Permission Granted

What do you do when faced with a challenge?
Panic, pray, try to run away, or muster your
courage and work your way through it? We all have
challenges, big ones and small; from annoying to
seemingly impossible, and there’s no one-size-fits-
all single solution to them all. But there is good
news; every challenge provides a lesson, or as my
colleague Jack Kern used to say, “I can hardly wait
to see the good that will come out of this mess.”
Perhaps you’ll find the following simple story
about Terry Gilcrest, a character I’m in the process
of developing for my unfinished novel, will show you
what I mean. His lesson outweighs his experience.

# # #

Between the time when the alarm went off and he
finished shaving, Terry Gillcrest received three
demanding phone calls. The first was from his now
ex-wife telling him that he would have to take the
children to the dentist Thursday morning because she
was going out of town on a business trip with her new
boyfriend. The second caller was the ‘client from hell’
who told him the marketing presentation had to be
completed this week and not next Wednesday as
originally scheduled. And the last one was from the
printer who said he had to get paid TODAY for the
color brochure he had just finished for, who else, the
‘client from hell.’
“You’ll get paid as soon as I do,” Terry said. “He
still owes me for last month’s billing, but he’s
promised I can stop by for a check this Friday. That’s
the best I can do.”

Terry slammed down the phone in the receiver.
Three calls, and all three demanding something for
him to do for them. No acknowledgements, no
compliments, just obligations!
As he finished dressing he said aloud to no one but
himself, “I wonder what else lies in store for me today.
All I know is that I have more obligations now than I
can handle.”
Terry was fuming. He wanted to escape. Here it
was Monday again, and he had let another weekend
slip by without a break from the stress and worry over
deadlines and pressures. He couldn’t remember the
last time he had done anything for fun. Well, today
was going to be different!

Terry turned on his answering machine and
recorded a message saying that the world had stopped
spinning and he was going out and fix it. He changed
from business suit to Dockers and a polo shirt and
grabbed his golf clubs, loaded the car, and headed for
the freeway. His plan was to drive to a golf course in
Olympia, an hour and a half from his home in Seattle.
Once on the freeway it became obvious that
Olympia was way too close to home, so he just kept
heading south and west until at noon he found himself
pulling into the resort community of Ocean Shores -
ten miles of smooth, hard packed Pacific Ocean
beach, filled with all the related and typical resort
businesses that stretched up and down the one and
only main drag, the golf course at the far end of the
road. Restaurants, motels, and real estate offices lined
one side of the street; bicycle rentals and souvenir
shops held forth on the other.
Terry’s first choice was easy: It was noon and he

Issue # 22
Art Holt photo
was hungry. The restaurant
he selected was on the
corner - ocean on one side,
main street on the other, a
side road connected the
two, giving cars and horses,
and mopeds and beach
walkers easy access. As he
ate his lunch at a window
table Terry watched cars
and motorcycles driving
down to the beach, and
across the street he spotted
a rental store with dozens
of motorized bicycles
standing in a row at the

A sandwich board sign with huge letters read:
“MOPEDS - For Rent.” In small print it said: $15 per
hour. Terry debated for a long time because spending
money foolishly had become a big issue for him, but
the temptation won out and within a few minutes he
was on his way, jerking and jumping, as he tried to
learn how to operate the accelerator and hand brakes
on the fly.
He reached the beach without incident, and
suddenly magic took over. He sped up the endless
beach on sand packed hard by the constant rolling in
and out of long gentle waves. His tracks squeezed
down on top of the brown, bubbly foam, matching
their scalloped pattern, and mirroring the shore birds
running up and down, back and forth, at the very tips
of the waves as they became completely spent on their
journey shoreward.
As Terry began to relax and get the hang of the
little machine, he looked out to where the waves were
breaking and became aware of the heavy constant
rumble offshore, feeling the energy of the wind
bringing all this action along what seemed to be an
endless misty gray beach front. The moped hummed
too, creating a harmony of background sound mixing
with the roaring sea. Relaxed at last, Terry joined in,
singing at the top of his voice and feeling filled with a
joy he had forgotten he could feel.

Stopping to rest by a driftwood log, Terry discovered
that even on a very cool day in April, solar energy had
warmed the sand. He took off his shoes and socks,
and after checking to make sure that no one was
looking, wiggled his toes in the
warm and healing grains. He
was happy. He was content.
For the moment he was totally
removed from all his
problems, and not one
thought of them entered his
mind. He began experiencing
the healing energy of resting
his brain and filling his senses
with the fragrance of the
moist salt air, and was almost
overcome with a wonderment
and joy of life itself.
All too quickly his hour was
finished, and the moped had
to be returned to the rental shop. Ah, but he was more
than content, and the rental money he had spent had
become an investment in peace of mind!

Terry returned to the coffee shop and bought a
postcard so he could share his experience with
someone, lest it be lost and forgotten much too soon.
Then it occurred to him that the only address he could
remember was his own, so he addressed the picture
post-card to himself.
As he contemplated what he would write, he became
aware that he had learned a great lesson along with
this wonderful experience. Looking at families and
couples who were interacting with one another, he
realized that had another person been with him on
this trip, he would have asked if they would like to go
for a moped ride too. But if they had resisted at all
he would not have rented the bike or gone for the
ride by himself. For years he had been asking
someone else for permission to do what he
wanted to do with his day, and even his life. But,
today he had given himself permission to rent
and ride the moped.

With the simple resistance of a companion not
sharing his desire to explore the ocean shore on the fast
moving narrow wheels of a motorized bicycle, he
would have forgone his desire and missed an hour of
pure delight.

Asking himself why this was so, he stared out the
window at the distant ocean waves and pondered for
the better part of an hour. At last it dawned on him,
“Seeking Permission started as a child for me (and for
U P W A R D B O U N D J * O * U * R * N * A * L
much of the rest of the world, too, he was sure). As
children we come into the world expecting to get
everything we want or need. But our parents trained
us as infants to ask and not just take, which is a
perfectly reasonable lesson for them to teach. But -
and this is a major but - since we didn’t know that we
gave away the authority to decide what is best for us as
children, we failed to take it back again when we
become responsible adults.”

Contemplating this idea for a few moments
longer, Terry gave thanks for the wonderful, life-
changing lesson he had learned this day. He vowed to
take responsibility for his desires and the decisions that
would follow; taking action on
everything that would bring
good into his life. So, on his
postcard he wrote: “Permission
granted! Be it! Do it! Have it!”
When the postcard arrived
a few days later, Terry was
reminded of the great time and
the even greater lesson he had
learned. He pinned the
postcard to his front door so
that he would read it every time
he left his home to go out and
re-enter the world.

Windshield time can be a
valuable thing. Driving back from the natural
wilderness of the ocean shore to the hustle bustle of
the metropolitan city of Seattle provided Terry with a
wonderful time of contemplation. As he began
thinking about his revelation he realized that there was
something profound going on inside himself. He’d
heard about Divine Guidance, Inner Knowing and the
Christ within, but it had no personal connection until
now. Suddenly there was meaning. The still small
voice that had nudged him to steal away from the pile
of day-to-day pressures was the Presence of God
urging him to quiet himself. It’s often in the quietness,
the time of contemplation or being in nature, that we
become aware of the always present guidance of God.
In the silent time at the café, looking out at the
ocean’s misty shoreline, he had opened his mind to his
inner knowing and received the lesson, because he had
shut off the busy talk of his constant chatter superficial
mind. He had gone into a state of meditation without
knowing it and found the still small voice of wisdom
and guidance. That was what this trip was really all
about and he knew he could find it again, anywhere, by
simply getting still and turning his concerns over to
something greater than himself.

Terry’s choice to rent a moped was a simple act,
hardly worthy of more than a momentary
acknowledgement. Yet, while some might say his
experience was nothing more than giving in to self
indulgence, what actually happened was the breaking
of the bond of his dependency on others; helping them
to fulfill their goals while giving up on his own. By
granting himself permission, he accepted responsibility
for his actions, his attitudes and his life.

Back in Seattle on Tuesday,
Terry returned to the
obligations and pressure
issues that precipitated his
adventure, but with a clear
and refreshed mind he took a
new look at his life and the
reasons behind his self
imposed stress.
Could it be that the client’s
attitude had really been a
reflection of Terry’s
resentment about being in a
constant state of obligations
to others and deadlines to
meet their needs? Changing his own perspective and
being able to find a state of simple appreciation for the
opportunity to be of service, would enhance his life in
ways he had never considered before.

Terry had spent too much time feeling obligated
to other people’s lives, because he hadn’t set a positive
direction and appreciation for his own life. He made a
decision to do his work with a passion for expressing
his creativity and schedule time for refreshing himself
by reconnecting with his source through nature walks
and spiritual contemplation.

Permission Granted meant not only permission
for personal achievement, but personal satisfaction as
well. The doors to his own success, fulfillment, and
satisfaction opened for Terry, on a wide ocean beach,
from the saddle of a gas-powered bicycle, as salt sea air
washed his face with a wonderful realization. He had
permission from the highest authority, deep within
U P W A R D B O U N D J * O * U * R * N * A * L
himself, to do, to be, and to have anything he could
ever possibly want or need to make his life fulfilling.

There’s a beautiful thing about a lesson learned,
once learned it’s rarely necessary to learn it again.
Our challenge is met not just to get through it, but
because it helps us grow. In that growth is the
strength to rise to a higher level of consciousness
and, yes, perhaps a more perplexing challenge
later…which means an even greater lesson in the
making. Perhaps that’s the primary reason we have
challenges in the first place.

Opening ourselves to the awareness of our
Higher Power helps us to realize that God has a plan
for each of our lives, a plan far greater than any plan
we can come up with without our Divine Guidance.
When we’re in the flow the plan unfolds simply and
seemingly automatically. When we’re not, and that
seems to happen to most of us either occasionally or
sometimes repeatedly, we are given challenges.
Sometimes simple, sometimes severe. In every case,
however, there is both a lesson to be learned and a
blessing to be received. The lesson can be simple, or
it can be profound. Whichever it may be, as long as
the lesson is learned, the result will be a positive
change in life’s direction; leaving behind the
downward spiraling path leading nowhere. If the
lesson goes unlearned, beware of the cosmic two-by-
four. The challenge will be repeated, more and more
difficult each time, until it gets our attention. Once
the challenge is faced for what it is, an opportunity
to learn our lesson and move upward and onward
with life, that lesson will be complete.
It is in the knowing of the power of God’s ever
present Love that we have total freedom. We have
the freedom to choose to be whatever our heart
desires. As long as we abide in God’s Love, we are
unlimited. We take off the shackles of limited
thinking and restricted beliefs, and come to know we
are the beloved children of Good.

Three Questions to Ponder

1. Do you remember the time when you became
aware of God’s presence in your life?

2. Do you remember how the weight was lifted
from your shoulders when you turned within and
released your burdens to the Greater Source?

3. Do your know the power and freedom in
God’s love to guide you and strengthen you
through any challenge you might face?

Whatever happens, God is there. God will see
you through. And, God will turn it to good.

Permission Granted! Be it! Do it! Have it!

Thank You, God.

Art Holt
U P W A R D B O U N D J * O * U * R * N * A * L
Looking at Good from God’s Side -
“Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable,
whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,
whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is
anything worthy of praise, think about these
things.” (Philippians 4:8)
To see the good in this moment requires steadfast faith that
goodness is always present, even when we are not.
My Life is Filled with God’s Goodness and Grace
I invite you to take a moment now to begin to
feel the joy of relaxation, and the peacefulness of
allowing your cares and concerns to simply
dissolve into the invisible realm of contentment.
Set aside the worldly items in your hands, and
slowly begin to take in and release one or two
deep refreshing breaths.
Peace, be still.
Lord, the music of the silence
opens the window to my soul. Here in
the softness of quiet sounds I feel the
peace and calmness I have longed for.
I am now open and receptive to Your
living Spirit of Truth. I am open to
Your loving guidance. I am open to
Your Presence and to the awakening
of that part of me where I become
consciously aware of the abundance
of goodness that is such an important
part of my life.
Where ever I turn, Your good is already
there, awaiting me. Whichever direction my life
seems to take, You have gone before me to
prepare the way. The path I walk is not on rough
stones newly paved, or overgrown and forgotten
by lack of use, but a path worn smooth by the
many times you have walked it – for me – in
anticipation of my awakening to Your Spirit
At every milestone that marks the progress
along my individual life path, there is a reminder,
not only of Your Omnipresence, but of the love
You pour out for me through the gifts of both
substance of life and the essence of joy and
peace. Sometimes the gifts take on human form,
through friendships and acquaintances that
enrich and support my life; or that give me extra
strength to face and overcome a challenge; or to
fill me with laughter and joyfulness in moments of
real celebration.
Sometimes the gifts are simply the
awareness of the scent of a rose that sweetens
a day made sad by the passing of a friend. Or the
sound of a stream of water rippling over and
around granite boulders, etching them smooth,
and reminding me how infinite time is in Your
Sometimes the gifts are material in
nature, teaming with living substance
and prospering manifestations. And
sometimes the gifts are simply the
silence itself where I can feel lifted by
a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving.
And sometimes the gifts come when I
think I am least worthy to receive
But, there are always gifts. My life is
filled with Your gifts and my cup truly
overflows with Your goodness and
Your grace. Lord, my heart swells with joyful
gratitude as I realize that I am truly one of Your
beloved children. I feel wonderfully blessed and
privileged to have the life you have given me.
I begin now to let my thoughts return to an
awareness of this physical place and this passing
moment of time. As I focus on taking in another
life sustaining deep and refreshing breath, I begin
to feel the life energy circulating throughout my
body. I am once again aware of the friends and
loved ones nearby and even those beyond the
distance of my reach. I feel the Divine connection
with all of life and particularly with the enriching
energy of your living presence. It is all here and
now and I realize just how blessed my life has
become this day.
Thank You, God, for everything!
Thank You, God.

A Seed Thought from Art Holt

We are guided by our knowledge that our thoughts
and words create our reality. Let us acknowledge
another word that will impact our lives in wonderful
ways if we give it its proper due. The word...

Do you ever feel empty inside? Are you wishing for
something that will make your life more fulfilling? Are
you waiting for God to come into your life and fill that
empty space? What if God has done all He can and it’s up
to you to fill the void?

There was a minor league baseball player, named Frank
Bettger whose story says it all.
When Frank began his baseball career, he was talented,
ambitious and athletic, but he found himself cut from the
team in just a few weeks. Demanding to know why, Frank
was told he was lazy. “You drag yourself around the field
like some old timer. Wake up – put some enthusiasm in
your game or you’ll never make it.”
Frank said that he was just nervous and scared, but the
coach let him go anyway.
Luckily he tried out and was hired by another minor
league team, and he made himself a resolution that no one
would ever accuse him of being lazy again. He decided to
become the most enthusiastic player on the field and his
spirited play immediately caught the attention of the major
league scouts. He began playing for a major league farm
team and turned up his enthusiasm another notch. Two
years later he was hired to play third base for the St. Louis
Cardinals at a salary 30 times higher than where he started
in the minors. One of the news men asked him what
brought about his meteoric rise? “Enthusiasm,” he said,
“nothing but enthusiasm.”
An accident ended Frank’s professional career and he
turned to sales, bringing with him the same degree of
enthusiasm he had exhibited on the baseball diamond. In
his time, Frank became one of the most successful
salesmen in the country.
We all have the capability to be energized, to be
enthusiastic, but most people shy away from it.
Enthusiasm is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, but it is a
gift we must choose to use. Whatever our endeavor, the
use of our enthusiasm for our work and for a job well done
will return ten times the rewards we might imagine.

Enthusiasm is a Word We Can Live By.



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“Quantum Mechanics: The Dreams Stuff is Made Of
Thought Affects Electrons
Nowhere is the importance of conscious choice in the shaping of manifest reality better
demonstrated than in the delayed-choice experiment conducted by physicist John Wheeler.
There was a new kind of technology in the 1970's that allowed scientists to accelerate free electrons
to a speed approaching the speed of light. In it's simplest terms, in Wheeler's study, when they
would fire the electrons at a screen with two apertures, they were amazed to find that the electrons,
which were believed to be particles, would sometimes behave like waves. Sometimes they would go
through the top aperture, and sometimes go through the bottom aperture, and sometimes the
electron would change into a light wave and go through both apertures and converge on the other
side and become a particle again.
The scientists at first could not figure out how this happened. Finally after extensive experimentation
and deliberation, they began to recognize that what determined the way the electron would behave
was the observation, perception and expectation of the experimenter. When they looked for
particles, they found them. When they looked for waves in the same experiment, they found waves.
For the first time in scientific history, it was recognized that you cannot have any experiment
absent of the perceptual influence of the experimenter. Nor can you have a life that is absent
the influence of the way you see it.”

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