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Cost Estimate of 4.

8 MW Mini Hydel Project in Hosamatha

Earlier Present including
Estimated Estimated Advance
Amount in Amount in towards work in Balance in
Sl No Description /Supplier / Subcontractor Nature of Work Crores Crores Crores Crores Remarks

1 Boving Fouress Electro Mech 11.6 11.83 8.75 3.08

2 MAR Fabricators / AEEPL Hydro Mechanical 5.3 5.3 4.50 0.8

3 Abletech Electro Engineers
a AEEPL 4.36
b AGV 1.75
Civil Works
c SRPC 1.4
d Alias PP 0.44
e Ashok rai 0.14
f Shakthi Projects 1.6
g P.C.Samuel 1.25

Total of Civil 8.25 11.64 10.80 0.84

4 Abletech Electro Engineers ODY & Tr line 2.43 3.24 2.75 0.49
Pre operative and miscellaneous including
5 DG group 2.42 2.99 2.50 0.49

Grand Total 30.00 35.00 29.30 5.70

Cost Estimate of 4.8 MW Mini Hydel Project in Hosamatha

Earlier Present BalanceA

Estimated Estimated Amount mount
Amount in Amount in Paid/Spent in required
Sl No Description /Supplier Name Nature of Work Crores Crores Crores in Crores Remarks
Draft Tube, OGA, Runner Chamber,OPU,EOT Crane, Panels etc has been
1 Boving Fouress Electro Mechanical 11.6 11.83 9.05 2.78 supplied to site
Generator from merilli motors have reached indian Port. Transported from
Draft Tube assembled and erected at site..
Gear Box, Auxillary Transformerand some small items are yet to be
supplied.. Awaiting Payments to be released.

All the Gates and hoits connected with the Project including of the 2nd
order have been fabricated and supplied to site except DT Crane and
2 MAR Fabricators / AEEPL Hydro Mechanical 5.3 5.8 4.62 1.18 Flood gates which are fabricated and kept ready at MAR works.
Erection works are in Progress.. All embedded parts have been erected.
Erection of Gates in progress

Abletech Electro Power House , Fore Bay etc are in the final stages of Construction. Will be
Civil Works 8.25
3 Engineers Pvt Ltd 12.76 11.30 1.46 completed by end of April
Water Conducting System - 80% of UCR work for construction of Canal
has been Completed. Stone pitching on the Road side part of the canal to
be done. Completion of the work by May 15th.
Weir Intake - Construction of weir intake under Progress. Completion by
June 5th.

Civil works at Flood gate area is under Progress. Completion by May 20th.

Weir height rising - Civil works under Progress. ( Almost 80 Mts of weir
raising work is under progress. The balance will be completed by 25th May.

Abletech Electro 95 % of the transmission line work has been complete. Only connections at
4 Engineers Pvt Ltd ODY & Tr line 2.43 3.25 2.95 0.3 ODY end and at Bay end needs to be completed.
All equipment Foundation work in ODY has been completed,Most of the
equipments erected. Work in Progress and shall be completed by May
5 I DC etc 2.42 3.3 2.5 0.8 15th.
Bay extension work, Foundation work, erection and construction of Control
room, is in progress.. Work will be completed within 20th May
Pre operative and
miscellaneous including DG
5 group and contigencies 2.99 2.50 0.49

Grand Total 30.00 39.93 32.92 7.01

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