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Miss Dheas Classroom rule

1. Respect!
Always pay attention and listen carefully (not only hear) and appreciate the others idea
without interrupting the utterance.
Respect others property. Avoid touching or writing on anything that does not belong to
you (including desks, textbooks, teachers belongings, walls, chalkboard, etc.).
Respect yourself by wearing appropriate uniform.
2. Raise your hand before speaking
3. You can only skip your class twice within semester including illness issue, family matter, school
matter, and lateness. (ps. If there is classroom assignment and you missed it, you cannot ask for
another make up assignment). If student is absence more than twice, he or she will not be able
to take final test, so use it wisely.
4. More than 10 minutes late is considered as absence but you still have a right to join the class
(not the assignment)
5. If me, as the teacher come 10 minutes late, you have the right to leave the class and a makeup
class will be discussed in next meeting or announced in the website.
6. Cell phone, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, mp3 playes, mp4 player, laptop, netbook, tab only for
educational use.
7. Do not cheat, plagiarize, or copy work
Cheating is completely unacceptable. If I see you cheating on any assignmen, even for
another class, I will give you a zero and report the incident to the other teacher as well as
your assistant principal and parents.
Plagiarism (copying work from another source without giving proper credit) is completely
unacceptable. If you plagiarize on any assignment you will earn a 0 on that assignment
with no opportunity to re-do the work for credit.
8. Use polite and appropriate language
Offensive, derogatory, and terms against SARA are not tolerated. Always Using
appropriate language and remember, if you dont have something nice to say, dont say it
at all!
9. No food or drink, except water
You may drink bottled of water in the classroom. If a spill occurs, please clean it up
immediately and inform the teacher.
No other food or beverage is permitted without a doctors note.
10.Any assignment should be submitted ON TIME. Late submission will reduce one point each
11. Any assignments, essays, and projects should be typed and sent to my e-mail
( at least at 24.00 before submission deadline. Final draft format as
follows: Microsoft word 2003, 12-point font (Calibri or Times New Roman), doubled-spaced, 1
margins, A4 paper (kuarto).
12. Course Assessment
The following is the breakdown of the course assessment
Home Assignments (25%) > Final Test (25%)
Class Assignments (20%) > Class Participation (25%)
Midterm Test (25%)
13. Grading
The course follows a criterion reference grading system with the following grade

Grades Percentages
A 81-100%
AB 78-80%
B 71-77%
BC 66-70%
C 60-65%
CD 55-59%
D 50-54%
Fail 0-49%