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Schedule your ads to reach the

right people at the right time
When you schedule your ads, you can enhance the relevance of your advertising by reaching the right people at the right time.
You can specify certain hours and/or days of the week when you want your ads to be delivered.
Use Cases
Scheduling ads to run during certain times of the day is especially valuable for marketers who want to:
• Tailor their creative and targeting to create more timely, relevant ads for their customers
• Synchronize their Facebook Ads with other timed media such as television or a live event
• Drive traffic to their store during key business hours, such as a restaurant running ads during lunchtime
Product details
• Ads can be scheduled on the hour (e.g., at 1:00pm or 2:00pm)
• Ads will deliver based on the person’s time zone, not your advertiser account time zone
• You can only schedule ads in Power Editor and the API. Ads Manager only shows the scheduled time.
• You can only use this feature with lifetime budgets, not daily budgets
• Budget is allocated on an hourly basis over the duration of the campaign. For example, if you set a $100 lifetime budget and
schedule the ad set to run for 1 hour on the first day of the campaign and 9 hours on the second day, approximately $10 will be
spent the first day and $90 the second day.
• Can use the following bidding types: CPC, oCPM, CPM, CPA bidding
• Can use all targeting capabilities, including Custom Audiences
Best Practices
• Only schedule your ads for specific times if it aligns with your business objectives. Otherwise, you may be missing out
on reaching more people.
• Create multiple campaigns with varying scheduled times to compare performance
• Delight your customers with timely, relevant creative
• To improve your cost efficiency, avoid hyper-targeted, short campaigns
We’re not a considered purchase—people think about fast food 15–60 mins before making the decision—so
hitting in that window is critical. It’s a feature that is opening up Facebook as an advertising platform within
programs that previously we wouldn’t have.
— Brandon Rhoten
VP, Digital Marketing at Wendy’s International