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Department of Electrical Engineering


Credits: 1
Faculty: Engineering Department: Electrical
Originated by: Alb Bredekamp
Issue Date: 200!01!01
"e#isi$n by: Alb Bredekamp
Implementati$n Date: 200!01!01
Prescribed Book:
Software Engineering 7
Edition (or 8

Ian Sommerville
ISBN: 0-321-2102-3
!"#li$her: !ear$on Ed"%ation
&o'(right: 200)
*ver the la$t 30 (ear$+ the $"%%e$$ of $oftware engineering ha$ #een remar,a#le- .arge and
%om'le/ $oftware $($tem$ "nder'in the Internet+ worldwide mo#ile tele'hone$+ ind"$trial
'rod"%tion+ tran$'ort $($tem$ and entertainment- 0owever+ demand$ on $oftware are
in%rea$ing 1 it m"$t #e delivered 2"i%,er+ it m"$t #e more relia#le and ada'ta#le- 3o meet
the$e demand$ we need to "$e the mo$t effe%tive $oftware engineering te%hni2"e$ availa#le-
3he o#4e%tive$ of thi$ %o"r$e are to give the learner a thoro"gh "nder$tanding of the late$t
develo'ment$ in $oftware engineering and 'ra%ti%e and to $how how $oftware engineering
integrate$ with the relevant a$'e%t$ of $($tem$ engineering-
.earner$ $ho"ld have $ome 'rogramming e/'erien%e in an( high level lang"age-
3he final mar, i$ %al%"lated a$ follow$:
&lass 'ark (inal 'ark
3ES3 1 205 &la$$ 6ar, )05
3ES3 2 205 E/am 6ar, 05
3ES3 3 205 (moderated #( e/ternal moderator)
!ro4e%t 1 )05
&ourse "utline
3he %o"r$e i$ $tr"%t"red to r"n over a 'eriod of fo"rteen wee,$ (one $eme$ter)- &la$$e$ will
%on$i$t of formal le%t"re$ a$ well a$ 'ra%ti%al $e$$ion$- 3he $tr"%t"re i$ a$ follow$:
Department of Electrical Engineering
&hapter list
1- Introd"%tion
2- So%io-te%hni%al $($tem$
3- &riti%al $($tem$
)- Software 'ro%e$$e$
7- !ro4e%t management
- Software re2"irement$
7- 8e2"irement$ engineering 'ro%e$$
8- S($tem modelling
9- &riti%al $($tem$ $'e%ifi%ation
10- :ormal $'e%ifi%ation
11- Software ar%hite%t"re
12- ;i$tri#"ted $($tem$ ar%hite%t"re
13- <''li%ation ar%hite%t"re$
1)- *#4e%t-oriented de$ign
)eek *
3o introd"%e $oftware engineering and to e/'lain it$ im'ortan%e
3o $et o"t the an$wer$ to ,e( 2"e$tion$ a#o"t $oftware engineering
3o introd"%e ethi%al and 'rofe$$ional i$$"e$ and to e/'lain wh( the( are of %on%ern to
$oftware engineer$
)eek +
So%io-te%hni%al $($tem$
3o e/'lain what a $o%io-te%hni%al $($tem i$ and the di$tin%tion #etween thi$ and a
%om'"ter-#a$ed $($tem
3o introd"%e the %on%e't of emergent $($tem 'ro'ertie$ $"%h a$ relia#ilit( and $e%"rit(
3o e/'lain $($tem engineering and $($tem 'ro%"rement 'ro%e$$e$
3o e/'lain wh( the organi$ational %onte/t of a $($tem affe%t$ it$ de$ign and "$e
3o di$%"$$ lega%( $($tem$ and wh( the$e are %riti%al to man( #"$ine$$e$
)eek ,
&riti%al $($tem$
3o e/'lain what i$ meant #( a %riti%al $($tem where $($tem fail"re %an have $evere
h"man or e%onomi% %on$e2"en%e-
3o e/'lain fo"r dimen$ion$ of de'enda#ilit( - availa#ilit(+ relia#ilit(+ $afet( and $e%"rit(-
3o e/'lain that+ to a%hieve de'enda#ilit(+ (o" need to avoid mi$ta,e$+ dete%t and
remove error$ and limit damage %a"$ed #( fail"re-
Department of Electrical Engineering
)eek -
Software 'ro%e$$e$
3o introd"%e $oftware 'ro%e$$ model$
3o de$%ri#e three generi% 'ro%e$$ model$ and when the( ma( #e "$ed
3o de$%ri#e o"tline 'ro%e$$ model$ for re2"irement$ engineering+ $oftware
develo'ment+ te$ting and evol"tion
3o e/'lain the 8ational =nified !ro%e$$ model
3o introd"%e &<SE te%hnolog( to $"''ort $oftware 'ro%e$$ a%tivitie$
)eek .
!ro4e%t management
3o e/'lain the main ta$,$ "nderta,en #( 'ro4e%t manager$
3o introd"%e $oftware 'ro4e%t management and to de$%ri#e it$ di$tin%tive %hara%teri$ti%$
3o di$%"$$ 'ro4e%t 'lanning and the 'lanning 'ro%e$$
3o $how how gra'hi%al $%hed"le re're$entation$ are "$ed #( 'ro4e%t management
3o di$%"$$ the notion of ri$,$ and the ri$, management 'ro%e$$
)eek /
Software re2"irement$
3o introd"%e the %on%e't$ of "$er and $($tem re2"irement$
3o de$%ri#e f"n%tional and non-f"n%tional re2"irement$
3o e/'lain how $oftware re2"irement$ ma( #e organi$ed in a re2"irement$ do%"ment
)eek 7
8e2"irement$ engineering 'ro%e$$
3o de$%ri#e the 'rin%i'al re2"irement$ engineering a%tivitie$ and their relation$hi'$
3o introd"%e te%hni2"e$ for re2"irement$ eli%itation and anal($i$
3o de$%ri#e re2"irement$ validation and the role of re2"irement$ review$
3o di$%"$$ the role of re2"irement$ management in $"''ort of other re2"irement$
engineering 'ro%e$$e$
S($tem modelling
3o e/'lain wh( the %onte/t of a $($tem $ho"ld #e modelled a$ 'art of the 8E 'ro%e$$
3o de$%ri#e #ehavio"ral modelling+ data modelling and o#4e%t modelling
3o introd"%e $ome of the notation$ "$ed in the =nified 6odeling .ang"age (=6.)
3o $how how &<SE wor,#en%he$ $"''ort $($tem modelling
Department of Electrical Engineering
)eek 0
&riti%al $($tem$ $'e%ifi%ation
3o e/'lain how de'enda#ilit( re2"irement$ ma( #e identified #( anal($ing the ri$,$
fa%ed #( %riti%al $($tem$
3o e/'lain how $afet( re2"irement$ are generated from the $($tem ri$, anal($i$
3o e/'lain the derivation of $e%"rit( re2"irement$
3o de$%ri#e metri%$ "$ed for relia#ilit( $'e%ifi%ation
)eek *1
:ormal $'e%ifi%ation
3o e/'lain wh( formal $'e%ifi%ation te%hni2"e$ hel' di$%over 'ro#lem$ in $($tem
3o de$%ri#e the "$e of alge#rai% te%hni2"e$ for interfa%e $'e%ifi%ation
3o de$%ri#e the "$e of model-#a$ed te%hni2"e$ for #ehavio"ral $'e%ifi%ation
)eek **
Software ar%hite%t"re
3o introd"%e ar%hite%t"ral de$ign and to di$%"$$ it$ im'ortan%e
3o e/'lain the ar%hite%t"ral de$ign de%i$ion$ that have to #e made
3o introd"%e three %om'lementar( ar%hite%t"ral $t(le$ %overing organi$ation+
de%om'o$ition and %ontrol
3o di$%"$$ referen%e ar%hite%t"re$ are "$ed to %omm"ni%ate and %om'are
)eek *+
;i$tri#"ted $($tem$ ar%hite%t"re
3o e/'lain the advantage$ and di$advantage$ of different di$tri#"ted $($tem$
3o di$%"$$ %lient-$erver and di$tri#"ted o#4e%t ar%hite%t"re$
3o de$%ri#e o#4e%t re2"e$t #ro,er$ and the 'rin%i'le$ "nderl(ing the &*8B< $tandard$
3o introd"%e 'eer-to-'eer and $ervi%e-oriented ar%hite%t"re$ a$ new model$ of
di$tri#"ted %om'"ting-
)eek *,
<''li%ation ar%hite%t"re$
3o e/'lain the organi$ation of two f"ndamental model$ of #"$ine$$ $($tem$ - #at%h
'ro%e$$ing and tran$a%tion 'ro%e$$ing $($tem$
3o de$%ri#e the a#$tra%t ar%hite%t"re of re$o"r%e management $($tem$
3o e/'lain how generi% editor$ are event 'ro%e$$ing $($tem$
3o de$%ri#e the $tr"%t"re of lang"age 'ro%e$$ing $($tem$
Department of Electrical Engineering
)eek *-
*#4e%t-oriented de$ign
3o e/'lain how a $oftware de$ign ma( #e re're$ented a$ a $et of intera%ting o#4e%t$
that manage their own $tate and o'eration$
3o de$%ri#e the a%tivitie$ in the o#4e%t-oriented de$ign 'ro%e$$
3o introd"%e vario"$ model$ that %an #e "$ed to de$%ri#e an o#4e%t-oriented de$ign
3o $how how the =6. ma( #e "$ed to re're$ent the$e model$