July 30, 2014

Peace Corps Watch

RE: FOIA/PA Request No. 14-0117

Dear Peace Corps Watch:

This is in response to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request which is
dated December 21, 2013. Specifically requesting, “All Peace Corps document
changes to include manuals and forms both paper and electronic changes due to
the rescinding of Peace Corps pregnancy policy.”

Attached please find Manual Sections 220, 221, 262, and 266 (67 pages) and
PC-1736 (2 pages). No pages have been withheld. We are providing the
document at no cost to you.

If you are not satisfied with this response, you may administratively appeal within
20 business days of your receipt of this letter. The appeal should be addressed
to Garry W. Stanberry, Deputy Associate Director – Management, Peace Corps,
1111 20th Street NW, Washington, DC 20526. Your appeal must include the
FOIA request number and a statement of the reason the withheld records should
be made available and why the denial of the records was in error. It is possible
to submit the appeal by U.S. mail (see above) or fax or email. Note that our fax
number is 202-692-1385 and our email is FOIA@peacecorps.gov. Also,
however you submit the appeal, “Freedom of Information Act Appeal” should be
clearly marked on the appeal letter, and the envelope, or the email subject line,
or the fax cover sheet.

If you have questions regarding this response, please feel free to contact Denora
Miller, FOIA Officer, at (202) 692-1236 or by email at foia@peacecorps.gov.


Krystle Bryant
Program Analyst

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