SRAM Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized
SUNDAY, AUGUST 1 0 201 4
START: SRAM VIP Deck – Skiers Plaza Whistler Village

After leaving the SRAM VIP deck, turn left and head down the village stroll, turning right onto Brandywine Way in between the Clock Tower and
the Sundial Hotel. Turn right on Sundial Crescent and up to the traffc lights. Turn right onto Blackcomb Way until the yellow gate opposite Lost
Lake Road. Take the double track trail known as “Home Run” up Blackcomb Mountain past the entrance to Hey Bud/Crazy Train onto the new
climbing access trail to the top of Micro Climate. This is the start of the frst timed section of the event.
distance: 6.4km of riding with 536m of elevation gain
allocated time: 60 minutes

Micro Climate is a relatively new trail – it opened fully in the spring of 2014. Designed by Dave Anderson and Paul Stevens, this trail has become
an instant Whistler Classic and one of the best new trails in the Whistler Valley. Near the bottom it traverses across to the bottom of Hey Bud
and fnishes on the access road.
distance: 2.05 kms | elevation: start 1183.9m | fnish 756m | change -427.9m
allocated time: 15 minutes

After completing the frst stage, head back up Home Run, crossing the bottom of Stage 2. Following the same route to Micro Climate, this time
stop at the entrance to Hey Bud/Crazy Train. This is the start of Stage 2.
distance: 3.32km of riding with 379m of elevation gain
allocated time: 40 minutes

Crazy Train – recently described in a guide book as an “old school trail, now defunct and dilapidated,” the SRAM Canadian Open Enduro pre-
sented by Specialized has brought this “Sleeping Beauty” back to life. Through the handiwork of Seb Kemp, Jerome David and Trail Network
Solutions, Crazy Train has been refurbished, rerouted and will have riders “going off the rails.”
distance: 1.98 kms | elevation: start 1111.3m | fnish 721.1m | change -390.2m
allocated time: 15 minutes

After leaving the fnish of Stage 2 behind Snow Goose condominiums, turn right onto Painted Cliff road, left onto Blackcomb Way, and then right
at Lorimer Road. Follow Lorimer Road crossing over Highway 99 all the way to the bottom of Lorimer Road. Join the Valley Trail and cross over
the River of Golden Dreams and the train tracks heading North towards Alpine Meadows. At the fork in the trail, turn left and climb up to Alta
Lake Road. Cross the road and enjoy the smell of dirt again as you ride a short section of Mel’s Dilemma. Stay right in this complicated area of
trails looking for Forest Drive in the residential area of Alpine Meadows. Take a left onto Fissile Lane and then another left once you hit Alpine
Way. Climb Alpine Way to the end and look for a gated dirt road. Ride beyond the gate and keep climbing this road, known as Rick’s Roost, for
300m over 2.5Km. Stay left at this point and gradually climb the Flank Trail for 1.8Km to the start of Stage 4’s timed section.
distance: 10.5km of riding with 683m of elevation gain
allocated time: 1h25minutes

After a short section of the Flank, head onto Binty’s, a seriously old school line. At the old logging roadbed, turn right and follow the trail to 27
Switchbacks. The 27 corners that make up this trail are tight and loose, eventually hooking you back into Lower Binty’s. Take Classic Westside
Whistler Single Track as you descend onto Bob’s Rebob. Stay right on Bob’s for some relatively smooth singletrack leading to the fnish of Stage
4 at Alta Lake Road.
distance: 3.06 kms | elevation: start 1117.8m | fnish 688.9m | change -428.9m
allocated time: 15 minutes

Leaving the Rainbow Hiking Trail Parking Lot, head south on Alta Lake Road for approximately 1.5Km. Turn left onto the Valley Trail and follow
it towards Nita Lake. Half way around the East side of Nita Lake, take the fork left and follow under Highway 99. The Valley Trail will continue
south, parallel to Highway 99 until Bayshores. Turn right onto Bayshore Road, right on Cheakamus Way, and left on to Kadenwood Drive. Climb
all the way up Kadenwood Drive until it turns into Trails End Lane. Go through the gate and follow the old mountain roads up to the start of Stage
4. Stage 4 will start just off the mountain road before diving into fresh cut trail accessing Lower Ride Don’t Slide.
distance: 11.2km of riding with 694m of elevation gain
allocated time: 1h20minutes

Ride Don’t Slide is a technical natural single track. A short stint on Love Canal will lead you into Boyd’s (B.C.’s) Trail, which follows along Whistler
Creek. Extensive rerouting and trail work has been done by Gravity Logic to get this old trail race-ready. The trail is fresh and loamy in sections
while lower down it becomes rocky and loose. This stage fnishes up with a sprint on the open ski run down to Dusty’s. This is the original access
point to Whistler Mountain for skier’s back in the 1960’s.
distance: 2.49 kms | elevation: start 1052m | fnish 597m | change -455m
allocated time: 15 minutes

To make your way to the ffth and fnal stage of the event - leave Dusty’s and head onto the Valley Trail heading north back to Whistler Village.
When you near the Whistler Golf Course, use the underpass under Highway 99. Stay right after passing under Highway 99 on Whistler Way.
Take a left onto Springs Lane and make your way to the Whistler Village Gondola. After a short pitstop take the Gondola and the Peak Express
to gain access to Top of the World’s trailhead. This is the start of the fnal timed section.
distance: 5.1km of riding with 150m of elevation gain (plus Village Gondola and Peak Chair)
allocated time: 1h50minutes

You’re in the bike park now - get ready for an elevation loss of nearly 1500m over 11km. Accomplish this by taking the following trails: Top of
World, No Joke, Little Alder, Expressway, Too Tight, Upper Angry Pirate, Crabapple Turns, Del Boca Vista, EZ Does It to Monkey Hands, fnish-
ing in Skiers Plaza.
distance: 11.90 kms | elevation: start 2121.6m | fnish 707.8m | change -1413.8m
SRAM Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized
SUNDAY, AUGUST 1 0 201 4

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