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Typing Template for APA Paper: A Sample of Proper !ormatting for the APA "
Edition Student
A# Sample
Grand $anyon %ni&erity: '$oure(
'Note: E&en though APA doe not re*uire the
date on a title page+ it i a re*uirement for G$% paper#(
Typing Template for APA Paper: A Sample of Proper !ormatting for the APA "
Thi i an ele,troni, template for paper -ritten in APA tyle .Ameri,an Py,hologi,al
Ao,iation+ /0101# The purpoe of the template i to help the tudent et the margin and
pa,ing# Margin are et at 1 in,h for top+ 2ottom+ left+ and right# The type i left34utified only5
that mean the left margin i traight+ 2ut the right margin i ragged# Ea,h paragraph i indented
fi&e pa,e# It i 2et to ue the ta2 6ey to indent# The line pa,ing i dou2le throughout the
paper+ e&en on the referen,e page# 7ne pa,e i ued after pun,tuation at the end of enten,e#
The font tyle ued in thi template i Time Ne- Roman and the font i8e i 1/#
First Heading
The heading a2o&e -ould 2e ued if you -ant to ha&e your paper di&ided into e,tion
2aed on ,ontent# Thi i the firt le&el of heading+ and it i ,entered and 2olded -ith ea,h -ord
of four letter or more ,apitali8ed# The heading hould 2e a hort de,riptor of the e,tion# Note
that not all paper -ill ha&e heading or u2heading in them#
First Subheading
The u2heading a2o&e -ould 2e ued if there are e&eral e,tion -ithin the topi, la2eled
in a heading# The u2heading i fluh left and 2olded+ -ith ea,h -ord of four letter or more
Second Subheading
APA di,tate that you hould a&oid ha&ing only one u2e,tion heading and u2e,tion
-ithin a e,tion# In other -ord+ ue at leat t-o u2heading under a main heading+ or do not
ue any at all#
9hen you are ready to -rite+ and after ha&ing read thee intru,tion ,ompletely+ you ,an
delete thee dire,tion and tart typing# The formatting hould tay the ame# Ho-e&er+ one item
that you -ill ha&e to ,hange i the page header+ -hi,h i pla,ed at the top of ea,h page along
-ith the page num2er# The -ord in,luded in the page header hould 2e refle,ti&e of the title of
your paper+ o that if the page are intermi:ed -ith other paper they -ill 2e identifia2le# 9hen
uing 9ord /00;+ dou2le ,li,6 on the -ord in the page header# Thi hould ena2le you to edit
the -ord# <ou hould not ha&e to edit the page num2er#
In addition to pa,ing+ APA tyle in,lude a pe,ial -ay of ,iting reour,e arti,le# See
the APA manual for pe,ifi, regarding in3te:t ,itation# The APA manual alo di,ue the
deired tone of -riting+ grammar+ pun,tuation+ formatting for num2er+ and a &ariety of other
important topi,# Although the APA tyle rule are ued in thi template+ the purpoe of the
template i only to demontrate pa,ing and the general part of the paper# The tudent -ill need
to refer to the APA manual for other format dire,tion# G$% ha prepared an APA Style Guide
a&aila2le in the Student 9riting $enter for additional help in ,orre,tly formatting a,,ording to
APA tyle#
The referen,e lit hould appear at the end of a paper .ee the ne:t page1# It pro&ide the
information ne,eary for a reader to lo,ate and retrie&e any our,e you ,ite in the 2ody of the
paper# Ea,h our,e you ,ite in the paper mut appear in your referen,e lit= li6e-ie+ ea,h entry
in the referen,e lit mut 2e ,ited in your te:t# A ample referen,e page i in,luded 2elo-= thi
page in,lude e:ample of ho- to format different referen,e type .e#g#+ 2oo6+ 4ournal arti,le+
information from a -e2ite1# The e:ample on the follo-ing page in,lude e:ample ta6en
dire,tly from the APA manual#
Ameri,an Py,hologi,al Ao,iation# ./0101# Publication manual of the American Psychological
Association ."th ed#1# 9ahington+ )$: Author#
)areh+ ># $# ./00?1# Beginning the assistant principalship: A practical guide for new school
administrators# Thouand 7a6+ $A: $or-in#
Her2t3)amm+ @# L#+ A @uli6+ ># A# ./00B1# Colunteer upport+ marital tatu+ and the ur&i&al
time of terminally ill patient# Health Psychology+ 24+ //B3//D# doi:10#10;EF0/EG3
%#S# )epartment of Health and Human Ser&i,e+ National Intitute of Health+ National Heart+
Lung+ and Hlood Intitute# ./00;1# Managing asthma: A guide for schools .NIH
Pu2li,ation No# 0/3/"B01# Retrie&ed from http:FF---#nhl2i#nih#go&F