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Colegio Prados del Pedregal

English test
Teacher Gamaliel Hurtado Campos

Name: ____________________________________

1 Complete the words.

__ e __ o __ a __ io __ __

__ __ v __ t __ t __ __ n

pl __ t __

__ a __ __ i __

__ o __ __

2 Complete the sentences.




__ __ I __ e

pick out

I didn't ___________
the invitations.
Maybe Ben can __________ the
games ready.
John likes to __________
the balloons.


__ __ a __ __ __

__ __ oo __

put up


c __
u p

______ /7


Who can __________ the snacks?

Who will __________ the drinks?
I need someone to
__________ the music.
Laura promised to
___________ the cake.
Who will __________ the

Write sentences with Ill / I wont .

answer it be late get the ball make a lot of noise

open the door

wash the dishes

I wont make a lot of

1. "Dont worry, Dad. _________________________.
2. " ________________________________, Madam.
3. " _______________________________________.
4. "Dont worry, Dad. _________________________.
5. "I can help. _______________________________.
6. "___________________________. Maybe it's Dad.

4 Match.
Im very

Ill help you.

Who will pick
out the music?

Dont forget to walk

the dog!

Dont worry.
I wont.
Yes, they will.

I have a terrible
Its very hot in

Ill get you some

Ill make you a

I dont understand this

Will they buy
the balloons?

Ill open the

I will.

5 Read and answer the questions.

______ /10

Diana says shes a soccer fanatic but

Simon says he's very athletic. He loves

she doesn't play it. Shes a big Arsenal

all sports, but is especially interested in

fan and watches the games as often as

soccer. He plays with his friends most

she can. She wants to go to all their

weekends. He also enjoys swimming

games, but the tickets are expensive and

and playing tennis.

she doesnt always have the money.She

He has an old racket that isnt

also likes tennis.

very good.

Gary says he isnt athletic at all. He loves

James says he loves water sports.

reading. He always needs a new book to

Hes on the school swim team and

read.But his doctor says he has to

goes to the swimming pool every

exercise or hell have health problems. He

day. He really wants to learn how

likes swimming and his parents want him

to scuba dive, but he needs the

to start swimming classes at the local



1. Whos an Arsenal fan?


2. Who has a daily activity?


3. Who loves soccer, but doesnt play it?


4. Who spends most weekends with his friends?


5. Who doesnt swim?


6. Whod enjoy going to a bookstore?


Write the correct name.



______ /3



6 Write the countries and nationalities.

______ /7









7 Label the pictures.

______ /7

bake the cake








8 Write questions and answers.

1. cook spaghetti bolognese
3. make a fruit salad

______ /3
2. bake a cake
4. fry an egg

How long does it take to cook spaghetti

1. _______________________________________________________________?
It takes
30 minutes
2. _______________________________________________________________?
3. _______________________________________________________________?
4. _______________________________________________________________?

9 Write questions and answers about Maggie's activities.

______ /8

How often does she visit her grandma
Once a week


Read and circle True or False.

Sally loves cooking, so when her school organized a

cooking competition she was really excited.
Friday 12:00. All dishes
must have an international
flavor and must be prepared in the
school,s kitchen. The judge willbe
Mr. Howard, the principal.
Register with Miss Smith
by 3:00 pm today.

Sally registered and started to plan what she was going to cook.
"I think I'll make a Spanish omelette," she told her best friend.
"Good idea, they're delicious!"
The day before the competition, Sally went shopping with her mom.

The day of the competition arrived. Sally took all of her ingredients to school and at 12:00 she
was ready to start cooking. She mixed the eggs, peeled the potatoes and chopped the chili.
Everything was going perfectly. She put all of the ingredients in a frying pan and started to
cook the omelette.
"Stop cooking!" Miss Smith shouted a little later. Sally stopped, picked up a piece of chili and
ate it.
"Oh, no!" she thought "The chili is too spicy!"
Suddenly Mr. Howard arrived. He picked up a piece of the omelette with a big piece
of chili in it. As he chewed, he started turning red and he started to sweat! Then,
he looked at Sally in surprise.
"Wow!" he said. "How did you know I like spicy food? This is delicious!"

1. The cooking competition was at 3:00 pm.



2. Students didnt have to cook their dishes at school.



3. The judge of the cooking competition was Miss Smith.



4. Sally cooked something international.



5. She didnt get all the ingredients she needed.



6. Mr. Howard liked Sally's dish.