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The Venture and Its Industry


Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd (FAK) will provide hard to find tropical fish to
aquarist who do not have access to these fish through local pet stores. FAK will
ship live fish to its customers doors anywhere in Malaysia within one to two
days. AK will also provide fish to tropical fish retailers within the local area. AK
will provide convenience and variety not found in the traditional tropical fish
selling industry. The company specialized in breeding the Arowana Species
throughout the region and successful company in fish breeding of Arowana.

The Product
Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd will provide rare tropical fish from the family of
Arowana .These fish are known for their beauty appearance and interesting luck
that this fish will give to the owner.


Taiwans Problem
Research has shown that fish keeping is the second most popular hobby in
Taiwan. Our company conservatively estimate that by the end of this year there
will be increasingly numbers of the hobbyist in fish keeping. In Taiwan there are
lack of species Arowana in this country unlike Malaysia that have a numerous
Arowana species. Fish keeper in Taiwan demand more species from this unique
fish and we think that if we global our product to Taiwan we have an opportunity
to be success as the leader of company that provide a variety of species of this
fish. Besides that, in Taiwan some of the most beautiful and interesting Arowana
cannot be found in retail shop in Taiwan. Furthermore, the current online fish
sellers in Taiwan do not have any background and care requirements information
for the fish that they sell.

Our Solution

Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd will target two market segments within the fish
hobbyist industry. These are direct online sales to tropical fish collectors and fish
retailers in the companys local area in Taiwan . Our largest market segment will
be fish keeper who live in Taiwan who are craving for unique species and

variety of Arowana fish. Besides that, we think that by providing a comprehensive
sites, we expects to create a one-stop experience that will encourage the .
The Entrepreneur

Fadirul Anuar Bin Muhammad Niksan

Mr.Fadirul Anuar started his first business as selling aquarium at Kuala
Lumpur.He was a partner in a venture exporting unique aquarium to Southeast Asia
Region. Since then Mr.Fadirul had change its business main activity which is selling
Arowana Fish in Malaysia where he earn his reputation across the country.Mr Fadirul
had a Degree In Accounting from University Of Kuala Lumpur which make him a rich of
knowledge in business .Mr. Fadirul wanted to globalized Its products to Taiwan, as they
are high demands of Arowana Fish in that country. He has used his time when he
completing degree to refine the skills required to ensure the smooth operation of his
new environment in Taiwan.
The Board of Advisors

Mr. Zuel Osman
Mr.Zuel Osman owns several business throughout Asia Region and most of his
successful business is in Taiwan. His contacts and expertise in setting up businesses
and seeking funding have made him a crucial member of the Board of Advisors.

Additionally, due to his well-known knowledge Mr Zuel brings a modernized ideology to
Taiwan.He is excited about the potential of being part of another winning business
oppurtinity such as Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd.

The Management Team

Ahmad Faiz Bin Omar
Mr.Ahmad has over 15 years of experience in both the Malaysia and Taiwan,
leading project Arowana Fish Farming and marketing. With his experience and
exposure to the Taiwan market, Mr.Ahmad is confident that he would efficiently manage
the company. He is excited about the opportunity to move back to the Taiwan to aid
companies in doing business the way they should.

Mohd Aziem Bin Rosli
Mr.Aziem has several years of experience working in the marketing departments
of large consumer goods companies. With the beginning of her career based in
Taiwan,he know how marketing departments are run in the Taiwan.He has successfully
applied the knowledge he gained from previous experience as high performer at the
company he currently works for in Taiwan.Living in Taiwan enable he to learn about
doing business in Taiwan .


The Market



Arowana Fish retail shop in Taiwan
Entrepreneur that thinks Arowana as luck for their businesses


Hobbyist of fish keeping
Increasing numbers of fan in Arowana fish in Taiwan.

The Bigger Picture

In interview conducted with executive assistants and secretaries at small
and large corporations in Arowana fish farming ,the majority expressed that they
would probably or definitely use our products so thats they have a variety of
Arowana Fish species .


Further emphasis will be placed on executive assistants, secretaries and
retail fish in Taiwan because it has been proven that this group is more likely to
be into innovations in this type of industry.

Included in this group would be hobbyist and individuals who like to own
new and variety of species of Arowana Fish.

Call for Action

The Fadirul Arowana Koi has driven and capabilities to become the leading
company in Arowana Fish supplies industry in Taiwan because of its fresh and
innovative approach. The detailed business proposal presents our step by step process
for ensuring the financial success of your investment.



A. Economic Analysis of Taiwan
1. Economic System
Taiwan economy is one of the most open, and thus competitive,
markets in the world. Taiwan has a developed capitalist economy that ranks
as the 19th- largest in the world by purchasing power parity (PPP), ranks as
18th in the world by gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power
parity per capita (person) and 24th in nominal GDP of investment and foreign
trade by the Republic of China (ROC) government, which commonly referred
to as Taiwan. In keeping with this trend, most large government-owned
banks and industrial firms have been privatized.

The economy of Taiwan is best described as a mixed economy.
Although the country strongly advocates free-market policies and
practices, this has come hand-in-hand with strong government
intervention as well, particularly in macroeconomic management and
major factors of production such as land, labour and capital resources.
Oddly enough, both the free market and the state have a high degree of
influence on the economy. As urban culture continues to influence and
inspire Taiwan, we believe that these set trends in fish keeping will strike a
lot of attention in the Taiwan market.


2. Government

Global businesses will find it advantageous to site their
headquarters in Singapore. Strong trade and investment makes Taiwan
the most competitive Asian country and the worlds easiest place to do
business. By situating their international HQs here, companies benefit
from Taiwan network office over 50 comprehensive Double Taxation
Avoidance Agreements. They also gain from Taiwan many free trade
agreements and the Investment Guarantee Agreements. Companies can
always rely on protection of their ideas and innovations through Taiwan
rigorous enforcement of its strong intellectual property laws.
3. Trade Laws
Although Taiwan has a free market system, there are a few trade
regulations currently in effect. The retail trade policies have a few key

Import Tariffs
Trade Barriers
Import Requirements and Documentation
U.S. Export Controls
Temporary Entry
Labeling and Marking Requirements

Prohibited and Restricted Imports

B. Trade Area and Cultural Analysis

When advertising, it is important to know your target market and how to
reach them. Because our target market has such a wide age range and a
middle - class income, we will be marketing primarily in Taiwan.

1. Geographic and Demographics

The population in Taiwan was estimated in December 2013 at
23,373,517, spread across a total land area of 35,980 km, making it
the sixteenth most densely populated country in the world with a
population density of 646 people per km. The official national
language is Mandarin, although a majority also speak Taiwanese (dialect
of Min Nan; a Southern Fujian language) and Hakka. Japanese speakers
are becoming rare as the elderly generation who lived under Japanese
rule are dying out. Aboriginal languages are gradually becoming extinct as
the aborigines have become acculturated despite a program by the ROC
government to preserve the languages.


2. Analysis of Potential Location

We will be starting off exclusively online for the first year, potentially
branching out later into brick-and-mortar stores. In terms of and
advertisements, we will use visual channels such as fliers, business
cards, online ads. Leaving much of the promotion to our specialty
programs mentioned in the promotional outlines below. In terms of
competition, there is not much to offer an affordable and high quality
line of merchandise as Online Store.


Description Of the Business

Proposed Organization

Fadirul Arowana Koi will be run as a private limited company under
Owner, Fadirul Anuar Bin Muhammad Niksan . Because it is such a big
business, a private limited company is advantageous a limited company is
one of the most common forms of business entity in Taiwan and may be
limited by shares or guarantees. Where its members liability is limited to any
amount unpaid, on its shares, it is known to be limited by shares, and where
its members liability is limited to the contribution undertaken, it is known as a
company limited by guarantee.

Start-up Steps to Form Fadirul Arowana Koi.
Register as a private limited company.
Begin to develop websites and park the domains:
Hire staff.
Rent a warehouse,office and location of fish breeding in Taiwan.
Begin to order base amounts of customer needed.
Publish the sites and become active

Proposed Staffing:

1 Owner/Chief Operations and Marketing Officer Mr.Leng (Taiwan
Oversees all promotional activities within the company. Is the face of
the company, and manages all day-to-day operations as well as the
overall direction of Fadirul Arowana Koi.
1 Chief Financial and Implementation Officer Mr.Syamsul (Malaysia)
Oversees the companys finances; is the head of accounting, and is in
charge of handling Human Resources problems and implementing
Online Stores business practices in the Singapore setting.
1 Logistics Manager Manages the logistics departments of reception
and distribution. Oversees the logistics workforce.
2 Quality Assurance Associates of Fish One each in assuring the
quality of the goods when receiving and distributing; reports to Logistics
Manager. Keeps inventory to make sure there is no discrepancy. Reports
inventory and loss to Accounting.
15 Logistics Team members 10 work in receiving shipments and taking
inventory; reports inventory to QA Associates, 5 work on merchandising
and distribution. Assist in promotional activities should the need arise.

2 Web Designers 1 each in charge of updating and maintaining either .Updates online inventory and manages online
2 Accountants keep track of the companys finances; expense, income,
wages, profits, etc. and reports them to the CFIO. Files taxes and
necessary paperwork.
We shall hire a legal consultant on a per-need basis to minimize

Our Solution for Taiwan Market Problem.

Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd will target two market segments within the fish
hobbyist industry. These are direct online sales to tropical fish collectors and fish
retailers in the companys local area in Taiwan . Our largest market segment will
be fish keeper who live in Taiwan who are craving for unique species and
variety of Arowana fish. Besides that, we think that by providing a comprehensive
sites, we expects to create a one-stop experience that will encourage the .

Critical Success Factors

Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd most important objectives are.

Concentrating on operational excellence as a core competency by
maintaining the highest quality standards at the lowest operational
Find a fast, reliable shipping services.
Maintaining constantly updated and original product lines and
communicating about them throughout our catalog and web sites.
Quickly and reliably deliver the fish to customers
Develop a strong reputation within the fish keeping community
Ensure that all large search engines link to our sites
Mission Statements

Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd will provide hard to find tropical dragon fish
(arowana/kelisa ) to aquarist who do not have access to these fish through
local pet stores. Up to 15 species separate dragon species (arowana) will
be bred by us, in addition we will ship live fish to its customers doors
anywhere in the Taiwan within one to two days. We also will provide fish
to tropical fish retailers located far from breeding center in Taiwan. We
also will provide convenience and variety not found in the traditional
tropical fish selling industry in Taiwan.


The Business Model

The target market is split into two distinct groups : Hobbyist and new customer .
Special emphasis will be placed on forward thinking businesses that want to do
business like those in more developed countries because they tend to understand the
cost savings of an efficient ordering process.To reduce marketing costs, the farming of
Arowana Fish will be located in Taiwan with a great environment surrounding and
basically use the same method of farming likes in Malaysia .When Arowana Fish are
locate in Taiwan the cost can be cut off in term of ordering and purchasing of Arowana
A more traditional advertising approach will be used to reach the customer in
Taiwan and an elaborate marketing campaign will be used to introduce the company
and the products it offers. Fadirul Arowana Koi products will initially only be found in
catalogs and online . In our company, customers Is always king, thus customer can go
directly to farming places to select the type of fish that they are wanted with cheap price.

Fadirul Arowana Koi will be organized in Taiwan with retail and Arowana Farming
will be located in there by using the same procedure to breed the fish in Taiwan as
there are same weather with Malaysia it will be more efficiently of business
activity.Through an advanced sourcing model ,the buyers at FAK will be faced with a
myriad of in house and outsource decisions,with the majority of our products coming
from Malaysia which unique species of fish are coming from there with a variety of
Arowana Fish from Afirca due to its products and export quality ,growth and competitive

There are several information systems that must be in operation in order for
Fadirul Arowana Koi to run efficiently. These system include customer order processing,
inventory management, accounting and sales representative monitoring, and basic
software requirements. All of these system can be purchased as one package through
an enterprise resource planning system.

Fadirul Arowana Koi will provide rare tropical fish from the family of
Arowana with unique species that only can be found in South East. These fish
are known for their colorful appearence and interesting and aggressive
behavior. The fish will be sold as juveniles, ranging in length from one to four
inches. As adults some of these species can grow to almost two feet in length,

the average adult will be around eight to ten inches long. The shipping of adult
sized cichlids is impractical due to their size
Competitive Comparison
There are other businesses online that offer tropical fish and some common
Arowana. The important difference between those businesses and Fadirul
Arowana Koi is that we will have the less common Arowana that the other sites
do not offer.
The current online fish sellers do not have any background and care
requirements information for the fish that they sell. If a customer is looking to
purchase a particular fish online, they may have to go to one site to read up on
the care and behavior of the fish that they are interested in purchasing, and then
go to a different site to actually purchase the fish. Fadirul Arowana Koi will offer
both information on the species we carry and the ability to order the researched
fish without having to go to another website.

Market Analysis Summary
Fadirul Arowana Koi largest market segment will be Internet users who live in the
Taiwan and cannot reach our retailer. Other potential customers include tropical
fish retailers and walk-in customers. Fish keeping is the second most popular
hobby (behind photography) in the Taiwan


We estimate that by the year 2014 there will be approximately two million Internet
users who live in the continental Taiwan and own an aquarium. This is a very
conservative estimate. We estimate that 5% (350,000) of these users will view
our site in one year's time and that 2.5% (8,750) of those potential customers will
actually buy fish.

Market Segmentation
Internet customers: the majority of our customers will be Internet
users. Research estimates that this segment consists of seven million Internet

Tropical Arowana retailers: these customers consist of six types of Arowana
shops within 100 miles our business. While these customers are few they will
buy considerably more fish per order than Internet customers.

Market Needs
Tropical fish enthusiasts are on the Internet looking for information on particular
species and places to obtain them. Most people do not have access to retail fish
shops that regularly carry a large number of different Arowana species. Some of

the most beautiful and interesting Arowana cannot be found in these shops at
all. Fadirul Arowna Koi will provide these hard-to-find species to hobbyists.

Retail fish shops do not have access to the species that customers may ask for
and Fadirul Arowana provides. Fadirul Arowana Koi will sell our fish to retail
shops within 100 miles of the breeding center. The fish will be sold to the shops
at wholesale prices.

Competition and Buying Patterns
Competition in the online fish-selling industry is based on customer
satisfaction. If the ordered fish arrives as advertised and in good health the
customer is satisfied. If a business can consistently provide customer
satisfaction through quality product and quick service the consumer will become
loyal and regard product price as secondary in importance.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Fadirul Arowana Koi will market to Arowana fish hobbyists who are looking for
hard to find Arowana species. We will sell our product primarily over the Internet
to customers within the Taiwan. These customers are looking for interesting and
colorful examples of Arowana species that are not available in their local fish
Our strategy is to offer one-stop shopping for rare and unusual cichlids via the
Internet. Customers will be able to look through pages of information on a
particular cichlid species and then purchase the fish.
Competitive Edge
Our competitive edge will be our site design, on-site product supply, and wide
variety within the Arowana family.

Sales Forecast
Our sales forecast assumes no change in costs or prices, which is a reasonable
assumption for the last few years.
We expect a jump in sales in 2005 due to increased maturity of our breeding stock. We
expect our sales to increase moderately in 2006.
Our sales will level off in the latter part of the first year due to our sales reaching
maximum breeding capacity. Capacity will increase with time.
We expect the product line to change with our customers needs and desires.

We expect the product line to change with our customers needs and desires.

Proposed Strategies

1. Proposed Pricing Policies

Because we are a Malaysian business operating in Taiwan , we will
accept both Malaysian Ringgit and Taiwanese Dollar or USD. Our costs
are relatively low due to operating exclusively online; we have cut many
of the expenses of running a brick-and-mortar store such as rent,
utilities, displays, and additional sales staff. Since the majority of our

competition is indirect, we will have to worry less about competing with
them and more about staying unique. However, to market our goods in
Taiwan, we will markup our products average of 140% above
wholesale, 30% higher, to cover our transportation fees and taxes.
These prices, however, will remain much lower than similar goods from
foreign companies who offer luxurious products for the very wealthy,
and a bit higher.

A. Projected Income Statement

Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd
Income Statement
For the Year Ended June 30, 2014


Cost of Goods Sold
Gross Profit on Sales

Operating Expenses

Promotional Costs
Fish Breeding Centre

Other Expenses And Losses

Interest Expenses

Income Before Income Tax
Income Tax
Net Income

B. Projected Balance Sheet

Fadirul Arowana Koi Sdn Bhd
Balance Sheet
For the Year Ended June 30, 2014
Cash 325,034

Inventory 15,000
Website 1,220


Notes Payable 71,508.08
Interest Payable 5,216.88

Total Liabilities 76,724.96

Owners Equity 264,529.04


Planned Growth of Business

After starting up with a bank loan of $100,000 TWD, with an annual
interest rate of 6.59% we expect to make monthly payments of $3069.00
and pay off the loan in full within 36 months. We will use the $325,034 of
net profit to be split to have 25% go towards end-of-year bonuses to all the
employees, and 75% to go towards company growth and start-up capital

for a brick-and-mortar Online Store location on capital of Singapore. With
the Taiwan open market expecting to triple within the next few years and
the 80% growth seen by other online store, we expect sales and profits for
Fadirul Arowana Koi at least triple to $1,000,000 annual net profit in the
next three years.