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1.0 PIPE
1.1 Material
Pipe shall be extruded from Group 1, Class 2, Alpha nucleated homopolymer material in
accordance with ASTM !"1#1$ AP polypropylene resin shall achie%e a minimum tensile stren&th of
'## bar when tested at 2'C accordin& to ASTM (')$ Material shall allow continuous operatin&
temperatures to *+ C$ AP resin shall comply with rele%ant food substance re&ulation, ,S -A
&uidelines as specified in Code of -ederal .e&ulators /C-.0, Title 21, Chapter 11 Section 122$1+2#
and Section 12)$'2*2 suitable for contact with foodstuff, pharmaceutical use and potable water$
1.2 Stre Relie!e"
Pipe shall be stress relie%ed by post!extrusion annealin& to eliminate inherent stresses in the pipe
wall created durin& the extrusion process and eliminate weld failure due to pipe stress
1.# Pre$re Rati%&
System /pipe and fittin&s0 shall be pressure rated in accordance with ASTM !2)'2 and in )#22
for hydrostatic desi&n basis$ Pipe shall be manufactured to an S. /standard dimension ratio0 in
order to pro%ide the same pressure ratin& in all diameters$ Pipe shall be /select one01
S. 11 3 1+# PS4 /P51#0
S. 12$( 3 *# PS4 /P5(0
S. '' 3 "+ PS4 /P5'$20
P5 3 5ominal Pressure .atin& in 6ar
1.' Di(e%i)% a%" T)lera%*e
Pipe shall be S. /standard dimension ratio0 series that defines the wall thic7ness and outer
diameter of the pipe

2.1 Material
See material under P4P8 section 1$#
2.2 Pre$re Fitti%&
All pressure pattern fittin&s /elbows, tees, flan&es and reducers0 from 9: /2# mm0 throu&h
1(; /"## mm0 shall be in<ection molded and shall ha%e the same pressure ratin& as the pipe$
2.# Drai%a&e Patter% Fitti%&
rain fittin&s /wyes, laterals, sanitary tees0 may be fabricated by miterin& and butt fusion weldin& or
by side!wall fusion techni=ues$ 8xtrusion weldin& is permitted$ >ot air weldin& is not acceptable$
?all thic7ness of fabricated fittin& shall be the same as the pipe$
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2.' Di(e%i)% a%" T)lera%*e
Soc7et fusion fittin&s dimension are in accordance with 4S@ 222* and 45 1(*(2$ 6utt fusion
conform to S. /standard dimension ratio0 series that defines the wall thic7ness and outer
#.1 ,el"i%& Met-)"
All pressure fittin& 9: /2# mm0 throu&h 2: /(' mm0 shall be soc7et fusion type <oints$ Pressure
fittin&s, draina&e pattern fittin&s and pipe 29; /2+mm0 and lar&er shall be <oined by butt fusion
weldin&$ All fusion!welded <oints to be performed in accordance with ASTM !2(+2 and pipin&
manufacturers recommendations$
#.2 ,el"i%& Certi.i*ati)% a%" Trai%i%&
Trainin& and certification shall be conducted by a direct Simtech employee$ 8ach welder will be fully
trained on the weldin& e=uipment for the particular pro<ect and will be re=uired to demonstrate the
full process of weldin&$ The process includes set up of the tool, loadin& of the pipe andAor fittin&s,
ali&nment of the tool, and the weld process$ Trainin& will also include minor maintenance
techni=ues to 7eep tools in ideal operatin& conditions$ After an operator has demonstrated their
ability to operate the e=uipment, Simtech will issue a certified welders card upon completion$
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