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Byron Snapp

Book Reviews
En Rout: to Global Occupation by
Gary H. Kah, Huntington House Pub-
lishers P.O. Box 53788 Lafayette, la.
70505, 224 pp pb.
The term "New World Order" is no
longer an unfamiliar term to many
Americans. What is behind this appar-
ent move toward a one-world govern-
ment? Gary Kah "a high ranking gov-
ernment liaison" reveals the results of
his years of study in this issue. Within
these pages he provides evidence of a
variety of individuals who remain out
of media attention, and thus unknown
to many, who are working to bring the
world under one economic and politi-
cal st!ucrure which will result in one
world wide government.
He points to the involvement of a
number of secret societies in this mis-
sion. The reader learns not only about
these sotieties' current purposes as
they work in unison toward a com-
mon goal but also the history of these
societies are given. He readily points
out that several of these secret societies
have many members who do not real-
ize the ultimate aim of the society
itself. Often only the highest ranking
of the membership realize the
organization's purpose. The author's
work is well-footnoted which allows
the unconvinced reader to do his/her
own research. The book is very read-
able, however, footnotes are placed at
the end of the book rather than being
more conveniently located at the bot-
tom of the page on which the reference
is made.
The author writes from a Christian
perspective. While stating that the Lord
will ultimately win the victory, his
eschatology is one of believing the
world will continually worsen until
Jesus Christ returns. While he does
offer some practical advice to Chris-
tians in the face of this apparent move
toward a one world government, he
does not believe the Christian can have
viCtory prior to Christ's return. He
does not see Christianity conquering
the world prior to Christ's return. I
believe the Bible clearly teaches there
will be advance of the Gospel with
Christ's enemies being defeated prior
to His return.
He correctly points out the great
move among many, including many
who call themselves Christians, to-
ward a one world religion. Important
in this thinking is the pantheistic New
Age Movement. In order for a one
world government to succeed there
must be a compromise of Christianity
with otherreligions. The author points
out that as long as Christians refuse to
compromise, there can be no one world
government(p. 109). Thus the duty of
Christians in these perilous time is
clear. We are to be salt and light to the
world around us. We must remain
faithful to God who purchased us
through the blood of His eternal Son.
We must be evangelistic. We must
know current trends and philosophies
and how to answer them from Scrip-
ture. We must be known for our good
works done in Christ's name. Through
such unselfish deeds doors for wit-
nessing will be opened in our age that
is marked by so much selfishness.
This book has much information of
which many need to avail themselves.
It is very readable. It contains an excel-
lent blend of quotations and commen-
talY. One entire section is devoted to
the work and aims of the World Con-
stitution and Parliament Association.
As we read this, or any book regarding
the plan of those who are opposed to
Christianity and the Christian
worldview, we must remember that
the chief conspiracy throughout his-
tory is Satan's desire to overthrow
Christ. This is doomed to failure. Christ
has already gained victory on the Cross.
His Kingdom is established andspread-
ingthroughout the world. Man's plans
to ovenhrow Christ only cause God to
laugh CPs. 2). Thus Christians must
take hean as they are reminded that
the government of the world belongs
to Christ not to those who think they
can usurp Christ through their best
laid plans. n
Educating for the New World Or-
der by B.K. Eakman Halcyon House
P.O. Box 8795 Portland, Or.
97207-8795 291 pp. w. index p.b.
Concerned parents who have their
children enrolled in public schools
may keep a close eye on textbook
changes and the sex ed curriculum. If
these are the only items they watch in
their children's educational program
this book is necessary reading.
Meet Anita Hage. Her fascinating
story and persistent research is the
focal point of this eye-opening book.
Mrs. Hage'sstory begins in 1985 when
she realized that her son had been
given tests to assess his attitude about
his home life and his personal opin-
ions and feeling on a variety ofmatters.
This test was administered to students
witbout the permission of parents hav-
ing been obtained.
Not liking what her son told her
about the test, she decided to look at
the test berself. The School did not
allow ber to see a copy of the test. For
the next five years she spent much
time and money in her research to
discover what is behind a lot of scho-
lastic testing not only in her home state
of Pennsylvania but nationally, and
what can be done about test that mea-
sure aptitude not achievement. She
began to learn the influence of those
who favor behaviorism on testing. She
found out the difficulty of trying to get
bureaucrats to provide simple answers
to straight forward questions regard-
September, 1993 THE COUNSEL of Chalcedon 31
ing the reason for and legality of be-
havioral tests given to school children.
She experienced being referred from
one office to another at the State and
Federal level in order to get answers.
She learned of the tremendous control
the Federal Department of Education
has on states and localities involved in
education bymeans of the federal threat
to withhold funding if their regula-
tions are not met with compliance.
The book shows the frustration
concerned senators face in trying to
resolve the issue. In 1990 she was
informed that she had won only to
find out that she had not really won.
She continued to pursue the ntatter.
As the book closes in early 1992, the
state had to put off the re-introduction
of the test for another yearand hope-
fully forever. She stood not by herself
only but also with many other con-
cerned parents across the state.
The book is more than a chronicle
of Mrs. Hage's struggle to solve the
problem. It provides explanatio11S of
documents and many quotes from
them that show the basis for such
testing on anational scale. The reader
learns how the use of one's social secu-
rity number accompanied by modem
computer teChnology can allow the
recording of individual assessments
results which can be kept on file for
future recall. The readers diScovers
als'o that students who db not test well
(provide the desired answers) can be
educated further through appropriate
curriculum. Hbpefully the students'
areas of "weakness" will be cleared up
"by the time they are tested again.
This book is important reading of
all Christians who have children in the
'public schools. This book is a chilling
reminder that education is not neutral
"arid is more than a place where stu-
dents learIl just the facts in areas of
instruction. There is evidence that
many in educational circles have a
totally different view of the purpose of .
education than is held by many par-
ents who entrust their children to the
public school system. This book also
shows how far local control has been
removed from unsuspecting parents
and how difficult it is to challenge,
much less change, bureaucratic policy
at any level.
Non-Profit Org.
U.s. Postage
Permit No. 1553
Greenville, SC
Hopefully this well-written book
will be widely read and that many
concerned parents will examine tests
and testing policies in their local school
system. They may be as surprised as
Mrs. Hage at what they discover. Q
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