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LIQUID WHOLE FOOD PREPARATION MADE FROM ORGANICALLY GROWN FRUITS, NUTS AND VEGETABLES prociced by bare Cascade Fermentation Vitality EGULAT is 2 natural preparation of essential phytonutrients and probiotic substances. It gives the immune system an extra boos, promotes ahealtny blood envionment, supports the digestive system and neutralizes free racicals* Lack of cellular energy promotes metabolic stress, and can cause cell damage ang accelerate aging, Important research has shown that Regulat® helps reduce oxidative stress and increase GSH (glutathione, he body's cel protection system against oxygen radicals. Many people repart oticeable improvements in energy. This has also been ‘measured as an Increase in intracellular ATP (the body's energy curency). With a wide range of anti-oxidants and enzymatic ingredients, Regulat® supports digestive sensitivity aswel. as metabolic regulation, + Imported from Germany * No preservatives + No artificial ingredients + Alcohol-free USDA + Gluten-free » Dairy-free + Suitable for vegans om Ingredients: Water, lemons, dates, figs, walnuts, soybeans, i coconut onion, vegetable glycerine, soybean sprouts, acerola > hee exact, celery, atichoke, peas. milet. spices turmeric, satron. Contains walnuts Per 2721 ana VC age ad Faure ature 100% Whole Food in concentrated form ‘Suppor the body's own regulatory systems and enzyme balance Promates # healtny blood cervironment™| Revitazes anc improves energy supply tothe cells" © Neuvalizes fre racials ‘© Harmonizes the body’s defenses" 1 Supports @ healthy immune system* Range of Efficacy The en variety of influence onthe entire body and humerous scientific stu shave provided impressive results, Areas of support include: Arthitc and joint problems {uatoimmune imoalances Bowel and intestinal isues Circulation probtems Congestion Lack of sleep Respiratory system ‘Skin and mucous membrane Sluggishness, exhaustion, energy issues and more. wymatic efficacy of REGULAT® has 2 wide eats, ‘What's the difference between REGULAT® and nutritional supplements, such as vitamins? {Diseases ofthe digestive tract, stomach and colon can block absorption of regular supplements. ‘© Not all chemically produced vitamins and vace elements are easily absorbed by the body. 1 Ifthe booy is already suffering from low enzyme levels, even high doses af vitamin preparations will, not be effective. ‘= Common enzyme preparations only feature afew enzymes [tne body requires thousands of enzymes daly) Qe seaste seu bert ome iicomaciurveacnn sf petal rom tt ed eyes hart ety citer ae eve ang me on troytec” * This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product isnot intended to diagnose, teat, cure or prevent any disease,

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