Evaluation Version Download Page

Worklight Mobile Platform Release 4.2.1
This page will guide you through the process of downloading and installing Worklight's
evaluation version. The platform includes the Worklight Server and the Eclipse based
Worklight Studio. The Worklight Server requires a database for operating, and supports
yS!" # and $racle %%g. &or development purposes, you must use the yS!" # database.
'lease note that Worklight does not include yS!" as part of its downloadable package but
refers users to the yS!" site.
'lease note that this evaluation version of the Worklight 'latform allows you to download,
install and use only a single instance of the software, for evaluation purposes only and for
no more than () days. 'lease do not use this evaluation version for commercial purposes
without the knowledge and written agreement of Worklight, *nc. &or e+tended use of this
software beyond () days, please contact Worklight.
he installation !ro"ess "onsists of si# ste!s $"li"k the %&% sign to e#!and'(
1. ,ownload and install the yS!" database
*f you already have yS!" # installed on your computer, or you have network access to
such database, you can skip this step.
• ,ownload the yS!" database installation from
• *nstall the database on your computer.
• $nce installation is complete, the yS!" installer will automatically launch the
yS!" Server *nstance /on0guration wi1ard.
/on0gure the database to be transactional, not use strict mode, and use 2T&34
as default encoding.
&or a step3by3step installation assistance, please refer to-
yS!" /on0guration 5uide for Windows $S
yS!" /on0guration 5uide for ac $S 6
2. ,ownload and un1ip the yS!" 7,8/ ,river /onnector.7
The Worklight Server accesses the yS!" database via a 7,8/ driver. The 7,8/ driver is
not shipped with the database, but should be downloaded separately.
• ,ownload the yS!" 7,8/ driver /onnector.7 from
• 2n1ip the 0le to a folder of your choice.
). ,ownload and install the evaluation version of the Worklight Server :Windows, ac;
• /lick here to download the *nstaller for the Worklight Server :Windows
• /lick here to download the *nstaller for the Worklight Server :ac;.
• >un the *nstaller on your computer.
• *n the yS!" settings screen you will need to point to the yS!" /onnector
.9ar 0le you downloaded.
4. ,ownload and un1ip the Eclipse 7EE *,E
The Worklight Studio is based on Eclipse *,E *ndigo for *EE ,evelopers. *f you already have
this distribution of Eclipse installed on your computer, you can skip this step.
• 'rior to installing Eclipse, please be sure that your system is running 7ava 7,?
version @.
• 2n1ip the downloaded 0le to a directory of your choice.
• /reate a desktop shortcut to the eclipse.e+e 0le.
+. Through Eclipse, download and install the Worklight Eclipse 'lugin
The site 2>" is http-..www.worklight.com.downloads.eclipse3plugin3A.B.%3eval
*nstallation of the Worklight 'lug3in is done through Eclipse.
• Start Eclipse.
• /lick Celp D *nstall Eew Software.
• /lick Fdd to add a new site. *n the dialog bo+ enter the name of the site-
GWorklight plug3inG. *n the location, type
• /lick Ee+t and then &inish to begin the download and installation of the new
,. Set up your development environment.
• 'lease refer to training modules B.)3B.A on the 5et Started page to learn how
set up your mobile development environment for the i$S, Fndroid and
*f you encounter any diHculties during this process, please visit the members forums.
&or further information on the installation process, please see the ,evelopment
Environment *nstallation 5uide on the ,ocumentation page
Ee+t step- 5et Started.