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Corsica Haute Route - Trekking the GR20

Go into the rugged rocky hills climbing and get a break from the usual life of work and
monotonous routine. The theatrical rise of the granite peaks from the Mediterranean. Take two
weeks off and visit this alluring place where you get to see the gorgeous sight of Bastia. The
night spent at the sight of the gorgeous rocky towers that made Bavella famous for rock
climbing. Passing through the city you come to the statue of Notre Dame de la Neige along with
vast sea at the disposal of your eye. Corsica Haute Route is one of the best trekking routes
where you get a new hiking experience. To start with it you go to Bergerie dAsinau start off
with the GR20 and after half a kilometer turn towards the alpine woods. Where you are taken
to the heart of massif Bavella followed by the messy granite needles. The granite towers that
we cross are taken a stop at the Col de Pargula. You get to the do sightseeing where there are
view points while travelling up and down the Asinau valley. Then we step on the main trail
GR20 as we reach the awesomely positioned Bergerie dAsinau. Next day you stroll to Usciolu
Refuge after going through the rough climb of the rocks of Monte Alcudina. Taking you at the
graph of 7001 feet and 5085 feet, we cross the shepherds cabin, the high ridge walk and get to
the terrace to have a drink with sunlight drenching you.
Walking towards the Col de Verde you go through the trail which takes you to Monte
Formicola, Col de Laparo, Punta Della Cappella, and The Prati Refuge. The last one is an open
slope with a gorgeous view of the island below. Then reach the Col de Verde which offers you a
fine dining place and a place to rest.
Walking through the cabins of capanelle you reach Vizzavona which is the dissecting point of
GR20. Further you pass Monte dOro, Refuge de IOnda, throught Col de la Haute Route you
reach Grotelle which is famous for its Corsican hospitality, then vaccaja which you reach after
passing through Capitellu Breche. Going through the Castel di Vergio you arrive at Ciottulu di I
Mori which is situated between two intimidating mountains, climbing Paglia Orba you hike to
vallone, via Cirque, Asco, Carrozzu, Ortu di u Piobbu you arrive at the last stop of the trek that is
Calenzana. After this you depart trough a bus and go to Bastia ending your two weeks in woods
and the natures wonders.