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Issue 28 - August 2014
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The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church
that seeks to provide an avenue where men and women can share
knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences,
encourage one another as the older perform the act of paralambano
to the younger.
Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.
1. Is the subject of sex and sexuality worth
being discussed in church?
Absolutely! There is no queston about that. And I
think there is a need for the adults and mature
Christans to really come out and give directon
and value about sex, the way God presents it to
us. And unless we do that, people will be informed
by diferent cultures (worldviews), diferent
sources of informaton, which are completely
contrary to Gods intenton of sex. So unless we
come out strongly, in the real sense of the word
and give directon, I think we are losing it to the
meanings being given by the world. Our only hope
is the church of Christ, if we are to get back to the
roots, to the foundaton as laid down by God.
2. Many believers who have succumbed to sexual sin struggle or sometmes fail to be
restored to the fellowship of believers. Should we therefore take it that sex is a
No. It can never be a curse. Sex was initated by God. It is not man made; its God
Himself that designed our bodies and put sex in its right context - which is marriage. Its
just unfortunate, as I mentoned above, that we
are failing to give sex its real value as God pre-
sented it to us. And as a result we in the church
sometmes even fail to restore those that have
been swayed by this sin.
But unless you are saying that God created man
as a curse, only then can sex become a curse.
And even if you looked at it that way because of
our fallen nature, remember that when Christ
went to the cross, He redeemed each and
everything including our sexuality.
3. Sexual urges seem to be common to all. How can we as Christans resist the
temptaton to always feed them?
Those urges are partly due to our fallen nature but that it not the end of the story.
There is room for redempton; there is room for us to get back on track. And I sincerely
believe that it is only Christ through the Spirit of God that can get us on the right track.
Without Him, those urges will be misused and well be totally doomed.
In the Bible the word fee is used to imply that one should not allow themselves into
situatons where they will end up satsfying those urges. For example in the story of
Joseph, if he had not instantly moved out of the hands of Potphars wife, if at some
point he had, like we like thinking today, believed that he was in control no mater
what and underestmated the power of those urges, I dont think he would have
survived that snare of the devil.
The other thing we can do is avoid being idle. Remember the story of David, when he
was on the roof? Those are the opportunites the devil seizes and we lose track of what
actually should occupy our minds.
It is critcal in whatever we do to know what exactly occupies our minds. If you devote
your tme to pornography, to all these adverts flled with sexual innuendo, and that is
what goes into your mind, that is when you are likely to lose it.
It is very difcult to give a practcal way out of every possible compromising scenario
each one of us might fnd themselves in but I believe that those I have shared above can
guide ones analysis of any scenario they
fnd themselves in.
Not forgetng that it is only in Christ Jesus
that the proper context of what sex is can
be found and the ability to control the
sexual urges. Untl Christ has been
embraced as Lord over every aspect of
ones life, I see no other way out.
4. How can one fnd and live out the truth
about sex and sexuality in this sex
saturated world that surrounds us?
I think we need to acknowledge that all of
us have fallen short of Gods glory. We
have a corrupted human nature stll
undergoing redempton in Jesus Christ.
What we see in the world today is
because people are taking advantage of
the fact that we have weaknesses along
those lines. So they are throwing it out there in the world to consolidate those weakness-
es in us. However, in Christ Jesus, we have an opportunity for redempton of that nature
and this will happen when we have in the frst instance embraced Christ as Lord and this
will give us an opportunity to view sex from the perspectve of its maker, giving it its true
positon in our lives.
As for now, the world has contaminated the whole
concept of sex and so we look at it just in terms of
pleasure and we look at each other as sex objects.
But in reality it was intended to be a source of
Glory for God.
For a Christan, there is a need to have a sense of
awareness of what is going on in your life, some
kind of an audit trail such that you know what
exactly is going on in your mind. Because for us to
be involved in any sexual immorality, it just doesnt happen instantly. The mind is in-
volved, it entertains the lustul or perverse thoughts and in the process one allows their
mind and body to be captvated in that area.
And for a Christan, because of the Holy Spirit that lives within, you are able to know
what is going on in your mind. It is an awareness that enables you to evaluate your
thoughts against the standards that God has established. This process of monitoring and
evaluatng our minds is well expressed and artculated in the life of the writer of
Psalms 73.
2 Corinthians 10:5 also talks about making every thought captve to the obedience of
Christ implying that there is need to know what is happening in our minds all the tme.
Also in 1 Peter 5:8, he talks about being alert in our minds, being sober because the devil
is prowling around. So, that element of being alert is critcal if you are going to have
some level of control that is over and above those thoughts.
But as long as one remains with the same understanding of sex as the world or our
cultures, there is no way out. Scripture is very clear about a mind that is set on the
fesh as having no capacites to please God (Romans 8:5-8)
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