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Origin of the Report
Objectives of the Report
Importance of the topic
Source of Data
Scope of The Report
1.1 Introduction
enerally by the !ord "#an$% !e can easily understand that the financial institution deals
!ith money& #ut there are different types of ban$s li$e' (entral #an$s) (ommercial #an$s)
Savings #an$s) Investment #an$s) Industrial #an$s) (o*operative #an$s) Mobile #an$s etc&
The latest ban$ing technology is introduced mobile ban$ing& Mobile ban$ing stoc$s indicates
that you can do !ith your mobile& This technology is more attractive as ban$ shares are held
!ithin !al$ing distance of the fingers of users& +lso referred to as M*ban$ing and SMS
The amount of the ban$ or transfer amount varies by ban$& The most common type of M*
ban$ing is the act of SMS alerts sent by the ban$ !hen deposits or !ithdra!als are made&
Some ban$ing stoc$s including M*money deposits) transfers) chec$s ban$ account and much
more& This service is offered only by selected ban$s& +s mobile ban$ing has made ban$
stoc$s easy e,pert tips for not ma$ing payments or large transactions through mobile
ban$ing& -eep the pin and change the pass!ord is often a good idea& .se the user of ban$ing
technology and suitable to be cautious in their transactions through mobile&
Dutch*#angla #an$ Limited /D##L0 is #angladesh1s most innovative and technologically
advanced ban$& D##L stands to give the most innovative and affordable ban$ing products to
#angladesh& Dutch*#angla #an$ Limited /D##L0 has for the first time introduced its mobile
ban$ing service e,panding the ban$ing service from cities to remote areas& Mobile #an$ing is
a #an$ing process !ithout ban$ branch !hich provides financial services to unban$ed
communities efficiently and at affordable cost& To provide ban$ing and financial services)
such as cash*in) cash out) merchant payment) utility payment) salary disbursement) foreign
remittance) government allo!ance disbursement) +TM money !ithdra!al through mobile
technology devices) i&e& Mobile 2hone) is called Mobile #an$ing&
1.2 Origin of the Report
This is the last part of M#+ program& +s a professional degree it is essential to fulfill all) the
re4uirements the program demand& +ccording to the re4uirements of the internship) I am
assigned !ith a selected topic "Mobile #an$ing 2ractices of Dutch #angla #an$ Limited%&
I prepare this report from my practical e,perience) I earned at the time of my internship /15
March 3616 to 16
7une0 in D##L at Rampura #ranch) !hich should be submitted on 3611&
1.3 Objectives
To fulfill the re4uirement of the Internship 2rogram&
To ac4uaint !ith mobile ban$ing functions&
To $no! the ne! terms in mobile ban$ing of D##L&
To e,plore the benefits of mobile ban$ing&
To observe the !or$ing environment in mobile ban$ing
To apply theoretical $no!ledge in the practical filed&
To study the e,isting overall ban$er customer relationship&
1.4 Importance of the Topic
The topic that has been assigned by the supervisor is "Mobile #an$ing 2ractices of Dutch
#angla #an$ Ltd%& The importance of this topic is given belo!8
To describe the Mobile #an$ing process of D##L
To $no! !hat does D##L mobile ban$ing offer&
To $no! the operation of mobile ban$ing in #angladesh
To be accustom !ith the management policy or process of D##L in #angladesh
ive an idea regarding mobile ban$ing system and financial performance&
1.5 Methodoog!
Methodology includes direct observation) face to face discussion !ith employees of different
departments) study of files) circulars etc& and practical !or$& This study includes both
4uantitative and 4ualitative data& :o!ever) this report is basically 4ualitative in nature& In all
the cases depending on the re4uirements data have been collected from different sources&
1." #ource of $ata
This report is based on both primary and secondary source of information& ;or theoretical
development of this report) the data has been collected from the various sources li$e different
publications) library sources) boo$s) articles) internet etc& ;or collecting primary data) I had to
as$ the respective officers& Others are li$e
<,posure on different des$ of the ban$
;ile study
The secondary sources are8
+nnual report of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd&
2eriodicals published by #angladesh #an$
Different publications regarding ban$ing functions) foreign e,change operation) and
e,port*import policies&
1.% #cope of the Report
This report covered the over all Mobile ban$ing system of D##L and also includes the
relationship of the customers !ith the ban$ as !ell as the principals covered by the ban$ as a
general ban$ing system&
1.& 'imitation(
The present study !as not out of limitations& #ut as an intern it !as a great opportunity for
me to $no! the ban$ing activities of #angladesh especially Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd& Some
constraints are appended bello!8
Li$e any other research) this report is limited to time and resource and only three month is
not enough to cover such !ide area of ban$ing as !ell as preparing this report !hich may
ta$es more than a year&
Lac$ of ade4uate information of ban$ing institution for preparing this report& So this
report is based on only publicly available information&
<very organi=ation has their o!n secrecy that is not revealed to others& >hile collecting
data i&e& intervie!ing the employees) they did not disclose much information for the sa$e
of the confidentiality of the organi=ation
Difficulty in gaining accesses to financial sector&
?on*availability of the most recent statistical data
Since the ban$ personals !ere very busy) they could provide me very little time&
The clients !ere too busy to provide me much time for intervie!&
Overvie) of the Organi*ation
Organi=ational 2rofile
(orporate Slogan
;eatures of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd&
+ims and Objectives
(orporate (ulture
(orporate Mission
Management of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd&
:uman Resources 2ractices in Dutch #angla #an$
2.1 Organi*ationa +rofie
Dutch #angla #an$ Limited /D##L0 is #an$ing (ompany registered under the (ompanies
+ct) 1CC5 !ith its :ead Office at 2rinters #uilding /3nd D Eth ;loor0) @) Raju$ +venue)
Dha$a*1666& The #an$ started its operation from 9rd 7une 3661& Dutch*#angla #an$ Limited
/D##L0 is #angladesh1s most innovative and technologically advanced ban$& D##L stands
to give the most innovative and affordable ban$ing products to #angladesh& +n +monst ban$)
D##L is the largest donor in to social causes in #angladesh& It stands as one of the largest
private donorsF involved in improving the country& D##L is proud to be associated !ith
helping #angladesh as !ell as being a leader in the country1s ban$ing sector
Dutch*#angla #an$ started operation is #angladesh1s first joint venture ban$& The ban$ !as
an effort by local shareholders spearheaded by M Sahabuddin +hmed /founder chairman0 and
the Dutch company ;MO&
;rom the onset) the focus of the ban$ has been financing high*gro!th manufacturing
industries in #angladesh& The rationale being that the manufacturing sector e,ports
#angladeshi products !orld!ide& Thereby financing and concentrating on this sector allo!s
#angladesh to achieve the desired gro!th& D##L1s other focus is (orporate Social
Responsiblity /(SR0& <ven though (SR is no! a cliche) D##L is the pioneer in this sector
and termed the contribution simply as 1social responsibility1& Due to its investment in this
sector) D##L has become one of the largest donors and the largest ban$ donor in #angladesh&
The ban$ has !on numerous international a!ards because of its uni4ue approach as a socially
conscious ban$&
D##L !as the first ban$ in #angladesh to be fully automated& The <lectronic*#an$ing
Division !as established in 3663 to underta$e rapid automation and bring modern ban$ing
services into this field& ;ull automation !as completed in 3669 and hereby introduced plastic
money to the #angladeshi masses& D##L also operates the nation1s largest +TM fleet and in
the process drastically cut consumer costs and fees by E6G& Moreover) D##L choosing the
lo! profitability route for this sector has surprised many critics& D##L had pursued the mass
automation in #an$ing as a (SR activity and never intended profitability from this sector& +s
a result it no! provides unrivaled ban$ing technology offerings to all its customers& #ecause
of this mindset) most local ban$s have joined D##L1s ban$ing infrastructure instead of
pursuing their o!n&
<ven !ith a history of hefty technological investments and even larger donations) consumer
and investor confidence has never !aned& Dutch*#angla #an$ stoc$ set the record for the
highest share price in the Dha$a Stoc$ <,change in 366E&
The main focus of Dutch #angla #an$ Limited (redit lineI2rogram is financing business)
trade and industrial activities and mobile ban$ing through an effective delivery system&
2.2 ,ision
Dutch*#angla #an$ dreams of better #angladesh) !here arts and letters) sports and athletics)
music and entertainment) science and education) health and hygiene) clean and pollution free
environment and above all a society based on morality and ethics ma$e all our lives !orth
living& D##L1s essence and ethos rest on a cosmos of creativity and the marvel*magic of a
charmed life that abounds !ith spirit of life and adventures that contributes to!ards human
2.2 Mission
Dutch*#angla #an$ engineers enterprise and creativity in business and industry !ith a
commitment to social responsibility& J2rofits aloneJ do not hold a central focus in the #an$1s
operation' because Jman does not live by bread and butter aloneJ&
2.3 -orporate #ogan
Dutch*#angla #an$ believes in its uncompromising commitment to fulfill its customer needs
and satisfaction and to become their first choice in ban$ing& Ta$ing cue from its pool
esteemed clientele) Dutch*#angla #an$ intends to pave the !ay for a ne! era in ban$ing that
upholds and epitomi=es its vaunted mar4ues J.our Trusted +artnerJ
2.4 /eatures of $utch 0anga 0an1 'td
There are so many reasons behind the better performance of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd than any
other ne!ly established ban$s&
:ighly 4ualified and efficient professionals&
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd has established a core Research D 2lanning Division comprising
s$illed person from the very inception of the #an$&
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd has become a member of S>I;T system to e,pedite foreign
e,change transaction&
The inner environments of the all branches of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd have been
computeri=ed to provide the promptly D fre4uently customer services&
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd provides the attractive interest rate than the other financial ban$&
The ban$ provides loan to the customers at lo!er interest rate !ith easy and fle,ible
condition than the others do&
2rofit earning is not the main aim of the Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd the ban$ is responsible
to maintain the social duties&
The ban$ fre4uent arranges customers meeting to achieve their valuable suggestions&
Letter of (redit /LI(0 commission and other change are very lo!er than the others ban$
To strive for customer satisfaction through 4uality control and delivery of timely services
To identify customers1 credit and other ban$ing needs and monitor their perception
to!ards our performance in meeting those re4uirements
To manage and operate the #an$ in the most efficient manner to enhance financial
performance and to control cost of fund
To revie! and update policies) procedures and practices to enhance the ability to e,tend
better service to customers&
To promote organi=ational effectiveness by openly communicating company plans)
policies) practices and procedures to employees in a timely fashion
To cultivate a !or$ing environment that fosters positive motivation for improved
To increase direct contact !ith customers in order to cultivate a closer relationship
bet!een the ban$ and its customers
2.5 2ims and Objectives
D##L is al!ays ready to maintain the highest 4uality of services by upgrading ban$ing
technology prudence in management and by applying high standard of business ethic through
its established commitment and heritage&
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd is al!ays ready to maintain the highest 4uality of services by
upgrading ban$ing technology prudence in management and by applying high standard of
business ethic through its established commitment and heritage&
D##L is committed to ensure its contribution to national economy by increasing its
profitability through professional and disciplined gro!th strategy for its customer and by
creating corporate culture in international ban$ing area&
The objective of D##L is not only to earn profit but also to $eep the social commitment
and to ensure its co*operation to the person of all level) to the businessman) industrialist
specially !ho are engaged in establishing large scale industry by consortium and the
agro*based e,port oriented medium D small scale industries by self inspiration&
D##L is committed to continue its activities in the ne! hori=on of business !ith a vie!
to developing service oriented industry and culture of morality and its maintenance in
D##L has been !or$ing from its very beginning to ensure the best use of its creativity)
!ell disciplined) !ell managed and perfect gro!th&
D##L is al!ays pre*occupied to encourage the inventors for purchasing its share by
creating the opportunity of long*term investment and increasing the value of share
through prosperity as developed day by day
2." -orporate -uture
This ban$ is one of the most disciplined #an$s !ith a distinctive corporate culture& :ere !e
believe in shared meaning) shared understanding and shared sense ma$ing& Our people can
see and understand events) activities) objects and situation in a distinctive !ay& They mould
their manners and eti4uette) character individually to suit the purpose of the #an$ and the
needs of the customers !ho are of paramount importance to us& The people in the #an$ see
themselves as a tight $nit teamIfamily that believes in !or$ing together for gro!th& The
corporate culture !e belong has not been imposed' it has rather been achieved through our
corporate conduct&
2." -orporate Mission
>ill become most caring) focused for e4uitable gro!th based on diversified deployment of
resources) and nevertheless !ould remain healthy and gainfully profitable ban$& Dutch
#angla #an$ Ltd aims to become one of the leading #an$s in #angladesh by prudence) flair
and 4uality of operations in their ban$ing sector& The ban$ has some mission to achieve the
organi=ational goals& Some of them are8
Its aim to ensure their competitive advantages by upgrading ban$ing technology
and information system&
D##L intend to provide better benefits to their customers and good returns to their
The ban$ intends to meet the needs of their clients and enhance their profitability by
creating corporate culture&
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd provides high 4uality financial services to strengthen the !ell*
being and success of individual) industries) and business communities&
The ban$ believes in strong capitali=ation&
It maintains high standard of corporate and business ethics&
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd e,tends highest 4uality of service) !hich attracts the customers to
choose them first&
The ban$ maintains congenial atmosphere for !hich people are proud and eager to !ord
!ith Dutch #angla #an$ ltd&
D##L believes in discipline gro!th strategy&
2.% Management of $utch 0anga 0an1 'td
;or any financial and non*financial organi=ation) Management is the most valuable and
important resources of any $ind of organi=ation& +nd) a !ell*organi=e management provides
the organi=ation to reach its ultimate goal& Management means planning) organi=ing)
staffing) directing and controlling of all financial and non*financial resources of an
organi=ation& Different aspects of management practice in Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd are
discussed belo!8
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd has done its planning !ithin the purvie! of the corporate plan& The
overall planning approach in Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd is top*do!n& <ach branch can plan
according to the goal imposed by the corporate level& It doesnFt plan independently& +nd)
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd has a planning division& This department is mainly responsible for
the overall planning&
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd is organi=ed as per the e,isting business locations& It has t!elve
branches) each of !hich is a separate entity& <ach unit is responsible for o!n performance
and a Senior Aice 2resident /SA20 follo!ed by Manager :eads each& :e is directly
responsible for the performance of their unit& >ithin each branch it is organi=ed functionally&
The recruitment in Dutch #angla #an$ ltd is done in t!o !ays& One as a "2robationary
Officer% for the management program and it has a probation period of one year& +nother one
is non*management level as "Trainee Officers%& 2robationary Officer is recruited in officer
category and their career path is headed to!ards different managerial jobs&
$irecting and controing
The management approach in Dutch #angla #an$ ltd is top*do!n or authoritative&
Information just see$s through lo!er management layer& >or$s are designed in such a !ay
that one cannot leave !ithout clearing the tas$s as he is assigned for a day& Sitting
arrangement in all office is done in a !ay that the superior can monitor the subordinate all
time& #udgeting) re!arding) punishing) etc& are also practiced as control mechanism&
2.% Recruitment
The set*vice rule of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd states the recruitment policy of the ban$& In)
general the board of directors determines the recruitment policy of the ban$ from time to time&
The minimum entry*level 4ualification for any official position other than supportive
management is a #achelors degree& :o!ever) informally the management prefers a minimum
masterFs degree for the appointed of probationary officers in the <,ecutive Officer position&
The recruitment for entry level positions begins !ith a formal !ritten test !hich is conducted
and supervised by the Institute of #usiness +dministration) .niversity of Dha$a& +fter
Successful completion of the !ritten test) a personal intervie! is conducted for the successful
candidates by a panel of e,perts comprising of reno!ned bureaucrats and prominent ban$ers of
the country&
2.& 0O2R$ O/ $IR3-TOR#

M2425I45 $IR3-TOR
6. #hamshi Tabre*
Mr. 0ernhard /re!
I4$3+34$34T $IR3-TOR
$r. Irshad 6ama 6han
Mr. 8aheed 7ossain 6han
$r. #!ed /a1hru 2meen
Mr. Md. /a1hru Isam
+lhaj Md& ?urun ?e!a=
Mr. -ho)dhur! M. 2shraf 7ossain
Mobie 0an1ing +ractices
Mobie 0an1ing(
>hat is Mobile #an$ing
Mobile #an$ing #usiness Model
Mobile #an$ing Overvie!
Technologies behind mobile
(omponent of Mobile #an$ing
#enefit of Mobile #an$ing
>hat does D##L Mobile
#an$ing offerK
2rocess of Mobile #an$ing
Mobile #an$ing Services
;ees and other charges&
3.1 Mobie 0an1ing(
Dutch*#angla #an$ Limited /D##L0 has for the first time introduced its mobile ban$ing
service e,panding the ban$ing service from cities to remote areas&
#angladesh #an$ overnor +tiur Rahman inaugurated the service in 1
+pril 3611 by
depositing T$ 3)666 and !ithdra!ing T$ 1)@66 through #anglalin$ and (itycell mobile
net!or$s in Motijheel area&
#angladesh #an$ has already allo!ed 16 ban$s to initiate mobile ban$ing& Of them D##L
$ic$ed off first&
>hen people are hard pressed for time) the need for Janytime any!hereJ ban$ing gains
utmost importance& #earing this in mind) ban$s provide a novel service !hich gives retail
customers account information and real*time transaction capabilities from their cell phones&
>ith SMS ban$ing the follo!ing services can be obtained8
et account balance details
Re4uest a che4ue boo$
Re4uest last three transaction details
2ay bills for electricity) mobile) insurance etc
JMobile ban$ing is an alternative to the traditional ban$ing through !hich ban$ing service
can be reached at the doorsteps of the deprived section of the society)% the central ban$
governor said at an inaugural press briefing at :otel 2urbani&
Mobile #an$ing is a #an$ing process !ithout ban$ branch !hich provides financial services
to unban$ed communities efficiently and at affordable cost& To provide ban$ing and financial
services) such as cash*in) cash out) merchant payment) utility payment) salary disbursement)
foreign remittance) government allo!ance disbursement) +TM money !ithdra!al through
mobile technology devices) i&e& Mobile 2hone) is called Mobile #an$ing&
3.2 Mobie 0an1ing 0usiness Mode(
+ !ide spectrum of MobileIbranchless ban$ing models is evolving& These models differ
primarily on the 4uestion that !ho !ill establish the relationship /account opening) deposit
ta$ing) lending etc&0 !ith the end customer) the #an$ or the ?on* #an$ITelecommunication
(ompany /Telco0& Models of branchless ban$ing can be classified into three broad categories
* #an$ ;ocused) #an$*Led and ?on #an$*Led&
0an19focused mode
The ban$*focused model emerges !hen a traditional ban$ uses non*traditional lo! cost
delivery channels to provide ban$ing services to its e,isting customers& <,amples range from
use of automatic teller machines /+TMs0 to internet ban$ing or mobile phone ban$ing to
provide certain limited ban$ing services to ban$sF customers& This model is additive in nature
and may be seen as a modest e,tension of conventional branch*based ban$ing
0an19ed mode
The ban$*led model offers a distinct alternative to conventional branch*based ban$ing in that
customer conducts financial transactions at a !hole range of retail agents /or through mobile
phone0 instead of at ban$ branches or through ban$ employees& This model promises the
potential to substantially increase the financial services outreach by using a different delivery
channel /retailersI mobile phones0) a different trade partner /Telco I (hain Store0 having
e,perience and target mar$et distinct from traditional ban$s) and may be significantly cheaper
than the ban$ based alternatives& The ban$*led model may be implemented by either using
correspondent arrangements or by creating a 7A bet!een #an$ and TelcoInon*ban$& In this
model customer account relationship rests !ith the ban$&
4on 0an19ed mode
The non*ban$*led model is !here a ban$ does not come into the picture /e,cept possibly as a
safe*$eeper of surplus funds0 and the non*ban$ /e&g& Telco0 performs all the functions&
3.3 Mobie 0an1ing Overvie)(
In order to avail the services mentioned above) a user subscribing to a !ireless carrier sends
an SMS !ith a predefined code to the bul$ service providerFs number&
/ig 1( Mobile ban$ing architecture
The service provider for!ards this message to the ban$Fs mobile ban$ing applications& The
mobile ban$ing applications interface !ith the core ban$ing servers /that contain the user
account information0 that service the re4uest made by the user& The response is then sent by
the mobile ban$ing applications to the bul$ service provider !ho in turn for!ard it to the
valid user via SMS&
There are t!o !ays in !hich a ban$ can communicate !ith a customer using SMS8
1& In the first method the ban$ proactively sends data to customers in response to certain
transactions& ;or e&g& account to account transfer) salary credit and some promotional
messages& This data can be sent to the customer in t!o !ays
o 39mai to mobie :32M;( In this method) the ban$ sends an email to the
mobile ban$ing application through a specific email address& This email may
consist of the message content together !ith the mobile numbers of the
customer& The mobile ban$ing application in turn sends this message in a
specific format /for e&g& LML tags are part of a :TT2 <T message 4uery
string0 to the service providerFs application server& ;rom hereon the
information from the LML tags is e,tracted and sent as a SMS to the !ireless
carrier !hich in turn for!ards this message to the customer&
o $atabase to mobie :$2M; 8 :ere a mobile ban$ing application continuously
polls the ban$s database server and !henever a relevant event happens) for
e&g& an account to account transfer) it for!ards the specific message to the
service providerFs application server& The message format may be the same as
the one used in the <3M case& This message is then for!arded to the !ireless
carrier !hich in turn for!ards this message to the customer&
3& In the second method the ban$ sends data in response to specific customer 4uery such
as account balance details& The customer first sends a pre*defined re4uest code via
SMS to the #ul$ SMS service providerFs registered mobile number& Depending on the
message code) the bul$ SMS provider for!ards the SMS to a 2.LL application in the
mobile ban$ing server& The 2.LL application receives the re4uest and for!ards it to
the core ban$ing application for further processing& The core ban$ing server then
processes this message and sends the reply to the 2.LL application !hich in turn
for!ards in to the customer via the service provider& +s in the above cases the re4uest
and the response for the 2.LL application may be a :TT2 <T message !ith LML
tags in the 4uery string&
3.4 Technoogies 0ehind Mobie 0an1ing
Technically spea$ing most of these services can be deployed using more than one channel&
2resently) Mobile #an$ing is being deployed using mobile applications developed on one of
the follo!ing four channels&
1& IAR /Interactive Aoice Response0
3& SMS /Short Messaging Service0
9& >+2 />ireless +ccess 2rotocol0
5& Standalone Mobile +pplication (lients
1. I,R < Interactive ,oice Response
IAR or Interactive Aoice Response service operates through pre*specified numbers that ban$s
advertise to their customers& (ustomer1s ma$e a call at the IAR number and are usually
greeted by a stored electronic message follo!ed by a menu of different options& (ustomers
can choose options by pressing the corresponding number in their $eypads) and are then read
out the corresponding information) mostly using a te,t to speech program& Mobile ban$ing
based on IAR has some major limitations that they can be used only for <n4uiry based
services& +lso) IAR is more e,pensive as compared to other channels as it involves ma$ing a
voice call !hich is generally more e,pensive than sending an SMS or ma$ing data transfer
/as in >+2 or Standalone clients0& One !ay to enable IAR is by deploying a 2#L system that
can host IAR dial plans& #an$s loo$ing to go the lo! cost !ay should consider evaluating
+steris$) !hich is an open source Linu, 2#L system
2. #M# < #hort Messaging #ervice
SMS uses the popular te,t*messaging standard to enable mobile application based ban$ing&
The !ay this !or$s is that the customer re4uests for information by sending an SMS
containing a service command to a pre*specified number& The ban$ responds !ith a reply
SMS containing the specific information&
;or e,ample) customers of the :D;( #an$ in India can get their account balance details by
sending the $ey!ord M:D;(#+L1 and receive their balance information again by SMS&
:o!ever there have been fe! instances !here even transaction*based services have been
made available to customer using SMS& ;or instance) customers of the (enturian #an$ of
2unjab can ma$e fund transfer by sending the SMS =TR4 /+Ic ?o0 /2I? ?o0 /+mount01&
One of the major reasons that transaction based services have not ta$en of on SMS is because
of concerns about security& The main advantage of deploying mobile applications over SMS
is that almost all mobile phones are SMS enabled& +n SMS based service is hosted on a SMS
gate!ay that further connects to the Mobile service providers SMS (entre& There are a couple
of hosted I2 based SMS gate!ays available in the mar$et and also some open source ones
li$e -annel&
3. >2+ < >ireess 2ccess +rotoco
>+2 uses a concept similar to that used in Internet ban$ing& #an$s maintain >+2 sites
!hich customer1s access using a >+2 compatible bro!ser on their mobile phones& >+2 sites
offer the familiar form based interface and can also implement security 4uite effectively&
#an$ of +merica offers a >+2 based service channel to its customers in :ong -ong&
The ban$s customers can no! have an anytime) any!here access to a secure reliable service
that allo!s them to access all en4uiry and transaction based services and also more comple,
transaction li$e trade in securities through their phone&
+ >+2 based service re4uires hosting a >+2 gate!ay& Mobile +pplication users access the
ban$1s site through the >+2 gate!ay to carry out transactions) much li$e internet users
access a !eb portal for accessing the ban$s services& The follo!ing figure demonstrates the
frame!or$ for enabling mobile applications over >+2& The actually forms that go into a
mobile application are stored on a >+2 server) and served on demand& The >+2 ate!ay
forms an access point to the internet from the mobile net!or$&
4. #tandaone Mobie 2ppication -ients
Standalone mobile applications are the ones that hold out the most promise as they are most
suitable to implement comple, ban$ing transactions li$e trading in securities& They can be
easily customi=ed according to the user interface comple,ity supported by the mobile& In
addition) mobile applications enable the implementation of a very secure and reliable channel
of communication&
One re4uirement of mobile applications clients is that they re4uire to be do!nloaded on the
client device before they can be used) !hich further re4uires the mobile device to support one
of the many development environments li$e 73M< or Nualcomm1s #R<>& 73M< is fast
becoming an industry standard to deploy mobile applications and re4uires the mobile phone
to support 7ava&
The major disadvantage of mobile application clients is that the applications needs to be
customi=ed to each mobile phone on !hich it might finally run& 73M< ties together the +2I
for mobile phones !hich have the similar functionality in !hat it calls 1profiles1&
Out of 73M< and #R<>) 73M< seems to have an edge right no! as ?o$ia has made the
development tools open to developers !hich has further fostered a huge online community
focused in developing applications based on 73M<& ?o$ia has gone an additional mile by
providing an open online mar$et place for developers !here they can sell their applications to
major cellular operators around the !orld&
Nuite a fe! mobile soft!are product companies have rolled out solutions) !hich enable
73M< mobile applications based ban$ing& One such product is >ireless Ibanco& The mobile
user do!nloads and installs the !ireless I*banco application on their 73M< pone& The 73M<
client connects to the !ireless I*banco server through the service providers SM net!or$ to
enable users to access information about their accounts and perform transactions& One of the
other big advantages of using a mobile application client is that it can implement a very
secure channel !ith end*to*end encryption&
:o!ever countries li$e India face a serious obstacle in the proliferation of such clients as fe!
users have mobiles) !hich support 73M< or #R<>& :o!ever) one of the biggest (DM+
players in the Indian telecom industry) Reliance Infocomm has about H&61 million users all of
!hich have handsets) !hich support 73M<& Reliance has unveiled one of the most ambitious
data services deployment program in the country& On the other hand a country li$es South
-orea !ith its tech*savvy population has a !idespread adoption of the higher*end mobiles)
!hich support application development
3.4.1 -omponent of Mobie 0an1ing(
The follo!ing diagram sho!s the recommended placement of the Mobile ban$ing
components in the ban$ing infrastructure&
In the above diagram) the <3M component is placed in the mail server !hich is present in the
Internet #an$ing DMO& It receives the email message from the mail server !hich is then
for!arded to the service provider in the specified format over the SSL lin$& The D3M
component in placed in the inner core*ban$ing segment as it continuously polls the ban$ing
database for event related triggers as e,plained above& ;inally the 2.LL component in placed
in the Internet #an$ing server as it receives the message from the bul$ service provider
through a SSL lin$ over the internet&
3.5 0enefits of Mobie 0an1ing(
Mobile ban$ing through cell phone offers many advantages for customers as !ell as ban$s&
Some of them are as follo!s
Real time on*line ban$ing
+vailable anytime) any!here throughout the country
It is convenient) affordable and secure
It is much more effective in developing savings habits
It !ill ma$e access to ban$ing and advanced payment transactions at affordable cost
It is much safer) speedy and safeguard against fraudulent transactions&
Mobile ban$ing has an edge over internet ban$ing& In case of online ban$ing) you
must have an internet connection and a computer& This is a problem in developing
countries& :o!ever) !ith mobile ban$ing) connectivity is not a problem& Pou can find
mobile connectivity in the remotest of places also !here having an internet
connection is a problem&
Pou can ma$e transactions or pay bills anytime& It saves a lot of time&
Mobile ban$ing thorough cell phone is user friendly& The interface is also very
simple& Pou just need to follo! the instructions to ma$e the transaction& It also saves
the record of any transactions made&
(ell phone ban$ing is cost effective& Aarious ban$s provide this facility at a lo!er
cost as compared to ban$ing by self&
#an$ing through mobile reduces the ris$ of fraud& Pou !ill get an SMS !henever
there is an activity in your account& This includes deposits) cash !ithdra!als) funds
transfer etc& Pou !ill get a notice as soon as any amount is deducted or deposited in
your account&
#an$ing through cell phone benefits the ban$s too& It cuts do!n on the cost of tele*
ban$ing and is more economical&
Mobile ban$ing through cell phone is very advantageous to the ban$s as it serves as a
guide in order to help the ban$s improve their customer care services&
#an$s can be in touch !ith their clients !ith mobile ban$ing&
#an$s can also promote and sell their products and services li$e credit cards) loans
etc& to a specific group of customers&
Aarious ban$ing services li$e +ccount #alance <n4uiry) (reditIDebit +lerts) #ill
2ayment +lerts) Transaction :istory) ;und Transfer ;acilities) Minimum #alance
+lerts etc& can be accessed from your mobile&
Pou can transfer money instantly to another account in the same ban$ using mobile
3." >hat does $00' Mobie 0an1ing Offer?
(ustomer Registration
(ash*in /cash deposit0
(ash*out /cash !ithdra!al0
Merchant 2ayment
.tility 2ayment
Salary Disbursement
;oreign Remittance
+ir*time Top*up
;und Transfer
3.% +rocess of Mobie 0an1ing 2ctivities
-ustomer Registration +rocess(
(ustomer can register at any authori=ed agent point of D##L Q at 2resent these are the
retailers of (itycell D #anglalin$ throughout the (ountry !ho can display MD##L +gent
(ertificateF and MD##L Mobile #an$ing #annerF&(ustomer fills up the -P( ;orm and
submit to agent along !ith his photograph D ?ational ID /?ID0& +gent chec$s the
+pplication ;orm) photograph D ?ID& +gent goes to (ustomer Registration Menu in hisIher
Mobile and insert customerFs mobile number& (ustomer receives a call through IAR or .SSD
prompt and in reply) sIhe gives a 5*digit 2I? number of hisIher choice /please remember your
2I?0& + Mobile +ccount is created in the D##L system !hich is hisIher mobile number R
one chec$ digit& (ustomer receives an SMS !hich contains hisIher Mobile +ccount number
/please remember your chec$ digit).
Why PIN is required?
2I? is re4uired to be inputted during cash !ithdra!al from an +gent or D##L +TM& 2I?
ensures security of your money and protects fraudulent transactions&
Why PIN is strictly confdential?
2I? is the $ey for transaction of Mobile #an$ing& Only correct match of 2I? D Mobile
?umber can access the Mobile +ccount& 2I? is needed to verify the +I( o!ner by the
system& If a 2I? is disclosed) respective account is at ris$' therefore) 2I? should be handled
very carefully&
Why check digit?
Mobile number is public and $no!n to many people& >ithout $no!ing your chec$ digit) none
!ill be able to deposit money at your account) thus it helps to $eep your mobile account
confidential& On the other hand) a chec$ digit eliminates typing error) thus protects sending or
depositing money to a !rong account&
Which Telcos Mobile can be registered?
(ustomer having any mobile from any Mobile Operator can be registered for D##L Mobile
#an$ing at any agent point of #anglalin$ and (itycell& +ll these Mobile +ccount holders !ill
be able to deposit and !ithdra! money from the +gents& :o!ever the customers having
mobile from operators other than #anglalin$ and (itycell !ill not be able to initiate many
self*initiated services li$e #alance chec$ing) fund transfer) utility payment) and +ir*time top
up) 2I? (hange etc& (ustomers having mobile from #anglalin$ and (itycell !ill be able to
enjoy all the services Q agent*initiated as !ell as self*initiated&
-ash In :-ash $eposit; +rocess(
(ustomers can open a D##L Mobile +ccount !ith an initial deposit of Ta$a 16I* /ta$a ten0
only& (ustomer can cash*in /deposit0 at any authori=ed agent of D##L /at present (itycell D
#anglalin$ agents0 or D##L #ranch& (ustomer hands over cash to the +gent& +gent initiates
the transaction from hisIher mobile& +gent gets prompt menu and in reply agent enters
customerFs mobile account number /including chec$ digit0 and amount& +gent enters hisIher
2I?& System credits customerFs account for the same amount& +gent issues a receipt to the
customer& System sends an SMS to the customerFs mobile for security reason' customer needs
to chec$ the sending number of SMS and the amount& SMS !ill be sent from 1B31B&
-ash Out :cash )ithdra)a; +rocess(
(ustomer can cash*out /!ithdra!0 at any authori=ed agent of D##L /at present (itycell D
#anglalin$ agents0) D##L +TMs and D##L #ranch& (ustomer as$s the +gent for
!ithdra!al of an amount from hisIher mobile account& +gent initiates the transaction from
hisIher mobile& +gent gets prompt menu and in reply agent enters customerFs mobile account
number /including chec$ digit0 and amount to !ithdra!& D##L system sends prompt menu
to the customerFs mobile /or IAR (all08 "Pou are going to !ithdra! T$& LLLL from your
mobile account !ith D##L& If you !ant to continue) please enter your 5*digit 2I?% (ustomer
enters hisIher 2I?& System debits customerFs account and send an SMS to the customerFs
mobile& +gent hands over money to the customer&
Transaction limit:
There may be scarcity of cash at agent points& >e !ant to serve as many customers as
possible from each agent points& On the other hand) it is re4uired to minimi=e fraudulent loss)
if any& To arrest all the above) a transaction limit in terms of fre4uency and amount have been
set in the system& (urrent limit for the customers are as under8
1& (ash*in fre4uency per day S @ times
3& (ash*out fre4uency per day S @ times
9& (ash*in I cash*out amount per transaction S @)666I*
5& (ash*in fre4uency per month S 36 times
@& (ash*out fre4uency per month S 36 times
Ho to check account balance?
(ustomer initiates the transaction from hisIher o!n mobile& D##L system sends prompt
menu to the customerFs mobile /or IAR (all08 "2lease enter your 5*digit 2I? to $no! your
balance or press (ancel button to cancel the re4uest% (ustomer enters hisIher 2I?& System
sends the balance into hisIher mobile&
Ho to change PIN?
(ustomer initiates the process from hisIher o!n mobile& D##L system sends prompt menu to
the customerFs mobile /or IAR (all08 "2lease enter your e,isting 5*digit2I? to proceed or
press (ancel button to cancel the re4uest%& (ustomer enters hisIher e,isting 2I?& D##L
system as$s for ne! 5*digit 2I?& (ustomer enters hisIher ne! 2I?& The 2I? is changed&
<verybody can deposit money immediately after registration& :o!ever) heIshe can !ithdra!
after hisIher account is fully registered& #an$ officer verifies the information on the
registration form /-P( form0 and authori=es the account for full registration& ?ormally 1*3
!or$ing days are re4uired for full registration& +fter hisIher account is fully registered) heIshe
!ill get an SMS notification&
Ho is !""# Mobile "anking secured?
D##L Mobile #an$ing is highly secured as it uses .SSD or SMSRIAR as its communication
channel& In case of .SSD) both the instructions and 2I? are communicated using .SSD
!hile in case of SMSRIAR) instructions are sent via SMS and 2I? via IAR /voice channel0
both the .SSD and IAR are secured for transmission of 2I? (ustomerFs money is safe as
none can !ithdra! hisIher money !ithout ta$ing possession of Mobile set) 2I? and (hec$
digit together& ?one !ill be able to deposit un!anted money into a Mobile #an$ing +ccount
!ithout $no!ing the chec$ digit /although the mobile number is publicly $no!n0&
The follo!ing is a diagram sho!s a structural design for the mobile ban$ing security&
In the above diagram the 3*!ay SSL lin$ bet!een the service provider and bet!een the
mobile ban$ing application and the service provider and also bet!een the service provider
and the !ireless carrier ensures confidentiality of data& The email message sent by the ban$ is
22 encrypted and signed in order to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data&
#aar! $isbursement +rocess(
It is a process by !hich (orporate Office can disburse the salary of their employees and
overnment can disburse different allo!ances li$e elderly allo!ance) freedom fighter
allo!ance to the people !ithin a fe! moment in a hassle free !ay& The salary disbursement
processes are follo!ing !ay8
1. (orporate OfficeI overnment !ill send the list of mobile account numbers
/including chec$ digit0 and monthly salaryIallo!ance to D##L
2. D##L !ill credit all the individual accounts by debiting corporate account
centrally by a batch process system
3. The employeeIbeneficiary !ill get an SMS regarding the transaction
4. The employeeIbeneficiary can go to any agent or D##L +TM or D##L
#ranch for !ithdra!al of money
"enefts o$ %or&orate '(ce)*o+ernment:
Time savings
(ost savings
?o need of e,tra manpo!er
2robability of error is very lo!
Instant service is ensured
"enefts o$ em&loyee)benefciary:
Instant credit to the account
?o hassle to collect salaryIallo!ance
?o 4ueue
Money can be !ithdra!n from any agent or D##L +TM or D##L #ranch
/oreign Remittance(
Most of the people of our country are living in abroad to earn money& They sent their
remittance in various !ays& #ut they al!ays scared about their money& So D##L get a golden
opportunity to send their foreign remittance very easily and cheaply&

Ho $oreign remittance can be sent to Mobile ,ccount?
<,change houses at abroad receive remittance against beneficiaryFs mobile account
<,change houses send the mobile account number and the amount to D##L
D##L !ill centrally credit the amount against respective mobile account
The beneficiary !ill get an SMS regarding such transaction&
The beneficiary can go to any agent or D##L +TM or D##L #ranch for !ithdra!al
of money
3.& Mobie 0an1ing #ervices(
#an$s offering mobile access are mostly supporting some or all of the follo!ing services8
2ccount Information
Mini*statements and chec$ing of account history
+lerts on account activity or passing of set thresholds
Monitoring of term deposits
+ccess to loan statements
+ccess to card statements
Mutual funds I e4uity statements
Insurance policy management
2ension plan management
+a!ments @ Transfers
Domestic and international fund transfers
Micro*payment handling
Mobile recharging
(ommercial payment processing
#ill payment processing
2ortfolio management services
Real*time stoc$ 4uotes
2ersonali=ed alerts and notifications on security prices
Status of re4uests for credit) including mortgage approval) and insurance coverage
(hec$ /che4ue0 boo$ and card re4uests
<,change of data messages and email) including complaint submission and trac$ing
-ontent #ervices
eneral information such as !eather updates) ne!s
Loyalty*related offers
Location*based services
One !ay to classify these services depending on the originator of a service session is the
M2ushI2ull1 nature& M2ush1 is !hen the ban$ sends out information based upon an agreed set of
rules) for e,ample your ban$s sends out an alert !hen your account balance goes belo! a
threshold level& M2ull1 is !hen the customer e,plicitly re4uests a service or information from
the ban$) so a re4uest for your last five transactions statement is a 2ull based offering& The
other !ay to categori=e the mobile ban$ing services) gives us t!o $ind of services Q
Transaction based and <n4uiry #ased& So a re4uest for your ban$ statement is an en4uiry
based service and a re4uest for your fund1s transfer to some other account is a transaction*
based service& Transfer based services are also differentiated from en4uiry based services in
the sense that they re4uire additional security across the channel from the mobile phone to the
ban$s data servers& #ased upon the above classifications) !e arrive at the follo!ing
ta,onomy of the services listed before&
2ush #ased 2ull #ased
Transaction based
;und Transfer
#ill 2ayment
Other financial services li$e
share trading&
<n4uiry based (reditIDebit +lerts&
Minimum #alance +lerts
#ill 2ayment +lerts
(reditIDebit +lerts&
Minimum #alance +lerts
#ill 2ayment +lerts
+ccount #alance <n4uiry
+ccount Statement <n4uiry
3.A /ees and service charge(
Sl&no 2articular Result
1& Registration ;ee ;ree
3& (ash*in (harges 1G of the transaction amount or
T$&@I*) !hichever is higher
9& (ash*out (harges 3G of the transaction amount or
T$&16I*) !hichever is higher&
5& Merchant 2ayment ;ree for customer
@& Mobile Top*up ;ree for customer
B& Salary Disbursement ;ree
H& +llo!ance Disbursement ;ree
E& Remittance Disbursement ;ree
#uccess #tor! of other Internationa Mobie 0an1
4.1 Reiance InfocommB India
>hen Reliance Infocomm) India rolled out its (DM+ net!or$) /at the time the mobile
mar$et in India !as still in its infancy) and data services !ere almost never heard off0 it made
Reiance InfocommB India
204 2mbroB India
sure that all handsets supported 7ava&The Reliance application platform) also $no!n as R*
>orld brought 7ava compatibility even to the lo!er end phones&
Reliance used a novel !ay to overcome the memory limitations of lo!er*end mobile phones)
!hich hampered deploying of multiple standalone 73M< based clients& Instead of storing
applications statically on their cell phones) users access a single menu based application
called R*>orld) !hich connects them to the Reliance servers& .sing the menu based user
interface) mobile users select the application) !hich they !ant to run and do!nload them
over*the*air to their cell phones& These applications are then e,ecuted locally on the mobiles&
;rom mid*3665 Reliance tied up !ith t!o of the popular private sector ban$s) :D;( and
I(I(I) to provide a host of their en4uiry and transaction based mobile ban$ing services
through its R*>orld environment&
4.2 204 2mbroB India
+#? +MRO #an$ brings to the convenience of mobile ban$ing using an application called
M2O><R& It allo!s customers to access their account for in4uiry D transactions using
simple SMS messages& One can do the follo!ing using M2O><R8
T #alance D Transaction In4uiry
T Share :oldings in Demat +ccount
T ;unds Transfers to +#? +MRO D other ban$s
T #ill 2resentment and 2ayment
T (he4ue In4uiry D Stop (he4ue
T Online ;i,ed Deposit Opening
T Re4uest for (he4ue #oo$ D Statement
T Re4uest for ne! 2I? D change 2I? online
Mobile Banking: The Services Bouquet

Bank of
America Citibak
Balance Inquiry
Last few
Cheque ayment
Sto! ayment of
Cheque Book
4.3 -itiban1
#an$s are hoping to e,tend mobile ban$ing as technology improves& (itiban$ has t!o
ongoing cell phone trials& The first is a partnership !ith Master(ard) +TDT) and ?o$ia that
places chips in cell phones allo!ing (iti debit and credit to ma$e payments by !aving the
cell phone at a participating storeFs register&
(itiFs other pilot is !ith Obopay that lets debit and credit customers transfer money bet!een
mobile phones& +nalysts say even more revenue is possible in the coming years !hen more
functions are added to cell phones li$e international transfers) and boo$ing travel
arrangements& >hile mobile ban$ing is relatively ne!) the service has sho!n some traction
!ith customers& (iti Mobile says it had more subscribers than e,pected !hile the service !as
being piloted around the country in the spring&
>achovia Mobile says their service has been getting about @6)666 uni4ue visitors a !ee$
since its launch& (elent predicts that by the end of 3616) 9@G of all online ban$ing
households !ill be using mobile ban$ing&
4.4 Mobie 0an1ing Csers 3Dceeds 15E Miion(
Though mobile ban$ing system is completely ne! aspect in #angladesh but internationally it
is very popular& In 15
7anuary) 366C there are more than 1@6 million people are get this
service& Mobile ban$ing transactional usersF data are given bello!8
15th 7anuary) 366C
.-8 The number of mobile phone subscribers that use their phones for mobile ban$ing
transactions !ill e,ceed 1@6m globally by 3611) according to a ne! study by 7uniper
Research& These figures refer to additive ban$ing !hich is focused on developed mar$ets
rather than transformational ban$ing&
The 7uniper Research report determined that the mobile ban$ing mar$et is currently most
advanced in the ;ar <ast) but that gro!ing numbers of mobile ban$ing services are being
offered in ?orth +merica and >estern <urope& The developed nations of the ;ar <ast) ?orth
+merica and >estern <urope are forecast to account for over H6G of the user base by 3611&
4.5 Mobie 0an1ing in the >ord(
Mobile ban$ing is used in many parts of the !orld !ith little or no infrastructure) especially
remote and rural areas& This aspect of mobile commerce is also popular in countries !here
most of their population is unban$ed& In most of these places) ban$s can only be found in big
cities) and customers have to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest ban$&
In Iran) ban$s such as 2arsian) Tejarat) Mellat) Saderat) Sepah) <dbi) and #an$melli offer the
service& #anco Industrial provides the service in uatemala& (iti=ens of Me,ico can access
mobile ban$ing !ith Omni life) #ancomer and M2o!er Aenture& -enya1s Safaricom /part of
the Aodafone roup0 has the M*2esa Service) !hich is mainly used to transfer limited
amounts of money) but increasingly used to pay utility bills as !ell& In 366C) Oain launched
their o!n mobile money transfer business) $no!n as O+2) in -enya and other +frican
countries& In Somalia) the many telecom companies provide mobile ban$ing) the most
prominent being :ormuud Telecom and its O++D service&
Telenor 2a$istan has also launched a mobile ban$ing solution) in coordination !ith Taameer
#an$) under the label <asy 2aisa) !hich !as begun in N5 366C& <$o India ;inancial Services)
the business correspondent of State #an$ of India /S#I0 and I(I(I #an$) provides ban$
accounts) deposit) !ithdra!al and remittance services) micro*insurance) and micro*finance
facilities to its customers /nearly E6G of !hom are migrants or the unban$ed section of the
population0 through mobile ban$ing&
In a year of 3616) mobile ban$ing users soared over 166 percent in -enya) (hina) #ra=il and
.S+ !ith 366 percent) 1@6 percent) 116 percent and 166 percent respectively
Recommendations and (onclusion

Though Dutch #angla #an$ Limited tries to give the best customer support) the have some
la$e and lin$age compare to other ban$ of the same generation& The recommendations for this
report are8
Mobile ban$ing is a ne! concept for ban$ing sector in #angladesh& So it must
be campaign to the rural people&
:ere only agreement !ith t!o mobile companies but it should be agreement
!ith other company&
Te,t only and limited to 156*1B6 characters per massages& So it could not
e,press all things in short massage&
Does not offer a secure environment&
Many non standard variables including handsets !hich is not necessary to
mobile ban$ing services&
.ser needs to have a data plan !hich may be a barrier to adoption among
price sensitive demographics&
Some !ireless operators do not support clic$able >+2 lin$s in sms message&
+pplication and data entry must be controlled&
Mobile #an$ing should be more e,panded in eneral Level of ban$ing' they
should be adopted for depositing and !ithdra!al of money as !ell&
D##L should set more +TM booth so that people can get their money at
shortest possible time&
+s the clients are not in favor of introducing system) if possible the rule of
introducing to open an account should be changed& #ecause many people are
facing problem to arrange an introducer in the time of opening accounts
To ma$e e,change process more prompt the authority should use modern
communication system& That means changing procedure should be informed
by #an$ to the concerned through SMS) e*mail) fa, etc&
Service campaign may arrange for letting the clients $no! the latest
technology and it uses&
Mobile ban$ing is poised to become the big $iller mobile application arena& :o!ever) ban$s
going mobile the first time need to tread the path cautiously& The biggest decision that ban$s
need to ma$e is the channel that they !ill support their services on&
Mobile ban$ing through an SMS based service !ould re4uire the lo!est amount of effort) in
terms of cost and time) but !ill not be able to support the full breath of transaction*based
services& :o!ever) in mar$ets li$e India !here a bul$ of the mobile population users1 phones
can only support SMS based services) this might bathe only option left&
On the other hand a mar$et heavily segmented by the type and comple,ity of mobile phone
usage might be good place to roll of >+2 based mobile applications& + >+2 based service
can let go of the need to customi=e usability to the profile of each mobile phone) the trade*off
being that it cannot ta$e advantage of the full breadth of features that a mobile phone might
Mobile application standalone clients bring along the burden of supporting multiple mobile
device profiles& +ccording to the artner roup) mobile ban$ing services !ill have to
support a minimum of @6 different device profiles in the near future& :o!ever) currently the
best user e,perience) depending on the capabilities of a mobile phone) is possible only by
using a standalone client&
Mobile ban$ing has the potential to do to the mobile phone !hat <*mail did to the Internet&
Mobile +pplication based ban$ing is poised to be a big m*commerce feature) and if South
-orea1s foray into mass mobile ban$ing is any indication) mobile ban$ing could !ell be the
driving factor to increase sales of high*end mobile phones& ?evertheless) #an$1s need to ta$e
a hard and deep loo$ into the mobile usage patterns among their target customers and enable
their mobile services on a technology !ith reaches out to the majority of their customers&
+nnual Report of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd&/ 36160
Several #oo$lets from Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd
Several ?e!sletters from Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd
Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd& >eb site
(redit Operational Manual of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd
2roduct and Services leaflet of Dutch #angla #an$ Ltd
?e!s 2aper in 1
+pril 3611&
The juniper research report&