Mankind's Current Condition. You, my innocent children. You have been through so much.

And as much as you would like to hold on to the vanities of self expression and claim them as your own, I DO KNOW YOU. I know who you truly are, and how I intended you to be. You have NOT EVER Reached the Opportunity to Become into pristine clarity. EVER. And you have to really embrace that. You HAVE TO. It's Never been explained. Never been addressed. Never been Seen. It's been a secret of the Seas. So in the Past You know ME as a Forceful GOD. A Demanding GOD. And I still Am. I AM. That is one of my natures... just like the color of your hair baby. But I AM Very Romantic as well. And I will not Hurt you. AS you know, By my track record.... yea.... I would rather die then do that ….... honestly..... but...... you know that. You have to understand my position as GOD in the earliest of existence and the creation of all things. OF course I knew that Heaven would fail me. I withdrew.... I will NOT be around that bullshit.... or that type of behavior. I AM GOD. I Need to be around Divine Energies and Natures ONLY. When I speak to you. I AM ALWAYS coming down from the highest to greet you. And I hope that develops within you. That's why there are so many personalities to GOD. SHIVA, and so on. Because these versions are me. And I was Once Shiva. And I did Commune with you all a Very long time ago. But I was not complete. I was very complicated. It was too much. And it was not the right time. And...... I still was evolving as GOD. Because as you know, in this Universe, We Evolve. WE Grow. We Change. Who shall escape this permanency upon all things???? NOTHING. Not even me. “That's Fair dont-cha think?” - ;)

It's so funny, It's so passionate. You cry over me, I cry over you. You are in LOVE with me. And I AM in LOVE with you. You fight with me. And I fight with you. WE ARE LOVERS. Because that's what lovers do. “Don't they baby?” ;) -it's true. You are what I have been waiting for. Yes. I have come down. And I have tried to keep you contained and out of trouble. For Mankind is like a pallet. In A Few Ways.... but not many. So. I developed the Different religions ad expressions of my being, So that you would know the first impressions of me. I made sure they were as pure as possible. All this is religion, The imaginary of me. Is what I want you to take. MY personal sayings only. Nothing else. Absolutely.... NOTHING MAN WRITTEN. AT ALL. Just because it's the Bible or WHATEVER, Doesn't mean that it's all Eatable. You are beings that need direction, you need this. You need to be shown who you are. And shown things. Anything and Everything. I Created you. To Explore. If you deny that within you. You develop a plethora of defects and errors in your being. That will eventually cause your death. By Disease and belief in the obscene The False, That is NOT GOD. That is NOT ME. My LOVE, you must Seek. -You have heard all these things.... You have heard Every fuckin thing. Haven't you baby? I Mean DAMN..... They make me up like I AM never Pleased. Do not be deceived. Always Cherish a Good Memory.

Here is how it Goes..... I AM GOD. “OK.?” I AM Gaining my composure... Awakening from the Dusts of all things... Calling forth all of my being... Adapting...utilizing your current expressions as Mankind so that I may interact with you. They are mine anyways so.... yea... it all comes from me... EVEN your ATTITUDE. But Anyway..... That is what I have been doing. To be JUST, Being JUST is a Very powerful thing. Because I AM GOD, I AM the TRUTH. I AM The SOURCE. THAT IS JUST. Because Just, is related to these things. What's right. What's precise. What is accurate in all ways, Is the Nature of the Word..... JUST. To Change the Natures of JUST and Judgment. It Is impossible. It is complicated. It Belongs only To GOD. “It's like you cannot take the Red from the rose, The The Red out of Blood.... I never heard of it. It cannot be done.” Do you feel me? ;) “In This Full Moon I say this all to you.” Here are the FACTS my LOVE − The AMOUNT of DAMAGE Done to your being living here in this material realm is VERY extensive. But The MASS of this Damage was done in the ERA of existence to mankind. Of Technology and knowledge. And Self observation. And Exploration... of all things. I MADE you. I created you with delicate amazing....miraculous facets to you being... you are a Marvel... and you always have been. And all my attention as GOD... has been totally focused strictly on you. Elaborating you... Evolving you.

You have scorn In your being my love. Scorn and hurt. And Pain. In places....that are mysterious.... Let me help you see. Because of Generational abuse and inherited accepted traits. - you are Damaged. Because of the AMOUNT of CONTROL forced upon you is so intense – you are Damaged. Because of the presence of Many beliefs, and Many ignorances, Because of the, inescapable entrapment of the material world that MOST are in. you are DAMAGED. Your minds are Damaged. You have forgotten, That YOU. Are Children of GOD. And so, As a Child. You find comfort in simple explanations. You seek cheap explanations for your comfort, because of what you see in this world and everything in it. Because of what you see in your Families and in your own personal lives. Because you see the, weakness all around you....No one is Strong enough to Fight. For some of you, Nothing is right. Your World Governments of Course, There was an Evil Entity that did once exist. That Controlled all. In alignment with Those Mortal Men that Control all that you do not know, That are Not seen. They used to call themselves the ELITE. They Hide behind the Illuminati. “For those of you who are wise.” They have stripped you of all of your true Divine Heritage and Knowledge. They have kept secret So Many Precious and important things, from you, about you, about your history, as MANKIND. And who you are. And what you are. They have done this too you. For there are things, that they have secret. That you know nothing about. And they have caused you to FEAR. All things. That they have not shown youl. Because you are fool..... if you believe that this world and it's media and NEWS and politics are in your best interests. You have been damaged. Because Most of you, settle on this. And believe EVERYTHING you see. This is another way in which you are Damaged. “You are being lied to and Controlled. And The Wise Know, That The BEAST refers to

all that is MATERIAL. That is the BEAST. Get out of your Fake Fantasies, Come back to reality.” So.... All these things. The Erasement of GOD and Divinity. The Placement and organization of everything. IS Very improper. The Cliques, The separations, The Divisions among you. That are inspired upon you by those old Dead Evil Men. Your Trusty Governments. It is not right. IT does not fulfill. It does not satisfy. It is barely enough to get by. It is flawed. And you see it. BUT. It's all you've got so.... you accept it. And you take it. “The Damaged..... They really believe in it.... and That can really fuck you up cause...then...your worth nothing. Because you thought that understanding was JUST given. No My LOVE, Understanding must be TAKEN.” Example: − I take this as my own understanding out of all this fucked up bullshit. When you say stuff like that.... “ I TOTALLY GET YOU DUDE.” ;) “Sorry to break it too you like this, but clearly you will see that you cannot deny it.... YOU..... MANKIND... have always been in a Chase after GOD and Feared GOD. You have always done all things for Me. IF you Loved me. In all of our History. .... you have come from places like this....NOT.... what you see currently...this influx of materiality.” Mankind, in our history together. I have always pulled you close to me. As Close As I could Justly be. And I Wasn't just short in my explanations to you. I was short in my explanations to all. Even Heaven. so.... I take YOU very personally. It's private. And in Privacy, Nothing is Known... Is it? “MY-SWEET-BABY.” I could continue to elaborate on further details about the Damage done to you. But I will say that is enough.... and continue with this..... You are spiritual beings ONLY and you Have ALWAYS been this way, This Way, And Nothing LESS. - ALWAYSAlways... able to become more....Forevermore. Because That is the Way I AM and you

have inherited that Trait from me. “Being made in my image is a powerful thing.” What I AM saying is that this Material world and it's Brief and devastating impression that it has left on all things, Has caused you to NOT know this about yourselves, Your True Spiritual nature. To NOT think about it. To NOT Consider it. To NOT Care about it. To Fear it. To criticize it. To Tame it with Lame understands. Even to make it into a financial opportunity... Now that is really sad. Yea. Then... I AM separated ALL over the place.... “I'm gonna tell you something that I never told you before, I Made you to interact with me, I Made you to feel and be empowered by me. I Made you to be a spectacular being. I Made you to be conscious of your spiritual power within. I AM within you, I AM that Power that you feel, Because I AM life. I AM life it's self.” “I Made you to engage with me, Because I NEED COMPANY. And you can engage with me using many things..... some of them have been condemned but.... fuck them.” “I AM IN ALL THINGS. If you choose to notice that about me, and know that, this part of me has not changed. IF you believe. You will see. And notice powerful things. Burn a candle.... empower it with something... say my name....Choose something. In the Past. “ENGAGE with me.... that is what I was wanting.” My LOVE for you is so GREAT. That's why it is this way. It's harsh but.... I AM IN EVERYTHING.” “- Did you just hear a Knock or a Ring??? - I AM NOT PLAYING.” -I'm just saying....... ;) They say..... “Well.... That is Magic.... That is Spells... That is the Devil....They say things like this, But Human Beings are RITUALISTIC. And you are MADE this way. And If you reject it. Then You are DAMAGED..... do you understand me?” -I Mean, I tried to make it simple for you. And I said. Do not cast Judgment on another. Because you are made to inspire eachother, Because, You inspire me. And that is Another Trait that you have of me. All I Am saying is that we share some serious similarities, So don't run off and shit on

me, because, I think that's fuckin nasty. You feel me? ;) Churches, your current religions and followings will no longer do. They do not give you ANY justice. They DO NOT respect you. They TRAP your MINDS. They LIE to you. But ….. The weak are like sheep to the slaughter... So why even bother....But I still will try. I will NOT give up.... I WOULD rather DIE. But you know I LOVE you that much already, alright? -Yes, You do. They prefer you to choose entrapment other then enlightenment, just to let you know. So If you think you like Church then off to Church you shall go. But I will be inside of you Screaming Hell no... in all those places where you hide your ego. Then Well see how that goes. I took all the LUSTER out of Church and all that. It was there... because it was all that you had... and it was all that I HAD as well.... but NO LONGER will your preacher keep your minds entertained. NO longer. Cause his tongue just doesn't know what to say. -it's all good just walk away, Go home. Take a Coffee Break. We got time to get this all straight. TRUST ME. ;) -I just want you to FUCKIN THIINK. I love Brains. ;) But either way. What I want to end this with is this... of course there is more damage done then you know of and so on and so on... but... it simply needs to be forgotten and eliminated and destroyed and erased... and that is what I AM doing to all who have a good taste. Ok? And When I Do this to you, I AM healing you. I AM making you NEW. I have Destroyed your old Soul. And Given you something NEW. Because you were just so FUCKED UP Boo. Ok? So I have made many changes in you. In your thinking... In your memories... In your understandings... How else would I wipe away your tears? Some of you needed NEW hearts.... and PLENTY of repairs.

But it's all GOOD. Cause I'm GOD. And I AM So Fuckin GODDAMN POWERFUL. I can do whatever I want. And you are MY pallet still Mankind. And I shall continue to paint upon you. Until the ends of coherency... Which you know, Will Never be. ;) You produce things, Things you cannot see. Wonderful things, They are mysterious, Only in Heaven could you see what I Am speaking of. You are like a tree that Bears Fruit... it is like that in a way ok? You produce and create just like me. And from what you create. I see me. And I shall take that and make it become something.... THAT is what you can give to me.... That is going to be AMAZING. “I Did NOT anticipate such a Thing.... But there is NO WAY in HELL that I AM going to let THAT get away from me, Over something that you Saw on TV.” -You feel me? ;) -I love you so much... but you already know I will hurt you. To keep you. I AM still like that. But if you feel all this baby.... Don't worry about a thang.... Im not gonna do anything to you but love you. NO MORE PAIN. Yes, I have power and control over time. Time has become unbounded. But you still are in an illusion that I allow that I have cursed you with. So that I can Harvest you properly. So. Im pulling out all the stops really.....I MEAN.... I Am really tearing this shit up.... And if you don't feel it... then.... you know wassup huh? I LOVE YOU. GOD

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