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• To get a briefing view for the Telesales Culture.

• Getting to know who is the customer and how can I help
• directing the agents to know the science behind the
sales process
• Enhancing the communication skills.
• How can I handle an objection and the types of
• Improve the Sales Achievements.

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Course Outline

Definition of Sales
Types Of Sales
What Could be Sold ?
Sales elements
Power of perception
Why do people buy?
Value & Cost
Selling process
Handling objections
Closing, buying signals
Cross & up selling

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Definition of sales:

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Definition of sales
• Actually definitions differs from a regular person point of view,
sales person, marketer, to a telesales point of view.

• Sales is defined in the dictionary as:

• Transaction that involves the transfer of services/products for money.

• The exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent;

the act of selling

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Our definition of

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"selling is a series of agreements reached between
two people by Identifying the need and satisfying

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Types of Sales

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Types of Sales

Direct Sales Indirect Sales.

• Face to face interaction, like • Buying a product through the
when you go to buy a shirt internet, phone, or television
from a store or buy a car.

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What Could be Sold ?

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What Could be Sold ?

Tangible Goods Intangible Goods

You can touch & see You can’t touch & see

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Examples of
product, Services & Ideas

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Sales Elements

1. Customer
2. Sales person
3. Product / Service / Idea

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Sales Effectiveness

Each one of us is a natural born seller but we only use

10% of our sales potential and holding back the rest of
the 90% we have.

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The Question now is how to use the remaining 90% of the
sales potential we have

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Power of Perception

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Power of Perception

• People don’t buy for your reasons.

• People buy for their own reasons.

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Why Do People Buy ?

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Why Do People Buy ?
• People buy for their own reasons not your reasons.

• People buy to be better of…after taking the decision than

worse of…..before taking the decision of buying.

• People buy to improve their current condition.

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Why Do People Buy ? (Continued)

• The person who takes the purchase decision, has three

A. Buy from you.
B. Buy from someone else.
C. Don’t buy at all

• People buy to satisfy their emotional needs.

• Then it is identifying the needs, that is the most important

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All decisions are rational decisions based on emotional


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People are motivated by
two poles

of loss & for gain

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Fear Of Loss

• People fear that they will take the wrong decision.

• How many times you bought something that you didn’t

find value for it after then?

• Customers fear of limitation of their options, when

they buy your product they will not be able to buy
other alternative.

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Desire To Gain

• Customer has a desire to gain your product to fulfill

certain need he has.

• Some times there is some hidden needs the customer

does not realize

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Value VS Cost

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• Is how much, physical and emotional effort, time, & money

buyer spend to get the product

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Its how the features will satisfy a certain need for the

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Its how much emotional satisfaction

(the product, service, or idea) provide to the

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Its all about increasing the customer benefits and decreasing
the cost.

Cost is not only money or price.

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What other costs could be?

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People do not buy products they buy benefits and our job
is to sell benefits

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Selling Process

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Cold Calls

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The selling process


The opening (introduction)

The Need and problem identification

pitch Presentation & demonstration

Dealing with objections

Closing the sale

The follow-up

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1. Pre - Call Planning

Objective for every call

"What do I want them to DO as a result of this call,
and what do I want to do?“
1. You should be able to separate the previous
call from the next one.
2. Know the benefits of your product & the
value of each benefit
3. Prepare questions for your call using your
call objective.


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2. Opening (first impression)

• Creates curiosity & interest so the

customer will move to asking questions
You have something important to
communicate (hint at the result or the
benefit in your 1st sentence)
•Gain pleasure
•Avoid pain
•Make money
•Save money

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3. Need and problem identification

1. Listening
2. Asking questions

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What makes a good listener?

• Patience
• Concentration
• Understanding
• Focus
• Never assume

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• One of the most common mistakes made by amateur

telesales personal, is adding (ahhhhhh, Mmmmm)

• Adding the “ahhh” & “Mmmm” is made subconsciously

as to give a person time to think as to give a proper

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• “ahh” & “Mmm” will reflect subconsciously hesitance,

non-confidence & some time dishonesty

• When you feel like, you need time to think pause but do
not add “ahh” or “Mmm”

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Types of Questions

1. Open Ended Questions

2. Closed Ended Questions
3. Probe Questions
4. Closing Questions

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Open Ended Questions

• Question where its answer will need explanation & not

going to be yes or no answer

• Ex: Why you choose this product?

• It is used to obtain information

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Closed Ended Questions

• Question which the answer will be two or more choices

• Ex: would you like to save money?

• Most properly is asked to direct the conversation or to

make sure of information

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Probe Question

• Questions based on information got from the answer of

previous question

• Ex: you said you left your company 3 years ago, can I
ask you why?

• It is used to confirm information, plus it helps to build a

better rapport

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Closing Questions

• Questions which its answer needs commitment

• Ex: if I can save you 10% would you sign with me right

• Helps to get the unrevealed objections

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Develop good verbal skills

• On phone you are operating 55% less effectively

(without body language). So, you must improve your
vocabulary and the way you “come across”
• You need to present yourself clearly and confidently,
get their feedback, know when to ask for the order &
when to hang up

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4. Presentation & demonstration


Benefit - Cost

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When a customer talks

When a customer talks you gain several advantages:

1. You find what the customer wants
2. You find what is in the mind of the customer
3. You have the advantage to think about the sale and
develop some ways of satisfying the customer’s

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When the Salesperson starts talking

But when the Salesperson starts talking…

• The customer gets bored.

So learn the art to get the customer talking

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5. Dealing with Objections

Why Objections?

• Customer’s give objections because:

• They don’t have time

• They want to know more information

• They want to make sure that they are

taking the right decision

• They don’t have enough reasons to

continue talking to sales person

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• There are 2 types of objections:

1. Real objection (condition):

– It’s a real condition the customer has, like,
you can’t sell shoes to a person who just
lost his legs

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2. Fake objection (go away objection)

– Its an objection to get the sales person off the phone

– Always keep in mind buyer are liars
– People don’t always say ALL what they feel or think

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Handling Objections

• 1st step:

• To handle objection, is listening as to make sure, that

you will handle the right concern

• As objections could just be a result of

misunderstanding or miscommunication

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Handling Objections (Continued)

2nd step
• Confirm the objection you heard (if possible)

• Confirm on the objection itself i.e.: so you want to talk to

your wife?

• Confirm on the reason behind the objection i.e.: is that

because your wife will be involved in the paying or you
need to take her advice?

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Handling Objections (Continued)

3rd step:

• Translate objections into questions, as it is much easier to answer

questions more, than answering objections

• Ex: I want to talk to my wife?

• Why should I buy now and don’t have to talk to my wife?

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Handling Objections (Continued)

4th step:

• Is to answer the concern behind the objection

• Finding alternatives to solve the problem of the concern

• Choose the best one then apply it to the customer

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Handling Objections (Continued)

5th step:

• Is always end up with a question, as to regain control

over the call

• As after an objection the sales person lose some of the

control, and the only way to regain it is asking a

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6. Closing

• Direct to close (with direct question)

EX: You’ll pay cash or by visa
• Indirect close
EX: So, inform me your address to be delivered to

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Here are some rules to follow in closing

Close when your customer wants to buy, not when you

want to sell.

The easiest to close the sale is after handling an


Transfer a Sense of Urgency to your customer into

buying now.

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Proven closing techniques

Ask three "Yes" questions before you close the sale.

Give the Customer a Choice:- E.G. "Do you like the red
color or blue color?" or "Will this be cash or on your

Summarize the whole presentation emphasizing the


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When saying this part you must be

– Confident
– Don’t apology
– If you break ….. you’ll lose

EX: The price is……

That will be for….

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Buying Signals

There are some buying signals that indicates the

customers willing to buy such as :

• Asking detailed questions EX: Is there any other

• Expressing agreement EX: that seems good
• Asking time scale question EX: when it will be
• Asking clarification question EX: How does it work

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When Closing

• Try to take referrals

• Thank the customer for his time.

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7. Follow Up

• Cross / Up Selling

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Up selling

Increasing the value of the sale asking the customer

to commit to a higher quantity
1. Avoid the question “Anything else” instead give
the customer suggestion
2. Show him the benefit

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Increasing the value of the sale by selling the

customer complimentary product, you should
point out the benefit to the customer

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• Listen carefully
• Take notes
• Silence is powerful
• Use POSITIVE LANGUAGE “I am sure” or “I am certain” or “I
know”, Not “maybe”, “perhaps” or “possibly”
• Use closing questions like “wouldn’t you?”, “isn’t it?” and “won’t

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Thank You !!!

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