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An Invitation
ccording to Health Sciences Library at
Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Israel’s air-
strikes and ground invasion have claimed
1,865 Palestinian lives since July 6: 429 under
age 18, 79 over 60, 243 women and more
than 9,400 others have been wounded. Three
Israeli civilians have been killed by rockets
and the Israeli military says 64 of its soldiers
have been killed in the conflict, but Hamas
puts the fatalities at more than 150.
The United Nations Office of the High
Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
says at least 1,129 people have been killed in
and another 3,442 people have been wounded
as of July 26 (they seem to have stopped
counting) since Kiev launched its military
operations three months ago against pro-
Russian forces in eastern Ukraine.
Across the world the hand of US imperial-
ism, unconditionally supported by Britain and
other allies, brings slaughter and disaster to
those who fight for land and workers’ rights.
In Ukraine a so-called ‘anti-terror’ operation
by the Ukrainian government – itself installed
by a coup organised by the USA- via its
NGOs and the far right and fascist, is mur-
dering Ukrainians in the Donbas who refuse
to accept the EC austerity programme im-
posed on Greece, Britain and Europe.
The massive demonstrations against the
slaughter in Gaza in London and across the
world have rocked imperialism. The workers
of Donetsk and the fighters of Gaza have
shown great courage to resist imperialism.
An invitation to you – thanks for coming today now we invite you
to: an open discussion picket to BUILD MORE ACTION NOW:
Discussion Picket of the US Embassy: Tuesday 12
August meet 6pm outside US Embassy, 24 Grosvenor
Square, W1A 2LQ
US Vice-President Joe Biden greets his puppet
Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, Kiev, April 22
B & H LRC is affiliated to
SARU which is also
participating in this event
at the US Embassy Two Countries – One Crime Palestine Ukraine
The Zionist state is an outpost of imperi-
alism; the US subsidises its military expendi-
ture to the tune of over $3 billion annually.
This expenditure is to maintain a bridge-
head to militarily protect imperialism’s ac-
cess to oilfields in the Gulf and Caspian Sea
and crush any revolutionary developments
that threaten US interests in the region.
The UN condemned the massive shelling
of schools and homes by the Ukrainian
military as it condemned bombings of
schools, hospitals and Mosques saying these
violated international law. The similarities
between the two conflicts and the ideology
that produced them are very striking.
The Ukrainian ambassador to Israel noted
the two countries are united in “fighting
terrorism” but failed to mention that they
are also united in their racist/fascist views
of the civilians they attack. Israel sees Pales-
tinians and Kiev sees ethnic Russians, Jews,
etc. as the Nazis saw Jews, Roma, LGBTQ,
disabled as less than human: Untermensch.
On 5 August Baroness Warsi resigned
from the Government because of Britain’s
“morally indefensible” approach to the con-
flict in Gaza. She said the decision “had not
been easy” but that she “must be able to
live with [herself] for the decisions I took or
the decisions I supported”. There may be
more resignations as the question of Brit-
ain’s arms supply to Israel becomes a con-
tentious issue, even within the Tory party,
let alone the coalition. The resistance of the
Palestinians have forced this split in the
ruling class, but where is “Red Ed”?
We believe our support for this resistance
must go on and we need to continue to
build opposition to all imperialist wars and
Come to our picket of the US Embassy
on Tuesday 12 August where we will be
combining a protest against US Imperialism
with an open discussion on how to con-
tinue our support for the worldwide resis-
tance to imperialism
Brent and Harrow LRC meets every Monday night at 7.30 at the Trades and
Labour Hall, 375 Willesden High Road (Apollo Club) near the Bus Garage.
Kiev regime’s Azov Battalion’s Nazi emblems
The NATO Summit
31 August to 5 September in Newport, Wales.
Barack Obama and the leaders of every major
country who supports US imperialism will be
there. There will be a major demonstration on
Saturday 30 August in Newport, and counter-
conferences on 31 August and 1 September in
Newport and Cardiff.
Saturday 30 August: Mass demonstration
March through central Newport. Assembles 1pm
at the Civic Centre Car Park, march around the
town centre ending at a rally at Westgate Square.
Sunday 31 August: Counter Summit, Cardiff
County Hall, CF10 4UW . Speakers include:
Boris Kagarlitsky Russia, Joseph Gerson USA,
Medea Benjamin Code Pink USA, Margaretta
D’Arcy Ireland, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Lindsey
German Stop the War Coalition.
Monday 1 Sept: Newport Alternative Summit
Pill Mill Newport 10.00 – 5pm.
Topics: Drones, Women and War, Iraq, Afghani-
stan, Ukraine, Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.

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