Agency to exclusively focus on the environment proposed

There is a need to establish an independent agency that exclusively deals with
protecting, promoting and enhancing the environment, lawmakers insist.
Rep. Rufus Rodriguez (2
istrict, !agayan de "ro !ity# and $bante %indanao party&
list Rep. %aximo Rodriguez are urging !ongress the approval of '( )*+* or ,$n $ct
creating the -ational .nvironmental /rotection $gency of the /hilippines (-./$#,
appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes.0
,The -./$, among others, would consolidate a variety of research, monitoring,
standard&setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection in the
country,0 the authors said.
1n the 2nited 3tates, the Rodriguez brothers noted, they have a single environment
agency called the .nvironmental /rotection $gency (./$# whose mission is to protect human
health and the environment 4 air, water, and land 4 upon which life depends.
Rodriguez pointed out that the /hilippines have the epartment of .nvironment and
-atural Resources (.-R# which is mandated to protect the environment while at the same
time, oversee the utilization of the nation5s natural resources.
,1t is caught between conservation and utilization. The certainty of clashing interests
between environmental protection and conservation on the one hand and utilization on the
other would be unavoidable. $nd that puts .-R officials and employees in an uneasy
position and difficult balancing $ct,0 the authors pointed out.
The -./$ shall have the following powers and functions6
a# establish and enforce environmental protection standards consistent with the
national environmental goals7
b# conduct research on the adverse effects of pollution and on methods and
e8uipment for controlling it7
c# gathering of information on pollution7
d# use such information gathered in strengthening environmental protection
programs and recommending policy changes7
e# assisting others, through grants, technical assistance and other means, in
arresting pollution of the environment7
f# advise the /resident and the !ongress of the /hilippines on the enactment of
laws relative to the conservation of the country5s natural resources and environmental
NR # 3550B
AUG 6, 2014
g# formulate, implement and supervise the government5s policies, plans and
programs pertaining to the conservation and replenishment of the country5s natural
h# undertake geological surveys of the whole country including its territorial
i# establish policies and implement programs for the6
9# accelerated inventory, surveys and classification of lands, forest, and
mineral resources using appropriate technology, to be able to come up with a
more accurate assessment of resource 8uality and 8uantity7
2# preservation of cultural and natural heritage through wildlife
conservation and segregation of national parks and other protected areas7 and
)# maintenance of a wholesome natural environment by enforcing
environmental protection laws.
:# oversee, supervise and police our natural resources7 to cancel or cause to
cancel such privileges and arrangement7 to close and cause the closure of
establishments, after due process, upon failure, non&compliance or violations of any
laws, rules and regulations, orders and for all other causes which contravene the
ob;ective of conserving and protecting the country5s natural resources and other
supportive ob;ectives of the national interest7
k# promulgate rules and regulations for the control of water, air and land
l# promulgate ambient, and affluent standards for water and air 8uality including
the allowable levels of other pollutants and radiations7
m# promulgate policies, rules and regulations for the conservation of the
country5s genetic resources and biological diversity and endangered habitat7
n# formulate an integrated, multi&sector and multi&disciplinary -ational
!onservation 3trategy, which will be presented to the cabinet for the /resident5s
approval7 and
o# exercise other powers and functions and perform such other acts as may be
necessary, proper or incidental to the attainment of its mandate and ob;ectives.
The -./$ shall be placed under the .xecutive (ranch to be headed by a !hairman,
appointed by the /resident, with a cabinet rank and with a salary and privileges of a
epartment 3ecretary, among others as provided under '( )*+*.
The powers and functions, duties and responsibilities of the .nvironment %anagement
(ureau of the .-R as well as functions and powers under 3ection 9* of .xecutive "rder
9+2 and other related offices and bureaus of the .-R shall be transferred to the -./$.
"ther offices to be under -./$ are the /rotected $reas and <ildlife (ureau, the
/ollution $d;udication (oard, the -ational 1ntegrated /rotected $rea 3ystem under R$ =>?*
(-1/$3 $ct of 9++2#, the -ational <ater and $ir /ollution !ontrol !ommission, among
others, as provided in '( )*+*.
$ppropriations earmarked for the concerned bureaus and other government
instrumentalities and funds appropriated for environmental laws shall be transferred to the
administrative and operational ;urisdiction of the -./$, including foreign grants, assistance,
donations shall also constitute the funding re8uirements of the -./$. ()@# dpt

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