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The 3LINC Approach
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3LINC brings a unique perspective for assisting distribution companies in navigating the many challenges of an ever-changing market and rapidly evolving economy. Our approach assimilates the necessary strategic insight, time-tested principles of business operations and diverse expertise that crosses a range of business disciplines. We start by gaining a deep understanding of your business and your customers. This approach ultimately allows for the realization of a strategy that considers all functional areas of your organization. Whether it means specific process improvements, enterprise wide automation or channel alignment, we help you develop a robust strategic distribution plan that brings flexibility, efficiency and scalability to the forefront.

Experience Counts.

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High Performance
A Broad Range of High Performance Services. Transformation and Solutions Focused
What keeps your business moving is the interconnection of people, process and technology. And there is no denying that when there are deficiencies in one functional area the downstream effects can be felt across your operation. When it starts to impact your customers or your ability to move product and meet financial objectives, then you need a reliable partner like 3LINC. We offer a comprehensive suite of high performance, solution oriented business transformation services that are based on years of direct distribution industry experience. Supply Chain Planning and Optimization Customer demands for quality service, accuracy and reduction in total procurement cost require distribution firms to establish and maintain controls across the entire supply chain. We smooth the lines between multiple supplier relationships, technology integration and customer interaction. We provide intensive planning services that are centered on supplier (both product and services) collaboration and communication so you have accurate data when you need it. In short, simplify your supply chain network. The result: improved supplier responsiveness, elimination of intensive manual processes and lower of inventory carrying costs. Technology & Systems Support
Inventory Management


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Marketing & Sales

The right IT infrastructure and network design that supports a robust application and data architecture is essential to a high performing distribution company. 3LINC helps you to optimize your technology assets ensuring the right mix of software, hardware and network systems. Taking into consideration organizational requirements and business demands, we design technology and support systems that ensure responsiveness, data integrity, high availability and reliability. We are experts when it comes to the marriage of enterprise business systems and customer facing web applications. Process Automation Optimizing, automating and transforming business processes is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. We help you to map current processes and to identify opportunities for process improvements at all points in your organization. The more we can increase speed to market, response times and productivity, the more value it brings to your customers. Process automation when properly implemented, creates greater efficiency and manageability with less errors and delays. Regardless of existing business challenges, 3LINC finds ways to increase operational agility and flexibility. Order Management We care about how an order is taken, processed and fulfilled and how current systems can be leveraged and new systems can contribute to greater sales velocity. We balance current sales activity and tools against inventory management systems and direct customer interfaces to create robust order management capabilities. And finally, we ensure that internal processes and technology are aligned with e-commerce applications and call center management. The result is more time for your entire sales team to foster customer relationships and increase sales. Marketing & Sales Process, systems and technology are meaningless unless an organization can continually build customer demand, drive sales and increase customer retention. We help our customers to devise comprehensive marketing plans and sales infrastructure to support business objectives and to drive revenue. We apply our years of experience in business development and our ongoing exposure to current market trends to help you realize your marketing and sales goals.

Order Management

Business Strategy
Process Automation Supply Chain Planning IT Systems Support

Business Strategy Consulting One of the highest value services we offer is pragmatic business strategy consulting. We get to the heart of your firm’s strategic goals and help you align your business strategy with the distribution processes necessary to meet your objectives. We define the strategic gaps that may exist - from front end customer facing marketing engagement to back-end technology, order management and fulfillment processes. We then propose the required actions, the implementation plans and the measures of success. Inventory Management Process & Controls 3LINC helps you define a central point of control over warehouse operations, no matter how many locations are involved. We implement the necessary management tools with the supporting technology and business process improvements to bring enterprise discipline to your warehouse operations. We work with you to identify opportunities for improving order accuracy, enhancing inventory visibility, optimizing system controls and increasing operational productivity. The result is higher levels of customer satisfaction and reduced cost.

Continual Improvement
Staying Competitive, Reducing Cost, and Seamless Delivery.
The Mid-Market Challenge Mid market distribution companies are faced with the same challenges as their multibillion dollar competitors but with less resources and often greater market demands. We understand the mid-market and concentrate in this space. As a customer-centric, solutions driven organization, our emphasis is on execution - always focused on cost control and sales and profit growth. Mid-Market companies demand performance and can’t afford long development cycles or inappropriate technology recommendations – we know that and we recognize that our success is dependent on flexibility and flawless execution. 3LINC is focused on the mid-market and on keeping our clients competitive with business solutions that exceed expectations.

An Essential Part of the Distribution Equation.
Continual Improvement You’ve heard the saying – “There’s always room for improvement”. We live by it and it is an integral part of what 3LINC does, you could say it is in our DNA. We help our clients define continual improvement programs and processes and know how to ensure they are implemented and followed across your enterprise. From informal process inspections to regular management reviews or extensive customer research, continual improvement must be embraced at all levels within your organization. We align continual improvement programs with your business objectives ensuring that these improvement initiatives will maximize customer and operational impact.


The 3LINC management team brings over 150 years of combined business experience, primarily developing, managing and orchestrating distribution operations. We have worked for medium and large enterprises on a regional, national and global level. We are a powerful team made up of experts in information technology, business process, marketing, warehouse management, order management and web based technology. Leveraging the combined skill of our teams and informed by our client’s unique business needs, we formulate the unique strategic insights that guide each of our client engagements. Most importantly, we are a customer focused organization with an insatiable drive to meet customer needs for accelerating sales and driving bottom-line performance. We know what it means to be a high performing distribution company. We have proven methodologies and an engagement model that assures execution excellence and long-term client success. Rely on 3LINC – we are the best distribution partner in the business.

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