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Gaza Calling: All out on Saturday 9 August Day of Rage

Aftermath of Israeli airstrike on Palestinian home in Gaza.

Gaza Calling: All out on Saturday 9 August Day of Rage
August 6, 2014 by Call fro !alestine
"oin t#e $oy%otts, Di&estent and San%tions 'o&eent
today( Deand San%tions on )srael *o+(
As we face the full might of Israels military arsenal, funded and supplied by the United
tates and !uropean Union, we call on ci"il society and people of conscience
throughout the world to pressure go"ernments to sanction Israel and implement a
comprehensi"e arms embargo immediately.
,a-e to t#e streets on Saturday 9 August +it# a united deand for san%tions on
#rom Gaza under in"asion, bombardment, and continuing siege, the horror is beyond
words. $edical supplies are e%hausted. &he death toll has reached '(') killed *)+(
children, ,-. women, ./ elderly0 and +).- in1ured *,.// children, '.2- women, )/)
elderly0. 3ur hospitals, ambulances, and medical staff are all under attack while on
duty. 4octors and paramedics are being killed while e"acuating the dead. 3ur dead
are not numbers and statistics to be recounted5 they are lo"ed ones, family and
6hile we ha"e to sur"i"e this onslaught, you certainly ha"e the power to help end it
the same way you helped o"ercome Apartheid and other crimes against humanity.
Israel is only able to carry out this attack with the unwa"ering support of go"ernments
7 this support must end.
&his is our third massacre in si% years. 6hen not being slaughtered, we remain under
siege, an illegal collecti"e punishment of the entire population. #ishermen are shot and
killed if they stray beyond a ) km limit imposed unilaterally by Israel. #armers are shot
har"esting their crops within a border area imposed unilaterally by Israel. Gaza has
become the largest open8air prison, a concentration camp since ,--9. &his time, we
want an end to this unprecedented crime against humanity committed with the
complicity and support of your own go"ernments:
6e are not asking for charity. 6e are demanding solidarity, because we know that until
Israel is isolated and sanctioned, these horrors will be repeated.
,a-e a%tion t#is Saturday
1. $ake boycotts, di"estments and sanctions the main message at e"ery protest around
the world. &ake banners and placards calling for sanction on Israel to e"ery protest.
&weet them using the hashtag ;Gaza4ayof<age. !mail us your pictures and action
details to Gaza4ayof<
,. 6hile news of all the mass protests outside Israels embassies around the world ha"e
gi"en us hope, after weeks of protests, we urge you to intensify your actions. 3ccupy
Israeli embassies, challenge Israeli officials *and others0 supporting the current
aggression against Gaza whene"er they appear in public and stage sit8in in
go"ernment buildings.
). >oycott all Israeli products and take action against corporations profiting from Israels
system of colonialism, occupation and apartheid. $arch to boycott targets in your city
and educate the public about companies complicit in Israels ongoing military assault
and illegal siege of Gaza.
4. Palestinian trade unions are calling on our brothers and sisters in the trade union
mo"ement internationally to stop handling goods imported from or e%ported to Israel.
&he trade union mo"ement has a proud history of direct action against Apartheid in
outh Africa, the ?ongress of outh African &rade Unions has 1oined us in the call for
direct action to end Israels impunity.
From occupied and besieged Gaza
Signed by
Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions
General Union of Palestinian Women
University Teachers Association in Palestine
Palestinian on!Governmental "rganizations et#or$ %Umbrella for &'' orgs(
)edical *emocratic Assembly
General Union of Palestine Wor$ers
General Union for +ealth Services Wor$ers
General Union for Public Services Wor$ers
General Union for Petrochemical and Gas Wor$ers
General Union for Agricultural Wor$ers
Union of Womens Wor$ ,ommittees
Pal!,inema %Palestine ,inema Forum(
-outh +era$ )ovement
Union of Womens Struggle ,ommittees
Union of Synergies.Women Unit
Union of Palestinian Women ,ommittees
Womens Studies Society
Wor$ing Womans Society
Palestinian Students ,ampaign for the Academic /oycott of 0srael
Gaza /*S Wor$ing Group
"ne *emocratic State Group
Palestinian >oycott, 4i"estment, anctions @ational ?ommittee *>@?0
>@? includesA Council of @ational and Islamic #orces in Palestine, !alestinian @G3
@etwork *P@G30, !alestinian @ational Institute for @G3s, Global Palestine <ight of
<eturn ?oalition, !alestinian &rade Union ?oalition for >4 *P&U?8>40, .ederation
of Independent &rade Unions, General Union of Palestinian 6orkers, !alestinian
General #ederation of &rade Unions, General Union of Palestinian 6omen, /nion of
Palestinian #armers, General Union of Palestinian &eachers, General Union of
Palestinian 6riters, !alestinian #ederation of Unions of Uni"ersity Professors and
!mployees *P#UUP!0, /nion of Professional Associations, General Union of
Palestinian Peasants, /nion of Public !mployees in Palestine8?i"il ector, Grassroots
Palestinian Anti8Apartheid 6all ?ampaign *&60, *ational ?ommittee for Grassroots
<esistance, !alestinian ?ampaign for the Academic and ?ultural >oycott of Israel
*PA?>I0, *ational ?ommittee to ?ommemorate the @akba, Ci"ic ?oalition for the
4efense of Palestinian <ights in Berusalem, Coalition for Berusalem, /nion of
Palestinian ?haritable 3rganizations, !alestinian !conomic $onitor, /nion of Couth
Acti"ity ?enters8Palestine <efugee ?amps, 0ccupied Palestine and yrian Golan
Deights Initiati"e
8 ee more atA httpAEEwww.bdsmo"ement.netE,-'/Egaza8calling8all8out8on8saturday8+8
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