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... through Bertha Dudde

Addressing the vineyard labourers ....
Urgency o s!reading the Word ....
"very day you grant #e by underta$ing s!iritual %or$ %ill be
blessed& and your re%ard %ill truly not be s'all .... (et you
should not %or$ or #e or the sa$e o re%ard& instead& your love
or #e and your ello% hu'an being should in%ardly i'!el you to
do so. (ou are unable to assess the i''ense s!iritual adversity&
but it is $no%n to #e and ) %ill guide you to %herever ) still $no%
there is a !erson %ho %ould be touched by receiving #y Word so
that you can inor' the' o #y love& %isdo' and !o%er& o #y
longing or the' and #y constant %illingness to hel! ....
(ou should eagerly su!!ort #e& and even i only a e% listen to
you .... but each one o the' %ill s!ea$ on #y behal and
'ention #y Words again. For he %ill be $no%ledgeable& he %ill
$indle a light %ithin hi' and understand and %ill no longer %ant
to 'iss #y Word .... And these !eo!le %ill live in truth .... But
they %ill also $no% that it is the truth %hich they receive ro' #e
through you. For this reason only rarely %ill one o the' all
a%ay because they %ere serious about receiving the truth.
But ) do $no% %here #y !ure Gos!el can be conveyed to& %ho
%ill acce!t it %ith a grateul heart .... And %ith #y Word ) #ysel
A' %ith everyone %ho receives it. *ince ) #ysel %ill then be
able to address hi' #ysel through you& ) can also ans%er every
+uestion they in%ardly as$ %hich %ill brightly enlighten their
thin$ing and the origin o their 'ental $no%ledge& along %ith #y
Word& %ill beco'e their inner'ost conviction .... they %ill no
longer doubt and grateully acce!t everything ro' #y hand.
And believe that no %or$ %ill be done in vain .... or countless
souls in the $ingdo' o the beyond can ,oin in %herever #y Word
is read ....
A circle o souls gathers around every !erson and they are all
oered the bread o -eaven so that they %ill be able to nourish
the'selves %ith the ood ) #ysel have in store or the'. And
thus you can also %or$ in this $ingdo' %here countless souls
derive strength ro' this nourish'ent.
-ence all those o you %ho ta$e !art in distributing these
%ritings are doing rede'!tive %or$& and every labourer %ill
receive his re%ard .... -o%ever& you 'ust not tire& or the
distribution o #y Word %ill beco'e increasingly 'ore urgent the
closer it gets to the end.
And your tas$ %ill beco'e increasingly 'ore diicult. As a result
o the ever.increasing lac$ o aith .... e%er !eo!le %ill be %illing
to listen to you. (et this should not dishearten you& or each
individual soul is a gain or #e& thereore you should see$ to
attract the' %ith all your love& try to deliver the' ro' s!iritual
dar$ness and constantly re+uest strength ro' #e.
/ruth can achieve a lot& no !erson can close hi'sel to the
truth .... !roviding he is still o good %ill& !roviding he still
acce!ts #e and %ants to $no% the truth about #e .... (ou are in
!ossession o the truth ro' #e .... Distribute it %herever you
can and don0t let ailures discourage you .... ) %ant to bless you
on earth already and later in eternity& %here all %or$ or #e %ill
ind its re%ard ....
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