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KBC Quiz KBC Multiple Choice

Question Answers
1. The enzyme pepsin convert?
(A) Carbohydrates to sugars
(B) Proteins to amino acids
(C) Protein to peptones
(D) ats to !atty acids and g"ycero"
A#$ % A
&. 'hich o! these does not generate energy but are sti"" essentia" !or body?
(A) ats
(B) Proteins
(C) (itamins
(D) Carbohydrates
A#$ % C
). #itrogen
(A) is essentia" to the body
(B) di"utes o*ygen +hich, other +ise is very active in the pure !orm
(C) ma-es o*ygen so"ub"e in b"ood
(D) decreases the density o! air
A#$ % C
.. The "eading co/ee producing $tate o! 0ndia is?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) 1era"a
(C) 1arnata-a
(D) Tami" #adu
A#$ % C
2. Tides in the sea have stored in them
(A) 3ydrau"ic energy
(B) 1inetic energy
(C) 4ravitationa" potentia" energy
(D) a combination o! a"" the above three !orms o! energy
Ans % (D)
5. The "argest petro"eum reserves are !ound in?
(A) 0ran
(B) 6ussia
(C) $audi Arabia
(D) (enezue"a
A#$ % C
7. Port Diamond is "ocated in?
(A) Austra"ia
(B) $ri 8an-a
(C) $outh A!rica
(D) 9aire
A#$ % C
:. The head;uarters o! <#=P are "ocated at?
(B) #airobi
(C) #e+ >or-
(D) (ienna
A#$ % C
?. 'hich one o! the !o""o+ing countries has the "argest popu"ation?
(A) Brazi"
(B) Bang"adesh
(C) 0ndonesia
(D) Pa-istan
A#$ % C
1@. The 0ndus (a""ey Civi"ization +as nonAAryan because?
(A) it +as urban
(B) it had a pictographic script
(C) it had an agricu"tura" economy
(D) it e*tended upto the #armada (a""ey
A#$ % C
11. The greatest Pratihar 1ing +as?
(A) Dharampa"
(B) 3arsha
(C) Bihir BhoC
(D) Bahendrapa"
A#$ % C
1&. The Permanent $ett"ement +as introduced by
(A) 8ord 3astings
(B) 8ord Corna+a""is
(C) 8ord Curzon
(D) 8ord 'i""iam Bentinc-
A#$ % C
1). 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is -no+n as the manDs most use!u" tree?
(A) 'a"nut
(B) Tea-
(C) Bango
(D) Coconut
Ans % (A)
1.. 'ho o! the !o""o+ing is associated +ith !ootba""?
(A) Diego Baradona
(B) orest 3i""s
(C) Target
(D) Eeev Bi"-ha $ingh
A#$ % A
12. 'ho said F0ndia is a ;uasi !edera" $tateG?
(A) 3aro"d 8as-i
(B) 0vor Eennings
(C) 8ord Bryee
(D) 1. C. 'heare
A#$ % C
15. 3uman Poverty 0nde* +as deve"oped in the year?
(B) 1??2
(D) &@@1
A#$ % C
17. 6am trave"s 7 -m to the north. Then he turns to the right and +a"-s ) -m. #o+, he
turns to the right and +a"-s 7-m. 3o+ many -i"ometres is he a+ay !rom the starting
(A) )-m
(B) 7-m
(C) 1@-m
(D) 1.-m
A#$ %A
1:. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is a co"d b"ooded anima"?
(A) Penguin
(B) 'ha"e
(C) Htter
(D) Tortoise
Ans % (B)
1?. A narro+ strip o! "and bordered on both sides by +ater, connecting t+o "arge bodies o!
"and is -no+n as
(A) An isthmus
(B) A "agoon
(C) A peninsu"a
(D) A strait
Ans % (D)
&@. The o"dest mountain system o! 0ndia is?
(A) Arava""is
(B) 3ima"ayas
(C) $hi+a"i-s
(D) (indhyas
A#$ % C
&1. 6adioactivity is measured b?
(A) 3ydrometer
(B) 4eiger Counter
(C) $eismometer
(D) Ammeter
A#$ % C
&&. 0nter!eron is used !or the contro" o!?
(B) Diabetes
(C)T. B.
(D) Typhoid
A#$ % C
&). Hi" spreads on +ater sur!ace because?
(A) oi" is denser than +ater
(B) oi" is "ess dense than +ater
(C) sur!ace tension o! oi" is more than +ater
(D) sur!ace tension o! oi" is "ess than +ater
A#$ % C D
&.. 'hich country has produced the Irst transgenic g"o+ing pigs that are a"" green !rom
inside out?
(A) 1orea
(B) Eapan
(C) $ingapore
(D) Tai+an
A#$ % C
&2 Tipu $u"tan ru"ed !rom
(A) $rirangapatnam
(B) Bysore
(C) Badras
(D) Be"ur
Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 KBC
4 Solved Model Questions
1aun Banega Crorepati . 1BC . $o"ved Bode" Juestions
1aun Banega Crorepati . (1BC .) preperation
1aun Banega Crorepati . Hn"ine ree $o"ved Juestions !or T( $ho+
Amitabh BachchanDs 1BC . Hn $ony =ntertainment T(
1. 'hich Bugha" ru"er +as the most secu"ar in out"oo-?
(A) Babar
(B) 3umayun
(C) A-bar
(D) Aurangzeb
Ans% c
&. 'hich Bugha" emperor gave "and !or the construction o! the 4o"den Temp"e at
(A) A-bar
(B) Eehangir
(C) $hahCehan
(D) Aurangzeb
Ans% a
). Be!ore the rise o! 6anCit $ingh, PunCab +as under the contro" o!
(A) Baratha commanders
(B) raider groups
(C) triba" chie!s
(D) $i-h Bis"s
Ans% a
.. Chand Bibi +ho ceded Berar to A-bar +as the ru"er o!
(A) 4o"conda
(B) Bahmani
(C) BiCapur
(D) Ahmednagar
Ans% d
2. Bansabdari +as introduced in 0ndia by
(A) A-bar
(B) 3umayun
(C) $hahCehan
(D) Babar
Ans% a
5. 0n 1:@?, BaharaCa 6anCit $ingh signed a treaty +ith
(A) =ast 0ndia Company
(B) $hah A"am
(C) 1ing o! 1ashmir
(D) 6u"er o! $indh
Ans% a
7. Babar entered 0ndia !or the Irst time !rom the +est through
(A) 1ashmir
(B) $ind
(C) PunCab
(D) 6aCasthan
Ans% c
:. The bone o! contention bet+een the $hah o! Persia and the Bugha"s +as the contro" o!
(A) 1abu"
(B) 1andhar
(C) 4hazni
(D) 1unduz
Ans% b
?. The youngest mountain range in the +or"d is
(a) 3ima"ayas
(b) A"ps
(c) Andes
(d) 6oc-ies
Ans % a
1@. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is a co"d b"ooded anima"?
(b) Penguin
(d) Tortoise
Ans% d
11. 'hich one o! the !o""o+ing structures present in mamma"ian s-in direct"y he"ps in
-eeping +arm?
(a)Pigmented ce""s
(b) $+eat g"ands
(c)8ymph vesse"s
(d) B"ood capi""aries
Ans % a
1&. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is the group +ith c"ose"y
re"ated anima" types?
(a) $eaAstar, $eaA"i"y, $eaAhare
(b) DogAIsh, $i"verAIsh, CrayAIsh
(c) 8eech, 8ouse, $nai"
(d) Ee""y Ish, $eaA!an, $eaAanemone
Ans% d
1). The bats are ab"e to Ky in dar- since their +ings
(a) sound +aves
(b) u"trasonic +aves
(c) in!raAred rays
(d) u"travio"et rays
Ans% b
1.. About :@L o! the body +eight in most organisms is
(a) protein
(b) +ater
(c) minera"s
(d) !at
Ans% b
12. Batch the !o""o+ing%
Characteristic Anima"
A. 'ing"ess insect 1 1i+i
B. Kight"ess bird &. &. $i"ver Ish
C. 8imb"ess repti"e ) Turt"e
D. 8ung "ess anima" .. $na-e
2 ish
or Characteristic A,B,C,D respective"y ,the anima"s are ?
(a) 1,),&,2
(b) ), 1,.,&
(c) &,1,),.
(d) &,1,.,2
Ans% d
15. 0n crustaceans (i.e. crabs, shrimps M sea Ish etc.) the meta""ic base o! the respiratory
pigment is made up o! ?
(a) iron
(b) copper
(d) potassium
Ans% b
17. 0nsects that ma-e a c"ic-ing sound are
(a) Kies
(b) cric-ets
(c) beet"es
(d) coc-roaches
Ans% c
1:.'hich o! the !o""o+ing structures are associated +ith the sense o! ba"ance in
(a) Coch"ea and tympanum
(b) Hva" +indo+ and ear "obes
(c) Ampu""a and semicircu"ar cana"s
(.) =ustachian tube and nasa" passage
Ans% c
1?. Pear"s are !ormed inside
(a) s;uids
(b) oysters
(c) snai"s
(d) mo""uscs
Ans% d
&@. Came" uses its hump !or ?
(a) storing !at
(b) temperature regu"ation
(c) storing +ater
(d) ba"ancing the body during +a"-ing in desert sand
Ans% a
&1. The organism in +hich 6#A is the genetic materia" is
(a)6abies virus
(b) $taphy"ococcus
(c) P"asmodium
(d) Tobacco mosaic virus
Ans% d
&&. The !unction o! tongue in sna-es is to
(a) taste the !ood
(b) sme"" the !ood
(c) catch the !ood
(d) detect the !ood
Ans% b
&). 'hich o! the !o""o+ing anima"s stores +ater in the intestine?
(a) 9ebra
(b) Came"
Ans% b
&.. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing combinations are incorrect?
0. Asthma N 8ung
00 0nKuenza N 6espiratory tract
000 6ic-ets N Pancreas
0(. Ba"aria N $p"een
(a) 0 and 00
(b) 0 and 000
(c) 0 and 0(
(d) 000 and 0(
Ans% d
&2. DeIciency o! (itamin = causes ?
(a) ric-ets
(b) anemia
(c) steri"ity
(d) beri beri
Ans% c
&5. 0n +hich o! the !o""o+ing diseases do the germs enter through open +ounds?
(a) Ba"aria
(b) Tubercu"osis
(c) Typhoid
(d) Tetanus
Ans% d
&7O DPT is a vaccine !or
(a) diarrhoea, po"io and typhoid
(b) diptheria, +hooping cough and tetanus
(c) diarrhoea, po"io and tetanus
(d) diptheria, +hooping cough and typhoid
Ans% b
&:. 'hen a co"our b"ind ma"e marries a norma" +oman not carrying the gene !or co"our
b"indness, their o/ springs +i"" be
(a) norma" sons and norma" daughters
(b) norma" sons and carrier daughters
(c) norma" daughters and co"our b"ind sons
(d) co"our b"ind sons and carrier daughters
Ans% b
&?. 0nsu"in is given to peop"e su/ering !rom +hich o! the !o""o+ing diseases?
(b) Cancer
(d) Tubercu"osis
Ans% c
)@. The compound used in antiAma"aria" drug is
(a) aspirin
(b) neoprene
(c) isoprene
(d) ch"oro;uin
Ans% d
)1. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing diseases is caused by the bite o! a mad dog?
(a) 3ydroce"e
(b) 3ydrophobia
(c) 3ydrocepha"us
(d) 3ydroperitoneum
Ans% b
)&. 'hich vitamin is provided by sun"ight to the
body ?
(a) (itamin A
(b) (itamin B
(c) (itamin C
(d) (itamin D
Ans% d
)) 'hat care is most use!u" to save the "i!e o! an in!ant su/ering !rom acute diarrhea?
(a) 1eep the in!ant a+ay !rom gatherings o! peop"e.
(b) Do not a""o+ his body to dehydrate.
(c) Do not a""o+ the mos;uitoes to bite him.
(d) 1eep a+ay house Kies !rom hint
Ans% b
).. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing characteristics distinguish mon-eys, apes and men !rom other
1. 3ands eminent"y adapted !or grasping
&. An e*ce""ent vision and -een sense o! hearing
). A poor sense o! sme""
.. 3igh"y deve"oped brain
(a) " and &
(b) ",& and )
(c) ",) and .
(.) ",&,) and .
Ans % d
)2. 3aemog"obin is disso"ved in the p"asma o!
(a) man
(b) Ish
(c) !rog
(d) earth+orm
Ans % b
)5. An ant can see the obCects a"" around it due to the presence o!
(a) simp"e eyes
(b) eyes over the head
(c) +e"" deve"oped eyes
(d) compound eyes
Ans % d
KBC 4: 20 Oct Audience
iewer Question !in " #a$h
1BC . %&@ Hct Audience Juestion 'in 1 8a-h
Juestion or vie+ers +ith $o"ution
you can ans+er ;uestion upto &).2? (Bid #ight ) on &@ Hct &@1@
Chec- this site dai"y !or vie+ers ;uestions ans+er
J % 'hich o! o""o+ing is not a Badminton P"ayer ?
A%Pra-ash padu-ane
B%$aina nehr+a"
C%P 4opichand
D%$ania Birza
Ans+er % D
KBC 4 Q%&' Questions 20 oct
20"0 Kaun Banega Crorepati
1BC . J<09 Juestions &@ oct &@1@ 1aun Banega Crorepati
8atest 1BC ;uestions
1BC . $o"ved Juestions
Bu"tip"e choice Juestions $o"ved 1BC .
J1% )rd ;uestion !or contestant
Juestion% 'hich o! these does not !a"" on same date according to +estern ca"endar
(a)Teachers Day
(b)4andhi Eaynti
(c)Buddh Purnima
(d)Ba" Di+as
Juestion 'hich o! these is name o! a p"ace in BP !amous !or diamond mines as +e"" as a
green gemstone ?
<sed Audience po"" 8i!e"ine
Juestion % Hn +hich o! these actors is this song picturised
$ong Audio C"ip %Bere $amne 'a"i 1hid-i mein
(a)Dev Anand
(b)$uni" Dutt
(c)6aCesh 1hanna
(d)Di"ip 1umar
Juestion%0n +hich o! these states have !ather and son not been chie! ministers?
<sed =*pert opinion 8i!e"ine
'on 6s 1.5 8aa-hs
2J %or ).& 8a-hs
Juestion % 'hat is the midd"e name o! $achin tendu"-ar ?
5 J% 4ot ne+ 8i!e 8ine Doub"e Dip
or 5.. 8a-hs
Juestion% Bau"ana Abu" -a"am AzadDs Birthday on 11 th november is ce"ebrated in 0ndia
as +hat ?
(a)#ationa" =ducation Day
(b)#ationa" 0ntegration day
(c)#ationa" Binority day
(d) #ationa" $ports day
7 J or 1&.2 8a-hs Deepa- 6ambhao 1am"e (Contestant)
Juestion% Ea+ar"a" #ehru Dedicated his boo- FDiscovery o! 0ndiaG to ?
(a) Bi"" 'or-ers o! ahmedabad
(b) Prisoners o! Ahmed #agar Cai"
(c) ami"y in A""ahabad
(d) Peop"e o! 0ndia
Deepa- 6ambhao 1am"e (Contestant) gave the +rong ans+er and had to content +ith 6s
).. 8a-hs on"y
:.(astest (inger (irst )or choosing new contestant
rom bottom to top Arrange the !o""o+ing Cosmetic 0tems in order these are used?
? J #e+ Contestant % 4unCan
1st Juestion !or contestant
Juestion % 'hich o! the character in #ursery 6hyme is Dressed as =gg
(a) Eac-
(b) Ei""
(c) 3umpty Dumpty
(d) 0nc-y 'in-y Ba-ada
1@.The P"ayer o! 'hich game is ca""ed $hutt"er
(a)Tab"e Tennis
11.'hich o! o""o+ing Prime minister +as grand chi"d o! other Prime Binister?
(a)Benazir Butto
(b)0ndira 4andhi
(c)6aCiv 4andhi
(d)Chandri-a -umartunga
1&.#ationa" Tree o! 0ndia ?
(a) $anda" +ood
(b) Peepa"
(c) Bango
(d) Banyan
'on 6s .@,@@@
"*+(or ,s -0000
J. 'ho is Busic Director o! this song?
Audio C"ip% 0n An-hon 1i Basti 1e ($inger %Asha Bhons"e, Bovie %<mrao Eaan )
(a) HP #ayyer
(b) $D Burman
(c) #aushad
(d) 1hayyam
1% c
&% a
)% b
.% a
2 % b
5% a
7 % b (Contestant Ans+ered %d)
?% c
1@ % b
11% c
1&% d
1)% d
KBC Questions.Questions to
prepare )or Kaun Banega
1BC Juestions,Juestions to prepare !or 1aun Banega Crorepati
samp"e ;uestions +ith ans+ers to give an idea on type o! ;uestions as-ed in 1BC
ree do+n"oad -bc ;uestions ans+er i"es $amp"e
to do+n"oad Cust copy and paste in your PC
1. 1oya"i has a petro"eum reInery. 0t is "ocated in +hich o! the !o""o+ing states?
(a) Bihar
(b) Assam
(c) 4uCarat
(d) <.P
Ans. (c)
&. The "argest coa" producing state in 0ndia is
(a) Bihar
(b) 'est Benga"
(c) Hrissa
(d) Badhya Pradesh
Ans. (a)
). The chie! minera" product o! 'est Benga" is
(a) Copper
(b) Coa"
(d) Banganese
(d) Do"omite
Ans. (b)
.. An oi" reInery is estab"ished at #uma"igarh. 0t is "ocated in the state o!
(a) Assam
(b) 4uCarat
(c) Bihar
(d) Baharashtra
Ans. (a)
2. Digboi in Assam is !amous !or
(a) tea p"aces
(b) atomic po+er p"ant
(c) oi" Ie"ds
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (c)
5. 0ron ore in 0ndia is !ound at
(a) 1hetri
(b) $inghbhum
(c) 1o"ar
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (b)
7. The go"d mines at 1o"ar are situated in
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) 1era"a
(c) Tami" #adu
(d) 1arnata-a
Ans. (d)
:. 0n +hich o! the !o""o+ing p"aces o/shore dri""ing is being carried out?
1. Bombay
&. Badras
). Ca"cutta
.. 4uCarat
(a) 1 and &
(b) & and )
(c) ) and .
(d) 1 and .
Ans. (d)
?. The occurrence o! mica is associated +ith
(a) Panna
(b) 1o"ar
(c) 1oderma
(d) 1hetri
Ans. (c)
1@. The Irst undergroundArai"+ay in 0ndia +as opened in "?:. in
(a) Ca"cutta
(b) Badras
(c) Bombay
(d) Banga"ore
Ans. (a)
11. The +or-ab"e reserves o! petro"eum in 0ndia are most"y conIned to
(a) 4uCarat and Baharashtra
(b) Assam and Hrissa
(c) 1era"a and 4uCarat
(d) 6aCasthan and Andhra Pradesh
Ans. (b)
1&. The o"dest oi" reInery in 0ndia is at
(a) 3a"dia
(b) Digboi
(c) Baroda
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (b)
1). 0ndiaDs "argest mica be"t "ies in the districts o!
(a) Ba"aghat and Chhind+ara
(b) <daipur, ACmer and At+ar
(c) $a"em and Dharmapuri
(d) 3azaribagh, 4aya and Bonghyr
Ans. (d)
1.. The on"y p"ace +here tin is !ound in 0ndia is
(a) 3azaribagh, (Bihar)
(b) 6e+a, (B.P.)
(c) $a"em, (Tami" #adu)
(d) Jui"on, (1era"a)
Ans. (b)
12. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing states is the "argest producer o! gypsum in 0ndia?
(a) Badhya Pradesh
(b) Hrissa
(c) 6aCasthan
(d) Bihar
Ans. (c)
15. 0ndicate the order o! coa" reserves !rom the highest to the "o+est o! the !o""o+ing
three states.
(a) Bihar, Badhya Pradesh and 'est Benga"
(b) Bihar, 'est Benga" and Hrissa
(c) Badhya Pradesh, <ttar Pradesh and 'est Benga"
(d) Bihar, <ttar Pradesh and Baharashtra
Ans. (a)
17. Bica mines o! Chhotanagpur region are "ocated in
1. 4iridih
&. Pa"amau
). 3azaribagh
(a) 1 on"y
(b) " and )
(c) & and )
(d) 1, & and )
Ans. (b)
1:. 0ndia is se"! suPcient in minera"s e*cept
(a) mica
(b) coa"
(c) copper
(d) manganese
Ans. (c)
1?. The #eyve"i therma" po+er p"ant is !ed by
(a) 4ond+ana coa"
(b) Tertiary coa"
(c) Cambrian coa"
(d) Juaternary coa"
Ans. (b)
&@. 0ndiaDs oi" bearing areas are most"y associated +ith
(a) metamorphic roc-s
(b) p"utonic roc-s
(c) sedimentary roc-s
(d) vo"canic roc-s
Ans. (c)
&1. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing a"ternatives has a"" the three p"aces +ith oi" reIneries?
(a) 3a"dia, 1oyana, Barauni
(b) 3a"dia, Digboi, Barauni
(c) 3a"dia, Digboi, 1oyana
(d) Digboi. 1oyana, Barauni
Ans. (b)
&&. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing reIneries reInes crude oi" obtained !rom oi"Ie"ds o! 4uCarat?
(a) Barauni
(b) (isha-hapatnam
(c) Digboi
(d) 1oya"i
Ans. (d)
&). Bost o! the coa" mines are in
(a) Hrissa and Bihar
(b) Bihar and 'est Benga"
(c) 'est Benga" and #aga"and
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (b)
&.. The chie! minera" product o! 'est Benga" is
(a) copper
(b) manganese
(c) coa"
(d) do"omite
Ans. (c)
&2. The state in south 0ndia +ith a therma" station at Tuticorin is
(a) 1arnata-a
(b) 1era"a
(c) Tami" #adu
(d) Andhra Pradesh
Ans. (c)
&5. At present, 0ndiaDs "arge minera" resource is
(a) copper
(b) coa"
(c) ironAore
(d) none o! these.
Ans. (b)
&7. Badhya Pradesh is a "eading producer o!
(a) coa" and mica
(b) iron ore and natura" gas
(c) manganese and iron ore
(d) diamond and do"omite
Ans. (d)
&:. 1a"pa--am !ast breeder reactor +or-s on
(a) uranium A&)2
(b) "i;uid sodium
(c) uraniumAsodium mi*ed carbide !ue"
(d) uraniumAp"utonium mono carbide !ue"
Ans. (d)
&?. The best o! the minera" mica in the +or"d comes !rom%
1. Dhanbad
&. 3azaribagh
). Eharia
.. 1u"ti
(a) 1 and &
(b) & on"y
(c) & and )
(d) & and .
Ans. (b)
)@. 6aCasthan has rich deposits o! copper in the district o!
(a) Eaipur
(b) Bi-aner
(c) #agaur
(d) EhunChunu
Ans. (d)
)1. 'hich one o! the !o""o+ing areas is the most potentia" area !or the e*p"oration o! coa"
in 0ndia?
(a) $ubarnare-ha va""ey
(b) $urma va""ey
(c) Bahi va""ey
(d) $on va""ey
Ans. (d)
)&. 'hich one o! the !o""o+ing pairs is not correct"y matched?
(a) CementA$a+aimadhopur
(b) BicaA3azaribagh
(c) Petro"eumABhadravati
(d) 0ron and stee"ABurnpur
Ans. (c)
)). 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is not a sea port?
(a) Cochin
(b) Paradeep
(c) 6amesh+aram
(d) (isha-hapatnam
Ans. (c)
).. 3o+ many trains are run dai"y by 0ndian 6ai"+ays?
(a) 2@@@A?@@@
(b) &@@@A5@@@
(c) 12@@@A17@@@
(d) 1@@@@A 12@@@
Ans. (d)
)2. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing cities "ies on the De"hi Bombay #ationa" 3igh+ay?
(a) 0ndore
(b) Ehansi
(c) Eaipur
(d) #asi-
Ans. (c)
)5. The 6aCdhani =*press runs bet+een
(a) #e+ De"hi and Ahmedabad
(b) #e+ De"hi and 4u+ahati
(c) 3azrat #izamuddin and Badras
(d) 3azrat #izamuddin and Banga"ore
Ans. (d)
)7. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing ports is a natura" harbour?
(a) 1and"a
(b) Paradeep
(c) Tuticorin
(d) Bombay
Ans. (d)
):. 0ndia has the ma*imum amount o! !oreign trade +ith
(a) <.$.A
(c) Eapan
(c) China
(d) 4ermany
Ans. (a)
)?. 0n ho+ many zones the 0ndian 6ai"+ays are divided?
(a) 5
(b) 7
(c) :
(d) ?
(e) 1@
Ans. (d)
.@. Among the agricu"tura" commodities, the item +hich 0ndia imports consistent"y every
year is
(a) +heat
(b) rice
(c) oi" seeds
(d) edib"e oi"s
Ans. (d)
.1. The natura" seaport in eastern coast o! 0ndia is
(a) Ca"cutta
(b) Badras
(c) Tuticorin
(d) (isha-hapatnam
Ans. (d)
.&. Bet+een +hich o! the !o""o+ing stations does the $amChota =*press run?
(a) De"hi and 0s"amabad
(b) 1and"a M 1arachi
(c) 3o+rah and Dha-a
(d) Attari and Amritsar
Ans. (d)
.). irst rai"+ay "ine in 0ndia +as "aid in
(a) 1:)2
(b) 1:2)
(c) 1?17
(d) 1?&)
Ans. (b)
... 'hich o! the !o""o+ing are the main obCectives o! the ara--a barrage?
1. To Hbtain hydroe"ectric po+er and additiona" +ater !or irrigation and common use by
0ndia and Bang"adesh.
&. To save Bang"adesh !rom the !ury o! periodic Koods in the 4anga.
). To protect and save Ca"cutta harbour !rom si"ting
.. To improve navigabi"ity o! 3oogh"y
(a) 1 and &
(b) & and )
(c) ) and .
(d) 1, &, ) and .
Ans. (c)
.2. #hava $heva, one o! 0ndiaDs maCor ports, is in
(a) 4uCarat
(b) 'est Benga"
(c) Baharashtra
(d) Andhra Pradesh
Ans. (c)
.5. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing ports has a !ree trade zone?
(a) Cochin
(b) Tuticorin
(c) Badras
(d) 1and"a
Ans. (d)
.7. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing states has the highest density o! post oPces in 0ndia?
(a) Tami" #adu
(b) 'est Benga"
(c) <ttar Pradesh
(d) 1era"a
Ans. (d)
.:. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing statements about Paradeep port are true?
1. 0t is specia""y designed !or the e*port o! iron
&. 0t is "ocated on the Hrissa coast
). 0t is the biggest seaport in 0ndia.
.. The area around the port is a !ree trade zone.
(a) 1 and &
(b) 1, & and )
(c) 1, ) and .
(d) &, ) and .
Ans. (a)
.?. TaC =*press runs bet+een
(a) #e+ De"hi A3yderabad
(b) #e+ De"hi A4+a"ior
(c) #e+ De"hi ABhopa"
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (b)
prepare )or KBC $aun /anega
prepare !or 1BC -aun banega crorepa
1aun Banega Crorepati ;uiz sho+
Try these ;uestions
'e +i"" pub"ish more ;uestions !or 1BC
1BC Hn"ine Juiz
1. The "ady to +in the 'imb"edon tit"e success!u""y nine times +as
(a) Bonica $e"es
(b) $teP 4ra!
(c) Bartina #avrati"ova
(d) Chris =ven
Ans. (c)
&. BaCor 6.$. Brar is associated +ith
(a) 4o"!
(b) Bo*ing
(c) Tennis
(d) =;uestrian
Ans. (d)
). 4rand $"am in Tennis means a p"ayer has to +in
(a) Austra"ian open, rench open M 'imb"edon
(b) Austra"ian open, <.$. open and 'imb"edon
(c) Austra"ian open, rench open, <.$. open and 'imb"edon
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (c)
.. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is a pair o! names o! the same game?
(a) 4o"! N Po"o
(b) Bi""iards N $noo-er
(c) (o""eyba"" N $;uash
(d) $occer N ootba""
Ans. (d)
2. The Dr. Babasaheb Ambed-ar Barath+ada <niversity is at +hich o! the !o""o+ing
(a) #anded
(b) Aurangabad
(c) Parbhani
(d) #agpur
Ans. (b)
5. Q1ushinagarD is -no+n !or
(a) roc-et "aunching station
(b) "argest sugar !actory in 0ndia
(c) p"ace +here 8ord Buddha breathed his "ast
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (c)
7. #ationa" 0nstitute o! #utrition is "ocated at +hich o! the !o""o+ing p"aces?
(a) 4andhinagar
(b) Banga"ore
(a) Pune
(d) 3yderabad
Ans. (d)
:. #at1ona" $choo" o! Bines is "ocated in +hich o! the !o""o+ing cities?
(a) 1ava"pur
(b) 3yderabad
(a) Pune
(d) <daipur
Ans. (c)
?. 0ndian $choo" o! Bines is "ocated in +hich o! the !o""o+ing cities?
(a) 6anchi
(b) 6our-e"a
(c) Asanso"
(d) Tatanagar
Ans. (d)
1@. The 0ndian 0nstitute o! $cience is "ocated at
(a) #e+ De"hi
(b) Badras
(a) 1haragpur
(d) Banga"ore
Ans. (d)
11. The +or"d !amous ACanta caves are situated in the state o!
(a) Badhya Pradesh
(b) Baharashtra
(a) 1arnata-a
(d) Hrissa
Ans. (b)
1&. 'hich city is ca""ed Q'hite CityD o! 6aCasthan?
(a) Eaipur
(b) Eodhpur
(a) <daipur
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (c)
1). Q1anchipuramD is in +hich o! the !o""o+ing states?
(a) Tami" #adu
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(a) 1arnata-a
(d) Hrissa
Ans. (a)
1.. ACantaA=""ora caves are situated near
(a) Patna
(b) Eaipur
(a) ACmer
(d) Aurangabad
Ans. (d)
12. 'hich one o! the !o""o+ing p"aces is !amous !or its gigantic roc-Acut statue o! the
(a) Anuradhapuram
(b) Ang-or (at
(a) Borobudur
(d) Bamiyan
Ans. (d)
15. $iachen is a
(a) !rontier zone bet+een China and 0ndia
(b) !rontier zone bet+een 0ndia and Byanmar
(a) g"acier !rontier zone bet+een 0ndia and Pa-istan
(d) desert !rontier bet+een Pa-istan and 0ndia
Ans. (c)
17. <nder Bother TeresaDs guidance, the Bissionaries o! Charity bui"t near Asanso", a "eper
co"ony ca""ed
(a) $ahara
(b) $H$
(a) $hanti #agar
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (c)
1:. 0! you +ish to visit 4o"conda ort, you +i"" have to go to +hich o! the !o""o+ing states?
(a) <ttar Pradesh
(b) 1arnata-a
(a) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Bihar
Ans. (c)
1?. $un Temp"e is situated at +hich o! the !o""o+ing p"aces?
(a) 3arid+ar
(b) (rindavan
(c) 1anya-umari
(d) 1onar-
Ans. (d)
&@. Centra" AtAid 9one 6esearch 0nstitute is "ocated in
(a) 4uCarat
(b) Badhya Pradesh
(c) 6aCasthan
(d) Hrissa
Ans. (c)
&1. Q1and"aD situated on the 4u"! o! 1achh is +e"" -no+n !or +hich o! the !o""o+ing?
(a) $hip brea-ing industry
(b) Cutting M po"ishing o! diamonds
(c) Traditiona" art M cra!t centre
(d) =*port processing zone
(e) Centre !or marine !ood products
Ans. (d)
&&. The Centra" 6ice 6esearch 0nstitute is "ocated at
(a) Cochin
(b) Badras
(c) Cuttac-
(d) 6aCamundry
Ans. (c)
&). #ationa" Archives is "ocated at
(a) Bombay
(b) #e+ De"hi
(c) Ca"cutta
(d) Dehradun
Ans. (b)
&.. $anchi $tupa is "ocated near
(a) 4aya
(b) (aranasi
(c) Bhopa"
(d) BiCapur
Ans. (d)
&2. 'here is Chitra-ut situated?
(a) Baharashtra
(b) <ttar Pradesh
(c) Bihar
(d) Badhya Pradesh
Ans. (b)
&5. The head;uarters o! the #ationa" Po+er Training 0nstitute is "ocated in
(a) 8uc-no+
(b) aridabad
(c) Bhopa"
(d) 3yderabad
Ans. (b)
&7, QTin BighaD "ease by 0ndia to Bang"adesh, +as a part o!
(a) 'est Benga"
(b) Begha"aya
(c) Tripura
(d) Assam
Ans. (a)
&:. The 6aCiv 4andhi #ationa" 0nstitute o! >outh Deve"opment is at +hich o! the !o""o+ing
(a) 8uc-no+
(b) Bombay
(c) #e+ De"hi
(d) #one o! these
Ans. (d)
&?. The Irst heavy +ater p"ant +as set up at?
(a) Banga"ore
(b) Bhopa"
(d) 3yderabad
A#$ % C
)@. ish can survive in a !rozen "a-e because?
(a) Ish are +arm b"ooded anima"s
(b) Ish hibernate in ice
(c) +ater near the bottom does not !reeze
(d) ice is a good conductor o! heat
A#$ % c
)1. QArihantD isR
(a) A missi"e, recent"y "aunched !rom $rihari-ota
(b) 0ndiaDs indigenous"y bui"t tan-
(c) 0ndiaDs Irst indigenous"y bui"t pi"ot"ess p"ane
(d) 0ndiaDs Irst indigenous"y bui"t nuc"ear submarine
Ans+er% b
)&. 'ho o! the !o""o+ing is the Chairperson o! the Chi"dren i"m $ociety o! 0ndia?
(a) AshaPari-h
(b) #andita Das
(c) $harmita Tagore
(d) 'aheeda 6ahman
Ans+er% b
)). 1andhama", +hich recent"y came into ne+s !or communa" unrest, is "ocated in?
(a) Ehar-hand
(b) Chhattisgarh
(c) Hrissa
(d) Bihar
Ans+er% Cc
).. A mirage is the resu"t o!
(a) Kuctuation in re!ractive inde* o! the atmosphere +ith height
(b) increase in re!ractive inde* o! the atmosphere +ith height
(c) decrease in re!ractive inde* o! the atmosphere
(d) re!raction o! "ight through air having very "arge temperature gradients
Ans+er% d
)2. 0! a bar magnet is bro-en into t+o pieces, then
(a) each +i"" remain a magnet +ith #Apo"e at one end and $Apo"e at the other end.
(b( both pieces +i"" "ose their magnetism.
(c) the "onger piece +i"" behave as a bar magnet.
(d) one piece +i"" have #Apo"e on both ends, the other +i"" have $Apo"e on both ends.
Ans+er% a
)5. Density o! popu"ation re!ers to
(a) The number o! persons "iving per vi""age
(b) The number o! persons "iving per -m o! "and area
(c) The number o! persons "iving per s; -m o! "and area
(d)#one o! these
Ans % (c)
)7. 0ncreasing concentration o! peop"e in re"ative"y sma"" portions o! earthDs sur!ace is
-no+n as
(a) Demographic transition
(b) Popu"ation disp"osion
(c) Popu"ation e*p"osion
(d) Popu"ation imp"osion
Ans % (c)
):. 'hich one o! the !o""o+ing +as part o! the erst+hi"e $oviet <nion over +hich 1urdish
popu"ation is spread?
(b) 4eorgia
(c) AzerbaiCan
(d) Armenia
Ans % (d)
)?. The percentage o! +hite popu"ation in $outh A!rica is
(a) 7@L
(b) .@L
(c) &2L
(d) 1?L
Ans % (d)
.@. QContoursD are "ines connecting p"aces having
(a) =;ua" temperature
(b) =;ua" pressure
(c) =;ua" rain!a""
(d) =;ua" height
Ans % (b)
.1. H-ta is a term deIned as
(a) 3uman Ainduced c"imatic change
(b) a "ong term c"imatic change to+ards aridity
(c) a unit used to describe the prevai"ing c"oudi ness
(d) increasing drought periods o! high magnitude
Ans % (b)
.&. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing best describes use o! 3ygrometer?
(a) To determine pressure o! oi" deposits under +ater
(b) To measure speciIc gravity o! "i;uids
(c) To measure atmospheric pressure
(d) To determine the purity o! +ater
(e) To measure the humidity in air.
Ans % (c)
.). 3yeto"ogy is the study o!
(a) 3igh Pressure
(b) 3igh Temperature
(c) 6ain!a""
(d) height o! P"aces
Ans % (c)
... 'hich o! the !o""o+ing rai"+ay zones has the "ongest route in -i"ometers?
(a) Centra"
(b) =astern
(c) #orthern
(d) 'estern
Ans % (c)
.2. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is -no+n as the Qorbidden CityD?
(a) Chicago
(b) 0mpha"
(c) 8hasa
(d) 6ome
Ans % (a)
.5. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing best describes the term QBeteoro"ogyD?
(a) The study o! organic !orms and structures
(h) The study o! the crysta""ine structures o! meta"s and a""oys
(c) The science o! atmosphere
(d) The scientiIc study o! +eights and measures
(e) The study o! gro+th and deve"opment o! Betro cities
Ans % (a)
.7. 0sohyets are "ines connecting p"aces having
(a) =;ua" temperature
(b) =;ua" pressure
(c) =;ua" rain!a""
(d) =;ua" height
Ans % (a)
.:. 'hich o! the !o""o+ing is not "i-e"y to be a barrier separating bio geographic regions?
(a)8arge river
(b) 8arge ocean
(c) 8arge desert
(d) 8arge g"acier
Ans % (c)
.?. 0sobars are "ines connecting p"aces having
(a) =;ua" temperature
(b) =;ua" pressure
(c) =;ua" rain!a""
(d) =;ua" height
Ans % (b)
2@ . Buch o! the "ight that reaches the earthDs sur!ace is radiated out again as in!ra Ared
heat energy and is absorbed by +ater and carbon Adio*ide in the atmosphere. Thus, the
atmosphere acts as an insu"ator this insu"ating atmosphere is ca""ed the green house
e/ect because
(a) 0t co"ors the p"ants green
(b) 0t a/ects the green p"antDs productivity
(c) 0t resemb"es the e/ect o! the g"ass +a""s o! a green house
(d) it protects the green p"ants !rom carbon dio*ide
Ans % (c)

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