people who want to get world
class treatment inside the countr with affordable cost.
To ensure the proper customer satisfaction" the hospital management has to emplo
the right people in right place. 0rior to this a detailed 1ob Analsis is almost essential.
2ith +ob Descriptions and a sophisticated +ob 3*aluation sstem" management will
be able to recruit and determine pa le*els better" determine the tpes of training the
hospital staff should go on and ha*e a basis to appraise them. +ob Descriptions
furnished b business units are current and accurate so that the +ob 3*aluation
e(ercise will produce the desired outcome. 2ith proper +ob documentation" %& will
be able to integrate their initiati*es towards the personal and career de*elopment of
emploees. #reater organizational efficienc can be e(pected when e*erone is clear
about their roles" responsibilities" and accountabilities to the 4ompan.
As , was emploed as internee in %& department of Apollo %ospitals Dhaka" , had to
come in a close contact to this core %& process. The department along with the whole
hospital is in its embronic stage. There was a lots of area still une(plored. But as an
effecti*e and efficient +ob Analsis is the prere.uisite of the entire %& ccle" ,
decided to start working ob +ob Analsis. %ere , used competenc based +ob Analsis
and 0erformance Management stle under the super*ision of Mr. Debashish !aha"
D#M 5 %&. As , was and still am not so familiar with the literature" it pro*ided me
with a great learning opportunit. At the same time in course of preparing the +ob
Description" a general familiarit with hospital operation with its di*ersified work
force could be recognized. The areas" that need impro*ement" can also be addressed.
Being relati*el new organization" Apollo does not ha*e an stud as such" which
would help the hospital to de*elop %& !trateg for the better recruitment and
retention schedule. !o , think this report will help the organization as well as the %&
department to identif loopholes and impro*e performance. And at the same time ,
will be able to understand the %& practices in this industr and organization from a
close point of *iew.
, belie*e that a better understanding of the +ob Description and +ob !pecification
would help %& polic and decision makers to implement programs tailored to
organization6s needs and a*ailable %& .ualit as percei*ed b both internal and
e(ternal customers of %& department. , hope that the report will pla a role" no matter
how small" in de*eloping the %& practices for promoting and impro*ing the %uman
&esources a*ailable at Apollo %ospitals Dhaka
The ob1ecti*e of the internship program is to e(plore real life business situation to
business graduates so that the can utilize theoretical learning in the real life
situations. ,t helps internee students to integrate their four ears academic learning
with real life business problems. 7or this particular report" the ob1ecti*es are8
1. To re*iew all 1ob descriptions for the non$medical staff and finalize the format
of 1ob descriptions.
9. To identif the measurable performance standards of each designation.
:. To de*elop the performance appraisal format keeping the options for full
circle appraisal.
4. To de*elop a training program for the appraisers for introducing the new
appraisal sstem
1.1 )COPE OF )TUD2
The scope of the report is limited to the non medical categor of emploees in Apollo
%ospitals Dhaka. The medical side comprised of 4onsultant 0hsicians" ;urses and
paramedics are super*ised b the Medical !er*ice Department. The report co*ered the
administrati*e side of the hospitals. The co*ered departments are Accounting /
7inance" Billing" %&" Business De*elopment" Material" Operation and 3ngineering.
As being a relati*el new organization" all the information regarding the +ob
Analsis and 0erformance management is not readil a*ailable.
As the hospital is in almost at its beginning stage" there e(ist role conflict and
role ambiguit among the staff. !o the true picture of the 1ob is not so eas to
;o prior stud has been done in an section" so *er less number of
documents is a*ailable.
,n direct person to person inter*iew" it was not that con*enient to ha*e free
time from the person as e*erone is occupied with hospital de*elopment.
This report will be based upon .ualitati*e methods. This is tpe of case stud. A
method for learning about a comple( instance" based on a comprehensi*e
understanding of that instance" obtained b e(tensi*e description and analsis of the
instance" taken as a whole and in its conte(t. 4ase stud research is a time$honored"
traditional approach to the stud of topics in social science and management. ,n case
studies" in comparison" one is generalizing to a theor based on cases selected to
represent dimensions of that theor. ,n this pro1ect , tried to find out the applicabilit
of competenc based %& practice in Apollo %ospitals. Before doing the .ualitati*e
stud" a detailed background stud will be conducted. This background stud will
determine the current +ob Analsis scenario in Apollo %ospital. As the whole process
is not structured enough" this stud will be done through e(plorator and obser*ation
1.5.1 Academ#c "#te$at6$e $e7#e8
A detailed academic literature re*iew were done on 4ompetenc based
+ob Analsis process" Training manual preparation and 0erformance
Appraisal format designing.
1.5.. Re7#e8 o% e9#st#n' doc6ments #n HR depa$tment
As a totall new organization" A%D6s %& department lacks of
necessar documentation. The documents present in the department
from the beginning of hospital operation" will be studies thoroughl.
The ob1ecti*e is to become familiar with the %& operation and at the
same time sort out the impro*ing plan and program of the e(isting %&
1.5./ Inte$7#e8* Foc6s '$o6p and pane" d#sc6ss#on 8#t+ t+e emp"oyees
0rimar and secondar data were collected for preparing this report.
0rimar data were collected inter*iewing the emploees of different
le*els of different functional areas. !econdar data were collected from
*arious publications" *arious documents stated in written form and
other periodic publications.
,nter*iews will be conducted for the positions which are indi*idual in
nature. The6re usuall of e(ecuti*e categor. The are of managerial
positions and e(ecuti*e positions.
7ocus group research is based on facilitating an organized discussion
with a group of indi*iduals selected because the were belie*ed to be
representati*e of some class 'e(." the class of consumers of a product"
the class of *oters). Discussion is used to bring out insights and
understandings in was which simple .uestionnaire items ma not be
able to tap. 7ocus #roup discussion will be conducted for those
categories whose 1obs are more or less similar in nature. %ere 7ocus
#roup discussion is more appropriate as the emploees with similar
background and 1ob profile will depict their 1ob more profoundl while
the6re in a group.
1.5.1 )t$6ct6$ed :6est#onna#$e
7or collecting data from the non medical in Apollo %ospitals"
.uestionnaires will be used. The .uestionnaire will be based on
competenc based analsis Model. And will be targeted to the analsis
of obser*able occurrences. The respondents will be the non medical
staff of an le*el of A%D.
After preparing the draft .uestionnaire" a pre$test will be conducted.
Analzing the results of the pre$test" changes will be done in research
design and as well as in .uestionnaire" if re.uired.
After finalizing the .uestionnaire" inter*iew will be conducted among
the non medical staffs in Apollo %ospital. Based on the response" the
+ob analsis will be de*eloped.
The healthcare !cenario of Bangladesh resembles that of other countries in the ,ndian
subcontinent. The industr is a blend of go*ernment and pri*ate sector facilities" with
the go*ernment medical college hospitals and a few specialties institute on one end of
the spectrum and a network of basic" primar le*el of facilities on the other. The
pri*ate sector is largel disorganized" comprising of a large number of ;ursing
%omes" pro*iding primar and secondar le*el of health care. These ;ursing %omes
are se*erel limited in terms of range of facilities" ser*ices and e.uipment. ,n spite of
these drawbacks most pri*ate facilities ha*e high occupanc le*els" since patients
ha*e few other alternati*es. The .ualit of our medical ser*ices is still in .uestion and
is still in need of much de*elopment
,t is also found out that there ha*e been efforts to impro*e the health care deli*er
sstem in Bangladesh. The go*ernment as well as other non$go*ernment
organizations ha*e increasingl emphasized on the .ualit of care. ,n accordance with
the suggestions of the 2orld Bank" the new %ealth and 0opulation 0rogram of the
Ministr of %ealth and 7amil 2elfare 'MO%72)" which began operating in +ul
1<<=" has been tring to recommend a thorough organizational restructuring of the
entire sector with the aim of establishing health care ser*ices that meet international
A common obser*able fact in the health care ser*ices including both treatment and
diagnostic ser*ices is the lack of faith patients feel in their reliabilit. %ence man
prefer to tra*el to foreign countries for e*en small medical problems.
The health care industr is growing *er fast as there is huge market potential for the
sector. !ome competitors of Apollo are8
BIRDE& Hosp#ta"
This is a :<> bed multi$specialit %ospital which has established itself as the best
hospital of the countr and stands as a workable model in pri*ate sector. ,mportant
departments in addition to Diabetolog are 4ardiolog" ;eurolog" ;eurosurger" and
#astroenterolog. The hospital is now in the process of e(panding its bed capacit to
?1?. 0lans are also being implemented for e(pansion of 4oronar ,ntensi*e 4are -nit.
Ho"y Fam#"y ;Red C$escent< Hosp#ta"
This is a multi specialit hospital with :4@ bed and a nursing school" run b the
international &ed 4rescent !ocieties' &ed 4ross) due to lack of financial resources it
could complete onl ?>A construction e(pect for medical e.uipment" patient room
furnishing etc.
The hospital has first M&, set up in the countr. Appro(imatel it has 1>>> staff with
1<> phsiciansB ?>A are specialists and :91 nurses. The hospital is estimated to be
o*erstaffed b 9?A $ 4>A in specific areas. The a*erage length of sta is C 5 = das.
Ta+#$6nnessa &emo$#a" Cente$ 4#m#ted
This hospital is currentl under construction and is located close to the international
airport with capacit of => beds pri*ate for cardiolog" maternit and oncolog.
,nternational agencies like 2%O" -;,437 also pla an important role in the
healthcare sstem. The 2%O pro*ides a *ariet of technical assistance" supplies"
e.uipment and teaching material.
The ,nternational 4entre for Diarrhoeal Diseases &esearch" Bangladesh ',4DD&B)
deser*es special mention for the de*elopment of O&! in the late @>s. it is recognised
as a centre of e(cellence throughout the world. ,n addition to a high standard of
research in its field" its aid in epidemic control" training and dissemination of
There is a *er good potential for 4orporate %ospital offering a complete range of
high secondar care facilities. %owe*er in the recent ears" there has been an
increasing awareness among the medical communit and in*estors alike" that there is
a great potential in healthcare industr. As a result a number of new and e(panded
pro1ects are underwa in different stages of e(ecution. !ome important *entures are as
Cont#nenta" Hosp#ta"
4ontinental %ospital at #ulshan $$ is e(pected to be read for ser*ices b +une this
ear. The pro1ect in*ol*ing around D:@.? million is being 1ointl implemented b
-nited #roup of Bangladesh and E 0 + %ealthcare" Berhad" of Malasia.
):6a$e Hosp#ta"
4?>$bed !.uare %ospital managed and run b ThailandFs Bumrungrad %ospital
,nternational in cooperation with local !.uare %ospitals Gtd begins functioning in
+une. 4onstruction of the hospital on 0anthapath in*ol*ing an in*estment of D49
million is nearing completion.
Ame$#can Hosp#ta" Conso$t#6m
An American pri*ate healthcare giant has in*ested D :> million to pro*ide specialized
hospital ser*ices b the end of this ear. American %ospital 4onsortium llc 'A%4G)
en*isages use and e(pansion of the 1>$store building of Euwait Moitr %ospital and
other structures on its premises at !ector$C in -ttara" ling *acant for the last eight
Another 9>>$bed hospital is likel to open b mid$ne(t ear at ;ikun1a" -ttara" 1ointl
managed b 3scort %ospital of ,ndia and +apan$Bangladesh$7riendship$%ospital.
7oreign and local in*estment for the pro1ect is estimated at about Tk => crore.
-nder strict foreign management" the 1oint *enture hospitals will offer ser*ices
ranging from simple medical consultation to comple( brain" spine" bone" kidne" ee"
heart and e*en plastic surgeries b foreign doctors" enabling man Bangladeshi
patients to a*oid costl and troublesome trips to neighboring countries for treatment.
Apollo %ospital Dhaka at Bashundhara" the largest of :@ hospitals of ,ndiaFs Apollo
group" being built on a 4>>">>>$s.uare foot area is the largest commerciall$run
healthcare pro*ider in Asia. 7unded b local business group !T! %oldings and
managed b American staff" the 1>$store hospital with 4?> beds will also ha*e
facilities for handling helicopter ambulance. The hospital with the capacit of 4?>
beds will be able to meet onl 1>A of the current demand gap in the industr.
O*er two decades ago" the first brick was laid at Apollo 4hennai" the first corporate
hospital in ,ndia. !ince that momentous da" the Apollo #roup has ascended to a
position of leadership in healthcare across Asia and abroad.
Dri*en b the *ision of its 4hairman" Dr. 0.4. &edd" Apollo %ospitals has
transformed the landscape of healthcare in ,ndia. The group owns and manages :=
hospitals in and around ,ndia toda.
,t is the largest pri*ate healthcare pro*ider in Asia and the fourth largest in the world.
,n the ears since its modest beginning" Apollo has founded *arious group companies
to empower its flagship concern" Apollo %ospitals 3nterprise Gimited" to create a
healthcare powerhouse that has a leadership position in e*er sphere of healthcare it
has entered.
2ith nursing and hospital management colleges" pharmacies" diagnostic clinics"
medical transcription" third$part administration and telemedicine" Apollo6s leadership
status e(tends to all aspects of the healthcare spectrum.Apollo %ospitals #roup is the
acknowledged leader in bringing super specialt world$class healthcare to Asia.
/.1.1 APO44O HO)PITA4 GROUP at A G"ance
0atients @.4 million
Total ;umber of 3mploees o*er 1>>>>
Tota" N6m!e$ o% )6$'e$#es 9=>">>> ma1or H ?>>">>> minor
%eart !urgeries 4=">>> $ success rate of <=.?A
;euro !urgeries 1>"?:=
Total ;umber of &enal Transplants o*er ?>>>
Total ;umber of Master %ealth 4heck$ups :1?">>>
Tota" N6m!e$ o% Beds 414=
Owned Beds 94@1
Managed Beds 1C@@
Tota" N6m!e$ o% Hosp#ta"s 4?
Owned 1:
Managed 99
Tota" N6m!e$ o% C"#n#cs 1>
Tota" N6m!e$ o% P$o>ects :@
Owned 4
Managed ::
Tota" N6m!e$ o% P+a$mac#es @>
Hosp#ta"s 19
C"#n#c >4
4on*enios ',ndian Oil Outlets) 19
!tand Alone 49
The Apollo %ospitals mission began with the establishment of ,ndia6s first corporate
hospital in 4hennai in 1<=:. Toda Apollo %ospitals #roup is the single largest
healthcare pro*ider in Asia and commands leadership in pro*iding .ualit healthcare to
large number of nations in the Afro$Asian continent through :@ hospitals and C4>>
hospital beds.
The #o*ernment of ,ndia has declared Apollo %ospitals" ,ndia" a I4enter of 3(cellenceJ.
The Apollo %ospitals Delhi is one of the largest corporate hospitals in the region. The
#roup" with its uni.ue abilit of resource management and able deploment of
technolog and knowledge is now coming up with another international *enture in
Dhaka" Bangladesh.
F#' F#'? #lobal Map of Apollo %ospitals and Other Organizations through Out the
Apollo %ospitals Dhaka" a 1oint pro1ect of Apollo %ospitals 3nterprise Gimited and
!T! %oldings Gimited. ,ndia$based Apollo %ospitals started its ser*ices in
Bangladesh and becoming the first pri*ate multi$purpose facilit in the countr that
would pa*e the wa for better treatment of the people. ,t is a 4?>$bed super specialt
facilit poised to deli*er ad*anced tertiar care of international standards to the
people of Bangladesh. Apollo %ospitals Dhaka is the facilit that would be able to
deli*er ad*anced tertiar care of international standards through a world$class ser*ice
at an affordable price in the countr.
The hospital" built at a cost of -!D:? million on four acres of land at 0lot =1" Block
3" Bashundhara &esidential Area" is a 1oint$*enture pro1ect of ,ndian Apollo %ospitals
3nterprise Gtd and !T! %oldings Gtd.
The %ospital is at the forefront of medical technolog and e(pertise and pro*ides a
complete range of the latest diagnostic" medical and surgical facilities for the care of
its patients. The hospital is ha*ing all the characteristics of a world$class hospital with
wide range of ser*ices and specialists" e.uipment" / technolog" ambience and
ser*ice .ualit.
Apollo %ospitals" Dhaka is a showcase of the snerg of medical technolog and
ad*ances in ,T through paperless medical records. 3.uipped with modern facilities"
the hospital will pro*ide the most ad*anced international standard treatment for the
The hospital with 4">>">>> s.uare feet area has focused on the Department of
Ad*anced 4ardiolog" 4ardiac !urger" ;eurolog" ;euro$!urger" -rolog" -ro$
!urger" 3ndocrinolog" #astroenterolog" 4ritical care" Orthopedics" and other
secondar care departments.
The %ospital is at the forefront of medical technolog and e(pertise and pro*ides a
complete range of the latest diagnostic" medical and surgical facilities for the care of
its patients. The hospital is ha*ing all the characteristics of a world$class hospital with
wide range of ser*ices and specialists" e.uipment" / technolog" ambience and
ser*ice .ualit.
The skilled nurses" technologists and administrators at Apollo %ospital Dhaka" aided
b state$of$the$art e.uipment pro*ides a congenial infrastructure for the medical
professional in pro*iding healthcare of international standards.
The hospital introduced an ad*anced computerized Tomograph '4T) machine.
&ele*ant to mention that" apart from +apan Bangladesh is the onl countr to ha*e
this. ,t helps to keep all information about an single patient that has been register or
treated for an treatment for @9 ears.
O!>ect#7e o% AHD
7or a long time the people of our countr are going abroad and spending huge amount
of foreign currenc to get .ualit treatment facilities. Apollo %ospitals Dhaka will
deli*er international standard ser*ices at affordable costs and gi*e o*erseas$dependent
patients a local option.
&#ss#on )tatement
KOur mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of
e*er indi*idual. 2e are committed to the achie*ement and maintenance of
e(cellence in education" research and healthcare benefit of humanit.K
!T! %oldings Gimited" a dnamic and reputed business #roup in Dhaka" is engaged
in education" banking" real estate" manufacturing and e(ports" freight consolidation
and container ser*ices etc.
The group owns ,nternational !chool Dhaka ',!D)B managed b 4ouncil of
,nternational !chools '4,!)" a global organization facilitating education with its
head.uarters in the -E.
T+e !oa$d mem!e$s o% )T) Ho"d#n's 4td. a$e
Bhagwan 2. Eundanmal" 4hairman
Ehondoker Moniruddin" Managing Director
Mohammad A. Moeen" Director
Tipu Munshi" Director
43O $ &ichard Garison
Director Medical !er*ices $ 0raful B. 0awar
Director 5 Operations$ #rant &. Muddle
Director 5 7inance$ !hah1ahan Ma1umder
Director 5 ;ursing$ &osalind 4onwa
#M 5 ,T$ A. E. M. ;azrul %aider
#M 5 Material$ ,ftikhar %usain
D#M 5 Operations$ !hatru1eet Eumar &ai
D#M 5 Operations$ !hahana &ahman
D#M $ Business De*elopment$ +ahangir %der
The hospital pro*ides health care in a number of disciplines where there is well
percei*ed demand. These discipline e.uipped with state$of$the$art medical e.uipment
for diagnostics and treatment purpose. 4ardiolog" ;eurolog" Orthopaedics"
radiolog and ,maging" 4ritical 4are -nit" etc is supported b ad*anced diagnostics
and therapeutic facilities.
A brief description about the functioning of *arious departments in Apollo %ospitals
Dhaka is presented in the following paragraphs. 3ach department is ha*ing two or
three specialist doctors in the respecti*e area of medicines.
DG&( OP)1
G&(HR G&( IT G&(BU)INE))
Depa$tment o% Ne6$o"o'y
,t is one of the well e.uipped ;eurolog departments. The department has latest
in*estigati*e facilities like 3lectroencephalograph" ;er*e conduction studies which is
presentl a*ailable in onl few centers in Bangladesh. The department is well
supported b 4T scan" ;eurosurgical department and 0hsiotherap department. ,t
has its own ,4- and semi ,4- for ma(imum care for critical patients
Depa$tment o% U$o"o'y
,t is one of the superspecialit departments of Apollo %ospitals Dhaka. Open &enel"
Bladder and -rethra surgeries and Andrological surgeries are being done here.
Depa$tment o% Gene$a" &ed#c#ne
The normal procedures looked into in this department are se*ere Bronchial Asthma"
Geptospirosis" " Diabetic mellitus" %pertension" Tuberculosis etc.
Depa$tment o% Ped#at$#c s6$'e$y
All pediatric surgical cases both electi*e and emergencies are being managed here.
4osmetic surgeries like repair of cleft lip palate etc. and foreign bod remo*al both
from oesophagus and bronchus are being done here.
Depa$tment o% O$t+oped#cs?
The Apollo %ospitals Dhaka is ha*ing one of the most modern orthopedic
departments in the region. The Orthopedic department has a *er well e.uipped
e(clusi*e operation theatre and a 4$A&M image intensifier.
4$A&M image intensifier is used for minimall in*asi*e surgeries. The fracture
reduction and fi(ation are done under image intensifier control. This leads to faster
healing of the fractures.
Depa$tment o% P+ys#ca" &ed#c#ne and Re+a!#"#tat#on
The Department of 0hsical Medicine and &ehabilitation pro*ides comprehensi*e
rehabilitation care to patients with disabilities" comple( neurological problems as well
as bone diseases. There is a good e(ercise therap unit e.uipped with parallel bars"
pulle e(ercisers" rowing machine etc
Depa$tment o% Op+t+a"mo"o'y
Department of Ophthalmolog has a well e.uipped outpatient department with
instruments like slit lamp biomicroscope" direct and indirect opthalmoscope etc. A
separate operation theatre with facilities like operating microscope" automated
*itrectom machine etc. is also there" where a number of arterior segment surgeries
are being done.
Depa$tment o% ENT ;Ea$* Nose and T+$oat<
This department is ha*ing well modern e.uipments. Other than 3;T surgeries micro
ear surger" nasal endoscop etc. are being done here.
Depa$tment o% O!stet$#cs and Gynaeco"o'y
This department is e.uipped with large and spacious labour room" first stage room
immediate post partum room" bab warmer and most modern colour scanning. At
present the department pro*ides all routine pre*enti*e" promoti*e and curati*e ser*ice
in Obstetrics and #naecolog including health education.
Depa$tment o% Rad#o"o'y
The facilit of 2hole Bod 4T scanner attracts a number of referred cases to this
hospital. !canning ser*ice is a*ailable from this department round the clock.
Depa$tment o% Anest+es#o"o'y
There are si( operation theatres in the hospital. All operation theatres are built and
e.uipped to international standards. Gatest boiler machines for Anesthesia" 34# and
pulse o(imeter for patient monitoring are a*ailable with these operation theatres.
More o*er infusion pumps are a*ailable for intra$operati*e and post$operati*e
B"ood Ban,
Apollo %ospitals Dhaka is ha*ing one of the well e.uipped blood banks in
Bangladesh which is speciall designed for collection" safe storage and distribution of
human blood. There are separate rooms for medical e(amination" blood donation" and
group serolog and infection serolog. This blood bank is ha*ing a capacit to store
9>> units of blood. Both whole blood and blood components are issued from the bank.
7urther more 94 hour round the clock ser*ice is pro*ided here.
emergenc calling sstem
94 hours laborator
94 hours pharmac
94 hours emergenc power
Ambulance 'mobile hospital)
%elicopter ambulance
/.../ )pec#a"t#es
Anaesthesiolog #eneral !urger Ophthalmolog
4T #eriatrics Orthopedics
4ardiolog %aematolog$4linical 0aediatries$Medical
4ardiothoracic !urger %aematolog 0aediatries$!urgical
4osmetic !urger ,44-L,4-L4T4- 0lastic !urger
4linical 0atholog Microbiolog 0hsiotherap
Dental Master %ealth 4heck 0schiatr
Dermatolog M&, &espirator Medicine
Diabetolog ;eonatolog &heumatolog
3;T ;ephrolog &adiolog / ,maging !er*ices
Transfusion MedicineLBlood
;eurolog$0aediatrics Traumatolog
3mergenc Medicine ;eurosurger -ltrasound
7acioma(illar Obstetrics and #naecolog -rolog
Oncolog$Medical Mascular !urger
Oncolog$&adiation N$ra
#eneral Medicine Oncolog$!urgical
/...1 )e$7#ces
1.? Tesla M&, Mammograph
!piral 2hole Bod 4T !canner 'C4 !lice) 34#
with 4T 4oronar Angiogram
Treadmil 1
#amma 4amera 3chocardiograph
N$ra -nits %olter Monitor
4olor Doppler 33#
-ltrasound !canners 3M#
4ardiac 4atheterization Gaboratories
Mideoendoscop 94 %ours Ambulance !er*ice
11 Operation Theatres 0hsiotherap 4enter
1>@ Bed 4ritical 4are -nits %ealth 4heck 4enter
0atient &ooms and 2ards
94 %ours Trauma 4are / 3mergenc

7ull 3.uipped PAC) A I.B.&. O0icture Archi*ing / 4ommunication !stemP
O,maging 2orkflow ManagementP

4a! )e$7#ces
Transplantation ,mmunolog
Transfusion Medicine
C6a"#ty In#t#at#7es
Apollo 4linical 3(cellence 'A43)
Di*ision of ,nno*ation and 4linical 3(cellence 'D,43)
,nfection 4ontrol 0rotocols
Disaster Management
#olden %our 3mergenc Management
Medical 3thics
Cate$#n' )e$7#ces
,n Apollo hospitals Dhaka the support ser*ices like house keeping" laundr" food /
be*erages are maintained b the world6s leading hospitalit compan $ 4ompass
#roup .
2ith a large gap between the need and a*ailabilit of hospitals facilities" the focus is
to increase the bed capacit b about :>A e*er ear.
Ma1or thrust fields of acti*ities of the group consist of %ospitals and 4linics"
%ospitals 4onsultanc" ,nformation Technolog including internet based technolog"
Telemedicine" 3ducation and Training" Mirtual Medical -ni*ersit" %ome %ealthcare
and 0harmac &etailing.
The second C4$slice computed tomograph scanner e*er produced b 0hilips Medical
,maging" and the first to reach the -nited !tates" has been installed and is now in
clinical use at the -ni*ersit of 4hicago %ospitals.
The scanner" which has four times as man detectors as a tpical multi$detector 4T
scanner" combines unri*aled image .ualit with remarkable speed. ,t can produce
detailed pictures of an organ in a few seconds and pro*ide sharp" clear" three$
dimensional images" including :$D *iews of the blood *essels" in an instant.
A 4>$slice scanner collects images co*ering 9> to :9 millimeters in a single pass and a
tightl packed C4$slice de*ice can co*er about 4> millimeters at a pass" which takes
>.4 seconds.
At that rate" a C4$slice scanner can gather a high$resolution image of a heart" brain or
a pair of lungs in about fi*e seconds. A scan of the whole bod" 'in search of a blood
clot" for e(ample" that has become a source of emboli) takes about :> seconds.
The technolog has been particularl e(citing for studing the beating heart"
pro*iding the first clear non$in*asi*e images of the heart and its ma1or *essels. The
scans can be timed to use onl images gathered between contractions" so that the heart
and its *essels can be seen without the blurring caused b motion.
Other promising indications for multi$slice scanners include e*aluation of pla.ue
within the carotid arteries '? to = seconds)" searching for pulmonar emboli '?
seconds" less than an eas breath hold)" coronar arter imaging '1> seconds"
including distal segments and multiple arterial branches).
The scans ha*e their own limitations. Although the scanner table is built to support up
to 4?> pounds" it can be difficult to accommodate patients who are morbidl obese.
3ach scanner costs between D1.? million to D9 million.
Apollo hospitals Dhaka pro*ide a spatial health check program which is called
Master %ealth 4heck. This package man indi*idual diagnosis and consultation in a
suitable rate. This indi*idual package is uni.ue and it maintains standard of Apollo
which can6t be found in other health care organizations of Bangladesh. The
followings are the package differentiated for different indi*idual.
&ecommended for men and women abo*e the age of 1C.
&ecommended for men and women abo*e 9? ears" for !mokers and those who lead
stressful li*es.
&ecommended for people with cardiac smptoms or with a !trong famil histor
&ecommended for children between the ages 4 and 1C.
&ecommended for people desirous of a more comprehensi*e check up
&ecommended for woman abo*e the age of 9?.
&ecommended for diabetic persons
&ecommended for earl detection of Breast 4ancer
The *arious ser*ices offered in Apollo hospital are uni.ue in the countr. !o the
compan asks for a premium price for that. The cost of all the usual ser*ices that are
pre*ailing in the market" are kept on the basis of competitors6 pricing polic. The
hospital fi( price for *arious special ser*ices offered b it onl after comparing with
the foreign competitors6 price. %owe*er" hospital management is keen to see that such
charges for ser*ice lies in between that charged b international standard hospitals as
well as pri*ate hospitals. 4harges are fi(ed in such a wa that the hospital earns a
certain amount as a profit o*er the cost. The operating cost of Apollo is *er high in
the conte(t of Bangladesh. !o it6s also e(plainable for the management for seeking
such a high price for the ser*ices.
/.G )BOT ANA42)I)
The followings are the strengths" weaknesses" opportunities and threats for Apollo
%ospitals Dhaka.
Gatest !tate$of$the$art technolog
The multinational brand name and image of IA0OGGOJ
multi specialized tertiar care hospital
0ioneer in corporate health care pro*ider in Bangladesh
!ound financial position
!killed human resources ' medical )
3(cellent relations with media
#ood relationship with regulator bod
Multi specialized departments of treatments
!tructured ,nformation Technolog !stem ' %M!)
0oor coordination between departments
%igh operating cost
%igh price for ser*ices
,nade.uate promotion in this competiti*e market
-na*ailabilit of .ualit medical consumables in local market.
,nade.uate use of ,T b the emploees
Ganguage barrier between management and staff because of low e(pertise in
3nglish among the nurses and technicians
3conomic growth of Bangladesh
Garge untapped market
#rowing demand for world class health care among the citizens
4orporate agreements with corporate houses
,nitiati*es showed b #o*t in promoting health care industr.
&igid go*t regulations with regard to e(patriate emploees.
3merging competition from the other international hospitals
0rice war with local hospitals
Qellow 1ournalism
All emploees at Apollo %ospitals Dhaka are broadl classified into two categories8
Gocal and 3(patriate. Outside the classification of local and e(patriate" emploees at
Apollo %ospitals Dhaka are generall categorized as per following8
3mploees who ha*e completed :$ C months probation period and who are regularl
scheduled to work at least 4= hours per week. Based on the necessities of organization"
there is a reasonable e(pectation of continued funding for these positions.
3mploees who ha*e been granted a contract for more than one ear and are regularl
scheduled to work at least 4= hours per week to render ser*ices against a specific 1ob
assigned to himLher.
)+o$t(te$m Cont$act
3mploees who are contracted with an e(pected termination date less than one ear
for specific tasksLassignments ha*ing appro*ed terms of reference.
An emploee who is pro*isionall emploed to fill a permanent *acanc and who is
now under probation. -nless confirmed in writing a probationer will continue to be a
An emploee who has been engaged for work which is essentiall of temporar
nature or for a specified period or for work of a permanent nature but of a temporar
duration. Merel working on a permanent 1ob will not make an emploee a permanent
An emploee who is engaged for work" which is essentiall of an occasion or casual
nature and includes an emploee who is temporaril emploed in the place of a
permanent emploee or probationer who is temporaril absent.
Apprentice is a person who is undergoing apprenticeship training in pursuance of a
contract of apprenticeship.
Trainee is one who is engaged for specific period of time as learner who ma be paid
or ma not be paid stipend during the period of learning" as ma be prescribed b the
Management. The training is liable to be terminated at an time without an notice
and without assigning an reason whatsoe*er. The management on no account shall
be under an obligation to pro*ide an trainee with a 1ob after completion of the
stipulated training period.
Cons6"tant P+ys#c#ans
According to emploment contract awarded to 4onsultant 0hsicians the will be
classified into following categories8 a. 4onsultant under #uaranteed Mone" b)
4onsultant under 7i(ed 0a" 'c) 4onsultant under 7ee for !er*ices 'd) 0art Time
4onsultant" e) Misiting 4onsultant. ,f ou ha*e an confusion to categorize our
emploment with Apollo %ospitals Dhaka please contact the Office of %uman
&esources for necessar e(planations and help.
Ena!"#n' Bo$, En7#$onment
7or fostering an enabling en*ironment ou as Apollo 7amil Member are
e(pected to8
Demonstrate a positi*e attitude towards work and create an enabling
working atmosphere in the hospital.
0ractice a culture of performance and contribute to the organizational
Demonstrate gender consciousness and sensiti*it to the gender issues
through our beha*ior" beliefs" *alues and attitudes.
3(press *iews" ideas" issues" etc openl and confidentl without fear of
repercussions on our emploment and working relationship.
Eeep the work place safe and be committed to e.ual opportunit.
O%%#ce Ho6$s
Offices of A%D will remain open for business in the following manner8
Administrati*e offices will remain open from < AM 5? 0M for all das e(cept
7rida with a lunch break of :> minutes.
,n 0atient Departments will remain open round the clock e*erda.
3mploees will follow their shift hours as per the dut roster.
Outpatient Departments will remain open from < AM 5 ?8:> 0M for all das
e(cept 7rida.
The general shift of the %ospital will be from < AM 5?8:> 0M with a lunch
break of one hour.
There is no established KTeaL4offee breakK polic at A%D. !uper*isors in each
office determine whether a short break in the dail routine for purposes of
refreshment is appropriate. !uch periods of refreshment should not interfere
with or take precedence o*er an work of A%D.
,t is the dut of all emploees to report ,; and O-T Time for work e*er official
working da unless the are on lea*e" on tour" or ill.
All emploees e(cept 43OLDirectorsL4onsultantsL#Ms will ha*e to swipe ,D
card in the Time Office for recording ,; Time and O-T Time.
7ailing to record ,; and O-T time as per the dut roster will be treated as
absence from dut unless appropriatel informed" e.g." lea*es" tour" illness. ,n
general emploees needing to be absent or tard to work for an reason are
responsible for notifing their super*isor as soon as possible upon determining
that the will be absent from work.
3mploees found tard for : das in a month will get a deduction of one da
annual lea*e or one da lea*e without pa if lea*e balance is not ade.uate.
2e consider e*er position at A%D to be essentialB therefore" it is important
for ou to report to work" as scheduled" during inclement weather. ,n the e*ent
hazardous weather conditions e(ist" our arri*al time will be considered b
our super*isor.
P$o%ess#ona" Appea$ance
3mploees are e(pected to maintain high standards of personal cleanliness and
to present a neat professional appearance at all times. 3mploees who are
pro*ided with uniform must wear those while the are on dut.
3mploees who are dealing with patients must follow the departmental
guidelines for wearing 1ewelrL headgearsLother items that ma affect the
patients under hisLher care.
3mploees who choose to wear fragrance in the workplace must be aware of
the sensiti*ities or allergies of their coworkers.
,t is essential that high standards of personal conduct and courtes be
maintained at all times. 4ourtes is a language that e*erone understands and
should be e(tended to e*erone. #ood manners" cooperation and consideration
for others are fundamental to the enhancement of A%D6s image.
Ident#%#cat#on Ca$d
All emploees will be pro*ided with an identification card and emploees
must wear hisLher identification card while the are on the office premises.
The ,dentification card is the propert of A%D and must be presented upon the
re.uest of an appropriate A%D Official" and ma be re*oked at an time b
Pe$%o$mance E9pectat#ons
There is a basic e(pectation that all emploees will perform successfull in
their 1obs based on the *arious policies of A%D. 7ailure to meet performance
e(pectations can ha*e a *ariet of workplace conse.uences.
Dishonest cannot be condoned and will be dealt with promptl in the
following or related circumstances8 stealingB ling about matters connected
with workB falsifing time recordsB unauthorized personal use of A%D
propertB doing unauthorized pri*ate work on A%D business hoursB and gi*ing
or recei*ing a bribe in an form. !erious disciplinar actions against
dishonest will be taken as per the A%D6s %& polic.
Te"ep+one Usa'e
A%D6s phones are intended for the use of ser*ing its clients and in conducting
the hospital6s business.
0ersonal usage during business hours is discouraged e(cept for emergencies.
All personal telephone calls should be kept brief to a*oid congestion on the
telephone line.
To respect the rights of all emploees and a*oid miscommunication in the
office emploees should inform famil members and friends to limit personal
telephone calls during working hours.
3mploee should record if the make an personal ;2D and ,!D calls from
office numbers and will be in*oiced at the end of month accordingl.
Comp6te$ and Inte$net Use
A%D6s computing facilities are intended to support the business of A%D.
A%D6s computing facilities include an computer" computer$based network"
internet access" computer peripheral" operating sstem" software or an
combination thereof" owned b A%D or under the custod or control of A%D.
The following principles appl to all emploees and all users of A%D
computing facilities. -sers shall8
Be accountable for using these facilities in an effecti*e" ethical and
lawful manner.
-se onl those facilities for which the ha*e authorization whether
these facilities are at A%D or at an other locations accessible through
a network.
Take all reasonable steps to protect the integrit and pri*ac of A%D
computing facilities including software and data. ,n particular" users
shall not share with others the access codes" account numbers"
passwords" or other authorization which has been assigned to them.
Adhere to the copright laws regarding software" data" and authored
;ot use the A%D computing facilities for unauthorized commercial
;ot allow an unauthorized persons to use the A%D6s computing
-se the internet when appropriate to access information needed to
conduct business of the compan. 3mploees ma use e$mil when
appropriate for A%D Business correspondence.
;ot disrupt operation of the compan computer network or the
emploee6s producti*it b the use of internet. 3mploees are
responsible for using the internet in a manner that is ethical and lawful.
-nderstand that ,nternet messages are public and not pri*ate. A%D
reser*es the right to access and monitor all files and messages on its
;ot use the A%D6s computing facilities for an illegal purposes. !uch
acts include accessing" destruction of" or alteration of data owned b
others" interference with access to computing facilities" or harassment
of users of such facilities at A%D computing facilities or elsewhereB
unauthorized disruption of A%D computing facilitiesB attempts to
disco*er or alter passwords or to sub*ert securit sstems in an
computing or network facilit.
An *iolation of this 0olic ma result in disciplinar action in accordance
with A%D6s %& policies" or prosecution in accordance with !tate laws.
B obtaining a user ,D and 0assword" it is implied that the user will adhere to
the abo*e policies.
0#s#to$s #n t+e Bo$,p"ace
To pro*ide for the safet and securit of emploees" *isitors" and the facilities
at A%D" onl authorized *isitors are allowed in the workplace. &estricting
unauthorized *isitors helps ensure securit" decreases insurance liabilit"
protects confidential information" safeguards emploee welfare" and a*oids
potential distractions and disturbances.
All *isitors must enter through the main reception area" sign$in and sign$out at
the front desk and recei*e a RMisitor6 badge to wear while on premises.
Authorized *isitors will be escorted to their destination and should be
accompanied b an emploee all times.
Po"#t#ca" Act#7#ty
An emploee ma engage in political acti*it outside assigned work hours" but
shall not allow hisLher interest in a particular part" candidate" or political issue
to affect hisLher performance" 1ob responsibilities" or relationships with co$
workers or other emploees.
An emploee shall not" directl or b implication" use the name of A%D or
hisLher affiliation with A%D in the endorsement of political candidates"
initiati*es" referenda" or in supporting or opposing a position on other political
An emploee who plans to campaign for public office or who is elected to
public office should re.uest a lea*e of absence" if hisLher candidac or public
office pre*ents himLher from being a*ailable to perform hisLher assigned
duties and responsibilities. -se of A%D propert for political acti*it is
To!acco P$od6cts
The use of tobacco products is not permitted anwhere on the A%D Office
premises e(cept in authorized and designated locations. 3mploees must
follow all rules posted in designated smoking areas.

)6!stance A!6se
A%D is committed to pro*iding a safe and producti*e workplace for its
emploees. ,n keeping with this commitment" the following rules regarding
alcohol and drugs of abuse ha*e been established for al emploees" regardless
of rank or position" including regular" contractual" probationar and casual
emploees. The rules appl during working hours to all emploees of the
organization while the are on A%D premises or elsewhere on A%D business8
The manufacture" distribution" possession" sale" or purchase of
controlled substances of abuse on A%D propert is prohibited.
Being under the influence of illegal drugs" alcohol" or substance of
abuse on A%D propert is prohibited.
2orking while under the influence of prescription drugs that impair
performance is prohibited.
!olicitations are discouraged on the premises of A%D Office" unless an
emploee is acting for a charitable or ser*ice organization" and then such
solicitation is not be done during working hours of either the solicitor or the
solicitee and with the understanding that A%D reser*es the right to cancel all
such solicitation pri*ileges.
0ermission to solicit re.uires a written formal re.uest to" and written appro*al
from the super*isor. !uch re.uest shall be in writing.
!olicitation includes electioneering of an kind.
O%%#c#a" Asset
An official assets assigned to the emploees are the propert of A%D. The
emploee will be held responsible for the loss" damage or misuse of the official
asset. %owe*er it is 4hief 3(ecuti*e Officer6s discretion to consider if the loss or
damage occurs b e(ternal forceLcircumstances" which shall be strongl 1ustified
with e*idence.
All e.uipment belonging to A%D which the emploee has obtained permission
to use at home" such as computer" etc." must be returned to A%D upon a
super*isor6s re.uest or at the time of separation from emploment.
0e+#c"e Use
A%D6s *ehicles shall be used for official purposes onl unless otherwise
authorized b the !uper*isorL4hief 3(ecuti*e Officer or b the 3mploment
Onl the authorized emploees who are assigned withLentitled to *ehicles and
who ha*e *alid dri*ing licenses shall be allowed to dri*e A%D *ehicles.
All dri*ers shall dri*e in a responsible" defensi*e manner and at reasonable and
safe speeds. Dri*ers shall obe all traffic laws and rules. An *iolation of traffic
laws b a dri*er is the responsibilit of dri*ers and not A%D Bangladesh.
Dri*ing under the influence of drink or drugs is considered as ma1or infraction
and will be sub1ect to disciplinar action.
An accidents or traffic *iolations b official *ehicles must be reported to the
office immediatel b the dri*er and the passengers. ,f the dri*er is found
guilt of *iolation of traffic rules" disciplinar action will be taken against
Pe$sona" P$ope$ty
3mploees are responsible for the safekeeping of their personal properties
used or left at the office. A%D assumes no risk for an loss or damage to
personal propert.
Hea"t+ Re"ated Iss6es
3mploees who become aware of an health$related issue" and which ma
affect other emploees should notif their super*isor of health status.
A written Rpermission to work6 from the emploee6s phsician is re.uired at
the time or shortl after notice has been gi*en. The phsician6s note should
specif whether the emploee is able to perform regular duties as outlined in
hisLher 1ob description.
Pe$sona" Data C+an'es
,t is the responsibilit of each emploee to promptl notif his or her
super*isor or the Office of %uman &esources of an changes in personnel data
such as8
Mailing address" Telephone ;umbers" ;ame and number of dependents" and
indi*iduals to be contacted in the e*ent of an emergenc. An emploee6s
personnel data should be accurate and current at all times.
O%%#ce )ec6$#ty
3mploees who are issued kes to the office are responsible for their
safekeeping. The last emploee" or a designated emploee who lea*es the
office at the end of business da assumes the responsibilit to ensure that all
doors are securel locked" the alarm sstem 'if an) is armed" thermostats are
set on appropriated e*ening andLor weekend setting" and all appliances and
lights are turned off with e(ception of the lights normall left on for securit
This polic does not appl to the appliances that are re.uired to keep on round
the clock.
)"eep#n' on d6ty
-nder normal working circumstances" no emploee will be allowed to sleep
on dut or while pro*iding care for a patient in their home. 3mploees under
94 hours dut can sleep at ;ight with the *erbal permission from super*isor or
as per the dut guidelines. 3mploees found *iolating this polic will be
sub1ect to disciplinar action up to and including termination.
F#$e )a%ety
7ire is one of the greatest dangers in a hospital as it threatens the safet of
patients" *isitors and staff. 2hile not a common occurrence" fires and smok
conditions unfortunatel do occur at A%D. 7or this reason" it is important that
ou know how to pre*ent fires and respond in the e*ent of a fire or smoke
situation so that ou can protect not onl our own life but the li*es of others"
as well. 7or additional information and necessar training" please contact our
7ire !afet Team.
Eme$'ency C"os#n's
At times emergencies such as se*ere weather" fires" or power failures can
disrupt operations of A%D. The decision to close the office will be made b
the !uper*isor with the appro*al of 4hief 3(ecuti*e Officer.
2hen such decision is made" emploees will recei*e official notification from
their super*isors.
All emploees of A%D must follow the Code o% Cond6ct. The will sign in the space
pro*ided in Code o% Cond6ct Fo$m to show that the 4ode has been read and its contents are
understood. The signed document will be kept in the emploee file or office file when
emploee file is not created.
The contents of the 4ode of 4onduct are stated below8
4a8 and Re'6"at#ons
3mploees must at all times obser*e the Gaws" &ules and &egulations of the
territorial 1urisdiction of the countr to which the are assigned.
Po"#t#ca" Cont$#!6t#ons
A%D will make no contributions" directl or indirectl to an political candidate
or part. A%D will not gi*e emploees time off with pa for political acti*it.
G#%ts and Ente$ta#nment
2hen dealing with go*ernment personnel" beneficiaries" donors" suppliers and
other persons" emploees must be guided b two principles ( ne*er to use hisLher
position to obtain personal gain and ne*er to be obligated to persons with whom
A%D does business. 3mploees also must conduct themsel*es at all times in a
manner that a*oids suspicion of such beha*ior. 3mploees must not be in*ol*ed
in paing or accepting an gift kickback or other unlawful pament or benefit to
secure an concession" contract or other fa*orable treatment.
Conce$n %o$ Bene%#c#a$#es
An emploee must do nothing that ma cause emotional" phsical or financial
harm to the patients" indi*iduals" families or communities that A%D is dedicated
to ser*ing.
Con%"#ct o% Inte$est
A%D respects each emploeeFs right to pri*ac in the conduct of hisLher personal
affairs. 3mploees should be free" howe*er" of outside interests and acti*ities
which might impair the e(ercise of the emploeeFs independent 1udgment in
carring out hisLher duties as an emploee to act solel in the best interest of
D#sc"os6$e and Use o% AHD In%o$mat#on
3mploees who ha*e access to A%D6s technical or financial information are in a
position of trust. The must not disclose or use such information outside the
normal re.uirements of their 1ob.
Pe$sona" Cond6ct o6ts#de Bo$,
S-nlawful or other conduct b A%D emploees which ma 1eopardize A%D6s
reputation or position whether during or after business hours will not be
permitted. !uch conduct includes" but not limited to" an unlawful acti*it"
se(ual harassment" phsicallL*erball abusi*e beha*ior or public disorderl
Dea"#n's 8#t+ Bene%#c#a$#es
3mploees are not to use the propert of or emplo the efforts of beneficiaries"
families or communities for the benefit of the emploee or the benefit of the
emploeeFs famil.
Rem6ne$at#on %$om Ot+e$ O$'an#Hat#ons
;o A%D emploee can take remuneration from an other organization" for being
a resource person unless otherwise is authorized b 4hief 3(ecuti*e Officer.
1.1 Ne8 Emp"oyee P$o!at#on Pe$#od
,f ou are a new emploee" the first <> das of our emploment is considered a
mutual e*aluation period. This is a trial period" which pro*ides both ou and our
super*isor the opportunit to e*aluate our abilit to proficientl perform 1ob
re.uirements. During this time" attendance" attitude" abilit to learn and perform the
1ob for which ou are hired" along with our abilit to work as a team member will be
e*aluated b our super*isor.
A%D reser*es the right to e(tend the probationar period should the super*isor need
more time thoroughl e*aluate our performance. !uch e(tensions must be submitted
to the Office of %uman &esources b the !uper*isor prior to the end of the
probationar period for an additional period of time" up to three months. ,f an time
during the probationar period the super*isor decides that ou are not suitable for the
position" our emploment will be terminated. ;o ad*ance notice more than one da
or progressi*e discipline is re.uired. !uper*isor must complete a performance
e*aluation on all new regular staff emploees b the end of the initial three ':) month
probationar e*aluation period.
1.3 Emp"oyee Pe$sonne" F#"es
The %uman &esources Department establishes and maintains an emploee personnel
file for each emploee. Qour emploment application andLor resume as well as
documentation re*iewed" completed and signed at our emploee orientation are
included to initiate our file. During our emploment tenure" other documents ma
be added" such as performance e*aluations" documentation of personnel transactions
and other emploment related information. Eeeping our emploment record up$to$
date is important. Accurate information in our records pre*ent errors and ensures that
our benefits co*erage is current. 0lease pro*ide our super*isor and %&D written
notification of an of the following changes8
Gegal ;ameB Marital !tatusB Address" 0hone ;umbersB 3ducational Achie*ements
and 3mergenc 4ontact ,nformation.
;otif the %uman &esources Department of an changes of famil status which might
affect our benefits co*erage" beneficiar designation" or ta( status. These changes
include8 Birth of adoption of a childB death of spouse or child" MarriageB di*orceB
address changeB marriage of a dependent or dependent reaching ma1orit age
All new emploees must report to %&D for in$processing on or before their first da
of emploment. ,n processing includes" but is not limited to the issuance of an
3mploee handbook that includes and o*er*iew of the organization6s histor" mission
amd *ision" and prohibition against se(ual harassment" drug free workplace and other
a*ailable ongoing programs6 brochure.
The %uman &esources Department coordinates a comprehensi*e monthl orientation
session to welcome new emploees and pro*ide a formal introduction to ke staff"
policies and procedures" work rules and facilities.
1.5 Pe$%o$mance E7a"6at#on
All regular emploees will recei*e periodic performance e*aluations. Qour immediate
super*isor is responsible for conducting at least one annual e*aluation. The e*aluation
is based upon specific documented performance e(pectations discussed with ou prior
to the period the e*aluation will co*er. A%D6s e*aluation program pro*ides a planned
opportunit for ou and our super*isor to meet and mutuall discuss and document
accomplishments" standards" e(pectations and o*erall 1ob performance.
1.G Emp"oyee Reco'n#t#on P$o'$ams
A%D belie*es in rewarding emploees for outstanding 1ob performance. Our
emploee recognition program includes and 3mploee of Qear program that pro*ides
a gift and recognition certificate to an emploee in each ear.
The emploee of the ear program seeks to recognize outstanding emploee
performance including attitude" attendance and leadership. To be considered and
indi*idual must be emploed for at least one ear.
Other means of recognition include the catch of !hining !tar Award" On the !pot
Awards and Manager of Qear. These are recognized at the Annual &ewards and
&ecognition 4eremon.
1.F.1 Compensat#on
A%D &ecognizes the importance of attracting" retaining and moti*ating those who
ha*e the skills and abilities to make strong contributions to our organizations to do
this A%D implements salar ranges and that are internall e.uitable and e(ternall
1.F.. Re'6"a$ Pay P$oced6$es
All A%D emploees are normall paid on monthl basis and on the 9?
da of the
month. ,f a scheduled pada fall on holida" ou will usuall be paid on the da
preceding the holida. All authorized deductions such as ,ncome ta(" insurance
premium" 4ell phone bills" utilit bills" food bills and all authorized *oluntar
deductions will be deducted from the monthl pa.
2hen an error has been made in an emploee6s pa" A%D will make the appropriate
corrections. ,t is an emploee6s responsibilit to check for and immediatel report
errors to the Office of %uman &esources.
1.F./ Pay Inc$eases
A%D has three tpes of pa increases. Merit increases are based on 1ob performance.
0romotional increases ma be granted when an emploee mo*es to a different
position with a higher salar range. Market ad1ustments ma be made to compete with
the e(ternal market or internal factors when emploees with similar 1ob5related
e(perience" skills and performance ha*e different pa.
1.F.1 B#$t+day and &a$$#a'e G#%t
All emploees will be gi*en a gift *oucher of Taka ?>> to celebrate his birth da. A
gift *oucher of Taka. 9>>> will be gi*en to an emploee for hisLher marriage
ceremon purpose.
1.E.1 HO4IDA2)
All emploees shall be pro*ided with paid holidas in obser*ance of the following
holidas unless the conditions of work or assignment are set otherwise8
The Office of %uman &esources will prepare a list of earl holidas each ear on the
basis of #o*ernment holidas. Once the holida list is appro*ed b the 4hief
3(ecuti*e Officer '43O)" the list will be issued before the calendar ear starts for
appling in all A%D Offices.
;o additional da will be allowed in the e*ent of a holida falls on weekend. ,f the
#o*ernment of Bangladesh announces an additional public holida" it is at the
discretion of the 43O to allow this holida to emploees.
3mploees irrespecti*e of 3(ecuti*e or !taff categor re.uired to work on the
appro*ed holidas will be entitled to one da alternati*e lea*e against each
All local emploees are entitled to 1> das casual lea*e" 14 das sick lea*e and 1=
das annual lea*e per ear. All e(patriate emploees are entitled to 1> das casual
lea*e" 14 das sick lea*e and :> das annual lea*e per ear.
The lea*e ear for each emploee will be started from +anuar and will be ended in
December. Gea*e records for all emploees will be updated in the month of
+anuar accordingl.
%olida Das O0D Admin ,0D
3id$ul$Azha : das 4losed 4losed Open
!haheed Da 1 da 4losed 4losed Open
,ndependence Da 1 da 4losed 4losed Open
!hab$e$Tuadar 1 da 4losed 4losed Open
Bi1oa 1 da Open 4losed Open
3id$ul$7itr : das 4losed 4losed Open
Mictor Da 1 da 4losed 4losed Open
N$Mas 1 da Open 4losed Open
Budha 0urnima 1 da Open 4losed Open
4asual Gea*e shall not be granted in combination with an other kind of lea*e and
can not be taken more than : das at a stretch. 4asual Gea*e shall be non$
cumulati*e and will lapse automaticall at the close of e*er lea*e ear.
Appro*ed holidas and weekl off6s inter*ening the period of sanctioned 4asual
Gea*e will not be treated as part of 4asual Gea*e.
,n the first ear of ser*ices casual lea*e will be gi*en to emploee on pro$rata basis"
i.e. on the basis of the number of months heLshe has worked.
An emploee shall be eligible for sick lea*e up to a ma(imum of 14 das. !ick lea*e
for : das or more shall be granted onl on production of a medical certificate
from a registered Medical 0ractitioner. ,n case medical certificate is obtained from
a registered medical practitioner for sickness lasting for fi*e das or more the
same has to be endorsed b the Medical Officer of the hospital" failing which sick
lea*e will not be granted. The Management will ha*e right to curb sick lea*e
obtained on false ground.
,n the first ear of ser*ices sick lea*e will be gi*en to emploee on pro$rata basis" i.e.
on the basis of the number of months heLshe worked. !ick Gea*e can be
accumulated for a period of 9= das.
All regular emploees who ha*e worked for a continuous period of one ear shall be
eligible for annual lea*e. ,n the first ear of emploment a total of C das annual
lea*e can be obtained b the emploee during the second si( months of ser*ice.
;o annual lea*e can be taken during the first si( months of emploment.
An appro*ed holidas inter*ening the period of sanctioned annual lea*e will be
treated as part of annual lea*e.
An pregnant emploee is entitled to a total of <> calendar das maternit lea*e
'immediatel before and after child birth" i.e. 4? das maternit lea*e before
deli*er and 4? das after deli*er)" This duration is sub1ect to change to conform
with the 4ountr laws and regulations" if applicable for the organization.
A female emploee who is pregnant shall notif the office at least : 'three) months
prior to the e(pected deli*er date.
3mploees are entitled to 4ompensator Time Off '4TO) which is a rest da gi*en to
emploees whene*er the are called upon to work on a weekend or during an
time of a period of eight hours other than the scheduled hours of work. 4TO must
be a*ailed within one week time of its earning otherwise 4TOs will be e(hausted
automaticall. &ecord of such 4TOs will be maintained in the department.
Gea*e without pa shall be granted to an emploee when no other lea*e is due to him
onl at the discretion of the Management.
3(cept in e(ceptional circumstances" the duration of lea*e without pa shall not
e(ceed C 'si() months on an occasion for which special sanction has to be
obtained from the Management.
An emploee donating blood at the blood bank will be granted one da special lea*e
onl on production of a certificate from the Blood Bank Officer of the hospital to
that effect. !pecial lea*e can be a*ailed within a month from the date of donating
the blood. !pecial lea*e will not be granted to emploees who donate blood to
their relati*es in a pri*ate capacit.
!pecial lea*e shall also be granted to emploees in the e*ent of an ailments or
accidents arising out of or in the course of emploment. The limit for sanctioning"
such special lea*e will be at the discretion of the management.
3mploee will be entitled to lea*e for attending seminarLconferenceLtraining programs
for professional de*elopment. The amount of lea*e will be decided b the
duration of programs and sub1ect to appro*al of management for attending such
1. An emploee who desires to obtain lea*e must obtain appro*al on a prescribed
Gea*e 4ard from the super*isor. Gea*e 4ard will be issued and preser*ed b the
Office of %&.
9. An emploee desiring to be absent in e(cess of an period granted shall appl to
the !uper*isor if possible in person prior to e(pir of the lea*e alread granted.
!uch appro*al also needs to be passed on to %& department for updating
concerned emploee6s lea*e records.
:. Gea*e of an kind cannot be claimed as a matter of right. 2hen the e(igenc of
the ser*ices is so re.uired" an authorit authorized to grant the lea*e reser*es
discretion to refuseLdefer or re*oke lea*e of an kind.
4. An emploee who o*erstas on lea*e e(cept under the circumstances beond
hisLher control should gi*e a satisfactor e(planation. ,f the e(planation is found
unsatisfactor b the management heLshe shall not be paid wages for the period
o*erstaed and shall be further liable for disciplinar action as the management
ma think fit to impose.
An emploee before proceeding on lea*e shall intimate the sanctioning authorit
hisLher contact address while on lea*e.
Gea*e shall not be granted to an emploee who is under suspension are against the
disciplinar proceedings are pending.
3mploee remains absent for dut for a continuous period of more than @ das
without prior intimation are sanctioned suitable action shall be initiated against
An emploee on lea*e ma be recalled for dut b the Management whene*er deems
fit to do so.
,n the e*ent of the emploee resigning the ser*ices" heLshe shall not a*ail an tpe of
lea*e during the notice period" as acti*e ser*ice during such period is mandator.
1. All A%D emploees will be pro*ided with a group life insurance scheme as per
the assured sum shown in the following table. ,nsurance premium will be gi*en
on co$pa basis.
4ategor of 3mploee Assured !um 'BDT)
43OL4onsultants 1?">>">>>
!r. Management Team Members 19">>">>>
%oDs" &egistrars and Managers =">>">>
Assistant ManagersL
!taff 'Ge*el$,) :?>">>>
!taff 'Ge*el 5,,) 9>>">>>
9. All A%D emploees will be pro*ided with Out$patient and ,n$patient treatment
facilities with discounted rate as gi*en below8
1.1D.1 Fo$ O6t(Pat#ent T$eatment Fac#"#t#es
:. An A%D emploee needs to ha*e O0 treatment must go through the !taff 4linic
first. !taff 4linic will refer the concerned emploee to the specialized department
or consultant as deemed appropriate.
4. Dependants and parents of emploee can *isit the consultants b appointment as
referred b their phsician or deemed appropriate.
?. Discount will be gi*en to A%D emploees" dependants and their parents for O0D
ser*ices as gi*en below8
!er*ices 0atient Discount
&egistration and
4onsultation fees
3mploee" Dependant
and 0arents
,n*estigations 3mploee and
0arents 9> A
Medicines 3mploee" Dependants
and parents
;o discount
1.1D.. Fo$ In(Pat#ent T$eatment %ac#"#t#es?
C. All A%D emploees and their dependents will onl be charged for 4onsumables
and Medicine costs when the are admitted in Apollo %ospitals Dhaka. 0arents of
A%D emploees will be pro*ided with 9>A discount on the total bill when the
are admitted to Apollo %ospitals Dhaka.
@. 7or an special discount which is beond this polic appro*al must be taken from
43O on case to case basis.
=. ,ndi*idualsL Departments are not allowed to make an interpretation regarding
this polic on their own. An matter of confusionLconcern should be reflected
back to %& department for further clarification.
B accepting an appointment with A%D Bangladesh an emploee agrees to work in a
responsible" disciplined" harmonious and producti*e manner" to be loal to the
organization and to act in a manner conduci*e to the accomplishment of the
organizational ob1ecti*es. An act of misconduct or *iolation of organizational 4ode
of 4onduct shall be dealt with the disciplinar guidelines.
RMisconduct6 means willful conduct b an emploee which is unsatisfactor.
Misconducts are classified in to two categories8 Minor misconduct and !erious
R&#no$ &#scond6ctI is the misconduct that ha*e little effect on the continuit"
efficienc" and safet of A%D work" but cannot be tolerated if repeated. The following
are a few e(amples and the list is in no wa all inclusi*e8
-ne(plained" ine(cusable" or unauthorized absence or tardiness.
7ailure to notif super*isor as soon as possible on first da of absence.
7ailure to obser*e assigned work schedules 'starting time" .uitting times" rest and
lunch periods).
!oliciting or collecting contributions for an purpose on A%D premises without
management permission.
Goafing or other abuse of time during assigned working hours.
,nterfering with an emploeeFs work performance or duties b talking or other
Distributing written or printed matter of an description on office premises
without management permission.
Gea*ing regularl assigned work location during normal working hours without
notifing immediate super*isor.
Miolations of confidentialit which do not significantl affect the operations of
A%D or the operations of the departmentLdi*ision.
0erforming unauthorized personal work on office time.
Miolations of safet rules.
7ailure to maintain time card or record card as instructed.
Discourteous treatment of the public or other emploees.
Miolation of internal department work rules.
3ngaging in e(cessi*e *isiting" personal con*ersations" or using the telephone or
computer for personal use.
Accepting an gifts or fa*ors which influence or tend to influence performance of
duties or the granting of ser*ices or fa*ors of other A%D emploees" applicants"
clients" or other persons.
7ailure to follow an reasonable instructions issued b super*isor related to
performing of tasks andLor 1ob duties.
I)e$#o6s &#scond6ctI includes" but is no wa limited to serious misbeha*ior of a kind
which constitutes a serious impediment to the carring out of a emploee6s duties or
to an emploee6s colleagues carring out their dutiesB
con*iction b a 4ourt of competent 1urisdiction of an offence of a kind that ma be
reasonabl regarded as constituting a serious impediment to the discharge b an
emploee of his or her functions or duties" or to the emploee6s colleagues carring
out their functions or dutiesB
)e$#o6s De$e"#ct#on o% D6t#es
3(amples of Fserious misconductF in the course of emploment include but not limited
willful insubordination or disobedience" whether alone or in combination with
others" to an lawful or reasonable order of a superiorB
#ross negligence of patient care.
Ma1or improper administration" preparation andLor dispensing of medication
and L or patient care.
Enowingl harboring a phsical or mental disease that ma constitute a hazard
to patients" *isitors" or co$workers.
theft" misappropriation of funds" fraud or dishonest in connection with the
emploer6s business or propertB
taking or gi*ing bribes or an illegal gratification in connection with hisLher or
an other emploee6s emploment under the emploerB
habitual absence without lea*eB
habitual late attendanceB
riotous or disorderl beha*ior in the office premises or an act sub*ersi*e of
falsifing" tampering with" damaging or causing loss of emploer official
serious harassment" a serious or habitual breach of the A%D Bangladesh6s
policies or regulationsB and
&epeated actions of minor misconduct.
1.1. )E@UA4 HARA))&ENT
A%D does not tolerate se(ual harassment b an of its emploees" super*isors" and b
an other person associated with A%D. A%D affirms its commitment to maintaining a
working en*ironment that is fair" respectful" and free from se(ual harassment
The determination of what constitutes se(ual harassment will *ar with the particular
circumstances" but ma be described generall as8 -nwelcome se(ual ad*ances"
re.uests for se(ual fa*ors" and other *erbal or phsical conduct of a se(ual nature
a. !ubmission to such conduct is made a term or condition of an indi*idualFs
b. !ubmission to or re1ection of such conduct is used as a basis for emploment
decisions affecting such indi*idualsB or
c. !uch conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an indi*idualFs work
performance or creating an intimidating" offensi*e or hostile work
3mploees who belie*e the are *ictims of se(ual harassment should immediatel
report to the !uper*isor. ,f super*isor is the alleged person then emploee must report
to the Office of %uman &esources. The Office of %uman &esources will ad*ise the
emploees for the ne(t steps as per the polic laid down against se(ual harassment.
3mploees who present a charge pursuant to the polic against !e(ual %arassment
will not suffer an ad*erse emploment conse.uences for making a complaint nor for
taking part in the in*estigation of a complaint.
A grie*ance is an emploeeFs e(pression of disagreement or dissatisfaction with
aspects of emploment such as working conditions" hours of work" work en*ironment"
relationship with super*isor and other emploees" performance e*aluations" or
policies or decisions of the department considered b the emploee to be
inappropriate" harmful or unfair.
A%D6s grie*ance polic assures that indi*iduals ma seek answers to .uestions and
resolutions to complaints without fear of restraint" interference" correction or reprisal.
Man problems can be resol*ed informall. %owe*er" if attempts at informal
resolution are not satisfactor the can be addressed through the grie*ance procedure.
The emploee" in the e*ent sLhe has an grie*ance" will obser*e the following
F#$st )tep
,f ou ha*e a work related problem or sufficient grounds to e(press a grie*ance" ou
ha*e 1? das from the time of the incident to submit our grie*ance in writing to our
super*isor. ,f the problem in*ol*es our immediate super*isor" ou ma submit the
grie*ance to the person at the ne(t le*el of Management.
All complaints must be in writing" signed and dated.
)econd )tep
The super*isor at e*er step is allowed to ? das to submit a written response to our
grie*ance. ,f ou are not satisfied with the answer ou recei*e at the first step" ou
should submit a written statement of the problem to the person at the ne(t
management le*el. Qou must also submit a signed cop of our grie*ance and the
super*isor6s response to the Office of %uman &esources.
T+#$d )tep
,f ou do not recei*e satisfactor resolution at the second step" ou ma appeal the
decision to 4hief 3(ecuti*e Officer The 4hief e(ecuti*e officer is the final authorit
to make a final decision binding on all parties.
!eparation of emploment with A%D can take place in the following process8
1. 0o"6nta$y )epa$at#on? &esignation is considered as *oluntar separation.
!ometimes" emploees lea*e A%D because the mo*e" find themsel*es in
different circumstances" or simpl want a change. 3mploment at A%D is Rat will6
and is sub1ect to termination b either the emploee or A%D. ,f ou plan to resign
A%D re.uires an appropriate written notice which is usuall :> das or as
specified in our emploment contract.
.. In7o"6nta$y )epa$at#on? 2hen A%D terminates our emploment such action is
called R,n*oluntar !eparation6. Termination of emploment b the emploer"
discharge or dismissal can be considered as in*oluntar separation. &egular
emploees who ha*e suffered in*oluntar separation ha*e appeal rights in
accordance with the A%D6s general #rie*ance procedure.
/. o! A!andonment8 An emploee is deemed to ha*e abandoned hisLher 1ob when
for a period of 1? consecuti*e das the emploee has been absent without
1. Red6ct#on #n Fo$ce8 7rom time to time" it ma become necessar to eliminate
positions to meet organizational needs or restructuring process. Departmental
reduction in force or position abolishment is coordinated through the Office of
%uman resources. ,nstitutional reductions in force re coordinated through the
Office of 4hief 3(ecuti*e Officer.
3. Ret#$ement8 &etirement from ser*ice is mandator upon a regular emploee
attaining hisLher C>th birthda.
5. Deat+? Departments are responsible for notifing %uman &esources of the death of
an acti*e emploee. The nominee or ne(t to kin should recei*e the final pacheck.
2hen ou would like to proceed for *oluntar separation ou should place our
resignation to 43O through our ,mmediate !uper*isor. Qour immediate super*isor will
forward this to Office of %uman &esources for necessar actions.
-pon separation of emploment" all emploees are re.uired to recei*e documented
clearance from their department. The clearance from is a*ailable at 4ommonL%&L7orms
in our sstem. The Office of %uman &esources will conduct e(it inter*iews with all
emploees separating from Apollo %ospitals Dhaka. Qou immediate super*isor is
responsible for notif the office of %uman resources of our separation. Qou are
responsible for scheduling an e(it inter*iew.
During the e(it inter*iew" ou will be gi*en the opportunit to discuss our work
e(perience at A%D and reasons for separation" ,f ou can6t attend a face to face
inter*iew" a .uestionnaire will be mailed to ou for completion. The completed
.uestionnaire must be returned to the %uman &esources Department.
A%D stri*es to create an en*ironment where e(traordinar ser*ices to our patients
and their families to our guests and *isitors and to each other happen e*er da. And
e*er emploee at A%D is therefore e(pected to demonstrate the obser*able
beha*iors that mentioned against each area.
A$eas O!se$7a!"e Be+a7#o$s
Treats customers 'guest" patients" phsicians and other
emploees) with courtes" respect and caring beha*iors.
&esponds .uickl and appropriatel to customer re.uests.
Anticipates customer needs and initiates action to meet
those needs.
0resents a positi*e image of A%D through processional
appearance and beha*ior.
,dentifies and seeks opportunities for personal and
professional growth.
4arries out responsibilities in a timel fashion" re.uesting
assistance as needed.
7ollows the policies and procedures of A%D.
Teamwork 2orks cooperati*el within ownLdepartment and with other
units andLor departments
2illingl accepts additional responsibilitB tries to make
other6s 1obs easier.
&ecognizes and supports the skill and .ualities of others
2illingl e(changes appropriate and professional
information with co$workers.
4ommunications Gistens to customer needs and responds in a courteous and a
tactful manner.
0ro*ides timel feedback to the appropriate customer in a
clear and concise manner.
-se professional 1udgment in pro*iding information" based
on the situation" and is sensiti*e to indi*idual and
organizational concerns.
4onsistentl ensures the information known about the
customer is kept pri*ate and confidential.
Accountabilit Treats customers6 propert and A%D propert with care and
Demonstrates conser*ation and responsible use of
4ontributes to the safet and securit of A%D6s
en*ironment through personal actions
4ontinuous dri*e
for performance
3ffecti*el and efficientl fulfills responsibilities to achie*e
the greatest benefit at an acceptable cost.
4ontinuousl stri*es to suggest and implement was to
impro*e personal" departmental and institutional goals.
The underling factor of this +ob Analsis is the beha*ioral language to build robust
core competencies" core *alues" priorities and skills that describe" guide and link the
actions at work. Describing what was done helps performance measurement"
describing what is being done helps training and describing what should be done
helps define selection standards and performance goals.
This is about ha*ing the emploees of the organization align their actions with the
organizational identit and goals. The most effecti*e wa of achie*ing the same is to
allow the concerned emploees to participate in the process of strategic decision
making. This participation generates a sense of belonging among the emploees
towards the organization and the feel moti*ated to work towards achie*ing the goals
that the organization ma ha*e set for itself. A *er effecti*e wa of building
alignment is to beha*ioral language to con*ert the *ision and mission statements into
clear actions" which need to be performed and con*eing these actions to the
emploees. The emploees can be in*ol*ed with the framing of the *ision and the
mission statements. ,t can help if all the emploees speak the same language" i.e. the
ha*e the same interpretation of the ultimate goals of the organization. -sing the *ision
and mission statements in the selection procedures can do this. This allows an initial
filter" which allows onl those people who fit into the mould of the organization to
1oin in.
,dentit" process and strateg are crucial for sur*i*al in toda6s world of cutthroat
competition. 4onceptual leadership is becoming more crucial and the time a*ailable
for critical thinking is diminishing b the da. The need of the da is of robust
solutions to practical problems. &obust solutions are those" which work in the face of
ad*ersities. Beha*ioral competencies can be an asset to an organization. The are
robust and are useful but can be hampered b abstract language and personalit traits.
Therefore it becomes imperati*e that the building of robust human resource
competencies should be preceded b e(plicit e(planation of the same such that
e*erone is able to easil understand.
There ma arise man situations where there is a lot of ambiguit. ,n such situations"
simple decisions become difficult and ineffecti*e. To a*oid this state" one needs to be
*er clear about the e(isting situation and e.uall lucid about the course of action to
be adopted from thereon to resol*e the situation. 4ompetencies help de*elop the
re.uired clarit.
%ere one need to understand what is meant b the term competency. 4ompetenc
means different things to different people based upon their perception and conte(t of
application. ,n the field of %uman &esources" competencies often deal with the
characteristics of a person. An indi*idual6s competenc is defined as
A written description of measurable work habits and personal skills used to achieve
a work objective.
To make the description clearer" following are a few points to keep in mind8 $
$ An indi*idual competenc is different from the organizational competencies"
capabilities" *alues and priorities
$ A written description communicates e(actl what the term competency means
$ Measurable work habits and personal skills implies that competencies are a fair
measure of an indi*idual6s actions
$ ,ndi*idual competencies contribute to achie*ing a common work ob1ecti*e
4ompetencies are looked at differentl b different people depending upon their
conte(t of work. %uman &esources professionals look at competencies more on an
indi*idual le*el but business strategist concentrate more on the organizational
competencies. 4ore competencies are stores of technical knowledge and skills which
gi*es the organization an edge o*er other organizations and makes an impact on its
ser*ices and products. ,ndi*idual competencies along with organizational
competencies help in a*oiding and sol*ing people problems. 4apabilities are other
things that the organization is capable of doing to achie*e its goals. 4urrentl" there is
a high degree of discontent regarding indi*iduals not being able to meet their targets.
This discontent can be taken care of b impro*ing the selection procedures"
performance appraisal sstems and coaching schedules according to the indi*idual
competencies of the emploee. Thus task allocation should be done in accordance
with the competencies of the concerned indi*idual.
4ompetencies define the coaching schedules. On the basis of indi*idual
competencies" one can decide to what e(tent the indi*idual should be trained and what
should be the contents of the training. Thus competencies" b helping correct 1ob
allocation" helps a*oid the ambiguit and hence increase producti*it.
The best wa to e(press competencies is b the use of Be+a7#o$a" 4an'6a'e. ,t
allows a clear understandable description of the actions needed to be performed in
order to achie*e the organizational goals. ,ndi*idual competencies can also help
diffuse conflicts and disagreements because the help put forward the situation in a
*er lucid format and gi*e a different perspecti*e to the entire matter. Beha*ioral
language allows eas communication of standards" e(pectations" goals and ob1ecti*es"
thus making it the ideal wa to build robust competencies.
4ompetenc models comprise of groups of competencies. !ome models are generic
lists of indi*idual characteristics that can be used in %& sstems. Other competenc
models are speciall designed for a particular organization. The primar reason for
constructing a competenc model was to link the processes like inter*iews" appraisals"
training and compensation to *ision" mission" *alues and culture. !ome other reasons
were planning to grow newer skills within the organization" communicating the
beha*iors that are desired in the organization and clarifing the leadership focus. The
gist of the matter is competencies help managers and other emploees to link" plan"
communicate and clarif.
There are certain problems related to competenc models though. 3(pensi*e
competenc model not being applied or off$the$shelf competenc models which do
not fit the bill of the specific organization in terms of correctl defining the
uni.ueness of the 1obs or the organization. 3(pense incurred in getting the
competenc model designed" de*eloped and installed can be prohibiti*e. Acceptance
of the model is another common problem that the competenc models ma face. A
competenc model thus has to be de*eloped *er carefull. There are some challenges
in*ol*ed with the de*elopment and installation of the model. These challenges can be
listed as participation" measurement" negati*e feedback" 1ob$relatedness and e(pense.
One of the ma1or challenges is participation. There ma be two tpes of competenc
de*elopments. One" which is faster and the other which is better. The faster model of
de*elopment ma be efficient in terms of the time taken for the de*elopment of the
competenc model" but e*entuall it ma turn out to be more e(pensi*e. 3(ecuti*es
sitting behind a closed door tring to formulate the competencies re.uired and the
competenc model is not a feasible idea since the emploees who are going to be
sub1ected to that change might not like the model and refuses to use it. 0articipation is
absolutel critical for acceptance and application of the competenc model.
0articipation is not a manipulati*e plo" but a mechanism for making our
competencies more reflecti*e of the true cause of performance. 7or the model to
persist in the organization there should be broader participation in terms of multiple
opinions and the abilit to think and argue. 0articipation becomes a huge factor in the
successful implementation of the competenc sstem. Beha*ioral language is used to
link what needs to be done with indi*idual actions. 4ompetencies become tools for
direction and change. Assimilation of competencies into the e*erda
communications helps specific and e(plicit e(pression of feelings and opinions.
The ne(t challenge is measurement. Measurement is *er crucial since the progress of
a pro1ect or the performance of an emploee can be tracked onl when it is measured.
Also in situations where the emploee demands an e(planation the onl wa out is b
ha*ing hard e*idence on our hands. This e*idence is pro*ided b measurements.
Measurement can be used to fathom the skill le*el of an emploee which is being
selected for a particular assignment. Measurement sstems though ha*e to be
*alidated before the are pout into action. 7or this purpose" the are put through a
batter of test and the results obser*ed to check whether the are in keeping with the
characteristics obser*ed.
;egati*e feedback and the wa it is taken is another big challenge that an
organization ma face. !ome emploees ma not take a negati*e feedback
constructi*el and cause harm to the organizational goals.
Therefore the organization should ha*e the courage to face the conflict that would
arise when negati*e feedback is gi*en. ,t is e(tremel important to ha*e accurate
performance measures when it influences compensation" promotion and career
opportunities. Man managers sh awa from gi*ing negati*e feedback because of
the awkwardness or the fear of a legal battle. To resol*e these matters" there are
models which ha*e a cap on how low the measurements can go or there are a few
other models which use a threshold of minimum acceptable performance. These
models ma a*oid the unpleasantaries but at the cost of o*erlooking and actuall
accepting negati*e or undesirable performance into the organization. Thus" negati*e
measurement or feedback though e(tremel necessar" should be handled with care
since it is *er difficult to accept.
The one other challenge that the competenc sstem must face is that of the e(pense
incurred in designing and implementing the sstem. De*elopment of competenc
sstems which ma function as performance appraisal sstems and their
implementation is an e(pensi*e option and should be e(ercised onl after taking all
the considerations. These das the use of computers is rela(ing the stranglehold of
price on such sstems. !oftwares are being de*eloped to automate and handle each
and e*er task like structuring the inter*iews or groupware to encourage the groups to
work on a problem and find the solution collecti*el.
To full garner the benefits of the competenc sstem" the need to be in snc with
the current re.uirements of the organization and its goals. 4ompetencies when in
ser*ice of customers are powerful business tools. But it is e(tremel imperati*e to
understand the meaning of the term competenc in the gi*en conte(t. The competenc
scope does 1ust that. ,t outlines what needs to be done in order to meet the
re.uirements of the customers. ,n a competenc scope" competencies are discussed
with special attention on two factorsB *iz8 the G3M3G factor which specifies how an
organization can be effecti*e in the marketplace or how an indi*idual can be effecti*e
in doing a particular 1ob and the TQ03 factor which distinguishes between the use of
4oming back to the core competenc model" it is partitioned into four parts8 $
)"#ce I? Co$e Competenc#es and Capa!#"#t#es
The combination of knowledge and skills with tools is reflected at the organizational
le*el in core competencies and capabilities. A core competenc is a uni.ue bundle of
technical know$how that is central to the organization6s purpose. A capabilit is also
important to the organization6s effecti*eness and is percei*ed to be *aluable b
customers. ,t is a set of business processes strategicall understood. 4ore
competencies and capabilities are ideall e(pressed in a mission statement that
specificall communicates what the organization will do for its customers.
)"#ce II? Co$e 7a"6es and p$#o$#t#es
4ore *alues complement the technical aspects of work b e(plaining wh the work is
performed. At one le*el it encourages shared beliefs of people in the organization and
its culture" including norms on how to act. 0riorities reflect an organization6s
emphasis on the use of indi*idual competencies such as working habits and people
skills to make business processes and work sstems more efficient or effecti*e. ,t is
different from capabilities that emphasize the deploment of technical know$how"
phsical or financial resources to impro*e performance. An important priorit lies in
an organization6s willingness to use participation to impro*e performance and create a
competiti*e ad*antage. This priorit is seen in the commitment to encourage
associates to e(press their opinions on work issues. ,n addition" managers must be
willing to listen to other6s opinions" accept them when appropriate and disagree when
necessar. There alwas this uncertaint while distinguishing between a businesses
process that defines a capabilit and the people skills that define a priorit. 2hen
people can easil be asked to 1oin a business process" the are supporting a business
capabilit. On the other hand" when the process re.uires a person with a specific set of
skills" it is an organizational priorit that is being dealt with. A statement of core
*alues and priorities describes how people actuall do their work. ,t e(presses norms
and boundaries of acceptable beha*ior and business practices.
)"#ce III? Tec+n#ca" ,no8"ed'e and >o! s,#""s
,ndi*iduals use their technical knowledge and skills with tools to carr out their 1ob
responsibilities. Technical knowledge and 1ob skills should be in support of the
organization6s core competencies and capabilities. Technical skills pro*ide a logical
wa fro an organization to maintain and e(tend its core competencies and capabilities.
)"#ce I0? Pe$%o$mance s,#""s and competenc#es
0erformance skills and competencies include work habits" communication stles"
leadership and teamwork. The are easil transferred across different industries and
1obs and the reflect a person6s efficienc or effecti*eness in using technical
knowledge and skills. 4ommitment to a task is a performance skill that shows the
e(tent to which a person will work hard to get results. A performance skill can be
directl obser*ed and described at a beha*ioral le*el. A competenc in*ol*es an
inference about what a person is like.
O$'an#Hat#ona" c+a$acte$#st#cs?
2hen the slices , and ,, are combined" the organization6s identit is reflected"
including the work conte(t in which the indi*idual is to perform. The more familiar
components of organizational identit include *ision" mission" *alues and culture.
4ore competencies pro*ide the basis for an organization to define itself beond its
specific end products. 4ore *alues and priorities are .uite different from core
Ind#7#d6a" c+a$acte$#st#cs?
!lices ,,, and ,M pertain to the skills used b the indi*iduals to perform their specific
1obs. The reflect the 1ob content including specific tasks to be performed and the
indi*idual characteristics needed to carr them out. Assessment technolog offers a
perspecti*e that distinguishes between a performance skill and a competenc. The
beha*ioral approach to assessment would sa that a performance skill can be directl
obser*ed and described in terms of the things a person is obser*ed to sa or do. ,t is
*er important to describe operational skills in *er clear and precise words. ,n man
instances the organization successfull draws its competenc model but fails to
clearl mention the actions to be taken in order to achie*e the organizational goals.
4onse.uentl" e*en though the organization competenc model is read and in place"
it does not deli*er the e(pected returns. Therefore" it becomes imperati*e to put down
the steps to be taken b an emploee to be e(plicitl mentioned in the competenc
plan so that there is no haziness or ambiguit in the understanding of the model. The
statements of the competenc plan should be put down in the form of operational
definitions" which e(plain a concept in the form of steps to be taken to obser*e it.
%owe*er" defining a statement in terms of operational definition is not the 1ob a single
person. ,t becomes necessar to in*ol*e others in the process of defining the steps to
perform a certain task.
#enerall" !e+a7#o$a" "an'6a'e is used to define the actions and whene*er a higher
degree of detail is re.uired operational definitions are used. Beha*ioral language is
*er concrete. ,t describes what one can see or hear being done. A performance skill
written in beha*ioral language is the se.uence of actions to be performed to the 1ob
well. Beha*ioral language is robust because the actions re.uired to perform the task
can be defined through the written or the spoken word such that an other person
wanting to understand the action can do so" *er easil and reasonabl accuratel.
Merification in the case helps b showing the e(tent to which two or more people
agree on a beha*ioral description.
A performance skill is more concrete than personalit traits or abilities. A competenc
sstem based on personalit traits is not preferred because it would use terms which
ma be ambiguous. The tangible nature of performance skills means that it is helps
reduce the influence of biases on people. The focus is on making reasonable
inferences about people" based on *erifiable information. 0erformance skills and
descripti*e rating scales are the foundation of the beha*ioral approach in ob1ecti*e
decision$making. The three steps of the beha*ioral approach are8
!tep ,8 Obser*e what a person sas or does. !nap 1udgments are not allowed. Onl
obser*ation is what one is supposed to do.
!tep ,,8 Describe what is obser*ed in relation to the performance skill. The real test of
the second step is whether another person can *erif what has been described.
!tep ,,,8 Draw an inference from the description. The thumb rule is that this
e(pansion of the description should be reasonable in light of what was obser*ed and
subse.uentl described.
The perception of a person depends upon the reactions of one towards that person.
But with the beha*ioral approach" perception is not realit. The three steps of
beha*ioral approach enable the de*elopment of a reasonable understanding of the
other person b substituting obser*ation" description and inference for perception. A
robust performance skill supports the steps of the beha*ioral approach. ,t will not
contain abstract words and references.
A beha*ior$based *ision statement is a word picture that describes the future
statement for work and the actions that associates will take in it. The ideal mission
statement includes mo*ement. The beha*ior$based *ision is more dnamic than static.
A beha*ior$based mission statement e(plains wh the organization e(ists in terms of
its o*erall purpose" the nature of its business and the principles that it follows when
doing business. A beha*ior$based mission statement describes purpose and priorit in
a wa that suggests the direction for most of the people in the organization to take.
A mission statement pro*ides a sense of identit and direction" thus unifing
indi*iduals and establishing the basis for future actions. There should be a reciprocal
relationship between a mission statement and core competencies" each should
influence the other. A beha*ior$based *alue$statement describes the shared beliefs and
norms that characterize the organization.
Often the shared *alues can be traced to the business philosoph held b the founders
and the opinion leaders. An organization6s culture is a reflection of these shared
*alues. The represent one of the important components of the same. One challenge in
generating a *alue statement in*ol*es going beond feelings about the work situation.
The statement must use beha*ioral language to describe what people will do when
the are using the *alue.
2hen an identit statement is written in beha*ioral language" there is an opportunit
to align it with the organizational le*el of the competenc scope. Man %& sstems
are practical are tactical. The respond to go*ernmental regulations and specific
needs. The become more strategic howe*er when connected with the organization6s
identit through beha*ioral language. 2hen this is done one can sa that the
organization has a strategic %& sstem that reinforces its identit in da$to$da
decisions about people. 2hen the content of an identit statement is reflected in the
content of %& forms and processes" it is said that content linkage e(ists. A cramped
*ision restricts the scope of an organization while an open *ision can help align more
and more people with the organization6s goals.
There are four organizational approaches that influence the tpe of %uman &esource
sstems that are put into place. The four approaches can be summarized as follows8
1. 0erception$dri*en
9. 3(perience$dri*en
:. Attribute$dri*en
4. Beha*ior$dri*en
The perception$dri*en organization is more intuiti*e and feeling$oriented. The %&
sstem in this organization places less emphasis on being specific" gathering
information and measuring. ,ts %& efforts will rel on gut$feel inter*iews" likeabilit
appraisal" moti*ational coaching and smile training. There is a de$emphasis on
structured 1ob$related %& sstems.
The e(perience$dri*en organization uses work$e(perience in an intuiti*e wa. A few
features that characterize this approach are8
$ 4on*ersational inter*iews
$ 4ounselor appraisal
$ mentor coaching
$ %ands$on training
An organization that emphasizes attributes uses trait words to describe people. All of a
person6s characteristics are considered regardless of the e(tent to which the are used
in a current work assignment. A few features that characterize this approach are8
$ Trait inter*iews
$ &ecognition appraisal
$ 0ersonal growth coaching
$ ,nstrument training
2hen an organization adopts the beha*ior$dri*en strateg" it emphasizes organization"
description and cautious inferences about people. One of the most difficult challenges
faced b a new inter*iewer is to go beond the gut$feeling and gather beha*ioral
information about a candidate6s 1ob related skills. A second challenge faced b toda6s
inter*iewer is to a*oid the temptation to asses onl a candidate6s fit to the
organization. An inter*iew that is based on onl the candidate6s fit to the organization
will not measure the skills needed to do the 1ob itself. The beha*ior$based
inter*iewing strateg can asses the e(tent to which a person is both a fit for the
organization and able to do a particular 1ob.
The +ob Description is a management tool that assists in clarifing work functions"
accountabilities and reporting relationships of a position. This clarit will in term
helps the emploee understand his role better" the work association with other
positions and the impact he has on his department andLor the 4ompan6s performance.
To facilitate this understanding" a comprehensi*e and ob1ecti*el written +ob
description as the common reference is necessar. This documentation" in fact" is the
roadmap to link the man %uman &esources$related acti*ities such as 1ob e*aluation"
organizational design" recruitment and selection" training and de*elopment"
performance management and career planning processes.
%owe*er" before the line manager goes about writing the +ob Description" he will
need to gather information on the 1ob before creating the documentation.
This process of gathering 1ob information is called +ob Analsis.
3.5 OB ANA42)I)
+ob analsis pro*ides managers with data on the 1ob re.uirement which are then used
to de*elop a 1ob description 'what the 1ob entails) and 1ob specifications 'what kind of
person to hire for the 1ob). This information is the main segment of the 0osition
The tpes of information to collect are8
1ob content 8 describes the duties and responsibilities of the
1ob re.uirements 8 identif the formal .ualifications" knowledge"
skills" abilities and personal attributes which the
emploee needs to perform the content of the
1ob conte(t 8 refers to situational and supporting information
regarding the 1ob 5 its hierarchical standing"
limit of authorit" magnitude on financial"
human and resources managed" interpersonal
relationships and the en*ironmentLculture he is
e(pected to work in.
The manager should bear in mind that the ob1ecti*e of 1ob analsis is not to describe
the person for the 1ob but rather the 1ob itself and later" determine the tpe of person
suitable for the 1ob.
Once the essential functions and information are determined" a formal +ob description
can be compiled.
The +ob Description '+D) should pro*ide a positi*e o*erall feeling of the 1ob and is
also specific in stating the pre$re.uisites of the incumbent who can perform the 1ob at
an acceptable le*el.
,t is important that the +D is current" rele*ant and precise. This importance is not
o*erstated if we look at the other benefits that we can deri*e from it8
&ecruitment / !election
#uide recruitment so that better .ualified candidates are selected for 1obs.
0erformance Appraisal
3stablish the performance standards on which actual performance is assessed.
Training / De*elopment
,dentif the training and de*elopment needs an emploee needs to gain
competenc on the 1ob or to prepare the emploees for a 1ob with higher or
*astl different responsibilities.
4ompensation / Benefits
0ro*ide the basis to e*aluate the worth of a 1ob so that a competiti*e
remuneration package can be determined.
+ob orientation
&einforce emploee6s understanding of hisLher role and responsibilities when
these are clearl spelled out.
2ork assignment
3nable super*isors to manage assignment of work to emploees.
The Manager is responsible for ensuring that each staff member has an updated +D" in
the correct format.
Often emploees will be in*ol*ed in the creation and updating of this documentation
as the know their 1ob best.
Maintaining consistenc in the documentation of +Ds is a re.uirement and managers
are ad*ised to use the appropriate formats as stated 'the templates in soft *ersion are
a*ailable from the %& Department)8
The elements contained in the +ob Description are8
Pos#t#on Ident#%#cat#on
!tate the 1ob title" name of the department" designation of the super*isor and
super*isee" salar range" grade etc.
o! )6mma$y
'0rincipal &esponsibilit)
0ro*ides specific information about the outcomes re.uired of the role. ,t co*ers the
IwhatJ" IhowJ and IwhJ the tasksLduties are done.
P$#nc#pa" Tas,s
Di*ide the 1ob into tasks.
P$#nc#pa" )6!tas,s 8
Di*ide each task in to subtasks
o! )pec#%#cat#on
'3ducation" 3(perience and re.uired knowledge and skills)
Describes what skills" e(perience and .ualifications a 0erson needs in order to
perform the role competentl.
Acceptance Note
,t is the written appro*al of the super*isor and position holder.
+ob title8
&eports to8
4ategor8 3(ecuti*e
%iring scale8
The core responsibility of this position will be written down here.
This should be the summary of the job in 2-3 lines
It is WHAT the position is responsible for, HOW these
responsibilities are achieved and WHY are they done. The
latter element looks at the ey !esult "reas which will become
the standards for measurin# the actual performance
Break down of the 1obs in to tasks. -suall a 1ob consists of 4$C ma1or tasks.
Tas, 1
Break down of the task in to se*eral sub tasks.
a. !ubtask 1
b. !ubtask 9
c. !ubtask :
Tas, .
Break down of the task in to se*eral sub tasks.
a. !ubtask 1
b. !ubtask 9
c. !ubtask :
Tas, /
Break down of the task in to se*eral sub tasks.
a. !ubtask 1
b. !ubtask 9
c. !ubtask :
Tas, 1
Break down of the task in to se*eral sub tasks.
a. !ubtask 1
b. !ubtask 9
c. !ubtask :
Minimum education and e(perience re.uired to complete this 1ob.
The educational should be clearl mentioned.
And the e(perience should be the minimum the 1ob holder needs to complete the
,t is re.uired knowledge the 1ob holder need to perform well in the position. ,t is more
or less the theoretical knowledge associated with some practical e(pertise.
This is the phsical fitness a person re.uires for this 1ob. This should highl non
discriminator. And it should pro*ide the re.uired pro*isions for differentl able people.
This is the practical know$how the person needs to fulfill the 1ob successfull. ,t6ll be
an all inclusi*e list of skill set.
%ere the emploees6 past work habit needs to be assessed. %ere again this should be
ob1ecti*e and non discriminator.
" set performance measurement indicators will be sorted out here. $ere
we focus on observable behavior or what we call competency based
%erformance &ana#ement. "#ain it should be objective, performance
biased and relevant.
Once the +D is completed to a first draft stage" it is recommended that this document be
re*iewed b the Manager and the 1obholder before it is signed off b all designated parties.
A cop of the appro*ed +D should be forwarded to the %& Department preferabl in soft cop
'electronicall signed) for retention or to be e*aluated if the position has been substantiall
Before writing a +D" ou ma want to consider these suggestions8
Eeep sentence structure as simple as possible" omit unnecessar words or
1argon that do not contribute to pertinent informationB
Begin each dutLtask with an action *erbB
A*oid the narrati*e formB
&efer to position titles rather than name 'e(ample 5 &eports to the Marketing
Manager instead of IMr NNNJ)B
Be precise. This is critical for accurate 1ob e*aluation and analsisB
7ocus on critical acti*ities. Disregard minor occasional tasks which are not
uni.ue to the positionB
5...1 &ANAGE&ENT
+ob title8 %ead of Department$%&
Department8 %uman &esources
&eports to8 43O
#rade8 AM
%iring scale8
!er*ice weightage
OB )U&&AR2
The incumbent is responsible for %uman &esources !trateg formulation and
e(ecution" establishment and installation of %& polic" staff as well as organizational
de*elopment and emploees6 contribution enhancement.
1. De%#nes t+e st$ate'#c %#t o% HR #n pa$a""e" 8#t+ t+e 8+o"e o$'an#Hat#ons.
a. &ealizes the organization cause of e(istence along with its mission" *ision"
goal and ob1ecti*e.
b. &ealizes the parallelism of %& department with the o*erall organization6s
c. 3stablishes the linkage between %& with other departments as well as the
whole A%D as an attempt towards an integrati*e strateg formulation.
d. ,nstitutes departmental causes of e(istence along with its own mission" *ision"
goal and ob1ecti*e.
.. Cond6cts en7#$onmenta" st6dy to #dent#%y c$#t#ca" st$ate'#ca" p$em#ses.
a. &ecognizes en*ironmental issues" both task and general that will affect
functions of %& in foreseeable future.
b. 0erforms research as needed on the impact of en*ironment on A%D6s
emploee pool.
c. 4omprises a clear idea of upcoming en*ironmental threat as well as
/. Dec#des on a pa$t#c6"a$ st$ate'y a%te$ e7a"6at#n' a"te$nat#7es.
a. Decides on se*eral courses of future action in response to the en*ironmental
b. Analses the alternati*es on cost$benefit perspecti*es.
c. Determines the impact of indi*idual alternati*e on organizational mission and
d. !elects a particular strateg regarding specific %& goal.
1. E9ec6tes t+e st$ate'y 8#t+ necessa$y %ac#"#tat#ons.
a. 0repare the Budget supporting the strateg decided on.
b. Arranges for logistics and sstem support to facilitate the e(ecution of the
c. Accomplishes the e(ecution of strateg within prescribed time frame.
d. 3*aluates the actual outcome with the e(pected outcome for identifing the
e. Modifies strateg accordingl.
1. De7#ses po"#c#es $e'a$d#n' o7e$a"" HR %6nct#ons.
a. 3*ol*es a code of %& polic and procedures for the hospital" and implement it
in consultation with those concerned.
b. 3*ol*e and sstemize %& management practices in the area of manpower
planning" training" promotion" lea*e attendance" salar" administration etc.
c. 3*ol*es and implement rules and regulations of ser*ices for all emploees.
d. Obtains appro*als from other departments on the formulated policies.
.. Insta""s t+e p$oced6$es o% pe$%o$m#n' e7e$y HR %6nct#on on t+e !as#s o%
app$o7ed po"#c#es.
a. 4oordinates emploment acti*ities such as inter*iewing" selecting and hiring
b. O*ersees the maintenance of records and statistical reports concerning
recruitment" performance appraisal.
c. Manages and o*ersees compensation programs in the organization.
d. Direct de*elopment and application of techni.ues of 1ob analsis" 1ob
descriptions" e*aluation and grading.
e. 0lan" coordinates and direct personnel training and staff de*elopment
f. 3*ol*es and implement rules and regulations of ser*ices for all emploees.
g. ,nterpret causes of disputes and grie*ances and suggest and implement
remedial measures.
h. Deals with emploment related legal issues.
/. Comm6n#cates t+e po"#cy t+$o6'+ o6t t+e o$'an#Hat#on.
a. Obtains necessar effecti*e measures to communicate the policies and the
rele*ant procedures through all departments in A%D.
b. 3nsures the progression messages without an de*iation.
c. Ask for an modification needed in the recommended sstem.
d. ,f applicable" alter the sstem accordingl.
1. Imp"ements Pe$%o$mance App$a#sa" system to #dent#%y o$'an#Hat#ona"
pe$%o$mance p#t%a""s.
a. Designs the 1obs of all the positions with specific description and
specification with the aid of concerned departmental head and
b. !et up the performance standard for indi*idual 1ob.
c. De*elops a performance appraisal sstem appropriate for the hospital.
d. ,nstalls the sstem along with concerned management.
e. &e*iews the findings from staff de*elopment perspecti*es.
.. Insta""s e"a!o$ate t$a#n#n' p$o'$am %o$ e7e$y "e7e" o% emp"oyees acco$d#n' to
t+e#$ needs.
a. Designs %& training and staff de*elopment programs.
b. 4onfer with management and super*isor personnel in order to determine
training needs.
c. Analses past and current ear training re.uirements to prepare budgets
and 1ustif funds re.uested.
d. 7ormulates training policies and schedules utilizing knowledge of
identified training needs.
e. Trains assigned instructors and super*isors in effecti*e techni.ues for
training in areas such as new emploee orientation" on the 1ob training"
apprenticeship programs" performance appraisal etc.
/. Comm6n#cates t+e pe$%o$mance #mp$o7ement t+$o6'+o6t t+e o$'an#Hat#on.
a. ,mplements the result of training and de*elopment session in da to da
b. 3*aluates the implementation result of a particular department as a whole
along with indi*idual performance.
c. !elects the highest impro*ement achie*er as the benchmark for other
d. 7acilitates the wa to replicate the benchmark department b others.
1. Des#'ns a m6"t#d#$ect#ona" and %"e9#!"e p$ocess o% comm6n#cat#on.
a. Designs two wa communication in own department and at the same time
encourages the whole organization to follow the sstem.
b. 3liminates the cost of bureaucrac to a minimum le*el to facilitate
effecti*e communication channel.
c. De*elops the sstem to utilize the result of communication in a producti*e
wa in time.
3. Attempts to #mp$o7e t+e o$'an#Hat#on as a 8+o"e.
a. 7ocuses on the ad*ance of the organization as a whole.
b. 4reates an en*ironment of emploee ownership.
c. ,nstitutionalizes the concept of organizational strengthening in respect of
e*er emploee.
d. !tri*es for continuous impro*ement in performance of e*er emploee.
1. Reco'n#Hes t+e +6man#ta$#an #ss6es #n e7e$y HR dec#s#on.
a. 4hecks for an discriminator policies to ensure e.ual emploment
b. Analses the organizational competencies in attracting potential
c. Attempts to match A%D6s policies with the %& market trend in attracting
competent personnel.
d. !tudies the causes of absenteeism" tardiness" turno*er and other
discouraging factors.
e. &ecognizes the moti*ational factors in fa*or of acceptable performance.
f. 3nsures proper centralization and decentralization of authorit in %& as
well as other departments.
.. Attempts to de7e"op psyc+#c !ene%#ts o% t+e emp"oyees %$om AHD.
a. 0lan and direct implementation and administration of financial benefit
program such as insurance and pension plans" paid time off" bonus pa and
special emploer sponsored acti*ities.
b. ,nstitutionalizes the sstem of emploees6 entertainment and recreation
such as" earl picnic" mo*ie night" cultural program and other similar
c. De*elops a sstem of outstanding performance recognition for the staffs as
well as e(ecuti*e le*el suitable for A%D6s policies.
d. De*ises a sstem of continuous training" coaching and o*erall assistance to
super*isees in all departments continuousl.
e. Manages emploees6 conflict and grie*ance in a 2in$2in approach.
f. 0ro*ides career counseling to concerned emploees.
/. De7e"ops an o$'an#Hat#on o$#ented emp"oyee !ase.
a. Designs an emploee friendl and fle(ible organizational culture.
b. Ad*ocates for the flat hierarch throughout A%D.
c. 3ndea*ors for emploee ownership culture.
Bas#c C6a"#%#cat#ons?
D#M$%& must ha*e a post graduation .ualification in %&M preferabl an MBA with
at least 4$? ears of management e(perience in a hospital of comparable size. %eLshe
should be able to demonstrate good communication skills" abilit to manage
di*ersified tasks simultaneousl and computer literac.
Re:6#$ed o!* Kno8"ed'e* s,#""s and a!#"#t#es
$ 3(perience in managing the pro*ision of human resources management in a large
$ Abilit to blend %& knowledge with administrati*e knowledge to achie*e .ualit
$ Enowledge of accreditation and certification re.uirements
$ 3(cellent communication" team building and persuasion skills in working with
administrati*e and line personnel.
$ -nderstanding of principles of continuous .ualit impro*ement.
$ Abilit to super*ise and train emploees" to include organizing" prioritizing and
scheduling work assignments.
$ Abilit to de*elop" plan and implement short and long range strateg and goals.
$ !kills in e(amining and re$engineering operations and procedures.
$ Enowledge of hospital management along with common medical terminolog.
$ Enowledge of computers.
P+ys#ca" A!#"#t#es
The phsical abilities described here are representati*e of that must be met b an
emploee to accomplish the essential responsibilities of the 1ob. %owe*er" reasonable
accommodations ma be made for the differentl able indi*iduals. The incumbent
must be able to use hands" fingers and must ha*e appropriate le*el of eesight to work
on spreadsheets. A routine pre$emploment medical e(amination is re.uired.
Bo$,#n' Cond#t#ons
4omfortable working en*ironment is pro*ided with necessar sstem supports.
Re%e$ence c+ec,
&eference check must be carried out with immediate super*isor or pre*ious
emploers for confirmation about the honest and integrit.
Pe$%o$mance Ind#cato$s?
1. All super*isor personnel in the %& department are guided and super*ised to
achie*e their departmental ob1ecti*es.
9. A .ualit control program is designed" installed and monitored on regular basis.
:. 4ustomers6 complaints regarding %& issues are properl recorded" analzed and
root causes are corrected.
4. %&l control mechanisms are in place" sentinel e*ents are recorded and proper
measures are taken to increase the le*el of monetar accurac.
?. Appropriate polices are formulated" implemented with appro*al and monitored for
C. Departments are accuratel staffed in terms of appro*ed re.uirements.
@. !taff de*elopment programs for %& department6s staff are in place and
professional de*elopments are e*aluated and recognized.
=. %& budgets for the department are timel prepared" presented and funds are
<. All %& planning for medical ser*ices are clearl structured and competiti*e.
1>. Target groups inside and outside the organization are timel and appropriatel
communicated and images of organization are increased.
11. !tandards for +4,A are well communicatedB assistance" guidance and training are
pro*ided to achie*e those with a monitoring sstem in place.
19. Board members are accuratel reportedB feedbacks are recei*ed and implemented
1:. 4ommittees are formed" participated and empowered b the implementation of
decisions taken from time to time.
%ere we followed Da*id -lrich6s %& matri(. ,n the +ob !pecification of D#M$%& or
%ead of %&" , tried to segregate hisLher 1ob according to Da*id -lrich6s %& model. ,t
focuses on the di*ersities and comple(ities of this position. The role will be much
clearer if we ha*e a brief o*er*iew on this %& model.
1. )t$ate'#c Pa$tne$
%& must ensure that its practices" processes and policies complement the o*erall
organizational strateg and de*elop a capacit to e(ecute that strateg. ,n these times
of rapid change" %& must minimize the time it takes to implement the strateg.
.. C+an'e A'ent
All organizations change. ,n recent ears the rate of change has increased
dramaticall" due in part to the organization of the econom and enhancements in
communication. The %& role is to facilitate the change in organizations. This includes
modeling change to other departments" ad*ocating change across the entire
organization" resol*ing issues that arise from change" and institutionalizing changes
b implementing efficient and fle(ible processes.
4hange Agent
3mploee 4ontribution
!trategic 0artner
Administrati*e 3(pert
7uture !trateg
Da to Da
/. Adm#n#st$at#7e E9pe$t
This is the role to which %& dedicates most of the time" and rightfull so. The role
in*ol*es %& infrastructure" such as recruiting" hiring" compensating" rewarding and
disciplining" training" record keeping" and terminating and an other process that
in*ol*es people. %& must ensure that these processes are efficient and optimized"
which re.uires tracking" monitoring" and continuousl impro*ing.
1. Emp"oyee Cont$#!6t#on
This too is a traditional %& role. To be emploee contributor" %& must know the
emploees well and spend time meeting with and listening to emploees. %& must
promote communication" which can include emploee sur*es" emploee suggestion
programs" all$emploee meetings" on$going communication of business status" and
an other program that can make emploees feel part of the team and dedicated to
customer ser*ice. This role also includes ensured that emploees who are ha*ing
problems get a fair hearing.
The skill set re.uired in this position are more elaboratel depicts the needed intensit
and depth re.uired in this position.
5.... E@ECUTI0E
+ob title8 )en#o$ E9ec6t#7e(Emp"oyee Re"at#ons
Department8 %uman &esources
&eports to8 #eneral Manager 5 %uman &esources
4ategor8 3(ecuti*e
%iring scale8
OB )U&&AR2
The incumbent is responsible for the coordination of 1ob analsis process"
performance management" recognition and reward scheme management" disciplinar
actions" and facilitation of emploee relations under the super*ision of #eneral
Manager 5 %uman &esources.
1. Cond6cts >o! ana"ys#s and 6pdates t+e emp"oyee >o! desc$#pt#on as and 8+en
a. 4arrout 1ob analsis process methodicall and de*elops 1ob description and
b. 7acilitates performance indicators to the staff categor emploees.
c. 4ollects inputs from the appraisal process and other sources to update the 1ob
descriptions and specifications periodicall
.. Insta""s t+e app$op$#ate Pe$%o$mance App$a#sa" system #n t+e depa$tments.
a. Assists super*isor in designing performance appraisal format.
b. 3ducates staff categor emploee about their participation process in
performance management.
c. Assists super*isors in facilitating installation of performance appraisal process
for the e(ecuti*e categor staff.
d. 7orwards and collects the Appraisal forms to concerned management.
e. 0repare reports for staff de*elopment needs" reward and recognition schemes
and unsatisfactor performance management initiati*es.
/. Fac#"#tates t+e emp"oyee $e"at#ons p$o'$ams #n#t#ated !y t+e a6t+o$#ty
a. 4onducts regular meeting with different categor of the emploees for
gathering and reporting their concerns.
b. Analses different sources of information for identifing emploee relation
issues and reports to super*isor for proacti*e solutions.
c. 4onducts emploee satisfaction sur*e as and when re.uired.
d. &e*iews the effecti*eness of e(isting welfare schemes and suggests the was
to make those programs more effecti*e.
e. 0ro*ides inputs in designing new welfare and recognition schemes.
f. ,dentifies the areas of emploees6 concerns and reports to the super*isor for
1. A$$an'es t+e ente$ta#n#n' and $ec$eat#ona" act#7#t#es
a. Organizes the recreational acti*ities" such as mo*ie night" picnic" cultural
functions etc.
b. 0repares the program budget with due appro*al.
c. 4ommunicates the program schedule through out A%D.
d. Arranges for necessar logistical support for the programs.
3. Coo$d#nates t+e '$#e7ance mana'ement p$oced6$e and %ac#"#tates d#sc#p"#na$y
act#ons %o$ t+e sta%% cate'o$y emp"oyees.
a. ,dentifies andLor collects staff grie*ances and reports to super*isor.
b. 3ducates the staff about how grie*ance can be placed to management for
c. 4onducts primar in*estigation for the reported misconducts for the staff
categor staff and reports to the super*isor.
d. Acts as a point person for addressing an se(ual harassment and offers
technical assistance to the complainants to mo*e forward as per polic in
e. 4onducts counseling sessions for the staff categor le*el as ad*ised b the
f. Acts as a champion of gender issues and assists the %& team to uphold the
Re.ual opportunit emploer6 policies.
Masters in !ocial !ciences with at least :ears6 e(perience in %& related 1ob or in
MBA with ma1or in %uman &esources Management from a reputed institute like
,BAL;!-" 7or an MBA e(perience is not essential.
A clear understanding about formal %uman &esources Management
A clear understanding of %& policies and procedures commonl practiced in
Thorough knowledge on 0articipator 0erformance Management process and R3.ual
Opportunit 3mploment6 philosoph and practices
Basic knowledge regarding Gabor Gaw in Bangladesh
An ad*anced le*el user of spreadsheet along with other Microsoft office tools
necessar arithmetical skills along with necessar ,T skills
3(perience or training on an commercial Administration or %uman &esources
Management !oftware is preferable.
3(perience or training on an %& 0lanning courses is highl preferable.
Abilit to conduct both small$scale .ualitati*e and .uantitati*e research
An ad*anced le*el of Business 4ommunication skills
4ommunication skills in 3nglish and Bangla
The phsical abilities described here are representati*e of that must be met b an
emploee to accomplish the essential responsibilities of the 1ob. %owe*er" reasonable
accommodations ma be made for the differentl able indi*iduals. The incumbent
must be able to use hands" fingers and must ha*e appropriate le*el of eesight to work
on spreadsheets. A routine pre$emploment medical e(amination is re.uired.
4omfortable working en*ironment is pro*ided with necessar sstem supports.
7or the e(perienced applicants reference check must be carried out with immediate
super*isor for confirmation about the honest and integrit. 7or a fresh graduate at
least two respectable persons must pro*ide a testimonial for the incumbents.
+ob designs are prepared according to the latest change in 1obs6 responsibilities.
0erformance Appraisal sstems are forwarded to concerned management with
re.uired e(planation and clarification.
Data related to performance assessment are collected and managed in prescribed
AnalsisL7indingsLreports are communicated to concerned authorit in time.
2ork related complaints are identified and addressed in time and in proper
#rie*ances are handled according to the merit of grie*ances and ad*ices are taken
from the super*isors whene*er re.uired.
&einforcements are conferred to emploees according to their correspondence
with A%D6 policies and code of conduct.
&ecreational acti*ities are arranged according to the respecti*e budget.
&ele*ant %& polic compliances are maintained with documentar e*idences.
2histles are blown against an malpractices with regard to R3.ual 3mploment
The +ob !pecification designed abo*e is sub1ect to change time to time according to
the 1ob re.uirement.
Appro*ed b Date8
Accepted b ',ncumbent6s signature) Date8
!uper*isor6s signature Date8
This position encompasses a little managerial le*el 1ob to e(ercise its responsibilit
and authorit. This position is gi*en enough discretion to nurture itself for the future
top le*el position. ,n most case e(ecuti*e reports to manager or to the departmental
head himself.
3(ecuti*e6s 1ob is a mi(ture of both routine as well as initiati*e tasks. ;ow it6s
super*isor6s responsibilit to draw a clear balance between repetiti*e and creati*e
tasks. 3(ecuti*es are to super*ise the da to da acti*ities and to 1obs of Assistants.
%eLshe is responsible for carr out the functions mainl designed b the top
,n the +ob of !enior 3(ecuti*e 5 3mploee &elation" we can see this well blending of
both tpes of tasks. At one e(treme heLshe is to look after the 1ob analsis process"
data analsis of performance management process. And at other e(treme" heLshe is to
look after the emploee relations acti*ities" which is almost self$dri*en. %ere the
opportunit for the indi*idual career growth is pro*ided along with proper functioning
of departmental regular acti*ities. The e(ecuti*e position must be gi*en enough scope
to accumulate and e(ercise inno*ation in workplace.
,n basic .ualification" the re.uired education should be tailored according to the
position needs. The proper functioning of this position re.uires some rele*ant
e(perience. ;e*ertheless in case of highl rele*ant educational background"
e(perience is not mandator.
The re.uired knowledge is also highl 1ob related as to perform the responsibilit in a
sound manner heLshe must be familiar with the terms and definition of the process
heLshe will ha*e to work with. As in this specific position" along with the basic
knowledge of human resources management" Lshe should know about the performance
management stle" currentl practiced 1ob analsis method" labor law in Bangladesh
for the betterment of this position.
,n re.uired skills part" the incumbent re.uires specific attributes to fit in that position.
0articularl an sort of training or e(posure in related field will be mutuall
beneficial. Along with this to be self dri*en and initiati*e" the incumbent should ha*e
research capabilit" some special tailored skill.
,n performance indicators set up" , tried to ha*e some measurable indicators of this
initiati*e tasks. The results are percei*ed .uantitati*el. The focus is on to identif
obser*able beha*ior" competenc based measurement.
5.../ A))I)TANT
+ob title8 Time Office Assistant
Department8 %uman &esources
&eports to8 !enior 3(ecuti*e$0aroll
#rade8 AM
%iring scale8
!er*ice weightage
OB )U&&AR2
The incumbent is responsible for time office regulation" dut roster maintenance and
accounting opening procedures.
1. &a#nta#ns 6pdated d6ty $oste$ #n H&).
a. 4ollects dut roster from each department and places it into %M!.
b. 4hanges the roster according to the re.uisition.
c. ,nforms the due authorit if anone forgets to bring the ,D card.
.. Ass#sts emp"oyees #n Ban, Acco6nt open#n'.
a. Assists new emploees in Bank Account form fill up.
b. Maintains liaison with bank for account opening procedures.
c. Deli*ers 4he.ue Book to emploees.
d. Deli*ers an official papers to !T!.
/. P$o7#des ass#stance to HR depa$tment #% o$de$ed to do so.
a. 4onduct hospital6s *isit for new emploees.
b. Attaches an notice from %& in A%D6s notice board.
c. 0ro*ides support to an programs organized from %&.
d. !uper*ises the works of Mailing Assistance.
#raduate in an fields with 1ears e(perience in Time Office regulation or an other
similar 1obs
A clear understanding about formal Dut &oster 0reparation
A clear conception of Bank Account opening procedures
An ad*anced le*el user of spreadsheet along with other Microsoft office tools
necessar arithmetical skills
4ommunication skills in 3nglish and Bangla
The phsical abilities described here are representati*e of that must be met b an
emploee to accomplish the essential responsibilities of the 1ob. %owe*er" reasonable
accommodations ma be made for the differentl able indi*iduals. A routine pre$
emploment medical e(amination is re.uired.
4omfortable working en*ironment is pro*ided with necessar sstem supports.
7or the e(perienced applicants reference check must be carried out with immediate
super*isor for confirmation about the honest and integrit. 7or a fresh graduate at
least two respectable persons must pro*ide a testimonial for the incumbents.
Pe$%o$mance Ind#cato$s
3rror free Dut &oster is prepared reflecting the demand from each department.
Bank accounts are opened with proper process and without an time lag.
!upporting documents are collected" re*iewed and updated in %M! to satisf the
policies of A%D.
3mploees as well as other e(ternal clients are communicated timel with all of
the necessar information.
3rrors are treated with the merit of errors and ad*ices are taken from the
super*isors as deemed appropriate.
The +ob !pecification designed abo*e is sub1ect to change time to time according to
the 1ob re.uirement.
Appro*ed b Date8
Accepted b ',ncumbent6s signature) Date8
!uper*isor6s signature Date8
,n the +ob !pecification of the position of Time Office Assistant , can obser*e some
clear difference with that of 3(ecuti*e position
;ow the proper functioning of assistant le*el position becomes the responsibilit of
e(ecuti*e le*el position holder.
The 1ob is almost routine in nature with little option for discretion. The assistant is to
carr on the routine task properl.
The numbers of tasks as well as the subtasks are also diminishing as compared to that
of e(ecuti*e. %ere again these tasks are more and more routine. The are as the name
implies is to assist the main and core 1ob of the department.
,n 1ob profile formulation" , mentioned minimum e(perience. , can accept an fresher
in this position with an a*erage academic background. %ere as the 1ob of Time Office
Assistant is to supplement the Dut &oaster and 4ompensation Management" it6ll be
better if the department has a science graduate for this position.
Again as the dut roaster and other related functions are based upon software an
intermediate le*el of computer skill is essential. 2e ha*e to remember that for an
assistant le*el 1ob" the le*el of re.uired computer literac should be fi(ed according to
the actual re.uirement of the 1ob.
The designing of performance indicators are relati*el eas as the ma(imum of the
tasks are repetiti*e in nature. ,t in*ol*es no of errors" rapidness in ser*ice" maintaining
of supporting documents which are more or less similar to that of other assistant le*el
, use action *erbs to designing this 1ob specification. , tried to focus on obser*able
beha*ior through out this +ob Analsis.
Apo""o Hosp#ta"s D+a,a
Apollo %ospitals Dhaka
0erformance 0lanning and &e*iew '00&) 7orm
Use o% t+#s %o$m?
This form is to be used b all regular" probationar and long$term contractual
emploees who are eligible to participate in performance management sstem of
Apollo %ospitals Dhaka 'A%D)
3mploee6s ;ame8
3mploee ,D8
0osition Title8
;ame of !uper*isor8
1. o! )6mma$y
Gist the ma1or 1ob responsibilities of the emploee on the basis of present 1ob
description. This should not be more than one paragraph.
.. Pe$%o$mance O!>ect#7e ;PO< and standa$ds
Gist the agreed performance ob1ecti*es that emploee will achie*e and the
performance standard b which emploee6s achie*ement will be measured.
0O 18
0erformance !tandards for 0O18
0O 98
0erformance !tandards for 0O98
0O :8
0erformance !tandards for 0O :8
0O 48
0erformance !tandards for 0O 48
!ignature of !uper*isor8 !ignature of 3mploee8
Date Date8
Emp"oyee De7e"opment P"ans
,dentif an emploee de*elopment needs regarded as important for the
present performance ccle in order to assist performance or for professional
de*elopment. Also consider the assessment of the pre*ious performance ccle
and the ratings on the essential competencies of emploee" if an.
,dentified areas for performance
impro*ement" contribution" or
acti*ities to
attain target
date or time
e(penses in
!ignature of !uper*isor !ignature of 3mploee8
Date8 Date8
Inte$#m Re7#e8
At least one interim progress re*iew must be conducted no later than C months
into the 19$month 00& ccle. 7or probationar emploee the fre.uenc would
be decided as per the R0robation 0eriod6 0olic of A%D.
9.1. !ummar of the Discussion8
OThis re*iew will focus on the achie*ements of the emploee and the
performance constraints issues during the last si( months particularl.
The emploee or the super*isor can write this in a consultati*e
!ignature of !uper*isor !ignature of 3mploee
Date8 Date8
Ann6a" Re7#e8 '7rom8 UUUU..To8 UUUUUUUU)
O7e$a"" se"%(assessment o% emp"oyee
OThe emploee should complete this section prior to meeting with hisLher
super*isor. The self$assessment should focus on the le*el of achie*ements
against the agreed performance ob1ecti*es" lessons learned during this
performance ccle" the process emploee followed for sharing his Lher
learning and the was emploee can do better in the future.P
/. )6pe$7#so$Is O!se$7at#ons?
!uper*isor should focus on achie*ements against performance ob1ecti*es"
current skills" competencies and identified de*elopment potentials. This
assessment should follow a meeting between the super*isor and emploee.
!ignature of !uper*isor !ignature of 3mploee
Date Date
Rat#n' o% essent#a" competenc#es
The emploee should be rated b the super*isor for the essential competencies
demonstrated b the emploee during this performance ccle. &ating should
be done in presence of emploee and on the basis of following scale8
O 5 OutstandingB H) 5 %ighl !atisfactorM ) 5 !atisfactor" & 5 Marginal"
U( -nsatisfactor" NA 5 ;ot Applicable
Rat#n' A$eas O!se$7a!"e !e+a7#o$s
Treats customers 'guest" patients"
phsicians and other emploees) with
courtes" respect and caring beha*iors.
&esponds .uickl and appropriatel to
customer re.uests.
Anticipates customer needs and initiates
action to meet those needs.
0resents a positi*e image of A%D through
processional appearance and beha*ior.
,dentifies and seeks opportunities for
personal and professional growth.
4arries out responsibilities in a timel
fashion" re.uesting assistance as needed.
7ollows the policies and procedures of
Teamwork 2orks cooperati*el within
ownLdepartment and with other units
andLor departments
2illingl accepts additional
responsibilitB tries to make other6s 1obs
&ecognizes and supports the skill and
.ualities of others
2illingl e(changes appropriate and
professional information with co$workers.
4ommunications Gistens to customer needs and responds in
a courteous and a tactful manner.
0ro*ides timel feedback to the
appropriate customer in a clear and
concise manner.
-se professional 1udgment in pro*iding
information" based on the situation" and is
sensiti*e to indi*idual and organizational
4onsistentl ensures the information
known about the customer is kept pri*ate
and confidential.
Accountabilit Treats customers6 propert and A%D
propert with care and respect.
Demonstrates conser*ation and
responsible use of resources.
4ontributes to the safet and securit of
A%D6s en*ironment through personal
dri*e for
3ffecti*el and efficientl fulfills
responsibilities to achie*e the greatest
benefit at an acceptable cost.
4ontinuousl stri*es to suggest and
implement was to impro*e personal"
departmental and institutional goals.
O7e$a"" $at#n' on t+e "e7e" o% pe$%o$mance demonst$ated !y t+e emp"oyee
This needs to be rated in presence of emploee and on the basis of following scale
0lease place V in the blank bo( nearest our rating choice
0erformance consistentl e(ceeds all re.uirements of the
1ob. Outstanding performance is clearl ob*ious to all.
-ni.ue" e(ceptional accomplishments that ob*iousl *er
far abo*e what is re.uired and which relati*el few
emploees would be e(pected to achie*e.
Accomplishment clearl and consistentl abo*e what is
re.uired. This le*el is usuall achie*ed onl b highl
competent" seasoned incumbents.
0erformance meets standards. Most .ualified incumbents
should be able to attain this le*el.
0erformance does not meet acceptable le*els in all areas"
but emploee e(hibits the potential to become proficient
with continued training or de*elopment. ,nterim re*iews
should be done .uarterl.
O*erall performance of emploee does not meet
acceptable le*elB appropriate correcti*e action is being
formall initiated. ,nterim re*iews will be done .uarterl

0erformance remains significantl below standardB

particularl in one or more critical areas of responsibilitB
3mploee should be at an appropriate stage of
unsatisfactor performance management procedure.
O7e$a"" $ecommendat#ons
OThe super*isor needs to recommend for percentage of annual incrementLno
incrementLconfirmation of probationLe(tension of probationLpromotion or
other rele*ant performance related decisions.P
1D. Ac,no8"ed'ment o% app$a#sa" !y t+e emp"oyee
O3mploee needs to e(press his le*el of satisfaction about the process and the
!ignature of 3mploee8 Date8
!ignature of !uper*isor Date8
2hen complete" please make copies for our office file and the emploee and send
the original to the Office of %uman &esources for preser*ing in emploee file.

Apo""o Hosp#ta"s D+a,a
4ea$n#n' O!>ect#7es
After completion of this training program" participants will be able to8
1. Define the structure of the prescribed 0erformance Appraisal sstem in respect
of their o*erall departmental functions.
9. 3(plain the 0erformance Appraisal sstem to the emploees of respecti*e
:. 3(ercise the prescribed 0erformance Appraisal sstem with respect to their
4. Assist the emploees with performance feedback through an e*aluati*e
Tota" Ho6$s
Two %ours
#roup Discussion
Tuestion$Answer session
%OD" %uman &esources Department
Training Manager" %uman &esources Department
%OD and Mid$le*el managers of all non$medical departments.
o! Be+a7#o$ 4e7e" O!>ect#7es
After completion of this training program" participants will be able to8
1. ,nstall prescribed 0erformance Appraisal sstem according to the training.
9. 0ro*ide necessar feedbacks and support to their emploees.
:. Monitor the performance of the emploees under the super*ision.
4. Assess the performances of emploees in regular inter*al.
Impact 4e7e" O!>ect#7es
0erformances of the emploees are recognized and reinforced according to their le*el
of competencies.
A health and competiti*e en*ironment will pre*ail at workplace.
T$a#n#n' E7a"6at#on
4ea$n#n' 4e7e" E7a"6at#on
4lassroomL,mmediate assessment.
Impact 4e7e" E7a"6at#on
7ocus #roup Discussion of both appraisers and appraisees separatel.
0ilot testing of participants in three$month inter*al.
F.. )ess#on 1.1
On completion of the session" participants will be able to8
,dentif the elements of performance appraisal sstem on the basis of their respecti*e
Define the pschological errors that take place in performance appraisal process.
3*aluate the performances appraised and pro*ide necessar feedback.
Gecturette" Tuestion and Answer" Misual aid" %and out
C> minutes
A ma(imum of 94 participants
A room large enough to accommodate twent four participants in a sitting
arrangement so that the can see and interact with each other as well as with the
7acilitator will describe the o*erall learning ob1ecti*es of this training as described in
the training curriculum. Alongside heLshe will recei*e an feedback from the
Method8 Gectures" Discussion and Tuestions / Answers
Misuals8 0ower point displa on the main learning ob1ecti*es
Duration8 ? minutes
Learning objective
,dentif the elements of performance appraisal sstem on the basis of their respecti*e
Duration8 1>minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
The facilitator will ask for the pre*ious e(perience of participants in 0erformance
Appraisal sstem. The e(periences can be of as the Appraisers as well as Apraisees.
%eLshe will carr on the session b discussing what the participants think would be
the basic performance standard for the emploees of their departments. The can gi*e
their idea on performance measurement. 7acilitator along with the participants will
discuss the pros and cons of sub1ecti*e 1udgment and ob1ecti*e 1udgment. The
purpose of this discussion is to reach a final agreement about the use of Ob1ecti*e
scale. And the facilitator should guide the dialogue in that direction.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite board and makers 'three different colors) to write down the general findings of
.uestion$answer session
The facilitator can also draw the flow diagram of basic performance appraisal sstem
0ower point presentation with the 7low chart on 0erformance Appraisal process
session" e(ample of different measurement approaches and measurement scales
%and outs on the theor of 0erformance Appraisal !stem with main focus on
performance measurement approaches. The write ups are to be distributed at the end
of the session. But the participants should be informed about the pro*ision of
handouts so that the won6t be bus during the session in taking notes.
Learning objective
Define the pschological errors that take place in performance appraisal process.
Duration8 1: minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
%eLshe will continue the session b asking about the problems or discrimination the
faced in Appraisal process. The discussion will graduall come across with common
pschological errors which are obser*ed in 0erformance Appraisal !stem. %eLshe
then will in*ite the participants to suggest remedies in eliminating the discrepancies in
Appraisal sstem. ,n this session the facilitator and participants will share their
e(periences" stories rele*ant to the sub1ect
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite Board and markers of different color to write down the general finding of the
Tuestion and Answer session
0ower point presentation with name the pschological errors in different slide
supported b rele*ant cartoons
%and outs on the theor of pschological errors and their common remedies. The
write ups are to be distributed at the end of the session. But the participants should be
informed about the pro*ision of handouts so that the won6t be bus during the
session in taking notes.
Learning objective
3*aluate the performances appraised and pro*ide necessar feedback.
Duration8 1: minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
The facilitator will then carr on dialogue regarding practical application of a
0erformance Appraisal !stem. The focus will be on fre.uenc of emploing the
Appraisal sstem" the assessment process" the emploee feedback and the aftermath
'placement and training decision) of 0erformance Appraisal sstem. The 7acilitator
will relate the teaching according to the prescribed 0erformance Appraisal format to
be introduced in ne(t session.

0#s6a" A#ds
2hite Board and markers of different color to write down the general finding of the
Tuestion and Answer session
%and outs on the performance appraisal form. The write ups are to be distributed at
the end of the session. But the participants should be informed about the pro*ision of
handouts so that the won6t be bus during the session in taking notes.
Learning Summarization
!ummarize the learning of this session.
Duration8 ?minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
The facilitator will sum up the session with ma1or learning ob1ecti*es achie*ed in this
session. %eLshe will ask the participants about their learning in this session. ,f the
session goes well their responses will correlate with the learning ob1ecti*es identified
pre*iousl for this session. %eLshe will also tell about the abstract of this session.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite Board and markers of different color to write down the general finding of the
Tuestion and Answer session
0ower point presentation with the list of learning ob1ecti*es in this session
Learning Evaluation
3*aluate the learning of the participants in !ession 1.
Duration8 1>minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
,n this final part of the session the facilitator will e*aluate the sstem. %eLshe can gi*e
a small case on the topic of setting performance standard for their own position or an
other position in their own department. Or the can be gi*en the performance standard
of a particular position 'such as !ecretar" which is almost familiar to all of the
participants) and asked to design the measurement approach. Along side the are to
gi*en a small test to e*aluate their learning of the remedies of pschological errors.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite sheets with attached .uestions
Facilitation Evaluation
Duration8 4minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
,n this final part of the session the facilitator will e*aluate hisLher performance b the
participants. %eLshe will circulate the e*aluation sheet to all of the participants. The
sheet will contain Multiple 4hoice Tuestionnaire. The sheet will co*er all aspect of
the session and ha*e pro*ision for the indi*idual e*aluation of the two sessions.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite sheets with attached .uestionnaire
F./ )ess#on 1..
On completion of the session" participants will be able to8
Gearn about the 0erformance Appraisal 7ormat to be introduced in A%D
Assess the applicabilit and reliabilit of the format through a focus group discussion
0ro*ide significant feedbacks to impro*e the content of the format

Gectures" Discussion" 7ocus #roup Discussion" &eading and Tuestions / Answers
C> minutes
A ma(imum of 94 participants
A room large enough to accommodate twent four participants in a sitting
arrangement so that the can see and interact with each other as well as with the
Learning bjective
Gearn about the 0erformance appraisal format to be introduced in A%D.
Duration8 9? minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
,n this session facilitator will introduce the designed performance appraisal sstem.
%eLshe will e(plain each section of the form. %eLshe will brief them about the +ob
!ummar" 0erformance Ob1ecti*e '0O) and standards for different grades of
emploees" emploment de*elopment plan" core competencies" and grading sstem.
The facilitator will design the discussion in a participator stle. %eLshe will ask for
an other more suitable e(planation regarding this topic. %eLshe will discuss about the
installation of 0O on the basis of obser*able beha*ior. %eLshe will clarif the
difference of core competenc e(pected from each position and the 0O and standard
e(pected from each position. Then heLshe will allow them to go through the form for
1> minutes for the focus group discussion.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite board and makers 'three different colors) to write down the general findings of
.uestion$answer session
0ower point displa on the ma1or area of appraisal form such as" +ob !ummar" 0O
and so on
4op of 0erformance Appraisal form to each participant

Learning bjective
Assess the applicabilit and reliabilit of the format through a focus group discussion
Duration8 9? minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
,n this part of the session the facilitator will arrange for a focus group discussion
regarding the suitabilit of the Appraisal format. The facilitator will start discussion
about the pros and cons of the appraisal form. This will be a participator discussion.
The facilitator will ask for the participants6 opinions regarding the applicabilit of the
form. %eLshe will lead the discussion in such a wa so that the participants can share
their e(perience on this topic candidl. The discussion will be unstructured 'or loosel
structured)" and the facilitator will encourage the free flow of ideas. %eLshe will make
the participants talk about the disad*antages the are likel to e(perience in
implementing this form. %eLshe will discuss about the alterations needed in the form.
%eLshe will note down the consented suggestions of e*er participant.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite board and makers 'three different colors) to write down the consented
suggestions obtained in 7ocus #roup Discussion
Learning Summarization
!ummarize the learning of this session.
Duration8 Cminutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
The facilitator will sum up the session with ma1or learning ob1ecti*es achie*ed in this
session. %eLshe will ask the participants about their learning in this session. ,f the
session goes well their responses will correlate with the learning ob1ecti*es identified
pre*iousl for this session. %eLshe will also tell about the abstract of this session. The
abstract will depict the plan of modifications in the form if an.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite Board and markers of different color to write down the general finding of the
Facilitation Evaluation
Duration8 4minutes
4ea$n#n' Act#7#t#es
,n this final part of the session the facilitator will e*aluate hisLher performance b the
participants. %eLshe will circulate the e*aluation sheet to all of the participants. The
sheet will contain Multiple 4hoice Tuestionnaire. The sheet will co*er all aspect of
the session and ha*e pro*ision for the indi*idual e*aluation of the two sessions.
0#s6a" A#ds
2hite sheets with attached .uestionnaire
%& practices in health care aims at achie*ing utmost utilization of potential human
resources through e(cellence in indi*idual and organizational performance. ,t is of
high rele*ance to the hospitals in order to sur*i*e in the competiti*e market.
4ompetenc based performance appraisal should also be gi*en similar importance as
that of 1ob analsis" since performance appraisal is the outcome of 1ob analsis.
!ome suggestions emerged in the process of analsis of applicabilit of 4ompetenc
based human &esources Management Apollo %ospitals Dhaka. The are as follows8
A detailed 1ob creation and identification should be done in top managerial le*el
and then it should be communicated to the respecti*e implementer.
The tasks should be got rid from repetiti*eness.
An attempt should be made on implementing competenc based 1ob analsis
The 1obs should be designed according to the re.uirements of the organization"
not according to the current status of that particular incumbent.
The skill set should be the minimum what is re.uired for the proper functioning of
the position.
A detailed 1ob designing methodolog needs to be done with the in*ol*ement of
the super*isor as well as the incumbents.
An Reas to implement6 0erformance appraisal format should be followed.
0rior to the performance appraisal implementation the performance indicators
should be set up and communicated to the respecti*e super*isors and the
The appraisers6 training should be more real life oriented.
&emed from pschological errors in appraisal procedure should be addressed in
due manner.
,n near future there should be a pro*ision for appraisees6 training also.
The mid le*el manager should ha*e training on task identification also.
%ospital industr possesses a *ast growing potential in Bangladesh6s business sector.
4orporate %ospital is a relati*el new entrant to this pri*ate dominated industr.
!e*ere competition in the market compelled the hospitals to stri*e for sur*i*al. As a
conse.uence the idea of health care %&M emerged. Apollo hospitals Dhaka" though it
is a small *enture compared to the large potential market" has pro*ed its competence
and secured a prominent place in the health care scenario of Bangladesh as well as the
learning paradise especiall for the %& practitioner. The success of a hospital is
largel determined b its management abilit to lead the human resource in most
producti*e manner. The present stud attempted to analze the perception of non
medical staff towards their 1obs and management orientation of performance
assessment of Apollo %ospital indicates that the human resources management of
hospital is 1ust a*erage in both these aspects. %ence the recommendations are to gi*e
conscious efforts to rectif the defects in %& practices and to make the %&
department performance oriented in order to attain better results.
,n summar" the abo*e research tells us that" in order to define a 1ob" it is not enough
to look at sub1ecti*e mannered description. The concept of competenc based %&
model has man dimensions" some of which are difficult to practice at this stage" but
no less essential to its definition. The stud identifies that apart from the %&
department the whole organization is responsible to set up the prescribed practice. ,t
is highl appreciable what the %& department has done so far. But there is unlimited
scope of de*elopment which is still remained untouched. 2e will need to attain that
e(tent of progression" pa*e the wa of further de*elopment. 2e can then incorporate
these components into a more comprehensi*e ser*ice .ualit measurement plan in
health care.
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