Jonairah D. Alingan
“The Filipino is worth dying for… The Filipino is worth living for… The Filipino is
definitely worth fighting for.”
I consider this line as the “summary” of the event that I had practically witnessed
one Monday afternoon, July 28, 2014 – the fifth State of the Nation Address by
Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. I very much agree that Filipino is worth
fighting for, and that‟s what PNOY, I think, is doing (have done, and hopefully will do)
during his term as the President of the Philippines. As a citizen of this country, I
personally appreciate the ideas and actions enforced by the Current (Aquino)
Administration. And I salute PNOY even more after witnessing this stirring speech by
him. Others say that the fifth SONA was better than the former ones because PNOY
refrained from stating about and blaming the past administrations as the main cause of
the problems the country is facing nowadays… Others argue that he focused on
advertising the projects he had achieved and implemented, and neglected or somehow
avoided talking about the issues the Philippines is currently facing – such as the issue
of PDAF, the questioning of the Judiciary on the constitutionality of the DAP which he
keeps on insisting as an advantageous legislation, and other crucial issues.
What captured my interest regarding this speech was not just the content alone
but the manner through which PNOY expressed such content. He delivered the speech
both in a valiant and feeble manner – Valiant because it was obvious that he is
confident and is with conviction in delivering the information that the Filipino people is
entitled to know; and feeble because he also appeared emotional in expressing how he
feels about his country, the countrymen, his administration (the legacy he will be
leaving, the best he can do, etc.), the issues involved, and of course, his parents who
had their glorious legacies during their time.
Basically, I don‟t consider this emotionality portrayed by PNOY as a weakness of
him as a president, rather I consider this as a manifestation that he is sincere on about
pursuing for and bringing out the goodness, or even the best, of his country.
The media formulates the issue that PNOY is emotional since his term as
Philippine president is near to end. This idea aroused from the statements by PNOY
which can somehow be considered as a „good-bye message‟ from him – his statement
that conveys about us, the Filipino people, choosing the best leader for the next
election; the statement “Gabi-gabi po, bago ako matulog, thank you at nakalampas pa
ako ng isang araw. Kung, sabi nga noong bata kami, ―finish or not finish, pass your
paper‖ eh dumating pa sa akin, palagay ko naman, naramdaman na ninyo kung anong
pagbabagong karapatan ng bawat Pilipinong mangyari, at bahala na kayong ituloy ito.”
… “Buong-buo ang tiwala ko, nasa eksena man ako o wala, tutungo ang Pilipino sa
tama niyang kalalagyan.”; etc.
I know it is always unavoidable that some people will still criticize and be
dissatisfied about PNOY‟s administration despite its achievements and specific feats…
But one thing to rationalize this hypocrisy is the idea shared to us by our Political
Science 2 Instructor that goes like: yes of course, there will always be limitations and
handicaps to whoever president we choose.. Nobody’s perfect.. Everyone will always
have his or her own limitations… But when it comes to Philippine Government and
leadership, ideally, we should try looking at the bright side and choose a leader who we
think have lesser slip-ups among the rest…and for me, one of these deserving leaders
is PNOY. So I say…
People of the Philippines, we‟ve used our „power‟ wisely in choosing the Philippine
President 2011-2016; And, as what PNOY told us as an advice, LET US KEEP ON

Author‟s Note: The content above is based mainly on my own ideas and opinions.

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