August 2, 2014

Mr. George VanderBurg
Caucus Whip
MLA Whitecourt-Ste. Anne
132 Legislature Building
10800 – 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2B6

Dear Whip,

In our telephone conversation on Thursday, July 31, I noted with surprise that during its most
recent meeting Caucus did not address issues surrounding the conduct of the MLA for Calgary-

As I have travelled around the province in the past weeks, I have consistently heard Albertans’
anger at the above-noted MLA. They are infuriated at the pattern of the MLA’s disregard for
taxpayers’ dollars and the long list of inappropriate conduct. The most recent allegations appear
to be of a nature that go beyond previous examples, and they have ultimately tested Albertans’

While this anger is singularly directed at the former premier and her office, it is evident that her
behavior has cast a shadow of suspicion over the entire Caucus and government. The previous
behaviours and the new allegations are eroding public trust in our government and our Caucus,
and are detrimental to our party’s future.

To restore Albertans’ confidence in our Caucus, government and, perhaps most importantly in the
institution of the Premier’s Office, I ask that you call an immediate caucus meeting to discuss the
removal of the MLA for Calgary-Elbow from our Progressive Conservative Caucus.

While this matter presents a very difficult situation for our Caucus as a group and as individual
colleagues, Albertans expect that we show leadership, integrity, and a commitment to our PC
values. It is time to focus on Albertans.

With respect,

Thomas A. Lukaszuk, MLA
Edmonton-Castle Downs

cc: Premier Dave Hancock, Q.C.