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Induja Reddy

The CDS 2 unit:
1) What do you mean by functions? Give the structure of the functions and explain about the arguments and their return values. (Aug/Sep-07, Set 1,Set 2 April/May-07, Set 3 Nov/Dec-04, Set 4) 2) What is meant by function prototype? Give an example of function prototype? (Aug/Sep-07, Set 3 April/May-07, Set 3 Aug/Sep-06, Set 2) 3) Distinguish between function prototype and function definition. (Aug/Sep-07, Set 3 May/June-06, Set 2, Set3) 4) Explain in detail about pass by value and pas by reference. Explain with a simple program. (April/May-07, Set 4 April/May-03, Set 1 Nov/Dec-04, Set 4) ‘OR’ Illustrate the difference between call-by-value and call-by-reference with suitable examples. (Aug/Sep-06, Set 3)


‘OR’ Distinguish between call-by-value and call-byreference. (May/June-06, Set 1) ‘OR’ Explain the parameter passing mechanism in C (June-2000) 5) What is the scope of variables of type: Auto, Register and static? (Aug/Sep-07, Set-1 April/May-07, Set-4) Nov/Dec-2000, supp) 6) Why is it possible to use the same variable names for actual and formal arguments? (Aug/Sep-07, Set 3 May/June-06, Set 2, Set 3) 7) Distinguish between user defined and built in functions. (Aug/Sep-07, Set-3 Aug/Sep-06, Set-2) 8) What is recursion? What is its advantage? (Aug/Sep, Set 3 May/June-06, Set 2, Set 3) 9) What is the significance of conditional compilation? (April/May-07, Set 1 June-02, Set 3) ‘OR’ What is meant by conditional compilation? What are its advantages? (May/June-06, Set-4)

10)Write a recursive function power (Base, Exponent) that when invoked returns base exponent. (April/May-07, Set 2, Set 3 Aug/Sep-06, Set 1 May/June-06, Set 3) 11) Write a C program that uses a function to sort an array of integers. (Aug/Sep-07, Set 1, Set2, Set3 Nov/Dec-04, Set-4 April/May-03, Set 2) 12) How does the un- Defining of a pre- Defined macro done? (April/May-07, Set 1) 13) Distinguish between function and preprocessor directive. (April/May-07, Set 1) 14) What is a preprocessor directive? (April/May-07, Set 1) 15) Explain the accessing of memory locations in callby-value and call-by-reference mechanism with a suitable illustration. (Aug/Sep-06, Set 3) 16) What are storage class in C ? Explain with examples. Mention few string handling functions. (Dec-01, Supp June-02, Set 1 Nov/Dec-03, Set 4 Nov/Dec-04, Set 3) 17) Explain the control statements in C language (June-02, Set 2)

18) Dynamic memory location? Explain how this can be implemented in C. (June-01) 19) Distinguish between the following (1) Actual and formal arguments (2) Global and local variables (3) Automatic and static variables (April/May-07, Set 4 May/Dec-06, Set 1 April/May-03, Set 1 Nov/Dec-04, Set 4, Set 2) 20) Distinguish between getchar and scanf functions for reading strings. (April-03, Set 3 May/June-04, Set 4) 21) What do you mean by functions. Give the structure of the functions and explain about the arguments and their return values? (April/May-03, Set 2)