Dissertation of “X”

Definitions of terminology often requires before a party is able to
comprehend a particular writing, for terms in one area might not equal
terms in another area.
This writer defines Dissertation as a long ass paper explaining a theory,
or as stated elsewhere defined as:”a long essay on a particular subject.”
However, when theory borderlines upon reality, maybe the world needs
to confirm reality has evolved beyond theory.
Here lies a confrontational factor, what happens when a simple
mathematical formula reaches beyond a particular subject and touches
elements of many other subjects. Is the writer required to have a Doctor
of Education in each field the formula touches? This writer will touch
upon how God played an integral part of the mathematical formula,
integral part! Does this mean that the writer needs to be God, for heaven
sakes, that answer is Unequivocally “NO.” [Emphasis added]
X can be defined as to how each need to apply a definition, therefore
there is no single simple substitution. Similarly, X
has no single
Whereas in the past this writer directly applied the formula X+X
the finances of the housing market, the formula X+X
is not limited to
this arena alone.
A barbaric question arises, in the day of gladiator game(s), well before
the invention of the slide rule, were synthetic bets made on the outcome
of who lived or died? Was it required to hedge a loss on the outcome of
the fight to sustain a capital stock of fighting machines? Mathematically
the answer would have to be “Yes.” To explain, let X be equal to the
fighter, X has a calculable value derived over time, cost of housing and
feeding, an investment were return is required. Whereas if X died there
would never be another opportunity to recover value advanced.
This writer shall let it to the learned researchers of past gladiator death
bouts to ultimately confirm or deny that a hedged outcome bet was
waged, but mathematically for the best interest of the investor, a wager
would have to have been waged.
This writer will apply current world politics and military unrest to the
formula X+X
in current everyday global news the world was
informed that a surface to air missile brought a tragic end to the flight of
Malaysian Air Flight 17. Here one can apply X being equal to Rebel(s)
and X
being the weaponry available, thus it required X+X^nth
operating in tandem to remove an aircraft from flight. Who is X and who
is X^nth are both commonly referred to in global news. X is alleged to
be the Ukrainian Rebel(s) and X
is alleged to be the Russian
The United States of America, this writer’s home country is sacred to the
writer and it appears that the United States attempts to resolve
destruction events in peaceable manner by diplomacy. However, when
diplomacy breaks down or is elusive, what degree will the United Sates
take to maintain a status quo in the world? Here, the United States
equals X and
is not clearly defined.
Consider the Central Banks of the World as being an X factor of their
own, to affect monetary changes in the world, X (central banks) alone
without the tools of X
would be futile. With central banks relying
upon the nth tools, inquiry is required as are the tools sufficient by
themselves to effectuate a global change in finance? Can modern day
tools alone save mankind from the financial destruction whose life was
decades in the making? Would not support of the forgotten X people be
required to be a part of the formula?
In applying the formula X+X
to the universe, X would represent the
“known” universe and X
represents the “unknown” parts of the
universe. The
factor being an unknown value properly equates to the
magnitude that could exist within an unknown universe. By
mathematical expression in applying X+X
, there is more we don’t
know than there is we do know, or is there, until the nth is definitively
defined the universe is not defined.
This writer will step into an arena that doctors of theology would be
better equipped to step into. When God equals X (all there is and all
there will ever be), then logic dictates a question, what is the value of
? Is a value of X
even required? Does X
take prominence to
X? Where X wrote the ten laws, could it not be conceived that X

(man’s feeble attempt to explain God) is man’s attempt to explain the
value of X? Whereas God reside in all including infidels, no mortal mad
will achieve the throne of God, not matter how Satan deceives.
Where man has become understanding that complexity rules; man has
forgotten the simplicity of law. Maybe the world was looking for and
hoping to find a complicate algorithm to explains the worlds mess, but
as our part of the universe is known, simplicity is the means and method
to the finding of a solution.
This writer in writing this article comprehended how to address
lawmakers and diplomats, Lie not and let the truth be told. As to
lawmakers in the equation, let X equal the lawmaker, the diplomat, let
equal laws and lies. Thus X+X
equals dysfunction, but a serious
question presents, does X
include intangible value concerns in total
opposite of tangible value?
This writer could apply the formula, X+X
to many other areas and in
general comment upon these areas but such would render this to be a
long, long ass paper to beyond War and Peace.

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