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February 04,2006

Dear (first name),
We have pleasure in appointing you as (designation-department) in our organization, effetive
(joining date) on the follo!ing ter"s and onditions#
1. Placement & Compensation
$ou !ill be plaed in the appropriate band % responsibility level of the &o"pany, and !ill be
entitled to o"pensation (salary and other appliable benefits) as detailed in Annexure A.
&o"pensation !ill be governed by the rules of the &o"pany on the sub'et, as appliable
and%or a"ended hereafter(
2. Salary reision
$our salary !ill be revie!ed on April )
of eah year, or at suh other ti"e as the
*anage"ent "ay deide( +alary revisions are disretionary and !ill be sub'et to, and on the
basis of, effetive perfor"ane and results(
!. Posting & "ransfer
$our initial posting !ill be at #)$. ,o!ever, your servies are liable to be transferred, at the
sole disretion of *anage"ent, in suh other apaity as the o"pany "ay deter"ine, to any
depart"ent % setion, loation, assoiate, sister onern or subsidiary, at any plae in -ndia or
abroad, !hether e.isting today or !hih "ay o"e up in future( -n suh a ase, you !ill be
governed by the ter"s and onditions of the servie appliable at the ne! plae"ent loation(
%. Pro&ation'
/hat you !ill be on probation for a period of si( mont)s( /he period of probation an be
e.tended at the disretion of the *anage"ent and you !ill ontinue to be on probation till an
order of onfir"ation has been issued in !riting(
*. +,ll time employment
$our position is a !hole ti"e e"ploy"ent !ith the &o"pany and you shall devote yourself
e.lusively to the business and interests of the o"pany( $ou !ill not ta0e up any other !or0
for re"uneration (part ti"e or other!ise) or !or0 in an advisory apaity, or be interested
diretly or indiretly (e.ept as shareholder % debenture holder), in any other trade or business
during your e"ploy"ent !ith the o"pany, !ithout per"ission in !riting of the 1oard of
Diretors of the &o"pany( $ou !ill also not see0 "e"bership of any loal or publi bodies
!ithout first obtaining speifi per"ission fro" the *anage"ent(
-. Confidentiality
$ou !ill not, at any ti"e, during the e"ploy"ent or after, !ithout the onsent of the 1oard of
Diretors dislose or divulge or "a0e publi, e.ept on legal obligations, any infor"ation
regarding the &o"pany2s affairs or ad"inistration or researh arried out, !hether the sa"e
is onfided to you or beo"es 0no!n to you in the ourse of your servie or other!ise(
3 ) 3
.. /ntellect,al Property
-f you oneive any ne! or advaned "ethod of i"proving designs% proesses% for"ulae%
syste"s, et( in relation to the business% operations of the &o"pany, suh develop"ents !ill
be fully o""uniated to the o"pany and !ill be, and re"ain, the sole right% property of the
0. 1esponsi&ilities & 2,ties
$our !or0 in the organization !ill be sub'et to the rules and regulations of the organization
as laid do!n in relation to ondut, disipline and other "atters( $ou !ill al!ays be alive to
responsibilities and duties attahed to your offie and ondut yourself aordingly( $ou "ust
effetively perfor" to ensure results(
3. Past 1ecords
-f any delaration given, or infor"ation furnished by you, to the o"pany proves to be false,
or if you are found to have !illfully suppressed any "aterial infor"ation, in suh ases, you
!ill be liable to re"oval fro" servies !ithout any notie(
14. 1etirement
/he retire"ent age is *0 years. $ou !ill retire fro" the e"ploy"ent of the &o"pany at the
end of the "onth in !hih you attain 45 years of age(
11. "ermination of employment
During the probationary period and any e.tension thereof, your servies "ay be ter"inated
on either side by giving one "onth2s notie or salary in lieu thereof( ,o!ever, on
onfir"ation the servies an be ter"inated fro" either side by giving t5o mont)s (60 days)
notie or salary in lieu thereof(
6pon ter"ination of e"ploy"ent, you !ill i""ediately hand over to the &o"pany all
orrespondene, speifiations, for"ulae, boo0s, dou"ents, "ar0et data, ost data,
dra!ings, affets or reords belonging to the &o"pany or relating to its business and shall not
retain or "a0e opies of these ite"s(
6pon ter"ination of e"ploy"ent, you !ill also return all o"pany property, !hih "ay be in
your possession(
12. 6edical +itness
/his appoint"ent is sub'et to your being, and re"aining, "edially fit(
7lease onfir" your aeptane of the appoint"ent on the above ter"s and onditions by signing
and returning this letter for our reords(
$ours faithfully,
- have read the ter"s and onditions of this letter of appoint"ent and onfir" "y aeptane of
the sa"e(
(Signat,re and 2ate)
3 2 3
ANN78917 :A; ' C<6P7NSA"/<N 27"A/=S (Salary & applica&le &enefits)
Name '
2esignation '
2ate of joining '
=ocation '
a) 1em,neration
1asi +alary # 8s( %3 per "onth
,ouse 8ent Allo!ane # 8s( %3 per "onth
+peial Allo!ane # 8s( %3 per "onth
&onveyane Allo!ane # 8s( %3 per "onth
*edial rei"burse"ent 9i"it # 8s( %3 per annu"
&) 1etirals
i( $ou !ill partiipate in the &o"pany 7rovident Fund +he"e as appliable to your
ategory of e"ployees(
ii( $ou !ill be entitled to gratuity in aordane !ith the rules governing suh pay"ent(
c) =eae
$ou !ill be entitled to privilege, si0 and asual leave as appliable to your ategory of
-t is e.peted that individual o"pensation pa0age !ould not be shared !ith other
/he above o"pensation struture is sub'et to hange !ithout affeting e"olu"ents
Appliable ta. !ould be borne by the e"ployee(
3 : 3

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