Stabroek News: “British Minister Sayeeda Warsi Resigns over Gaza Policy”???

Dear Editor,
We recoiled with horror as the Stabroek News refused to publish the corrected news about the
supposed Israeli attacks on the Al Shifa Hospital and Shati refugee camp OUTSIDE of the updates by
Roger Williams posted as a comment 7 days ago at the story “Guyana Backing Call for International
Probe on Gaza Situation” (
call-international-probe-gaza-situation/ ).
SN steadfastly refused to publish those two photographs at any other comment or news story on the
Gaza hypocrisy. As far as we know, Guyana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also not published any
correction as well.
Then yesterday we were again regaled by the story “British Minister Sayeeda Warsi Resigne over Gaza
Policy” (
resigns-gaza-policy/ ). How did this make the news, while the Israeli position regularly does not?
How does one say "good riddance" in a language that Sayeeda Warsi understands?
Obviously she knows no English, or else she would have come up with a word or phrase that describes
Arab greed for Israeli land, the Arabs' unprovoked firing of 4,000 explosive-filled rockets at Israel during
this latest episode, and the diversion of humanitarian aid to build "terror tunnels" under Israel to
facilitate kidnapping attempts, and attack civilians and the military.
And if she is still bereft of words that adequately describe her rather asinine perspective of reality, then
one can ask of her another question: "How does one destroy incoming missiles, blow up invasion
tunnels and resist abduction attacks ... all while under intense ground fire ... without engaging in some
destructive retaliation of your own?”
A sickening hypocrisy infects Arab reasoning on Israel these days, and Sayeeda Warsi's is particularly
loathsome in its overt attempt to deceive! In this fit of grotesque posturing, it is clear where her
allegiances really lie! Cameron’s cabinet is best rid of her.
Some in the online community have called it an “honourable” decision, but Warsi’s reads more like a
profile in hypocrisy and deception! There was nothing "honourable" in this, only an insistence and
persistence with promoting a bald-faced lie that is in opposition to fact, truth, detail and evidence!
And some people are falling for the hoax, the lie ... hook, line, missile, tunnel, kidnapping ... and rocket!
Israel will free itself of years of unprovoked attack by terrorists who believe in sacrificing their own
people like pawns when and if, in 24 hours following this latest cease fire, it chooses to launch a full-
scale invasion of Gaza to seek out and destroy every last missile-supply dump ... especially those the UN
allows in its UNWRA schools!
For those who watch FoxNews on cable, and who watched the Kelly File last night 5
August , it was
eye-opening to see what they teach young Arab children in the UNWRA schools about "killing Jews".
Much like, I suspect, Mexicans are teaching their children that Texas and the American Southwest
belongs to Mexico ( ).
An administration’s naiveté keeps promoting Mexico’s 5 million illegals as the “entitled” while it glorifies
a Sotamayor-written SCOTUS decision that wrecks the hopes and dreams of millions of other races
around the world who “aged out” through “no fault of their own” (having aged-out because the “legal”
visa-process for their country took upwards of 10 years to process). What is this urgent incentive to
reward Mexico’s “entitled” population, especially when it will wipe out jobs for a sizeable portion of the
Black lower and middle-class in the USA?
The sweet promise of 5 million votes for the Democratic Party apparently supersedes the possibility that
the American people will suddenly awake from their mesmerizing stupor on Hamas and Mexican claims
on the American Southwest. Constitutional crisis aside, it seems clear that the NAACP will only wake up
to the “new slavery” AFTER the tragedy begins. As will the Black church!
Israel, thankfully, is not so visually impaired!
For Israel’s leadership and people, then, the issue of Sayeeda Warsi’s duplicity and meaningless
showboating in Britain on the issue of Gaza becomes symptomatic and symbolic of a clear and pressing
danger encompassed in a simple but larger question: “Will America, or the idea of America, survive its
leftists, liberals and … Democrats?”
Yours faithfully,
Roger Williams
August 6, 2014

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