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MineSight 3D & Pix4D

Data Processing
Triangulate, Large Gridded Object (LGO)
Despike, Verify, Repair
Contour, Texture, Spot Heights
Generalized Workflow
Mines surveyed in las/laz format may be imported to MineSight 3D (MS3D) as
point clouds after first converting these files to ASCII
The release of 64-bit MS3D in the first quarter of 2014 makes it easier than
ever to work with large datasets
A topography surface may be created by triangulating the data in the
previously imported point cloud.
MS3D makes use of the Delauney triangulation technique, which attempts to
create triangles as close to equilateral as possible.
An alternative option is to create a Large Gridded Object (LGO) from the ASCII
file, which may be used to store and manipulate very large surfaces.
An LGO stores elevation values at centers of a user-defined grid, and may be
displayed as either a series of parallel polylines or as a gridded surface.

The de-spike function may be used to remove vertical spikes from surfaces,
where spikes are needle-like extrusions with large height-to-width ratios.
Vertical faces greater or equal to a defined maximum height-to-width ration
will be automatically removed and patched in the surface.
Larger anomalies in the surface, likely caused by vegetation in this case, can be
edited manually using the MS3D CAD tools.
The Surface Verify tool can be used to patch (repair) holes in any surfaces
where the user has removed unwanted faces.

Once the user is happy that all processing of the surface is complete, there are
many ways in which the surface may then be used.
The Contour Tool offers a method of creating contour lines from a MineSight
The General Gridder tool overlays a set of evenly spaced grid points on any
triangulated surface and calculates and stores the surfaces elevation at each
point, thereby providing a series of spot heights at a user-defined spacing.
The Texture Surface Tool allows you to drape digital images in a number of
formats over a surface in MS3D.
For more information on any of the topics covered in this document, please
contact your local MineSight technical support office.

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