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Aids consistency with the BRC Global Standards

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Details of BRC training courses
Best Practice Guidelines
BRC continues to lead the market
with these new Guidelines to help
you meet the requirements of
the BRC Global Standards
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Complaint Handling - Issue 2
Provides a framework for users to identify
ways of effective complaint capture,
give guidance on handling complaints,
investigate complaints and identify
corrective action required.
ISBN 9780117025745 25.00
PDF ISBN 9780117025820 26.44
Foreign Body Detection - Issue 2
Focuses on the technologies behind X-ray
and metal detection and promotes best
practice on aspects to be considered when
establishing and operating these systems.
ISBN 9780117025783 25.00
PDF ISBN 9780117025868 26.44
Internal Audit - Issue 2
Provides a framework for the user to plan
an audit schedule, record audits correctly
and give guidance on corrective action to
be undertaken.
ISBN 9780117025752 25.00
PDF ISBN 9780117025837 26.44
Pest Control - Issue 2
Promotes best practice by discussing the
elements to be considered when setting
up, operating and monitoring a pest control
ISBN 9780117025776 25.00
PDF ISBN 9780117025851 26.44
Traceability - Issue 2
Helps the user understand how to establish
an effective traceability system, ensuring
problems within the manufacturing process
can be effectively identied and adequately
ISBN 9780117025769 25.00
PDF ISBN 9780117025844 26.44
Five Guideline Pack
To save on the cost of purchasing these ve
Guidelines individually, this pack contains
all ve Best Practice Guidelines. The pack
provides detailed advice on how to adhere
to the requirements of the Standards and
represents a saving of 30.00* on the cost
of purchasing all ve titles individually.
ISBN 9780117025905 95.00
PDF ISBN 9780117025912 100.46
Meeting the requirements of the BRC Global Standards demonstrates a companys
competence in maintaining product safety, quality and integrity.
The Standards for Food, Packaging, Consumer Products and Storage & Distribution have
been adopted by major businesses around the world.
To help companies achieve these Standards, the BRC has just produced a series of Best
Practice Guidelines. Each Guideline explains in depth how to practically meet - and in some
cases exceed - the requirements of the Standards:
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Training and Certication
The Standard on its own is basically a book.
It is the BRC training courses and the technical
competency of the suppliers that bring that book
to life and ensure that the standards required are
actually implemented on the production oor.
Dr Geoff Spriegel, BRC Director of Global Standards and Technical Services
More and more retailers and producers worldwide are making certication against a BRC
Standard a condition of trade for their suppliers. BRC training courses are a vital tool for
suppliers who wish to achieve and maintain BRC certication.
How can BRC training help you achieve certication?
The BRC offers an extensive range of training courses that help manufacturers to
understand the process of implementing and auditing against the Standards. The courses
are highly interactive and focus on offering practical advice based on actual case studies.
Courses can be tailored to suit individuals and organisations specic needs.
Pick and mix content
In addition to its usual courses, the BRC now offers companies the opportunity to pick and
mix content from any of the BRC training materials to create truly bespoke courses. This
ensures delegates attending any BRC course are sure to leave armed with the knowledge
they require to achieve and maintain certication.
To learn more about BRC training please visit, call Jackie Bartliff on
+44 (0) 20 7854 8984 or email
Companies who achieve BRC certication have the added benet of being
included on the Global Standards Directory, a service from the BRC which
allows retailers and other customers to access information about BRC
certicated suppliers and manufacturers online. One of the many benets
of being a BRC Directory participant is you receive a 20% discount on all
BRC training courses. This is a global shop window for suppliers which assists
retailers and manufacturers in making fast, informed decisions about who they
should work with. To view the Directory please visit
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Complaint Handling - Issue 2 9780117025745 25.00
Foreign Body Detection Issue 2 9780117025783 25.00
Internal Audit Issue 2 9780117025752 25.00
Pest Control Issue 2 9780117025776 25.00
Traceability Issue 2 9780117025769 25.00
Five Guideline Pack 9780117025905 95.00
Complaint Handling - Issue 2 PDF

9780117025820 26.44*
Foreign Body Detection Issue 2 PDF

9780117025868 26.44*
Internal Audit Issue 2 PDF

9780117025837 26.44*
Pest Control Issue 2 PDF

9780117025851 26.44*
Traceability Issue 2 PDF

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Five Guideline Pack PDF

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