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Grade Math Syllabus
Develop mathematical knowledge, understanding, and skill .
Develop the capacity to define and solve problems with reason, insight, inventiveness,
and technical proficiency.
Build on and make connections among mathematical ideas and concepts.
See the connections between mathematics and other disciplines.
We will address the following 8th grade ommon ore !ath Standards:
Unit 1 Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity
!8."# $ !8.".%. Students will understand congruence and similarity using physical models, transparencies, or geometry
Unit 2 - Exponents
!8.&&.# $ !8.'S.(. Students will work with radicals and integer e)ponents.
Unit 3 Geometric pplications of Exponents
!8.".*+!8.&&.(. Students will understand and apply the ,ythagorean -heorem.

Unit ! "unctions
!8...#+!8...(. Students will define, evaluate, and compare functions.
Unit # $inear "unctions
!8.&&.%+!8.../. Students will understand the connections between proportional relationships, lines, and linear e0uations.
Unit % $inear &odels and Ta'les
!8...1+!8.S,.1. Students will use functions to model relationships between 0uantities.
Unit ( Sol)ing Systems of E*uations
!8.&&.8a+!8.&&.8c. Students will analy2e and solve linear e0uations and pairs of simultaneous linear e0uations.
Unit + S,o- .,at .e /no- 0$US 1ig, Sc,ool 0rep 2e)ie-
Students will review all learned information and prepare for high school.
Great Expectiations
Class Policies Class Rules Class Procedures
L Listen to all instructions. 1. Be respectful to the teacher at 1. Come in quietly.
E Enter and exit prepared. all times. Ask for permission before 2. Bein !arm up.
A Al!ays try your BE"#. talkin and ettin out of seat. $. Listen% participate% and
R &E"'EC# yourself and others. 2. Be respectful to peers. (o horseplay take ood notes.
N () E*C+"E". $. Be respectful to yourself. "tay on ,. "tay on task the entire
. task and do all assined !ork. -alue class.
your education.
Consequences for not following great expectations:
. !erbal Warning
". #e$assign Seat
%. &hone Call or '(ail to &arent
). &arent$*eacher Conference
+. #eferral to ,d(inistrator
-.Se/ere 0isruptions 1 ,uto(atic #eferral2-
Supplies Needed :
3Spiral or omposition 'otebook 4.or 5nteractive 'otebook6
35nde) ards
3olored ,encils, rayons, or !arkers
Interactie Note!oo"
Students will be responsible for keeping all notes, graphic organi2ers, foldables, and 7ournals organi2ed
within the e)pectations on the attached guidelines.
334ote'oo5s -ill 'e graded at t,e end of eac, unit633
Students will be assigned homework fre0uently. 8omework assignments give students the e)tra practice
needed to become proficient in the concept we are studying. 8omework will be checked and discussed
on the following day.
Gradin& Scale
Percentage of
Writing Assignments/ Interactive
$nit %ests "#
&n' o( )*Week+s &,ams -.#
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